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Juice pouch mainly use for all kinds of daily drink, juice, energy liquids packaging. MOQ start from 10000pcs, delivery within 3 weeks. BPA free and FDA approved material.

Juice PouchHigh Barrier | Durable Pouch, Custom Print, Size

Juice pouch use for all kind of fruit juice and beverage packaging, clear or colorful stand up pouch hold them well and making a good presentation when on the shelf, most juice pouch, for now, are using stand up pouch for packaging.

Traditional juice products use plastic bottle or jar for packing, compare to them, juice pouches will cost only 1/3 or 1/4, with less transportation and production cost, but with the same barrier property, anti UV light, odor proof, also with good puncture resistance.

Juice pouch uses multi-layer film for protecting the freshness juice inside, with enough thickness and stiffness to make sure when filled juice inside it can stand perfectly on the table.

  • All volume from 30ML to 5000ML are customized and available ;
  • Shipping and production total fastest deliver within 3 weeks;
  • BPA free and FDA approved, high barrier material;
  • Print up to 10 colors, MOQ start from 10000pcs;

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    360*550mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-200Mircons (2Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Spout
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping

Juice Pouch use for pack all juices that you love, who doesn’t love juice? What if you could get a pouch that holds your juice hence you can go wherever you want with your favorite drink along?

TedPack makes this a reality by the production of our top-of-the- art juice pouches, perfectly designed with eye-catching body printing.

In addition, they are portable hence you can go with them anywhere.The good part is that it keeps the original flavor of the juice and freshness.

Our company is widely known to produce a variety of pouches cutting across every sector of the packaging industry.

The progressive experience we have in producing pouches gives us an edge over our competitors. For the last decade, we have dominated the pouch market in the USA which is our largest market.

What makes our juice pouches stand out?

  • Out engineers are talented and experts with many years in the pouch production industry.
  • We use the latest technology that has been developed internally.
  • The materials are strong and rigid hence there are no cases of leakages.
  • The papers we use are of high quality and profess a laminated interior to prolong the juice pouch life.
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Juice Pouch: The Ultimate Guide

There is nothing that attaches value to a product than the packaging of that product.

It is the material that gives meaning and acceptance to the product in the hearts of the populace.

It also beautifies the brand and logo of the production company.

Juice PouchIn light of the great significance of packaging to any kind of production, this study guide is researched to offer you quality knowledge on juice pouch.

If you already major in the production of drinks or you intend to invest in the production of drinks, this study guide is the number one option for you.

Every chapter is loaded with quality content that is integral to the packaging of your drinks.

With a systematic and consistent study of the guide, your triumph in the market is certain.

Open your heart to adopt key information that is required for the success of your product.

Juice Pouch: What is Juice Pouch?

Materially comprising of packaging material like anti-oxidation layers, plastics, and the substrate, juice pouch has been a leading packaging material for various drink products.

In addition to these primary materials, manufacturers may include secondary materials to ensure better usability and security.

Juice PouchMostly produced with films of plastics, these films are taken through a lamination process to arrive at multiple layer structures that make the layers oxidization-protection guaranteed.

With this kind of creatively designed layers, juice pouch offers users the best packaging material that guarantees the longevity of products.

With juice bags having three layers, the terror of environmental impurities is consistently constrained.

This is because the outermost layer is made to be hard to puncture, ultraviolet rays-proof, oxygen-resistant, and water.

Also, the middle layer serves as a good color-friendly material that is suitable for any kind of artwork.

And the inner layer is made to be food-tested. It is not in any way dissolves chemicals that are detrimental to the health of the consumption.

There are more to the criteria that make a success-driven manufacturer committed to juice pouch for drinks packaging.

The Benefit of Juice Pouch: Reasons Why Juice Pouch is Good for Your Products

Do you know that you cannot satisfy your consumers at the expense of your own loss?

Do you know that you cannot have a great gain from production at the expense of your consumer’s satisfaction?

Juice PouchOur juice pouches’ volume is 1600 cm3. This can carry about 1.6 liters or 0.5 gallons of your favorite juice. To increase the effectiveness of the pouches, they are fitted with internal barriers to protect it from UV rays, odor and moisture.

They also have hang holes for storage and a good body shape for holding while drinking. The design of the body is cylindrical round hence no sharp corners that can cut you. In addition, some other designs have laser cuts for easy accessibility.

All in all, these pouches are awesome. The convenience and comfort it brings is unbeatable. Leave alone the advantages. Contact us to check them out and place your order.

For this reason, juice pouch is designed to give adequate advantages to both consumers and producers below are some of the advantages.

  • Protection of Drinks from Oxidation

Do you know that there is no juice and other drinks that can outlast the invasion of oxygen?

Juice PouchThis is the exact reason why you have to use for your drink pouch because it protects your drinks from oxygen absolutely.

With your drinks in juice pouch, longevity can never be more certain.

  • It Shields Drinks From Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays

When these rays are not hindered from coming in contact with your drinks, it makes the drinks decrease in taste and loses all its nutrients.

  • The barrier for Environmental and Natural Impurities

Do you know that there are many environmental and natural enemies that are committed to ceasing your product growth in the market?

Juice PouchThe natural impurities include phenomena like air, sun, water, moisture, and dust. If there is no barrier to the activity of these phenomena, the longevity of your product is threatened.

Also, juice pouch is easy to dispose and recycle.

This is needed for the purpose of environmental prosperity.

Some other detriments that can destroy your product are a pest, insects, ants, rats, and many more.

The outermost layer of juice pouch is very hard to puncture.

This makes it for these natural phenomena to destroy drinks.

  • Responds Fast to Icing and Refrigerating

Do you have an event to do? And you just want to the grocery to pick up some drinks to the ice for the events?Juice Pouch

If you want drinks that respond fast to the ice blocks and cooling systems, you need not to go too far in your search.

Juice pouch is designed to respond fast to the cooling process.

In just about 1minute, drinks packaged in juice pouch are ready to be served chilled.

  • It comes in Mass Production and is very Affordable

Consumers quickly get familiar with packaging materials.

It will not be too good for your product if you change the packaging material to another thing after a short period.Juice Pouch

It will affect your sales.

This is because consumers have already attached your product to the packaging material.

For this reason, you are required to know if there is consistency in the supplies of the packaging material you intend to use.

For juice pouch, it can be produced and supplied massively.

It also comes at affordable prices for the convenience of consumers.

  • It is Flexible and Easy to Handle

Juice PouchJuice Pouch comes with qualities that make it number one option for consumers because it is flexible and easy to handle.

During all kinds of athletics, you can roll with energy drinks packaged with juice pouch in your hands with your earpiece in your ears.

  • Good Closure and Fitment Options

Juice Pouch comes with great closures and fitment options that are consumer-friendly.

They are very easy to open and close and they ensure the longevity of the product by being airtight seals.

  • No Fragility with Juice Pouch

The rigid traditional packaging like bottles has been greatly criticized for being breakable.

In light of this great demerits, manufacturers of packaging material rose to produce juice pouch that is not in any way fragile.

You can either deliberately or accidentally smash your juice pouch on the ground, it cannot break at all.

You can pick it up.

For this reason, it is more benefiting using juice pouch for the packaging of your drinks.

  • Storage Facilities and Mobilization Efficiencies

Juice Pouch has been termed to be the ultimate solution for manufacturers who desire to save transportation cost and manage storage facilities like the warehouse.Juice Pouch

Juice pouches are light in weight and they are squeezable.

These features make them qualified for good arrangement both in the storage systems or transportation machines like trucks or ships.

  • It is Color-Friendly

The advertisement is an integral part of all company activities.

To project your brand to the outside world, you need a packaging material that will give permanence to the artwork and brand details printed on it.

Stickers may peel off if used. You need something printed not something pasted. For your best printable option, this study guide presents juice pouch to you.

  • It Is Attractive on the Retail Shelf

Juice PouchBeing in various shapes and suitable for many colors, juice pouch stands out among other packaging materials on the retail shelf.

To attract consumers on the retail shelf, juice pouch is your number one choice.

To acquire yours in any quantity whatsoever, be fast to contact Tedpack.

With Tedpack juice pouch, you have the heart of many customers for your products.

Juice Pouch: How to Choosing the Right Juice Pouch

Juice Pouch

Before making a huge demand for a product, a good entrepreneur will know the conditions for that product.

In this light, this study guide offers you quality knowledge on the process to take before the mass acquisition of your juice pouch.

The Purpose of Juice Pouch

It is indeed true that juice pouch is integrally for preserving your drink products.

But beyond mere preservation of drinks, there are more to the numerous effects that juice pouch can be used for.

  • It tells your story.
  • It keeps you alive in the heart of your consumers.
  • Juice pouch is the number one ambassador for your company.

Questions to Ask Yourself before Getting Juice Pouch

What is the product I am selling?

Certainly yes. The importance of this question cannot be overridden.

Juice PouchThe answer to this question should feature your size and quantity of your product, the material composition of your products whether liquid or solid and the delicacy status of your product.

The answer to these questions will give manufacturers light and clarity on the logistical necessities that your product must have.

For example, some product is a fast consumed product that does not require longevity on the shelf.

All they require is something of high aesthetic value that is rich in design.

Some products may just be water such that it requires transparency that will make its content visible.

Who Are My Target Consumers?

The answer to this question is also important as it will give manufacturing clarity on what to do.

Juice PouchYour target audience may be children, sportsman, religious bodies like holy communion wine, industrial use like drinks for firms and many more.

The ideal thing is that your juice pouch is appealing to its target audience.

And before the juice pouch is begun to be manufactured, a clear detail of who the target consumers are is very essential.

How are Consumers Buying the Product?

The method by which the product the juice pouch will be sold out is also integral to the manufacturers before the production of the juice pouch is begun.

Juice PouchSome products may not get to the retail shelf at all because they are sold online.

And some just need to be shipped internationally.

Get the selling method of the product right before making your manufacturer begin production of juice pouch.

Let the answers you give to the appropriate questions above be precise and true.

The answer given will be a guideline to making quality specifications for your juice pouch.

Salient Content on the Juice Pouch

  • Colors: For colors, any colors that are suitable for various printing layers are also suitable for juice pouch.
  • Fonts: It is highly important that you have the standard font size for specific usage directions.
  • Logo: For making a logo on your juice pouch lastingly and effectively, ensure that vector file is in availability.

Other things that may contingently be needed include:

  • Typed Words: This features all that there is to be written. Basically, the name and description of the product, short advertisement enticing consumers, expiry dates, ingredients and e.t.c
  • Imageries: Before Requesting for your juice pouch, there has to be the readiness of pictures and logo.

Do you know? You have the right to demand samples from your juice pouch producers. Why have you not thought of doing that?

At TedPack, we can provide you with samples and you can verify how fitting and perfect it is for your product.

Juice PouchWith the samples, you can have a pretest session on all the things you require from your juice pouch.

Deliberately puncturing your juice pouch to know how hard the layer seems to be a perfect method to adopt.

You can also soak your liquid pouch into volumes of water to know if it’s waterproof.

Smashing your juice pouch on the ground to verify the fragility status is a perfect idea too.

After all, has been done, it is needful you ask yourself the question of your monetary capacity.

  • Budget

It is the budget you allocate for juice pouch that will determine the quantity and juice pouch that you will get.

Before making a huge demand, consider your budget.

  • Payment Method

Juice PouchAnother important thing to consider is the payment method that is proposed by juice pouch manufacturers.

Check if the payment corresponds with the payment option you desire to adopt too.

Having acquired insightful details that are required before getting juice pouch, this study guide shall proceed to keep you updated on the types of juice pouch in the market.

Juice Pouch Types: Types of Juice Pouch Used in the Market

Juice pouch comes in different kinds that possess some features that mark their excellence in the retail market.

This study guide is committed to presenting these types to you for the purpose of easy identification.

  • Sides Seal Juice Pouch

Designed by manufacturers to have three sides sealed. 3 sides seal is widely known for its space within, evacuating and dispensing of drinks in its easiest fashion.

Juice PouchThis does not negate quality resistance to oxidation and ultraviolet rays. It is easy to transport derived from its lightweight and squeezable layers.

For various fruit juice, your 3 side seals are absolutely consumers friendly and manufacturers convenient.

At TedPack, you can have a mass number of 3 side seals supplied to you as you as your order are placed.

  • Standup Juice Pouch

Juice PouchMarked by its name, the retail shelf has never been known to have a juice pouch more attractive that standup pouch.

It stands on the retail shelf like the king in its castle and this Majestic accuracy attracts customers to it a lot.

Also, other great features of juice pouch cannot be overridden at all.

It comes with three layers that in a combined form have earned standup juice pouch the title to be the best juice pouch in terms of preservation of nutrients and longevity of drink products in general.

At Tedpack, you can get this leading juice pouch packaging your drinks.

Your triumph is very attainable with us.

  • Quad Seal Juice Pouch

Having also earned itself the term “quad seal juice pouch”, the quad seal juice pouch comes with highly airtight seals in four sides.

Juice PouchThis is required to ensure more empowerment to packaging material to carry drinks that are heavy in weight.

Also with the quad seal juice pouch, there is firm stability for your product on the retail shelf.

It can hardly fall if mistakenly hit on the retail shelf. It is a good barriers-resistance together with hard layers that make it hard to puncture.

Light in weight and flexible, it offers a viable option for your transportation.

There are many more types or juice pouch making great triumph in the market.

  • Child-Proof Juice Pouch

Made with closure option that is very hard to open, childproof juice pouch is very efficient for the packaging of non-edible liquids that may be detrimental to human health.Juice Pouch

The opening of the child-proof juice pouch requires some technicalities in opening that are above the intellect of children and psychologically deficient individuals.

It is very hard to puncture and cannot burst easily.

Also, it is highly dependent on guarding against barriers like oxygen, light, moisture, water, and dust.

Getting your child proof juice pouch for the highly sensitive product seems to be a perfect idea.

Tedpack has got you covered.

A phone call is all that is required.

  • Alcoholic Juice Pouch

Alcoholic drinks are one of the drinks that can use months before leaving the retail shelf.

Juice PouchAnd even one acquired from the retail shelf, alcoholic content may not be finished up at a time.

It may still take some time before content is finally used up.

It is for this reason that TedPack has designed its special juice pouch for alcoholic drinks.

This alcoholic juice pouch has a very lasting resistance against barriers and comes with some additional materials like aluminum foil to the polyethylene from which pouch is made.

This makes it long before it finally destroys. It may take up to a decade for some product to destroy when packaged with alcoholic juice pouch.

However, this is also largely conditioned by the expiry date of the product.

For your various alcoholic drinks like liquor, beer, stout, wine, and whiskey, alcoholic juice pouch is your number one.

It is easy to grab by consumers.

  • Orange Juice Pouch

Do you know that fruit juice gets sour quickly more than other drinks?

Juice PouchIt requires a great resistance and FDA approved packaging material that gives content coolness.

The inner layer also must not be chemically reactive.

This is exactly the characteristics orange juice pouch is made up of. It gives the taste a very expanded lifespan.

You can enjoy the taste of your fruit juice afresh even after many months on the retail shelf.

And like every other pouch, be sure to always have your orange juice pouch flexible and light in your hands.

  • Refillable Juice Pouch

A great advantage for a packaging material is to offer consumers reusable options.Juice Pouch

For this reason, after the product bought has been emptied from the containers, the container can still be used to package other domestic stuff at home.

For this option, the refillable juice pouch has been produced to serve as a refillable option for consumers.

This is possible because refillable juice pouch has the ultimate quality of closure and fitment that serves as an all-time shield to barriers.

Also, it offers 99.9% evacuation of the original product so that it will not affect the nutrient in the refilled product.

For your refillable options concerning juice pouch, TedPack has got you a perfect solution by designing the refillable juice pouch.

It comes with other secondary merits that are required from a good packaging material.

  • Disposable Juice Pouch

Do you know that the discarded material you used for your packaging may end up causing great environmental degradation?

Juice PouchThis is because it is very integral for a packaging material to be eco-friendly and easily recyclable.

For a number one eco-friendly criterion in a juice pouch, TedPack offers you disposable juice pouch.

It is very easy to transport and very easy to recycle. It offers the human environment the prosperity required.

With the use of disposable juice pouch, we will have fresh air to breathe in and conducive environment to survive.

There is still one more type of juice pouch to see. Do well to scroll down and see the eye opener

  • Plastics Juice Bags

Juice PouchMaterially comprising films of plastics and other oxidation-prevention layers, plastic juice pouch is well known for greatness in the market.

It comes with user-friendly features like lightweight, easy dispenser and filling, shelf aesthetic values and great preservative method.

At TedPack, we can supply numerous quantity of plastic juice bags. Having seen the popular demands juice pouch in the market, the study guide shall proceed to answer frequently asked questions.

Juice Pouch FAQ

1. Is it possible for a juice to have mold in TedPack juice pouch?
No, your juice cannot have molds in our juice pouch. Molds are generated in a pouch when there is oxidation. And TedPack juice pouch is designed to resist oxygen and other barriers.

2. How long does it take at TedPack to get the designs done?
To get your designs done, it requires a process. This process usually begins when you send the soft copy of your artwork to us. After the soft copy of the artwork has been received, we will get the printing done within 48 hours. However, we will only send a prototype print out for you at that time. After we have received accreditation from you on the copy we printed out, we will begin mass print out that should be ready within 24hours.

3. Do I have anything to worry about using your juice pouch to package edible liquid products?
We understand your fear for chemical reactions and we assure you that all our juice pouches are FDA approved to be the perfect solution to package all kinds of foods and drinks

4. I don’t have the leisure of time to do the design myself, do you offer graphic design services too?
We certainly have a team of brilliant graphics designer that will give you exactly the design needed for triumph in the market.

5. How can I contact TedPack for their services?
After we have been contacted we will reply within the first 12 hours from our time of contact. We are based on GMT +8 and also we have an e-mail address available for more information. Contact us via E-mail: info@tedpack.com Having been enlightened via some answers provided for the questions bothering you, let us proceed to TedPack required details from you.

TedPack Juice Pouch

That we may offer you the best services, we are required to know some things about your product.

  • Which products do you want to use juice pouch to package?
  • What will be the temperature of your product at the time of filling?
  • Which direction will you want closure and fitment to be?
  • How many airtight seals do you want?
  • Who are your targeted consumers?
  • What is the expiry time of the product you want us to help you package?
  • What kind of delivery and payment methods do you want to make with us?
  • If we are delivering the goods for you, what is the destination we will be delivering the goods to?
  • How soon do you want the delivery to be made after payment?
  • Can we deliver in batch if we are yet to produce all the quantity you demanded from us?
  • Do you want us to be actively involved in the packaging of your products? Or do you want us to just offer our services and remain passive?
  • Are you convenient with us putting our brand name, “TedPack” on the juice pouch you acquire from us.

A detailed answer given to the questions above will give us a cordial agreement and prosperous contract in our business relationship.

Note: If we are actively involved, we may need to give you special reorientation on the appropriate packaging material for your product and do some changes to your artwork.


In drinks production, the ladder to the height is the packaging material that is adapted for the drinks product.

The packaging is the first thing the consumers will first consider before they decide to give your product a trial.

If the packaging material is viable enough, it can attract a popular demand for your product.

After acquiring the insightful content of this study guide, you now have all it takes to get juice pouch for your product.

If you are already in the drinks manufacturing business and you have been using another rigid packaging, it is not too late to switch to juice pouch packaging.

And if you are new in the production of drinks, juice pouch is the best packaging material for your product.

It pushes you the glorious destination of your desire.

Juice Pouch: The Definitive Guide

What is a juice pouch?

A juice pouch refers to a pouch specially made for the packaging of different kinds of juice. 

Juice pouches come in different shapes, sizes, and designs and they are fast becoming a better alternative to other types of juice packaging.

A Juice pouch

 A Juice Pouch

What materials are juice pouches made of?

Juice pouches are made from different kinds of plastic, depending on the customer’s preference. 

The most popular materials used in the production of juice pouches include:

  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material: This material is made from a polyester-based chemical which is lightweight and strong
  • Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) material: This is made from a flexible plastic compound with the ability to efficiently absorb impacts with no form of puncturing.

Are juice pouches reusable?

Not all juice pouches are reusable because of the sealing option used in the production of the pouches. 

However, some juice pouches such as pouches with zipper openings are reusable. 

Nevertheless, it usually appears that the stress accompanying washing and clearing out the original juice stored in the pouch is never worth it.

This explains why people never reuse this pouches.

What are the available sizes of juice pouches?

Just like most of our other products at Tedpack, customers get to choose the sizes of pouches they desire.

Juice pouches come in different sizes including 80ml, 355mL, 750mL, and even 1000mL.

Juice Pouches of different sizes

Juice Pouches of different sizes

In deciding the pouch size to order, you should consider the likely consumers of your products, i.e. either adults or children. 

Smaller sizes are advisable for packaging of juice produced majorly for children.

Consider going for bigger sizes if the juice is to be consumed by adult consumers. 

Why should I Opt For Juice Pouches?

Juice pouches are not the only materials that can be used in packaging juice.

There are other alternatives such as bottles.

However, a juice pouch has several advantages which make it a preferred alternative. 

These include:

  • Juice pouches have three combative layers which make them highly resistant to any form of barrier.
  • When bottles are deliberately punctured, they always break. However, juice pouches do not tear or break when punctured.
  • Juice pouches also help in shelf space management as they fit into less space than bottles.
  • The closure of juice pouches are barrier-resistant and this guarantees an increased level after it is opened for the first time.
  • Juice Pouches have stickers that are permanent and form a part of the pouch,  contrary to bottles which have stickers that are merely pasted on them and can easily be removed either deliberately or mistakenly.
  • Also, juice pouches come with an extra outmost layer which helps in prevention from factors that affect graphic such as dust, sun, and water. 
  • Juice Pouches are at least ten times lighter in weight than bottles, and this gives an assurance of easy transportation. 
  • Juice pouches are flexible and this aids easy arrangement. 

Can One Print on the Juice Pouches?

All materials used in manufacturing juice pouches have printability and the print on these materials come in a permanent form.

At Tedpack, we understand the importance of branding and that is one of our paramount considerations when producing our juice pouches. 

We have a team of experienced hands who can handle the artwork and designs needed for the branding of your juice pouch.

How many printing methods are available?

We have experienced professionals available to attend to all your printing needs. 

There are different printing methods to select from including Metallize, Vanishing and Dmet printing. 

Are juice pouches eco-friendly?

One common feature of all the products we make at Tedpack is their eco-friendly nature. 

Materials used in making our juice pouches, just like other pouches, are biodegradable.

Are juice pouches recyclable?

The team at Tedpack understands the numerous benefits of recycling such as its effect in waste and pollution reduction. 

Thus, our juice pouches are made from materials that make recycling a possibility.

It is important, however, to understand the peculiarities of the different available recycling methods.

Are the juice pouches FDA approved?

The juice pouches produced by Tedpack are FDA approved and as such they are safe for containing edible products. 

The fact that they are FDA approved also goes to ensuring that the juice contained in the pouches retain its quality and freshness. 

What colour options are available for juice pouches?

There are no limits to the colors and color combinations our customers can select for their orders with Tedpack.

We understand the importance of branding, which often comes with a brand color and so our customers are welcome to communicate their color options with our team.

Our team will ensure that the color selected is adequately replicated in the actual juice pouches. 

What weather conditions are favorable to the juice pouches?

In producing the juice pouches, we consider its usability during all seasons.

As such, they are suitable for use in all weather conditions.

The juice pouches neither slack or melt as a result of heat, and the cold even makes the content cooler for consumption.

Do Juice Pouches Expire?

Juice pouches generally do not expire.

What expires is the content of the juice pouch.

It is safe to say that the ingredients used in making the juice will be the major determinant of whether or not the juice is still fit for consumption. 

However, juice pouches are made in such a way that offers protection to the content against any form of barrier for up to ten years, provided the drink has not expired. 

 What are the benefits of using a juice pouch?

There are several benefits of making use of a juice pouch as against other packaging materials.

They include:

  • Juice Pouches are made with hazard-free materials 

Use of drink pouches is proven to help get rids of casualties that may result from the conflict in an event.

This is due to the fact that the materials used are not glass as used in traditional packages.

This is because a pouch for drinks is flexible and hazard-free.

It cannot be used as a weapon to inflict injury.

  • Juice pouches are easy to dispense and fill

Juice pouches are made of packaging material specifically designed to meet the unique needs of its liquid content.

Thus, our juice pouches are designed in a way that provides for easy filling and pouring.

With its structure, consumers can easily dispense the drink content and so you can easily pour out at least 99 percent of its content.

  • Juice Pouches are immune to drink barriers 

The packaging material used in the production of our juice pouches has the ability to block out the factors that cause drinks to spoil easily.

These factors include water, heat, rodents, light, and moisture.

With the way our juice pouches are manufactured, these factors have no access to the content of the pouches and that in turn increases the shelf life of the content.

  • Our Juice pouches encourage efficiency in space management 

Space management is extremely important to any business that offers its products to end-users. 

Space management is a concept that recurs in several stages of the transfer of the products from the producers to the end users, including warehousing, truck shipping, retailing, among other stages.

We understand the importance of this phenomenon and we, therefore, put it into consideration when manufacturing our juice pouches.

In essence, our juice pouches are designed with space management in mind. The juice pouches we produce have lightweight, squeezable texture and are easy to carry. 

  • Juice Pouches create a connection between producers and consumers

Juice pouches tend to be more appealing to final consumers than other packaging options.

This explains why it is fast becoming the top choice of most companies that produce juice.

They are made of three layers which contribute to making them color-friendly.

Further, the outermost layer offers some form of protection which makes the brand logo and description maintain a fresh and bright look.

The middle layer has the designs and so barriers such as dust, water and heat have no effect on that.

  • The content of the juice pouches retain its freshness for a lengthy period

The content of the juice pouches remain fresh even after you open it for the first time and do not finish consuming it at once, 

This is as a result of the quality of materials used in producing the juice pouches.

What are the different types of juice pouches?

There are several types of juice pouches from which a customer can select from.

Some of the juice pouches we make at Tedpack includes:

  • Aluminium juice pouches
  • Aluminium foil juice pouches
  • Juice pouches for children
  • Custom foil juice pouches
  • Custom printing juice pouches
  • Custom juice pouches with spout
  • Customized stand up juice pouches  

What are aluminium juice pouches?

These pouches are made of laminated films such as PET/AL/LDPE, PET/AL/NY/LDPE, PET/AL/NY/RCPP, or PET/AL/RCPP/OPP/CPP and the choice depends on the content to be packaged. 

Generally, the juice is prone to spillage as soon as the material used in packaging it drops and burst.

However, the fact that the pouch is made of the laminated film makes it durable, non-leakage, pressure-resistant and puncture-resistant. 

Aluminium juice pouch

Aluminium juice pouch

The aluminium juice pouches are also fitted with spouts and caps which provide for easy opening, easy closure and easy pouring. 

What are aluminium foil juice pouches?

Aluminium foil juice pouches are packaging pouches which are ISO, FDA, SGS, and TUV certified.

These foil pouches are made of laminated films with aluminium foil as the main film and with support from other films such as LDPE, PET, NY, VMPET, and OPP.

Depending on the customer’s preference, the pouches can also come with either matte or gloss finish and can be ordered in different shapes and sizes. 

Aluminium foil juice pouch

 Aluminium foil juice pouch

The pouches also come with a sturdy bottom gusset which endows them with self-standing abilities.

Further, the pouches have spouts and caps to ensure that the content of the juice pouches is not tampered with. 

What are Children Juice Pouches?

As the name implies, these pouches are designed with children in mind.

Thus, these pouches are FDA approved and they are BPA-free.  

These pouches also come with pouring spouts.

The children juice pouches are easy to fil, freezable, collapsible, heavy-duty, high-temperature resistant and can be heated at will.

Children juice pouch

Children juice pouch

The laminated films used in the production depends largely on the content and the proposed duration of the product’s shelf life.

The pouches can also self-stand when they are filled.

Also, the pouches are printable and are available in different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors.

What are custom film juice pouches?

Contrary to what one may think based on its name, the custom film juice pouch is made of different laminated films including PET/AL FOIL/PE, PET/NY/AL Foil/PE/ or PET/VMPET/NY/PE. 

The juice pouches are manufactured such that they can block out barriers such as UV light, moisture, and oxygen. 

custom foil juice pouch

Custom film juice pouch

The custom film juice pouches can be produced in different sizes, shapes, colors as well as printing style.

What are custom printed juice pouches?

Custom printed juice pouches are particularly popular for their custom printings which contribute to an improvement of product visibility.

Also, they come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and accessories that can be customized to fit any product type.

custom printed juice pouch

Custom printed juice pouch

These juice pouches have a laminated structure that is made of PET, AL, NY, PE, VMPET or BOPP.

The film arrangement contributes to making the bags puncture resistant and also endows them with the ability to block out barriers such as UV light, oxygen, and moisture. 

They are also FDA and SGS approved.

What are customized juice pouches with spouts?

A Juice pouch with spout is the top choice of most juice packaging companies because the pouch does not leak and it does not splash when pouring out its content. 

customised juice pouch with spout

Customised juice pouches with spout

Juice pouches with spout are flexible, puncture-resistant, drop-resistant and durable.

They are made of laminated films and that contributes to their ability to block out moisture, oxygen, odor and UV light.

What are customized stand up juice pouches?

These pouches are preferred because they have the ability to improve product visibility. 

Because they are self-standing, customers can easily notice the graphical branding as well as the promotional messages printed on the pouches.

customised stand up juice pouch

Customised stand up juice pouch

The pouches are made of laminated films including PET, PE, CPP, AL, VMPET, PP, among others. 

Customers also get to choose the color, printing, size as well as spout fittings they desire. 

What should I consider when choosing a juice pouch?

We are sure you want to place an order for juice pouches in large quantities.

However, there are some factors you should put into consideration before you make your choice. 

The most important factors include:

  • Availability of Funds

This simply means considering your financial capacity.

Having a precise knowledge of your financial capacity includes working with a budget and making an inquiry into the price of the juice pouched you want to order.

Without knowing your financial capacity, you may end up making a mistake that will drastically affect your profits, and your business in its entirety. 

  • Consider the disposal process of the juice pouches

Before placing an order for juice pouches, be certain as to the disposal method of the pouch.

There are different disposal methods, including recycling or burning.

Thus, a detailed understanding of the kind of disposal method available for the juice pouch will affect your choice.

  • Consider the consistency of the juice pouches

In essence, ask this vital question: Will the supply of these juice pouches be consistent?

This is an important consideration because it may affect how consumers interact with your product.

Your consumers may have developed a fondness and connection the material used for producing the pouch and a sudden change may lead to a loss of that connection.

  • Consider the transportation process

There is bound to be a need to transport your drink pouches from one place to the other.

It is, therefore, important to consider the possible transportation options before you select a particular type of juice pouch.

You want to be sure that your transportation option favors whatever juice pouch you eventually select.

We always provide our prospective customers with samples and we advise that you verify the suitability of the pouch with your transportation option when you get the samples.

  • Demand a sample and examine the juice pouch 

You want to know what parts of the pouch your brand design will appear.

It is advisable to verify whether or not the juice pouch is resistant to oxygen, dust, water, odor, and moisture. 

Also, you should consider whether this pouch is one that will burst when it is punctured or when too much pressure is impressed on it. 

There is no better way to do this than by demanding a sample for examination before you eventually order in bulk,

Our juice pouches at Tedpack are designed to withstand such barriers.

How many juice pouches can I order at once?

We have no limitation to the number of juice pouches our customers can demand at once.

Our juice pouches are massively produced. 

There are, however, some conditions that may affect the speed of delivery.

Such factors include size, design, artworks and other special features like shapes and fitments. 

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