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The ultimate pouch bags suited for juice packaging, all sizes are available and does not require over high MOQ for starting business.

Juice Pouch BagsBeautify your pouch to meet the customer's standard

TedPack juice pouch bags manufactured using multi layers of barrier film to keep the juice fresh and safe from punctures, odors, moisture, UV light, and air. These layers of film enable our juice pouch bags to stand on their own.

TedPack juice pouch bags goes beyond your typical juice pouches. At TedPack, we provide you an option to custom print your own design on the wide front and back of the pouches.

Once your artwork is submitted and approved, you will receive an order amount of at least 5,000 custom bags within 2-3 weeks if orders are urgent. But if you want to go with one of our stock design for your juice pouch bags, that works too.

TedPack provide a wide variety of juice pouch bags including pouch various sizes, printing, style, and materials to choose from. Then you can also decide on the color you want.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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Tips For Improving Customer Retention

How to stand out in the juice industry and make your new customers being loyal customers? Juice Pouch Bags are the best solution for this confusion.

1. To provide customers with high-quality products. Juice Pouch Bags are made of multiple layers of materials. Its high barrier properties reduce the juice’s oxidation rate and preserve its freshness.
2. Consider different application scenarios for customers. It includes room temperature storage and frozen storage, single-use or group sharing.
Tedpack’s Juice Pouch Bags can be customized in size and material to meet the application needs of different customer groups.
3. Provide customers with a better sense of experience. Tedpack’s juice pouch bag has user-friendly accessories.
– Spout. Your customers can easily pour out the juices.
– Handle hole. It is convenient for customers to travel with juice

Email us, we can provide you with more tips on customer retention.

Juice Pouch Bags

TedPack - China's top ranking Manufacturer of Juice Pouch Bags

At TedPack, we will let you add features to make your juice pouch truly your own. Our features include hanging holes, tearing, zipper, round corner, valves, and spouts which are particularly great for juices.

As the premier manufacturer of juice pouch bags and all kinds of packaging solutions, TedPack always creates the best materials that will fit the product’s packaging you need. We retain the attitude of being obsessed with making design and details into perfection.

For more than 20 years, TedPack has specialized and developed the best juice pouch bags design, the quality of our juice pouch bags is top of the line and always meet our client’s satisfaction.

TedPack juice pouch bags can satisfy your needs, with its guaranteed quality pouches and professional assistance, you will ensure our kind of services.

With our high-quality juice pouch, will let your brand boom in the market. If you are interested on our pouches or want to custom design, feel free to emails us.

Juice Pouches: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are Juice Pouches?

Juice pouches are designed with the goal that they should be ideal for just the packaging of different juice types, and different types of related products.

It is significant that juice pouches meet the reason for which they are intended for.

Consequently, there are tons of reasons why Juice pouches are accessible to companies for packaging products.

There are various juice pouches manufactured with the end goal that companies across various industries can choose the type they need for their product

Tedpack are experts in the manufacturing and structuring of a wide range of juice pouches depending on the necessity of the client.

Tedpack additionally offers different sorts of suggestions for designing juice pouches, and this depends on the idea of the product that the client wants them to be utilized for.

Figure 1 Juice pouch

Juice pouch

What is the Idea behind making juice pouches?

The thought behind the designs of various juice pouches is basically manufacturing a packaging bag or pouch that is befitting for juice products

Security components are incorporated in the structuring of juice pouches with the goal that they are perfect for various products in compliance with the order that is being placed.

Besides packaging juices, there are some great liquid products that juice pouches are ideal for.

What are the material decisions accessible for juice pouches?

Getting the best material for a juice pouch is significant.

This is based on the grounds that it is a great determinant for the nature of the pouch that is being manufactured

A lot of materials are utilized for the manufacturing of juice pouches, and every one has its own advantage over another.

The material used by Tedpack include the following:

  • Metalized pet
  • Polypropylene
  • Kraft paper
  • Aluminum foils
  • Polyethylene and so forth.

Tedpack utilizes these materials for the manufacturing of juice pouches, and you can get to learn about them before putting in a request.

What are the Advantages of juice pouches?

Juice pouches are one of the best kinds of packaging products for various liquid products

Away from the fact that there are other great benefits of utilizing juice pouches, there are additionally different preferences that make them desirable over other types of bags and pouches.

Some of the favorable advantages include the following:

  • Branding of the product for advert and mindfulness reason
  • Attractiveness and styling of the product
  • Protection of the product
  • Easy stockpiling of the product
  • Easy treatment of the product
  • Long term stockpiling of the product
  • Low cost of assembling

For labeling and printing of your juice pouches, Tedpack offer you the absolute best administration alternatives you could ever get, and you can also give ideas if need be.

What are the sizes accessible for Juice Pouches?

For the assembling of juice pouches, Tedpack   different sizes.

Should a client have different thoughts on sizes, they can discuss this with Tedpack deals attendants while placing the order.

Are juice pouches Approved?

All Tedpack packaging bags and pouches are FDA and ATSMA affirmed.

This implies they guarantee that the quality and freshness of each product packaged isn’t altered.

This is significant particularly for the packaging of edibles and palatable products.

Are juice pouches puncture resistant?

This is one of the most significant viewpoints to consider while manufacturing or designing juice pouches.

It is befitting that juice pouches have more thickness than other packaging bags and pouches.

This is in order to be resistant to puncture or leakage.

It is on the grounds that the entire products can be effectively prevented from wasted through spillage.

Juice pouches are manufactured along these lines so that their surfaces are strong and sufficiently able to withstand spillages.

Tedpack juice pouches with overlaid structures that make them solid to withstand and escape wears and tears.

This is significant especially when they find themselves in foreign hands, like when babies lay hands on it.

Tedpack juice pouches are intended to have a thickness of the range between 70 microns to 200 microns. In millimeters, this is about 2.5 mil to 8 mils.

What extra Features can juice pouches Possess?

A great deal of features can be utilized while designing juice pouches.

It may be a component that makes it exceptionally simple to deal with, or one that makes it simple to store.

A portion of the features that are being incorporated in the structuring of juice pouches by Tedpack include the following:

  • Juice pouches that are slid to open
  • Juice pouches with different body parts
  • Juice pouches with holes for hanging
  • Juice pouches with handles.
  • Clear juice pouches

Figure 2 Clear Juice Pouches

Clear Juice Pouches

Tedpack adds these features to the structures of Juice pouches.

However, they depend on the solicitation of a client before doing so.

What sort of products are juice pouches utilized for?

Juice pouches are one of the most requested packaging materials today, and this is because they are required by a great deal of companies that manage fluid and related products

Some of the products they are utilized for include the following:

  • Fluid cleansers
  • Vegetable juice
  • Fluid medications and syrups
  • Other types of Liquor
  • Plate of mixed greens dressing

 What is seal Testing of Juice Pouches?

This is one of the most significant methods for ensuring that a juice pouch has been very much fixed and ready to be utilized for the packaging of various products.

Seal testing is done with the help of a sealing machine that checks and ensures that packaged products are set perfectly for consumer’s purpose.

Tedpack utilizes seal testing for all packaging bags and pouches, especially for products that deal with liquid and different types of fluid such as oil pouches and Juice pouches.

What is pressure testing for juice pouches?

This sort of testing is done majorly to measure the weight that packaged products can withstand to stay away from a burst or tear.

Pressure testing is significant for juice pouches in light of the fact that the products are entirely susceptible to tears.

What is drop testing for juice pouches?

This testing is done to assess the vulnerability of the juice pouch to cut.

Drop testing likewise finds out the quality of the material that is utilized for the manufacturing of the juice pouches.

What are the elements to Consider Before Choosing a juice pouch?

There are various elements you ought to consider before utilizing juice pouches for the packaging of your products, and they include the following:

  • Kind of juice or fluid to be packaged
  • The materials utilized for packaging the product
  • Designs and art utilized
  • The conveyance of the assembling unit of the company manufacturing the juice pouch

Are Juice pouches odor and smell proof?

All Tedpack juice pouches are smell and scent proof.

When the pouch is being sealed, regardless of how strong the smell of the product is, it would not be smelled until the pouch is opened.

Likewise, there are a few products with rather unpleasant smells, for example, chemicals.

Being scent and odor proof will make it difficult to perceive this smell.

Are Juice pouches eco-friendly?

It is imperative that packaging bags and pouches are manufactured to be biodegradable.

This proffers natural protection.

Today, a great deal of industries has taken to this, and they don’t utilize packaging materials that are not eco friendly.

Aside from this there are severe government guidelines and regulations that ensure packaging materials are not a threat to nature.

Because of these, all Tedpack packaging materials including juice pouches are produced to be biodegradable and eco friendly.

Do juice pouches have print capacity?

Tedpack produces just printable packaging bags, packs, and pouches.

The materials utilized for the assembling of juice pouches make them truly printable.

Tedpack makes use of the most recent printing techniques for exceptionally amazing printing, and this is useful for the aesthetics of the packaging material as well as boosting brand mindfulness.

Additionally, for some products, FDA necessitates that reasonable labeling ought to be on all packaging bags and pouches.

This requires craftsmanship and structuring, a service that Tedpack ensures.

What are the kinds of juice pouches?

Just as it is for numerous pouches and bags, there are different kinds of juice pouches that an organization can utilize.

This will rely on the material used to manufacture the pouch for the products that it would be utilized for.

The two basic types of juice pouches are:

  • Stand up Juice Pouches
  • Flat juice pouches

Figure 3 Aluminum Stand up juice pouches

Aluminum Stand up juice pouches

What are stand up juice pouches?

This is a type of juice pouch that is produced so that it can stand on itself.

This structure makes it simple to store the pouch on a rack or shelf.

They are structured so that they have gussets that are fixed on the two sides of the sack.

The gusset is likewise collapsed upwards and inwards

It is the side feature of the gusset that makes it possible for juice pouches packs to stay upstanding.

Furthermore, these pouches additionally have a bottomed gusset that enables then to keep their balance when setting on the table or shelf, particularly when they are already filled up with a product.

Stand up juice pouches can likewise incorporate other manufacturing features.

They generally make use of a zip lock and some also use clear windows.

Stand up juice pouches are probably the best kind of juice pouches since they are produced with perfect overlaid material.

The overlaid materials help shield the products from oxidation, uv light, different microorganisms and so forth.

They are likewise entirely printable, and this makes them useful for aesthetics and brand awareness.

Tedpack manages the manufacturing and structure of juice pouches with the incorporation of any sort of feature that you deem it fit for.

Figure 4 Flat Juice pouches

Flat Juice pouches

What are Flat juice pouches?

Flat juice pouches are useful pouches utilized by most ventures today.

They have the benefit of being anything but difficult to pack and seal, and this is why they are being used.

Dissimilar to stand up pouches, juice pouches sacks don’t have side or base gussets, neither do they have folds.

They are flexible types of pouches, and this is great for juice pouches since they can be planned effectively to take a great deal of features, shapes, styles, and sizes.

With Tedpack you can get different styles for your flat juice pouches.

Flat juice pouches are likewise simple to alter in order to meet the prerequisite of the client. They additionally have extraordinary quality and this boosts their benefits.

They are different types of flat juice pouches, and they are?

  • 3 side fixed juice pouches
  • Pillow juice sacks
  • Vacuum juice pouches

These types are being produced and designed by Tedpack.

What is the procedure for placing an order for juice pouches with Tedack?

Here is a breakdown of the design procedure:

  • Reach out to the sale personnel, and submit a proposal for the design of your juice pouches
  • The design will only take a duration of 48 hours, after which it would be returned for assessment
  • As soon as the draft sent in approved, the whole job will be completed in the next 24 hours.

What are the printing method for juice pouches?

Based on the client’s requirement, Tedpack employs a number of printing methods.

Some of these methods include:

  • Metallize printing
  • Vanishing printing
  • Matte finishing
  • D- met printing

All of these are great options for labeling packaging bags and pouches.

Can juice pouches be recycled?

All packaging bags and pouches manufactured by Tedpack can be recycled and this includes

Are juice pouches reusable?

The durability of juice pouches makes them long-lasting, and this means that even after the exhaustion of the product they can still be reused.

What is the minimum order for manufacturing juice pouches?

At Tedpack, the minimum order accepted for all types of juice pouch is 50000 pcs.

But there is the possibility of an exception based on the requirement a customer makes or the criteria of an order being placed.

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