Juice Pouch Bags: The Ultimate Guide

Juice pouch bags are small plastic bags for packaging a single serving size of juice.

They usually have a tiny tube-like opening where you can insert a straw.

In this guide, you will get all the basic information you need about juice pouch bags.

You will find out the essential qualities to look out for when purchasing juice pouch bags.

juice pouch bags

Juice Pouch Bags

Uses of Juice Pouch Bags

The various uses of juice pouch bags include:

  • Manufacturers use juice pouch bags to package smaller quantities of product.
  • You can also use juice pouch bags for products like baby food
  • Apart from juice, you can also use juice pouch bags to package other liquid drinks.

Why is Buying Juice Pouch Bags so Important?

Juice pouch bags give you products a more appealing look.

It is an innovative way of packaging juice and other liquid products.

Advantages of Using Juice Pouch Bags

The era of using only traditional packaging containers like plastic bottles are gone.

It is therefore important to note some of the advantages of using juice pouch bags.

These advantages are:

  1. Juice pouch bags preserve the freshness of their contents. Fruit juices are susceptible to spoilage due to oxidation, but using juice pouch bags prevents this from happening.
  2. Juice pouch bags protect the juice from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Exposing fruit juices to sun rays causes the juice to lose taste and nutrients.

  1. Juice pouch bags protect their contents from impurities in the environment.
  2. Juice pouch bags are easy to use, recycle and dispose.
  3. Juice pouch bags usually have a very hard outermost layer. This hard exterior makes it harder for pests to get to the juice
  4. Juice pouch bags come in handy when you need emergency cold drinks, because they get chilled easily.
  5. Juice pouch bags are affordable
  6. The flexibility of juice pouch bags is also a great advantage.
  7. Juice pouch bags are easy to move around with, because of their lightweight nature.
  8. Juice pouch bags are very easy to open and use.
  9. Juice pouch bags are not made of fragile or breakable material. This quality makes juice pouch bags a very kid-friendly packaging option.
  10. Juice pouch bags are easy to store, due to their flexibility
  11. Juice pouch bags come in different colors, making it easy to be more creative in branding.
  12. Juice pouch bags are very attractive on display.
  13. Juice pouch bags are environment-friendly.

Types of Juice Pouch Bags

There are different types of juice pouches available.

The different types of juice pouch bags have distinct features that make them stand out.

They include:

  • Sides-Seal Pouch: this type of juice pouch has the two sides and part of the top sealed.

The space for the juice is in the middle down to the bottom of the pouch.

Sides-seal pouches are squeezable and easy to transport.

 sides-seal juice pouch

Sides-seal juice pouch

  • Stand-up Pouch: from its name, you can tell that stand-up juice pouch is a stand-alone pouch type.

The stand-up juice pouch does not need a hole to hang or hold it up, due to its rounded bottom.

Stand-up juice pouch is made up of three layers.

The three layers ensure that the freshness of your juice is preserved for a longer period.

 standup juice pouch

Stand-up juice pouch

  • Quad-seal Juice Pouch: the four sides of this juice bag pouch are sealed in an airtight manner. The design of this pouch type makes it suitable for containing more volume of juice. Quad-seal juice pouch also has a bottom that enables it to stand alone on display.

Quad seal pouch

Quad-seal juice pouch bag

  • Child-proof Juice Pouch: this type of juice pouch is made with a very hard to open cover, to prevent kids from reaching its content.

The child-proof juice pouches are suitable for packaging materials that you want to keep out of children’s reach.

This type of juice pouch is also very difficult to puncture or burst.

 childproof juice pouch bag

Child-proof juice pouch bags

  • Alcoholic Juice Pouch: this type of pouch is made from stronger and more barrier resistant material.

Alcoholic beverages usually stay for longer on the store shelf before they get to the consumer.

It is therefore necessary that pouch bags for alcohol be made from stronger material.

alcoholic juice pouch

Alcoholic juice pouch

  • Fruit Juice Pouch: this could be any type based on design, but certain features are necessary for a fruit juice pouch.

The inside of a fruit juice pouch must be made from non-chemically reactive materials.

This is largely due to the fact that fruit juices get spoilt faster than other juice types.

The fruit juice pouch is made only from FDA approved material.

 fruit juice pouch

Fruit juice pouch

  • Reusable Juice Pouch: as the name implies, you can use this type of juice pouch more than once.

You can recycle this pouch to store spices or other kitchen stuff, due to its well-sealed cover.

Reusable juice pouches may also have a ziplock as the sealant.

reusable pouches with ziplock

Reusable pouches with ziplock

  • Disposable Juice Pouch: this type of juice pouch is made from eco-friendly material. Disposable juice pouches are easy to dispose of, and recycle.

They are most suitable for children party packs and events.

isposable juice pouches with straws

Disposable juice pouches with straws

  • Plastic Juice Pouch Bags: this pouch is made of plastic and other breathable materials. Like other juice pouches, it is lightweight and attractive on display.

 plastic juice pouch

Plastic juice pouch

Features and Specifications of Juice Pouch Bags

Different types of juice pouch bags have distinct features, in terms of design.

There are some features/ specifications which are common to all types of juice pouch bags.

  • They are made of more than one layer, with the outermost layer being the strongest.
  • The outermost layer is the polyethylene layer where you print the graphics and branding of the product.
  • Aluminum is the innermost layer that keeps oxygen out and preserves the freshness of the product.
  • The innermost layer of juice pouch bags is made from materials that are not chemically reactive.
  • A layer of paper gives extra strength and shape to the juice pouch
  • Juice pouch bags have airtight covers to serve as a protective barrier from environmental factors.

Juice Pouch Bags Material Options

Juice pouches are made with different plastic materials, but the most popular ones are PET and LLDPE materials.

The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a lightweight polyester-based material, and is very strong.

The linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) material is a flexible plastic material that does not tear easily.

All juice pouch bags are made with about four layers.

The layers are made with different materials that have distinct functions.

How do Juice Pouch Bags Protect the Freshness of Juice Inside

Fruit juices are usually hard to preserve because they react violently to environmental factors.

The interior of a juice pouch bag is made with aluminum foil.

The aluminum protects the juice from harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Exposing the juice to UV rays denatures them and cases the juice to lose taste and nutrients.

The aluminum foil interior serves as a protective barrier against UV rays and oxidation from environmental factors.

When you expose fruit juices to environmental factors, like moisture and air, they get oxidized and lose their freshness.

The three or more layers which a juice pouch has act as barriers between the juice and the environment.

The makeup of juice pouches also prevents impurities from getting into the juice.

Available Sizes of Juice Pouch Bags

Juice pouch bags are available in various sizes.

The juice pouches are available in 80ml, 200ml, 355ml, 750ml and 1000ml.

The very popular kiddies drink, Caprisun usually comes in a 200ml pouch.

Other juice brands also package their products in different pouch sizes.

When trying to pick the appropriate pouch size for your brand, you have to take some things into consideration.

  • Firstly, you need to consider who your target consumers are.

If your target is to produce for little kids, then you should choose a small pouch size.

If you are producing juice for adult consumption, then the size of your juice pouch should vary accordingly.

  • Another thing to consider is the serving option your brand provides.

If you want to produce single serving option products, you should use a small sized juice pouch.

Before choosing the size of pouch for your product, you should take all these factors into consideration.

Minimum Order Requirements (MOQ) for Juice Pouch Bags

The minimum order requirement for juice pouches varies, depending on your supplier.

For some suppliers, the minimum order quantity is as low as 10 pieces while for others it is 100 pieces.

You can order as little as 2 pieces of juice pouch, but at a higher cost.

The more quantity of juice pouches you order, the lesser the price per piece.

Types of Closures for Juice Pouch Bags

As with other types of pouches, juice pouch bags also have different closure options.

The closures available for juice pouches are:

  1. Screw-top closure: this type of closure is similar to the covers on cough syrup bottle, but is made of plastic.

This type of closure is suitable for juice pouches containing more than a single serving quantity of juice.

It is also suitable for single serving size of juice.

 juice pouches with screw-top closure

Juice pouches with screw-top closure

2. Ziplock closure: this type of closure is most common on juice pouches. The closure type is a zipper-like structure that you can open and reseal after use.

 juice pouches with ziplock closure

Juice pouches with ziplock closure

3. Piercable sealing closure: this type of closure comes with a fragile piercable spot.

The sides are sealed and not easily punctured, but the tiny spot in the center is where you open.

Pouches with this type of closure often have a straw attached for easy puncturing/ piercing.

juice pouch with piercable closure

 Juice pouch with piercable closure

Safety of Juice Pouch Bags

Juice pouch bags are a safe and healthy choice for packaging juice.

The interior of juice pouches is made from materials that prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

Also, most juice pouches are made for single serving options thus reducing the propensity for spoilage.

Custom Printed Juice Pouch Bags VS Stock Juice Pouch Bags

Custom print juice pouch bags are those pouches that have either a company’s branding or design on them.

Stock juice pouches are plain pouches that have no form of art, branding or design on them.

Manufacturers prefer custom printed juice pouch bags for various reasons, like:

  • Custom print juice pouches allow a brand to have different creative designs
  • The arts and graphics on custom printed juice pouches can tell the story of your brand.
  • Custom print juice pouch bags look more appealing on display than the stock pouch bags.
  • With custom print juice pouches, you have a variety of colors available to you
  • Custom printed juice pouch bags allow your products to stand out from others

Although some brands still use stock juice pouch bags, it is fast going out of fashion.

Stock juice pouch bags are generic and do not properly showcase the individuality of a brand.

 an array of custom printed juice pouch bags

An array of custom printed juice pouch bags

 stock juice pouch bags

Stock juice pouch bag

Applications of Label for Custom Printed Juice Pouch Bags

You can further customize your custom-printed juice pouch to suit your taste or your event, by putting a personalized label.

Printing Options for Juice Pouch Bags

The various printing methods available for juice pouch bags include: metalize printing, varnishing, matte finishing and D-met printing.

  1. Metallize Printing: this type of printing involves printing with metallic ink.

The process of producing metallic ink is by mixing metallic particles into the ink.

These metallic particles give the ink luminous properties, so that the writings or artwork looks shiny after printing.

Metalize printing gives your work a subtle shine.

The major advantage of metalize printing is how attractive it makes the juice pouch look.

  1. Varnishing Printing: this printing method involves applying a coat of varnish after traditional printing.

The varnish gives your printing a shiny appearance and is waterproof.

  1. Matte Finishing: matte printing does not have a shiny look as metalize printing and varnishing do.

Printing using a matte finish allows the juice pouch to maintain a slightly rough texture.

The major advantage matte finishing has over others is the lack of shine.

This might look like a disadvantage, but it is easier to read this type of printing under bright light.

Although matte printing is cheaper than the others, it has certain disadvantages.

These disadvantages are:

i. The graphics are not as bright or interesting to look at, as metalize or varnishing

ii. You need to have a protective plastic layer to prevent the matte finishing from getting exposed to environmental factors.

4. D-met Printing: this printing process involves printing with a de-metalized film.

D-met stands for de-metallization. De-metallization printing is a unique type of printing.

Difference between Juice Pouch Bags and Traditional Juice Packaging

Juice pouch bags area fairly new type of packaging for juice.

Before the invention of juice pouches, producers were using glass or plastic bottles to package juice.

Although juice pouches are everywhere now, some companies still stick to traditional juice packaging.

Below are some of the differences between juice pouch bags and traditional juice packaging.

Juice Pouch BagsTraditional Juice Packaging
1. You can print/design your labels directly on the pouch

2. Juice pouch bags are not very fragile. They do not break if they fall.

3. They are more attractive on display than traditional juice packaging

4. With juice pouches, there are no dangers for kids consuming the juice.

5. They refrigerate faster, so you can use them in an emergency. For example, if you run out of drinks during a party, juice pouches are a better replacement option.

6. There are so many style, and design options available.

7. The labels last longer, because you print them directly on the juice pouch.

8. In storage, juice pouch bags take up less space.

9. Juice pouches are made from flexible material.

10. Juice pouch bags are lightweight, and easy to carry.

11. With juice pouches you can evacuate almost all the content (99%).

12. Using juice pouches does not contribute to the carbon in the atmosphere.

13. Juice pouches are more eco-friendly, because you use less plastic to produce them.

14. Lower cost of transportation.

15. Juice pouch bags are easier to dispose of.

1. You have to print the label separately before sticking it on the bottle.

2. Bottles are fragile, even those made with plastic could break if they fall.

3. They are not as aesthetically appealing as juice pouch bags.

4. The bottle could fall from a child’s hand, break and injure the child.

5. Juice in bottles, takes more time to refrigerate.

6. You are a bit restricted when it comes to style, and design. Your only options most times are either a plastic bottle or a glass bottle.

7. The labels could peel off or just wash off after sometime.

8. Traditional juice packaging takes up a lot of space in storage.

9. Materials for making traditional juice packaging are not flexible.

10. Traditional juice packaging is heavier than juice pouch bags.

11. Traditional juice packaging does not guarantee complete evacuation of its content, no matter how hard you try.

12. Production of plastic bottles emits carbon to the environment.

13. Traditional juice packaging is less eco-friendly than juice pouches.

14. Transportation cost is higher due to weight.

15. Traditional juice packaging is more difficult to dispose.


Thickness Considerations for Juice Pouch Bags

The thickness of your juice pouch depends on what you intend to put in it.

There are juice pouches of thickness 40 microns, 50 microns, 150 microns, and 200 microns.

When choosing a juice pouch, endeavor to choose one that is thick enough to protect its content.

Quality Regulations for Juice Pouch Bags

There are some organizations responsible for checking, and maintaining the quality of juice pouches.

In most countries, it is the organization responsible for monitoring the quality of edible products in the country.

Before buying or importing juice pouches, you need to make sure that they meet certain standards.

  • A juice pouch of good quality must be flexible, moisture-proof, and have an air-tight seal.
  • Juice pouch bags should be resistant to wear and tear while in transit.
  • Perhaps the most important part of a juice pouch is the material it comprises.

The production material of a juice pouch should have enough layers to serve as a barrier.

This barrier is necessary to protect the contents from environmental factors.

How to Ensure Quality of Juice Pouch Bags

When choosing juice pouch bags ensure that your supplier carries out a series of tests on them to determine their quality.

The necessary tests for quality control include:

  • Compression testing: this test is to determine how the juice pouch would hold out under a load.

Compression testing allows you determine the breaking point of the pouch.

  • Puncture resistance testing: this test is to check the pouch’s resistance to puncture. This test is important, because pouches can get punctured in transit, thereby exposing their content to bacteria.

A juice pouch of good quality should be strong enough to resist some punctures.

  • Water bath testing: your supplier has to put the pouch in a water bath to determine how impervious the pouch is.

The quality of a juice pouch should be such that it does not absorb moisture.

  • Seal testing: this test is to check how efficient the seal or closure type is.
  • Tensile testing: a tensile test is necessary to determine how flexible the juice pouch bag is.
  • Burst testing: a standard juice pouch should be able to withstand the rigors of transportation. You carry out a burst test to check for this quality in your juice pouch.
  • Drop testing: you can drop the juice pouch from a certain height to see how it lands. This test is necessary because it shows you how fragile, or not, the juice pouch is.

If the juice pouch is of good quality, it would pass all these tests.

Color Options for Juice Pouch Bags

There are numerous color options available for juice pouches.

The color you use for your pouch depends on your personal taste and brand.

You can play around with colors for the design/artwork on the pouch.

The type of printing material you intend to use should also factor into your color choice.

For example, certain colors look better in matte ink, while others look better in shiny prints

6 juice pouches with different colours

Juice pouches with different colors

Cost of Juice Pouch Bags

The cost of juice pouch bags depends on the type, size, and quantity of pouches you intend to buy.

Besides, the amount you spend on getting your juice pouches also depends on who your supplier is.

You could get pouches for as low as $0.01 per pouch, depending on the quantity you order. The more pouches you order, the lower the price.

For example, you can get juice pouch bags for $0.01-$0.02 for a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 10,000 pieces.

Factors to Consider before Buying Juice Pouch Bags for Children

When buying commodities for children, especially edible products, one can never be too careful.

Here are some important factors to consider before buying juice pouches for kids;

  1. The age of the child: you should avoid giving juice pouches to a child below 1 year old. This is because at that age a child has not developed the cognitive abilities to use a juice pouch.
  2. The material used in making the juice pouch: children have sensitive gums and if the pouch is too hard, they could get bruises on their gums and mouth.
  3. The type of closure used: some juice pouches have closures that children cannot open without an adult’s help. If you are considering juice pouches for a children’s party, you might want to buy the ones that are easy to open.
  4. The size of the juice pouch: when buying juice pouches for children, you should consider buying smaller pouches.
  5. The quality of the brand: if you’re buying a product in a juice pouch, consider the standards of the brand. This is important when buying juice pouches for children, because you do not want to compromise the child’s health.

How to Use a Juice Pouch Bag

The major function of a juice pouch is to serve as packaging for liquid food content like juice, baby food, etc.

Depending on the type of pouch, you can recycle the juice pouch for other purposes.

If you have lots of juice pouches, you can put them together to make a purse or a lunch box.

Tips to Clean Reusable Juice Pouch Bags

In order to use a reusable juice pouch, you need to clean it first. Here are a few tips on how to clean a reusable juice pouch bag:

  1. Rinse the pouch under the tap, through the sprout then, use a bottle brush to scrub the insides.
  2. You can also put it in the dishwasher after brushing.
  3. After washing the juice pouch, you can dry outside, as you would clothes.

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