Gusset Bags: The Ultimate Guide

The word “gusset’’ is just a piece of material that is added on the bag to increase the volume of the bags.

Besides, it adds strength and mobility to the products.

Therefore, gusset bags are mainly packaging bags with expanded capacity.

You can use the bags for a wide range of applications.

Gusset bag

Gusset bag

These bags are also capable of storing bulk items like baked items, gift bag items, beads etc.

These bags are divided into two portions i.e. bottom gusset bag and side gusset bags that provides better packing solutions for the products.

Key features of Gusset bags

Gusset bags has very important features that makes suitable for use in storage of your products.

Some of these features include;

  • They are having plantation patterns that makes it more attractive to potential customers.
  • Easy to fill and seal therefore saves on time
  • They are portable therefore can be carried easily from one point to another.
  • They can sometime come with valve vacuum or with reclosed zipper.
  • Cost saving; both the production cost, transportation and the maintenance cost are low.
  • Some have windows i.e. Gusset bags with transparent windows.
  • Available in different sizes and customized designs.
  • They are also light, water and air proof.

The purchasing cost is also affordable but it varies depending on some factors i.e. size, color, design of the bags among others.

Advantages of Gusset Bags

Gusset bags accrues a lot of benefits that makes it suitable for your products.

They include;

  • Lightweight; Gusset bags are portable and therefore can be easily carried from one point to another.
  • Occupies less space; Gusset bags occupies less space unlike other packaging bags like bottles, wooden bags, plastic jars etc.
  • More volume for filling your products; as stated earlier, the word “gusset” is a piece of material that is added on the bag to increase its volume.

Therefore, Gusset bags expands expand when being filled, allowing the bag to hold more products.

  • Comes in different varieties; TedPack offers wide variety of Gusset bags.

These bags come in different varieties i.e. different shapes, sizes, color, designs among others.

They also offer different materials with large surfaces that are suitable for expansive products designs.

This therefore enables you to have a wider range of bags to choose from.

Some of our top selling products include stand up gusset bag, and bottom gusset pouch,

  • Recyclable and environmental friendly; Gusset bags reduces wastes at the landfills since most of the products are stored in one small bag thus reducing the overall waste after use.

Besides that, Producing Gusset bags does not consume much heat resulting to lesser green- house gas such as carbon emissions making the bags eco-friendly.

Used Gusset bags can also be recycled and used again.

  • They are durable; these bags offer resistant to puncture especially to those products that may have sharper edges.

They also form a strong barrier films that helps in preventing product deterioration.

Gusset bags can therefore serve for a longer period without showing any signs of damage.

  • Easy to use; Gusset bags are made in a design that makes it easy and simpler to use.

These designs cover the description of your products and how to use it.

There is also a style guide that is offered after buying the product that shows the steps you need to follow when using your product.

  • Cost saving; both the maintenance cost and the transport cost of these bags is extremely low.

The initial price of Gusset bags is also affordable however the price varies depending on the size, shapes, color and the design of the bag.

Best Material for making Gusset Bags

Material chosen is what will determine how long your food product will remain fresh inside the Gusset bags.

Therefore,choosing the best material is a very important factor to consider when buying Gusset bags.

The material selected should have enough barriers against moisture, light and oxygen to protect your product from spoilage.

Gusset bags can be made using different materials i.e. Low density polyethylene, polypropylene, Kraft paper material, aluminum foil and Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene.

The best Gusset bags should be that made with Kraft paper material on the outer side and coated with aluminum foil on the inner side.

These two are the best materials since they form enough barriers against moisture, lights and oxygen thereby allowing food to remain fresh for a longer time.

The Kraft paper material is also strong with high elasticity and higher tear resistance.

This property makes the Gusset bag made of these material more durable and therefore they can serve for a longer period without showing any sign of damage.

Uses of Gusset Bags

Gusset bag for coffee

Gusset bag for coffee

You can use gusset bags to package many items.

Besides, you can use it store or transport products.

Some of the main uses include the following:

  • In kitchen to store household items i.e. coffee, tea
  • In pharmacy to store drugs.
  • In hardware to store hardware items
  • In industries to store manufactured food products.
  • In chemists to store chemical products like fertilizers.

Types of Sealers used on Gusset Bags

There are many types of sealers we use on Gusset bags.

Some of the sealers that can be used include;

  • Direct heat sealer; here the sealer uses constant heat to seal the Gusset bag.

This type of sealer is the best option to use when sealing thicker Gusset bag materials.

  • Double impulse sealer; it involves two heating elements located at the bottom and the top to fuse the material at both sides.

This type of sealer is suitable for heavy duty applications as well as sealing of thicker materials.

  • Vacuum sealers; this type of sealer is ideal for sealing gusset bags that are meant for food and medical items like drugs.

It involves removing air around your products then sealing it using a vacuum.

This helps in protecting your products from spoilage, corrosion and even oxidation.

  • Band sealers; this method is only suitable if your gusset bag is made of thermoplastic materials.

Price of GussetBags

The price of Gusset bags varies depending on the available options i.e. size, shape, color, additional features on the bags, the design among others.

The type of the material used to make the Gusset bags will also determine the price of the bag.

Larger bags tend to cost more than smaller bags and this also implies to additional features on the bag.

The more the additional features on the bag i.e. handles the higher the price.

Available Options for Custom Gusset Bags

There are many available options for custom Gusset bags.

They include;

  • Color option; gusset bags are available in different color options i.e. you can have a white bag, ivory, brown bag among others.
  • Size/shape; these bags come in variety of shapes and sizes.

The size and shapes varies depending on the kind of product to be stored i.e. larger Gusset bags are suitable for the storage of expansive product designs.

  • Additional features; some of the Gusset bags may have additional features like handles, windows, tear notch among others.

These features make the gusset bags easier to use.

  • Printed surface; there are Gusset bags available printed surfaces.

All the Gusset bags are printed using the highest digital printing technology.

Printing on the surfaces of Gusset bags helps to strengthen the brand impression from every angle.

  • Designs of the bag; these bags come with different designs i.e. bottom gusset bag, side gusset bags etc.

Different designs create a wide range of bags to choose for your products.

Key Dimensions for Gusset Bags

Dimensions of gusset bag

Dimensions of gusset bag

The dimensions of Gusset bags vary depending on the type of Gusset bag and the kind of product to be stored inside the bag.

Like for bottom gusset bag also known as gusseted standup bag has four dimensions i.e. length, width, thickness and the bottom side.

Usually bottom Gusset bags have a thickness of 2mm or less but the dimensions may vary depending with the product.

A gusset bag with dimension 4 inches by 10 inches by 2 inches has a bottom side measuring two inches.

An excellent choice of side Gusset bag has a dimension of 4 inches by 21/2 inches by 8 inches.

This design is the best since it allows the side to expand creating more space for bulky items i.e. gift bag items.

Available Types of Custom Gusset Bags

There are two main types of Gusset bags i.e. Bottom Gusset bags and side Gusset bags.

These two types of Gusset bags are great options for your products and both have unique features that differentiate them from one another.

· Bottom Gusset Bag

Bottom gusset bag

Bottom gusset bag

These bags are commonly used for the packaging of coffee and pet food.

In terms of size, these bags are much larger than side gusset bags even if they are holding the same volume of products.

They have a flat end therefore providing an additional printing area.

They also have an excellent seal strength that ensures that the products are well protected.

Besides that, these bags are available in a variety of styles i.e. you can have box pouch style, others with rounded corners and much more.

This therefore means that these bags are specifically constructed to ensure all your product unique requirements are met.

· Side Gusset Bags

It is commonly used for packaging of frozen food products, snack foods and dry ingredients.

The unique feature of these bags is that when filled, the sides opens up to allow for more storage.

Side Gusset bags occupies less space since most of these bags are less box shaped than most of the bottom Gusset bags.

However, side Gusset bags will be smaller than bottom Gusset bag of similar volume.

These bags also come in different styles and shapes/sizes that will ensure all your product requirements are met.

Side gusset bag

Side Gusset Bags

How to make Gusset Bags

Gusset bags are manufactured using different methods depending on the type of the gusset bag.

Here is the simplest method you can use to manufacture gusset bags.

Choose the right material; gusset bags can be manufactured using variety of materials i.e. Kraft paper material, aluminum foil, Low density polyethylene, polypropylene and much more.

You can choose the best material that will suit your product.

Cutting and assembling; you will need a ruler, scissor, pencil and a glue to help you assemble the bag.

First before you cut the material, you need to measure the correct size that will fit your product and mark using a pencil.

After that, cut the material and locate the Centre points and bottom edges using a ruler.

Assemble the material using glue.

Ensure the thickness and the weight of your bag is okay.

Decorate your bag; decoration is very important since it makes the bags more attractive to attract more potential customers.

You can decorate by making labels, painting the bag and much more.

Adding of handles;you can use ropes, ribbons and even string to make the handle for your bag or you can as well leave the bag without a handle.

Products you can Package in Gusset Bags

Gusset bags can be used to variety of items.

Some of the items the bag can hold include;

  • Chemical products like fertilizers.
  • Drugs in pharmacies.
  • Bulk items like beads, marbles, nuts, candies among others.
  • Bulky items like baked items, gift bag items and much more.
  • Household items like coffee, tea
  • Pet foods
  • Hardware items

Capacity of Gusset Bags

Generally, Gusset bags have expanded capacity and that why they are capable for holding more items.

However, the volume varies depending on the types of the bag, size and the product to be stored in the bag.

However, side gusset bag of similar size as bottom gusset bag will have larger capacity than the bottom gusset bag.

This therefore implies that the size of the bags to some extent do not determine the volume of the Gusset bags.

The size can be an excellent factor to use when comparing the volume of gusset bags of the same type.

Comparison between the Side Gusset Bags and Bottom Gusset Bags

This types of Gusset bags have unique features that differentiate them from one another.

Some of those features include;

Side gusset bags vs bottom gusset bag

Side gusset bag vs bottom gusset bag

Location of Gussets; in side gusset bags, the gussets are located along both sides of the bag while in bottom gusset bags, the gusset are located at the bottom of the bag.

Storage efficiency; side gusset bags occupies less space therefore they are more efficient than bottom gusset bags in terms of storage.

Bag aesthetics; bottom gusset bags has the best aesthetics than side gusset bags this due to vast variety of shapes and sizes bottom gusset bags offered.

Bag volume; the volume of these types of Gusset bags vary depending with the size of the bags.

Both of this types of gusset bags with similar sizes do not have same volume.

Side gusset bags of similar volume as bottom gusset bags will have larger volume than the bottom gusset bags.

Available Forms of Gusset bags

There are variety of forms available for Gusset bags.

They include; Easy-Peel Gusseted bag, Foil Gusseted bags, Poly Gusseted bag, K-seal Gusseted bag, Quad-seal Gusseted bag, square bottom gusseted bag with zip etc.

Best Gusset Bags to Choose for your Products

To choose the best Gusseted bag for your products, there are a number of factors you need to put into consideration`.

These factors are what will enable you to identify the best Gusset bag to pick for your product.

These factors include; material used to make the bag, product compatibility, the strength of the seal, lifetime of the bags, size/shapes of the bags and much more.

  • Material selection; this is a crucial factor put into consideration before choosing Gusset bag for your product.

Gusset bags are made different materials i.e. Low density polyethylene, polypropylene, Kraft paper material, aluminum foil and Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene.

Therefore, it is important to choose the material that will offer enough barriers to light, oxygen and moisture.

Choosing the right material is what will determine how long your products will remain fresh inside the Gusset bags and how long the bag will serve.

  • Compatibility with the products; it is important to ensure your product is compatible to the Gusset bag you want to use for the product.

The best choice of Gusset bag should be able to display that compatibility aspects with its products.

  • Lifetime of the bag; the lifetime of Gusset bag is also a crucial factor you need to put into consideration.

Gusset bags can have either long lifetime or short lifetime.

Gusset bags with longer lifetime are always the best choice to choose for your products

The lifetime of the bag can be determined by the type of material used to make the bags.

  • Size and shape of the bag;these bags are available in different sizes and shapes.

The size and shapes varies depending on the kind of product to be store inside the bag.

  • Strength of the seal; this is also important requirement when selecting gusset bags for your products.

There are different types of sealing used on Gusset bag.

Therefore, it is important to choose the best Gusset bag with the correct sealing strength that will perfectly fit your product.

Proper ways to Store your Gusset Bags

To properly store your gusset bags you need to check on the following tips, they include;

  • Store your gusset bag in a cool and dry place free from moisture to protect your product from spoilage.
  • Ensure to cover your gusset bag to protect it from dust and dirt.
  • Ensure to protect your gusset from UV light and excess heat since they may cause the material of your bag to crack and discolor.
  • You should also ensure that the temperature of your warehouse is kept below 40 degrees with a relative humidity less than 60% before storing your bag in it.

Properties of Gusset Bags

They are strong and puncture resistant therefore they do not tear easily.

This property enables the Gusset bags to serve for longer time without showing any sign of damage.

Besides that, they also offer resistant to water, oxygen and light.

This property ensures that the products remain fresh for a longer time.

They are portable therefore they can be carried easily from one point to another.

 Additional Features of Gusset bags

Gusset bag are made up of unique additional features, they include;

Windows, tear notch, zipper, spout, hanging hole, carrying handle, euroslot, degassing valve and much more.

These features play a very important role on the bag.

Weight of Gusset Bags

Gusset bag is normally lightweight and can be easily carried from one point to another.

However, the weight of gusset bags is not the same, it varies depending on the size of the bag.

Larger Gusset bags tend to have more weight than smaller bags

Effects of Gusset Bags to the Environment


Different designs of gusset bags

Gusset bags are environmental friendly.

They reduce wastes at the landfills since most of the products are stored in one small bag thus reducing the overall waste after use.

Besides that, they are also recyclable therefore reducing air, water and land pollution caused by poor disposal.

Durability of the Gusset Bags

Gusset bags can serve for longer period of time without showing any signs of damage.

They have excellent durability to easily pack your food products without any risk of ripping or tearing.

This durability helps in saving on the maintenance cost as well as the money that could have been used to purchase another bag.

Payment Options and ShippingTerms Gusset Bags Manufacturer Offer

We always allow 50% deposit when making the order and the rest of the amount is to be paid before shipment.

Shipping is only done once the full amount has been paid.

We allow payments through PayPal and the western union.

The shipment terms available include; DDU, DDP, EXW, FOB, CIF and much more.

Production and Delivery Time for the Gusset bags

The production and the delivery time will depend on the time when the order was made.

Once the order has been received, it will take 7 days for plate making and another 10 to 15 days for production.

After production, both the sample and the artworks must be approved before the delivery.

The delivery is done after full payment is made on the product.

Therefore, the delivery time will depend on the time when fully payment is made and all the approvals are done with.

Printing Techniques used on Gusset Bags

They are variety of printing techniques you can use on your gusset bag.

Some of the types of printing used on gusset bags include;

printed gusset bag

Printed gusset bag

  • Lithography
  • Digital printing
  • Flexography
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Gravure

However, digital printing technique is the most commonly used method due to its high printing quality compared to other methods.

The method is also fast; it can take less than a week.

Limitations of Gusset Bags

Gusset bags have a few limitations i.e.

They are not suitable for the storage of moist products/items.

This is disadvantageous to those who may wish to store moist items in these bags.

Comparison between Opaque Gusset Bag and Clear Gusset Bags

There is a small difference between the two;

Clear gusset bag

Clear gusset bag

Opaque gusset bag

Opaque gusset bag

Clear gusset bags are transparent therefore it is easy to check on your product without opening the bag unlike opaque gusset bags.

Warranty offeredfor Gusset Bags

Gusset bag manufacturers usually offer warranty on their product.

Most of Gusset bags have a warranty of 1 years.

The warranty does not cover damages made by products store in the bags.

Therefore, it is always important to check the date when warranty begins and when it expires as well as the conditions that may void the coverage.

Quality Control Testing for Gusset Bags

To ensure the gusset bags meet the quality standard requirements, quality testing is usually done before they are delivered to various destinations.

They are variety of quality control tests and measures that we offer to ensure your gusset bag is of the right quality.

Some of the tests and measures include;

Barrier testing; here we are mainly concern about the oxygen transmission rates, water vapor transmission rate, gas flush, modified atmosphere packaging etc.

Under oxygen transmission rates we determine the rate at which oxygen can penetrate through the outer layer of the bag.

Since oxygen is one of the factors that causes food spoilages, our barrier testing equipment are to ensure OTRs are of the exact level where they need to be.

In water vapor transmission rate, we determine the rate at which moisture can penetrate through the outer layer of the bag.

Moisture is also one of the main culprit of food spoilage therefore our barrier testing equipment are to ensure moisture is of the right level that is required.

Burst strength; this is determined by pressurizing the bag at a uniform flow rate until a seal rupture occurs.

Burst tests are usually done to identify the weak seal areas and to ensure that we offer a strong and high quality gusset bags.

Filling, Sealing and Packing of Gusset Bags

This is quite simple and easy but it differs from products to products and from manufacturers to manufactures.

There are varieties of ways you can use to fill your Gusset bag.

You can use kitchen utensils like jugs, bowl to fill your Gusset bag.

This method can only be used when your product is of small quantity.

For large quantity products, you will be required to use an automated machine to fill your bag.

This machine is easy to use, it picks up the Gusset bags from the large container and places it on the conveyors belt.

The automated robot arm then opens the mouth of the Gusset bag for filling beneath the nozzle.

The nozzle then pumps the product into the Gusset bag.

After the filling has been made, the machine transfers the filled Gusset bags to the sealing machine.

The sealing is done by heat sealing to make it ready for packaging.

Once sealing is done, the next step is packing of the sealed Gusset bags.

Packing can be done using an automated machine or you can just do it manually.

After that, store your Gusset bag in cool, dry and safer place in your warehouse.

MOQ for Gusset Bags

The minimum quantity order of Gusset bags varies depending on the types of the Gusset bag and the supplier.

There are some types of Gusset bags that can have as high MOQ as 50000units, other 20000units and some even as low as 2 units.

Some types of Gusset bags like bottom gusset loop handle bag, you can make as many order as many you can.

Occasionally, the suppliers that produces custom orders can have MOQ as low as 1 unit.

At TedPack, we offer a range of packaging solutions such as fin seal pouch, 3- side seal pouch, stand up pouch, shaped pouch, and quad seal bag, amongst others.

Contact us now for all your gusset bags needs.

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