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Frozen alcoholic drink pouches are for all kinds of liquor, alcohol products packaging. Durable material and leakage proof, MOQ start from 10K pcs, delivery within 2-3 weeks.

Frozen Alcoholic Drink PouchesDurable & Premium Quality | Custom Print and Size

Frozen alcoholic drink pouches are produced for the cocktail, margarita liquor drinks.

We offer all kinds of high barrier aluminum foil pouches with spouts for frozen alcoholic drinks packaging. With our 10 colors latest printer for premium quality printing to make you perfect pouches for marketing and branding strategy.

For now, our all pouches are customized print and all size available, all pouches are 100% leakage proof and with highly durable ability.

  • All materials are FDA approved and BPA free
  • MOQ lower to 10K pcs for a start, delivery in weeks
  • Oxygen barrier and dust free packaging design
  • All features on pouches can be customized

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Window, Spout Tap
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

The packaging industry has really developed. Today, you can store almost every type of food and drink in pouches. Recently, wine pouches were produced and it took alcoholic drinks packaging to another level.

Now, with this in mind, TedPack has gone a step further to manufacture frozen alcoholic drinks that will preserve your favorite drink for the longest time possible.

Our frozen alcoholic drinks pouches blend with the drink for storage with incredible features for easy and convenient use. Our frozen pouches contain 5% alcohol by volume, which is about the same amount of alcohol as what a “made from scratch” frozen drink would contain, except you don’t have to get your blender dirty because we’ve done all the work for you.

The pouches are mainly targeted to large scale alcohol production companies or wholesalers and packaging companies. Our engineers ensure that the pouches keep the original flavor and taste to extend the freshness. This is their job and they have to do it right.

At Tedpack, we believe in the virtue of producing the best quality pouches combined with our professional services. With this in mind, we get back to you in the shortest time possible when you’ve placed an order. Our delivery time depend takes place between one week to three weeks depending on your geographical area.

There is more attached to the pouches that you’ll only get to know when you take a look and hold it. Visit our site and get more information.

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Frozen Alcoholic Drink Pouch: The Ultimate Guide

Do you know that the significance of product packaging cannot be overemphasized?Frozen Alcoholic Drink Pouches

Do you know that you require highly presentable frozen drink pouches for your freshly produced alcoholic drink?

Don’t look any further….TedPack is a multinational packaging company offers you the state of art frozen drink pouches suitable for packaging alcohol drinks.

With our years of experience in the flexible packaging industry, we offer you the most suitable frozen drink pouches that offer vast varieties of features to help make your frozen alcoholic drink fresh on the retail shelf

Frozen Alcoholic Drink Pouch Features & Capabilities


Are you looking for frozen drink pouches that are environmentally friendly for your product?

Frozen Alcoholic Drink PouchesDo you require eco-friendly material makeup that will lead to great sales in the market?

If yes, TedPack is here to offer you with quality frozen drink pouches made of environmentally friendly materials.

With our years of experience, we offer the best packaging solution as far as frozen drink is concerned.

The materials for processing are environment-friendly compared to glass storage friendly.

We have figured out that we use about 60% less material.

This is great as it also reduces the cost of production that entirely reflects on the cost of selling.

Impressive Barrier Influences

TedPack frozen alcoholic drink pouch promises to offer your brand a great packaging experience with the right barrier measures against human interference, chemical, environmental factors and many more.

We specialize in selecting the best material make-up as well as the production of these pouches to help your brand obtain the best packaging solution.

We offer the following barrier options;

Aluminum barriers, & Metallized PETFrozen Alcoholic Drink PouchesWe offer the following barrier options;

  • Aluminum barriers, & Metallized PET
  • Combo barriers
  • Metallized PET (VMPET) with de-metalized window
  • Multi-layer & Laminated Barriers (PET, PE, CPP, PLA, KPET, and more)
  • Nylon barriers for vacuum bags and freezers
  • Retort barriers (Heat resistant)

The pouches have a volume of 390 cm3, the approximate volume for any drink pouches.

However, we are on the verge of manufacturing the pouches with various volumes so that it may fit your level of consumption.

Brand Visibility

Frozen Alcoholic Drink PouchesAre you worried about how much your products get noticed on the retail shelves?

Do you want customers to notice your frozen drinks and generate more sales in the process?

If your answer is yes, then TedPack is the perfect packaging industry for you.

We will offer you the perfect frozen alcoholic drink pouch that will give your product visibility and best fit your frozen drinks.

In the process of brand visibility, we offer the following impressive printing option on pouches

  • Hot Stamp Printing
  • Custom RotoGavure Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Digital printing
  • Label Printing

Self-Standing Feature

The beauty of a well-packaged product is to improve product visibility.

As a result, you might need self-standing frozen alcoholic drink pouches to make this realistic.

Frozen Alcoholic Drink PouchesDo not be dismayed, TedPack offers you self-standing frozen drink pouches that can stand sturdily on the retail shelf, table, pantry or any other desired place.

The aim of this is to improve your product visibility.

Our self-standing frozen drink pouches include;

  • Stand up pouches
  • Gusseted bags
  • Quad Seal Pouches
  • Spouted Pouches
  • Flat bottom pouches and many more

Most Popular TedPack Frozen Drink Pouches

Are you worried about getting the right frozen drinks pouch for your alcoholic drink?

If so, Tedpack offers you a packaging solution with varieties of flexible frozen alcoholic drink pouches. They are not limited to the following;

Shaped Spout Pouches

Are you worried about the type of frozen drink pouch to be used for your alcoholic frozen drinks?

Frozen Alcoholic Drink PouchesShaped spout pouches by Tedpack will help you to add more aesthetics to your product packaging. And as a result, you rest assured that your packaged product will take the lead in the retail market.

Our shaped pouches offer the following;

  • Easy handling
  • Flexible, versatile, easy pour, lightweight and many more
  • Storage & Transportation efficiency
  • Cost efficient
  • Recyclable

Clear Spout Pouch

Do you need transparent frozen drinks pouch bags to enable your esteemed customers to see your packaged frozen alcoholic drink?

TedPack clear spout pouch is the perfect pick to help you achieve that.

Frozen Alcoholic Drink PouchesIt comes in varieties of features which make these pouches a user-friendly one.

Other benefits of clear spout pouches include;

  • Impressive durability feature
  • User-friendly
  • High barrier properties, despite being transparent,
  • Easily recyclable (Eco-friendly)
  • Strong sealed

Standard Spout Pouches with “Top Center” or “Top Right” Spout

Frozen Alcoholic Drink PouchesThe standard spout pouch offers two options which include the spout fitted at the top center or at the top right of the flexible pouch.

These frozen drink pouches offer the following benefits;

  • Lightweight
  • Easy filling & dispensing
  • Impressive fitment & closure option
  • Available in beautiful & appealing designs

BIB Spout Pouch

BIB spout packaging is one of the perfect pouches for your frozen alcoholic drink.

This impressive flexible packaging by TedPack offers your brand name with packaging solution that will help increase your company’s revenue.

We offer the best of this frozen drink pouch, contact us for more information about the BIB Spout Pouch.

The benefit of BIB Spout Pouch is not limited to the following;Frozen Alcoholic Drink Pouches

  • Eco-friendly
  • Economically efficient
  • High barrier features against external factors
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile, flexible, lightweight, easy pour & more

Frozen Alcoholic Drink Pouch FAQ

How can I make an order for a frozen alcoholic drink pouch?

Contact us by sending your inquiry information to us through email at sales@tedpack.com from Monday – Friday between 9 am – 18:00 pm or visit us at Liuyongwei, Dafen industrial zone, Wanjiang District, Dongguan, CN 523000.

Can frozen alcoholic drink pouch be recycled?

Frozen Alcoholic Drink PouchesOur frozen drink pouches are recyclable. After we have helped your brand to select the perfect frozen drink for your alcoholic drink, we will inform you on how best to recycle your pouches.

What type of frozen alcoholic drink pouch material makeup do you offer?

TedPack offers a great number of custom laminating materials that meet up with the FDA approved specification. You are rest assured that we are here to help you solve product packaging issues.

For each order placed, what’s the minimum quantity per order?

The minimum quantity per order is 5000 pieces of pouches while the maximum depends on productivity.

For more information contact our sales team via sales@tedpack.com

Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches -The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are packaging pouches that are structured so that they are ideal for the packing of alcohol products that are needed to be frozen.

These pouches are based on the grounds that they are best equipped to deal with the range of temperature for frozen alcohol products.

To ensure that Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches meet the reason for which they are intended, they are many designs that are employed for their manufacturing procedure.

Various Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are also accessible for alcohol companies so that they settle on the type they need.

Tedpack are experts in the manufacturing and branding of a wide range of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches depending on the necessity of the company.

Tedpack additionally offers various advises in choosing the most suitable Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches based on the requirement of the company making the order and the product that needs to be packaged.

What is the Idea behind making Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

The idea behind the structuring of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches is fundamentally producing a packaging pack or pouch that is befitting for alcohol products with the intention of freezing them.

Various systems of production are consolidated in the structuring of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches with the goal that they are ok for the perfect and well suited for the products they are meant for.

Beside the packaging of alcoholic products., there are quite a number of liquid-based products that Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are used for.

What materials can be used to help keep children from possibly opening and using the contents inside a Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch?

Getting the best material for Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches is significant in light of the fact that it goes a long way in ensuring that the pouch is ready to be utilized for freezing purpose

 A lot of materials are utilized for the manufacturing of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches, and every one has its own advantage over another.

Some of the materials include the following:

  • Metalized pet
  • Polypropylene
  • Kraft papers
  • Aluminum foils
  • Polyethylene and so forth.

Tedpack utilizes these materials for the manufacturing of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches, and you have a conversation with the sales personnel about the choice of the material before putting in a request.

What are the advantages of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

Clearly Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are used to serve a purpose that not a lot of pouches can serve. Away from that, there are other points of interest in utilizing Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches for packaging.

Some of these advantages include the following:

  • They can be utilized for naming and displaying the company logo, and this promotes the brand
  • Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are not like other packaging pouches, and this is due to the utilization of apparent seal that helps with packaging.
  • Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are extremely simple to use, and there is no complication compared to some pouches.
  • Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are odor and fragrance proof
  • They are government endorsed packaging materials. They consent to government laws that protect the branding of certain products.
  • Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches do not require a lot in terms of cost of production, they are moderately modest products.
  • They have extraordinary hindrance factors against oxygen and other types of contaminants that can diminish the quality of the product.

What are the sizes accessible for Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

For the packaging of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches, Tedpack has different sizes.

They consist of the following sizes:

  • 1oz
  • 2oz
  • 4oz
  • 12oz
  • 16oz
  • 24oz
  • 1lb
  • 2lbs
  • 3lbs
  • 4lbs
  • 5lbs

Should a client have requirements that include a variety of sizes, they can discuss this with Tedpack representatives.

Are Frozen Alcoholic Drink Pouches Approved?

All Tedpack packaging bags and pouches are FDA and ATSMA approved. This implies that they guarantee the quality and freshness of each packaged product.

This is significant particularly for the packaging of consumable products.

Are Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches puncture resistant?

This is one of the most significant requirement to consider while manufacturing Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches

It is some important criteria that Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches have more thickness than other pouches in order to be puncture resistant. This is because they are used to store mostly liquid products from the get-go.

Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are subsequently made so that their surfaces are extreme and sufficiently able to withstand cut and tear.

Tedpack produces Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches with overlaid structures that make them solid enough to withstand puncture or cut.

Another importance of this factor is that it keeps the product safe should in case of transportation from place to place.

Tedpack Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are manufactured to have a thickness between the range of 70 microns to 200 microns. In millimeters, this is about 2.5 mil to 8 mils.

What are the features of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

Utilizing a lot of features for Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches is important. It may be a basic feature that makes it exceptionally simple to handle or one that makes it simple to store the products in them

Some of the features that are being considered in the structuring of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches include the following:

  • Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches that are slid to open
  • Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches with different parts
  • Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches with openings for hanging
  • Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches with handles.

Tedpack can add these features to the structures of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches, however, this depends on the solicitation of the client.

How many products go in a Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch?

Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are one of the most requested packaging materials today for portable alcoholic products, and this is why they are required by a lot of producing companies for alcohol and similar products.

Some of the products Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are utilized to include the following:

  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Tequila
  • Rum
  • Whiskey
  • Brandy
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Cider
  • Alcohols blends

Tedpack can provide professional advice on how to go about choosing a Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch that best suits a product.

Can the Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch be secured in a warm environment?  

The perfect way to store Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches is in freezers or refrigerators. Under a warm environment, they would most likely not offer the ideal packaging requirements for the products.

Can you chill the Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch in a refrigerator?

Yes, as a matter of fact, this is one of the most effective ways to store Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches.

Is it safe for you to add a clear window on your Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch to help people see what is inside the bag?

Features are being incorporated for Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch to make them the best pouch for the packaging of certain products.

Tedpack produces various types of frozen alcoholic drinks, and they are based on the requirement of the customer.

What is seal Testing of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

This is one of the most significant methods for ensuring that Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches have been very much sealed to perfection

Seal testing is completed with the help of a machine that checks and ensures that packaging items are well sealed for the product.

Tedpack utilizes seal testing for all packaging pouches, bags, and sacks.

What is pressure Testing for Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

This sort of testing is done to break down or check the measure of weight that Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches, especially after packaging.

This is done in a bit to assess if they can withstand a burst or tear.

Pressure testing is imperative for Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches in light of the fact that the products could be susceptible to tears after the application of a certain amount of pressure

What is drop testing for Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

This testing is done to know the vulnerability of the Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches to puncture or cut.

Drop testing likewise affirms the quality of the material that is utilized for the packaging of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

There are various variables you ought to consider before utilizing Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches for the packaging of your products.

Some of the most important ones you should think of including the following:

  • Type of products that the pouch is built for.
  • The materials utilized for producing the products
  • Graphics and craftsmanship utilized, as well as the printability of the material.
  • Duration of production for the pouch

Are Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches odor-proof?

All Tedpack Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are smell and odor-proof when the sack is being sealed.

To this effect, regardless of how domineering the smell of the product is, it would be concealed until the pack is opened.

Additionally, there are a few items with aggravating scents, or those that could lose fragrance upon exposure. Being scent and odor-free will make it difficult to experience this situation.

Are Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches eco-friendly?

It is important that packaging bags and pouches are produced to be naturally biodegradable. This helps protect nature in many ways than could be imagined

Today, almost all production companies have taken to this, and they don’t utilize packaging materials that are not ecofriendly.

Aside from this, there are severe government guidelines against the use of packaging materials that are of danger to nature.

Because of all these factors, all Tedpack packaging materials including Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are produced to be biodegradable and ecofriendly.

Do Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches have print capacity?

Tedpack produces only printable packaging bags and pouches. All the materials utilized for the manufacturing of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches are strictly printable ones.

Tedpack utilizes some of the most recent printing techniques for quality printing, and this is a key factor for bundling material along these lines. They help in boosting brand mindfulness.

For more emphasis on the important of Printing, for pharmaceutical items, FDA necessitates that an obvious printing ought to be on all bags and pouches.

This gives room for only quality printing options, a service that Tedpack provides adequately.

What are the types of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

Just the same as numerous packaging bags and pouches, there are kinds of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches that an organization can utilize.

This will, however, depend on the material used to make the pouch or the type of product that it would be utilized for.

The two basic types of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches in which other types of designs are borne from include:

  • Stand up Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches
  • Flat Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches

What are stand up Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

This is a sort of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches that is designed so that it can remain standing on itself. This structure makes it simple to store various product types.

They are designed so that they have gussets that are fixed onto sides of the pack. The gussets are likewise folded upwards and inwards

It is the side structure of the gusset that makes it feasible for Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches to stay upstanding.

Also, these pouches likewise have a base gusset that enables them to keep their standing when setting on the rack or table, particularly when they are filled already

Stand up Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches can likewise take a lot of features and forms.

They are perhaps the best kind of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches since they are produced for both handling of the pouch and to help product storage.

The design materials help protect from the following oxidation, UV light, vapor dampness, different microorganisms and so forth.

They are additionally printable, and this makes them useful for aesthetics and brand awareness.

 Tedpack manages the assembling and plan of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches, just as the consolidation of any sort of highlight that you need.

Stand up Frozen Alcoholic pouch.

Stand up Frozen Alcoholic pouch.

What type of opening feature should be on the top part of a Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch?

There are few opening features that can be utilized for frozen alcoholic drinks. Some of the most common on types Tedpack include the following:

  • A tear-off strip at the upper part of the pouch.
  • You can then use a zipper to keep the pouch sealed and aiding unsealing
  • Use of pouted upper part.

What are flat Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

These are useful Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches utilized by most ventures today. They have the benefit of being anything but difficult to pack and seal, and this is for the most part why they are being used.

In contrast, to stand up pockets, they don’t have side or base gussets, neither do they have folds.

They are very flexible pouches since they can be planned effectively to take plenty of features, shapes, styles, and sizes. 

With Tedpack you can get different types of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches because they are likewise simple modified and designed in other to meet the necessity of the client. 

They are different kinds of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches, and they are?

  • Side fixed Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches
  • 3 Pillow Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches
  • Vacuum Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches

Flat Alcoholic Drink Pouches

Flat Alcoholic Drink Pouches

What is your model of operation?

At Tedpack the planning of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches will take only 2-3 days.

Reach out to the dealership staff, and present a proposition for the plan of your Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch plan will just take a span of 48 hours, after which it would be returned for appraisal

As soon as the draft sent in endorsed, the entire employment will be finished in the following 24 hours.

Do Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches need to have a printed feature, or you can prepare it with a discreet body?

Tedpack utilizes various printing techniques. Some of these strategies include:

  • Metallize printing
  • Vanishing printing
  • Matte wrapping up
  • D-met printing

Is it fine to mix multiple products of alcohol in the same Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch?

Mixing multiple products isn’t advisable except when you have knowledge about the alcohol you are mixing.

Clear frozen alcoholic drink pouches

Clear Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches

Can a Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouch be reused after you finish the contents on the inside?

All packaging bags and pouches produced by Tedpack can be reused, Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches included.

The main point of consideration is finding out the sort of product that it was used to package before reusing.

The sturdiness of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches makes them durable, and this includes even after the product has been taken.

Notwithstanding, it is important they are being reused for packaging of products as soon as they have been emptied.

So of the advantages of reusing Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches includes the following:

  • Save expenses
  • Promotes branding and awareness.

Aluminium ALcoholic drink pouches

Aluminium Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches

What is the minimum request for assembling Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches?

At Tedpack, the least request acknowledged for a wide range of Frozen Alcoholic Drink pouches is 50000 pcs. 

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