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Almost all food products are using plastic packaging pouches, all type, material, customized size choice. Stand up pouch, gusset pouch, flat pouch, flat bottom pouch, low MOQ from 10000pcs for a start, delivery within 2 weeks.

Food PouchFDA Approved, BPA Free | 10K MOQ Custom Print

Food pouches have many choices, from the most simple flat pouch, mylar pouch, gusset pouch, stand up pouch, to the premium kraft paper pouch, flat bottom pouch, etc.

Most food products for retailer and distributor will choose pouch in food packaging cause it has huge consumer amounts and large demands in the market. Consider the food pouch cost and availability it already been the most convenience and easy choice in packaging.

TedPack offers all customers with all kinds of customized options in food pouch, from both color, size, volume, and printing,  once clients let us know your initial idea of the packaging, we will comments you with favorable quotes and best solutions for your food packaging ideas.

  • All size and volume MOQ start from 10000pcs for a start;
  • Delivery within 2-3 weeks and print up to 10 colors at most;
  • All feature and effect available, like tearing, hang hole,window, matte finish;
  • All material FDA, USDA approved and BPA free.

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MOQ10K-20K Pcs
Size70*100+30cm(Min)    320*450+120cm(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Spout
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

At times, you may be in a hurry and thus not in a position of cooking food. It is at this time that you need food pouches. Well, thanks to the pouch revolution because it has produced food pouches.

These pouches were mainly considered to carry food for babies. However, adults have gotten into the game. According to specialists, the squeeze food pouch is an amazing feat of modern technology.

The food pouches have not been around for long when compared to other types of pouches. They are almost the same as baby food pouches but these contain more combinations of different foods that are not excessively pureed.

The demand for food pouches has been constantly growing mainly in the U.S. According to a recent study, $20 million worth of food pouches are purchased in the US yearly.

The USA is our topmost market, TedPack has decided to provide quality food pouches. Today, our company manufactures these food pouches with extended capacity and different sizes that can fit your food consumption.

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black stand up food pouch with ziplock

These sleek bags are made of optimum quality laminated materials that are black which enhances the visibility of the pouches. Secondly, they offer the best packaging solution for food products such as coffee, meat, nuts, snacks and other edible product because they made of materials that are BPA free and FDA approved. Furthermore, they are fitted with releasable zippers for easy resealing after each use. The zippers play a role in retaining the food aroma while keeping oxygen and water vapor from getting into the bag. Lastly several films are laminated together to ensure utmost protection of the food product freshness.

cat food pouch box

Cat food pouch box are made of eco-friendly Kraft papers that are biodegradable and recyclable. They come with a flat bottom that provides them with the self-standing ability to increase their visibility. Besides being recyclable, the bags are long-lasting, robust and resistant to punctures/easy tear. This is because they are made of high-quality laminated materials such as Kraft paper, PE, AL, BOPP, CPP, PET among others. Lastly, they come with other essential add-ons such as ergonomic handles, clear windows, tear notches, round corners, and zipper for user convenience.

clear food pouch for adults

Clear food pouch for adults is a transparent bag ideal for packaging adult food. With these pouches, customers can preview the content packaged without the need to open the bag. Furthermore, they come with recloseable zippers attached at the top to for easy opening and reclosing user convenience. These bags are made of high-quality laminated materials which are FDA approved, BPA free, and of food-grade standard. Additionally, laminated structure offers a barrier to discourage oxygen, odor, and moisture from getting into the pouch. Lastly, they are fitted with add-ons to ensure the bags provide convenience to the user.

clear reusable food pouch

Clear, reusable food pouches are one of the best reusable bags in the packaging industry. They are transparent to allow clients to preview the content of the pouch without opening it. The laminated layer created from PET, AL, LLDPE, PP, VMPET and other films guarantee utmost protection for the packaged food products from odor, moisture, UV light, and oxygen. Furthermore, you can clean and fill the pouch with food products after every use. For user convenience purposes, the bag is fitted with reclosable zippers, hang holes, spouts, and handles.

Kraft food pouch

Kraft food pouch is created from the eco-friendly and biodegradable paper film. Multiple films are laminated together, making it ideal for holding semi-wet food, wet food, and dry food. If you want a self-standing bag, the flat bottom design allows it to stand upright on shelves. The exciting part is that these bags are puncture, tear, and water resistance, meaning your food product will always be safe. The bag features other add-ons like a clear window, ziplock and hang-holes for user convenience purposes.

kraft paper food pouch

Kraft paper food pouch offers excellent on-shelf appearance for food products advertisement. The pouches are made of several layers that are laminated together to create a durable, high barrier and strong bag designs. Furthermore, the Kraft material used as the primary film is 100% biodegradable. If you are searching for a pouch with a natural appearance, then the craft paper food pouch will meet your expectations. You don’t have to worry about UV light, moisture, or oxygen getting into the bag. This is because the Kraft paper is laminated with high-quality films like PET, PE, LLDPE, and PP for better barrier protection.

custom designed food pouch

Custom designed food pouches are designed using food grade films with the sole purpose of improving their market visibility. These bags are printed in different styles but with a purpose. For instance, graphical and branding is done for advertising reasons while user guide info is meant to tell how to use the packaged product. At TedPack, we use state-of-the-art printing technology like digital, flexo, and rotogravure. The bags have a flat bottom that gives them a self-standing ability. Lastly, they feature various add-ons like zippers, handles, and hang holes for user convenience.

custom food pouch bag

Most custom food pouch bags are designed with a flat bottom that allows them to stand upright on shelves. These pouches feature side gussets that offer enough space for holding more products and custom printing. Also, they are made using several layers that offer perfect barrier properties to preserve the freshness of food. They feature a reclosable zipper to ensure that they can be opened and closed many times until the packaged food is fully consumed. Other add-ons include holders, hang holes and tear notch.

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Food Pouch – The Definitive FAQ Guide

1. What is a food pouch?

A food pouch is a material that will secure foods that are for sale.

The food pouch will be fully sealed to ensure the contents on the inside will not be hurt by outside materials, including moisture or bacteria.

A food pouch can also preserve the lifespan of a food product on the inside.

what is a food pouch

2. How is food added to a food pouch?

Food will go into a food pouch through either an automated or manual process.

One side of the food pouch will open at the start.

The food will enter the pouch opening, although the amount will vary based on the need and the pouch size.

The pouch must be sealed after everything is filled.

3. What types of foods can you secure in a food pouch?

You have the option to add various types of food into a food pouch, including:

  • Coffee; this includes grounds or whole beans
  • Dried fruit or vegetable products
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Pet food
  • Dried meats, particularly beef jerky
  • Baby food products, including purees
  • Assorted drinks, including juices and some alcohols
  • Cannabis materials

types of foods for a food pouch

In many situations, the foods that go into a food pouch will be ready for consumption after opening.

4. What does it mean for a food pouch to be BPA-free?

A BPA-free food pouch is one that does not contain bisphenol A.

The compound appears in the production of many plastics and resins.

BPA can be dangerous due to the epoxy resins used in its construction.

Such resins on the inside of food pouches can shed off on the foods and may trigger brain imbalances.

BPA could also trigger an increase in blood pressure or influence one’s behavior.

5. What does a food pouch need to have for it to be FDA-approved?

The United States Food and Drug Administration will certify all food pouches that are deemed to meet its standards for food safety.

The FDA requires a pouch to include layers that keep the bag sturdy, but the inside part must seal the food from air and other threats.

The inside must not have any resins or other compounds that may shed off.

6. How well is the seal produced on a food pouch?

The seal on a food pouch must be firm enough to keep air and contaminants from entering on the inside.

A sealing process will entail added heat on the open end of the pouch.

The heat will be applied to the opening area to encourage a binding process.

The bound materials on the food pouch will create a firm seal that will keep air from entering.

seal on a food pouch

7. How do you open a food pouch?

In many cases, a small tab or fin will appear near the seal.

You would pull along the tab to open the food pouch.

In other cases, a small flexible aluminum spot will appear on the food pouch.

The feature would be for drinks where you can insert a straw into the pouch for easy consumption.

You may also find a zipper on some bags.

A gusset valve may also appear on some food pouches, although this is more likely to be found on coffee or tag bags.

8. Are food pouches safe for use?

A food pouch will be safe so long as the construction process supports the material.

The pouch must be BPA-free and feature a firm body.

The design may include something made with PET, CPP, PETAL, or kraft paper materials.

9. Can you reuse food pouches?

Some food pouches are reusable.

You would have to wash out the pouch before using it once again after it is empty.

The work includes using clean water to clear out the contents on the inside of the food pouch and then allowing things to dry out.

A reusable food pouch will only be worthwhile if the material is safe.

The pouch needs to have enough of an opening to let you clean it out.

The body must also be free of BPA and other chemicals.

10. What kinds of shapes are food pouches available in?

The flexible nature of the materials used in the construction of food pouches makes it easy for you to produce such pouches in many shapes.

A rectangular shape will appear in most cases, although a curvy body may work for drink-based pouches.

You can also find pouches that feature distinct shapes.

shapes of food pouches

11. Can you add new things in a food pouch after what was originally on the inside removed?

The ability to add new contents would depend on the quality of the bag.

You would have to remove the original contents from the pouch and then wash it out first.

You must ensure that there is no residues or other compounds leftover inside the bag in this case.

12. How long can be a food pouch be used for after you open it?

The amount of time your foods can last for after opening the pouch will vary based on the products in question.

It is best to use the foods in your food pouch within 24 to 48 hours after opening.

You can always close up and freeze the pouch if needed, but freezing might change the consistency of whatever you are storing.

13. How do you heat the contents of a food pouch?

You would have to check on the features of your pouch to see what you can do.

Some pouches come with see-through film layers that can keep the food pouch protected from microwave heat among other intense forms of heat.

Some pouches let you boil what is inside.

The body needs a few metalized layers secured together to create one heavy-duty layer that can go into a boiling pot.

heating a food pouch

14. Is it safe for you to use a microwave when aiming to heat what’s inside a food pouch?

Review the quality of the food pouch to ensure it is safe for you to heat something.

The body should not include any foil or aluminum compounds.

A traditional film material may be safe to heat.

The package should come with reheating instructions.

15. Is it possible for a food pouch to become contaminated?

Any contaminants that would appear in a food pouch would come from the foods on the inside.

These include heavy metals found in the soil that certain products come from.

Contamination may also be likely to occur in foods that are heavily processed.

16. Can a food pouch be used in farming or other fields after its use?

You would have to clean out the contents of the food pouch before using it for other purposes.

The pouch may work for securing seeds and other compounds for later farming use, although you’d have to see that the pouch doesn’t have any contaminants or feature any materials that might shed off over time.

food pouch farming

17. When can a baby use a food pouch? The point means how early a baby can consume food out of a food pouch.

A baby can consume foods out of a food pouch as early as about six months.

It is best to move the baby towards finger foods at nine months of age.

Remember that a food pouch is designed mainly for convenience.

The work would entail a parent using a spoon to remove something from the pouch to then feed the food to the baby.

Although a squeezable spout-based pouch can work like a traditional baby bottle if the spout is planned well enough, it helps to keep the baby from using the pouch on one’s own if possible.

18. Is there a chance that a food pouch might hurt a baby’s oral development?

A baby will not experience any noticeable oral development from using a food pouch.

It would be best to keep the baby from trying to use the spout on one’s own, as it could be too hard on the teeth and gums.

19. Some food pouches are made to handle foods for pets. Do any of these pouches require special care?

A pet food pouch doesn’t require any special care instructions.

You should still keep the pouch in a place where your pet isn’t likely to find it.

20. Can a food pouch come with a zipper?

A zipper can appear on your food pouch to create a sturdy seal that will keep air from entering the bag.

A reclosable zipper is recommended for larger bags or for items that might be sensitive to air.

food pouch with zipper

21. How long can a food pouch last?

A food pouch can last for a few weeks or months before it starts to break down.

22. What should you do if mold appears on a food pouch?

Mold could appear if the food on the inside isn’t packaged appropriately.

It is best to discard any food pouch that contains mold.

The growth could become a breathing hazard, not to mention it would be uncomfortable.

23. Some food pouch products come with small valves or spouts for dispensing items. How are these ports on a food pouch going to be made?

A valve or spout will go on the top part of a food pouch, although some valves may appear near the bottom.

The port is sealed on the pouch material and can come in one of many sizes.

The port itself should be shaped to where you can dispense the contents of the bag well enough.

24. Can you secure a food pouch in a refrigerator?

A food pouch can be added in a refrigerator to chill the food products, although this works best when the pouch is sealed.

25. How do you appropriately dispose of a food pouch?

Most food pouches are recyclable and can be discharged with other paper or plastic materials.

Whether you are a food product packager, manufacturer or retailer; your hard work to provide quality and outstanding food products starts with essential product ingredients and ends with top-notch product packaging.

Proper food packaging serves the following essential:

  • Provide formidable barriers to protect your food producAtfrom every hazardous environmental effect during shipping, storage or shelving, e.g., odor, oxygen, moisture, vapor and external contaminants.
  • Preservation of food taste, freshness, and flavor
  • Improves appeal or attraction to customers

The necessity of quality food packaging has been triggered by:

  • Change in consumer purchase habits
  • Increased investment in the food packaging industry
  • Change in federal laws concerning food packaging
  • Technological innovations in the food packaging industry

If you are concerned about food packaging, these eBook will take you through all that you need to know in the selection of the right pouches or bags for your food products.

Note: Material quality, pouch customization, add-ons types, and flexibility is dictated by the food product to be packaged.

Chapter 1: Definition of Food Pouch

Are you interested in grabbing customer’s attention as well as keeping your food product safe and protected from all forms of external effects and contamination? TedPack we are here to offer you the right packaging pouches.

Our food pouches and bags range from:

  • Stand-up pouches
  • Vacuum bags
  • Retort pouches
  • Flat pouches
  • Flexible box like bags (gusseted bags) and customized pouches.Food Pouch

At TedPack we have a wide variety of food pouches. Whether you are planning to package some beverage, cold, hot, dry or wet food, we have a specific pouch that will serve your packaging need.

Our food pouches are made of laminated film structures. A property meant to ensure proper barrier protection against contaminants, moisture, oxygen, vapor, and odor.

The laminated films are made of 3-7 material layers although much on this will get discussed in chapter 6.

Remember, food packaging is one of the notorious packaging industries, if you happen to fail on packaging, then your quality manufactured food products will not make it in this competitive market.

You have to be unique in pouches quality, design, barrier properties and lastly pouch branding.

Why don’t you allow us to help you in proving your worth? We will be gland take that role.

Chapter 2: Differences of Food Pouches as Per Industries

Food PouchDifferent types of food products require unique packaging conditions. A certain food pouch might be excellent for a specific type of food (food industry) but poor in packaging a different kind of food.

For example, a specific pouch that will work best on wet food will be poor when it comes to packaging dry food.

Owing to such unique packaging needs, we at TedPack have carried out in-depth research on different products packaging needs and the market demands.

We have clear-cut info on what barrier properties, add-ons, materials, and branding will work best in every food industry.

Below are different food industries we serve with food pouches:

Chapter 2.1: Coffee & Tea

Tea and coffee are two products with almost similar unique packaging needs. One typical pouch feature that remains common on coffee and tea packaging pouches are the degassing valves.

Food PouchRemember, when fresh coffee beans get roasted, they begin to release carbon dioxide gas for a duration totaling to about 7 days.

If this gas is left inside the bags, it can lead to bags busting something that will expose your coffee to external hazardous conditions.

In efforts to avoid such, the pouches are fitted with a one-way degassing valve. These valves act as vents through which these carbon dioxide gas exits through but allowing no external gas into the pouch.

On barrier properties, coffee and tea bags are made of laminated film structures. These pouches are made of scientifically selected materials films which are joined together.

Materials are selected based on the product protection role they are going to play. Meaning, your coffee & tea product will be exempted from moisture, oxygen, UV light, vapor, and other contaminant effects.

The high barrier structure properties of our coffee and tea pouches will ensure total entrapping of your product aroma, taste, and freshness for a longer shelf span.

Using our high tech innovation skills, we have coffee and tea pouches of different shapes, designs, sizes, and add-on features.

Some of the types of coffee & tea pouches we produce are:

  • Flat bottom pouches
  • Stand-up coffee/tea pouches
  • Side gusseted pouches
  • Bottom gusset pouches
  • Shaped pouches
  • Kraft paper pouches and many others

Chapter 2.2: Dry Food & Confectionery

Food PouchThe packaging of snacks, confectioneries, and dry fruits needs quite distinguishable packaging qualities.

Today’s market is very selective on whatever that gets sold or bought. Customers have become more cautious about what type of food they feed on.

That is why there is a need to package your snacks, crunchy, cookies, dry fruits and chips in quality pouches.

Our dry food & confectionery pouches are made of laminated film structures to protecting your food products from all external environmental effects such as moisture, oxygen, vapor, UV lights, and food contaminants.

Mostly, our food pouches are heat sealed to ensure packaged product freshness. But once you cut them open, you will be able to reseal them using a re-sealable zipper.

Because kids love most snack products, our food pouches are resistant to puncture due to the strong laminated material used.

Lastly, there are several add-ons for you to ensure easy pouch usage.

Notable features of our pouches are:

  • Proper barrier properties
  • User-friendly (easy to use)
  • Resealable
  • Able to maintain product freshness for long

Chapter 2.3: Pet Food

If you are a pet food producer, packager or retailer, you understand more than anyone how unique looking and quality packaging pouches are vital for pet food marketing.

Food PouchFur and feather babies need a quality treat and healthy food too. At TedPack, we have a strategy for you in place. We trust our professionalism, experience, and innovations in giving you quality pet pouches.

Whether you are packaging wet or dry pet food, we have a specific pouch for you. All our pouches are made of well-selected materials which are laminated together to make quality pouches and bags.

We manufacture pouches that can get used to package cat food, bird’s food, dog food, and horse foods.

Lastly, our pet food pouches are highly printable. If you need to improve your product visibility, we offer quality printing using the latest printing technology.

Features of our pet food pouches:

  • High barrier properties
  • Lightweight thus easy to transport
  • Most are tamper evident
  • Easy and effective product branding

Chapter 2.4: Frozen Foods

If you deal in frozen food products such as vegetables, meat, fish, seafood and poultry meat, we have the best food pouches for you.

Food PouchOur quality manufactured pouches and bags are eye-catching and made of quality material to preserve your product freshness for a longer span.

If you are looking for bags with top-notch barrier properties, look no more, we are here for you.

Additionally, if you are looking for frozen food packaging pouches that can be microwaved or can allow food to get steamed without opening the pouch, our bags will serve you best.

For those who are in need of customized frozen food pouches as well, contact us, we are a versatile company with all it takes to give you the best product.

We have a wide range of frozen food pouches:

  • Pillow bags
  • 4 side seal bags
  • 3 side seal bags
  • Side gusset bags
  • Bottom gusset pouches
  • Stand up pouches
  • Vacuum pouches and many more.

Lastly, our pouches are easy to use. We have several add-on features such as transparent windows, ergonomic windows, round corners, tear notches and re-closable zipper which are used to enhance user convenience.

Chapter 2.5: Gravy, Sauces, and Condiments

Those who deal in packaging or production of sauces, purees, gravy products, and mayonnaise food products now have a reason to smile.

We have packaging pouches made of laminated films structures. Such a structure is what you need to ensure your products get exempted from external contaminants of food spoilage agents.

We design quality bags and pouches that will meet all your packaging needs.

For easy food pouch usage, we have add-on features that can fit in all our pouches. The only determinant towards the add-on feature we are to use will be your packaging need.

Food PouchAdvantages of our pouches:

  • Highly printable
  • Available in different styles and colors
  • High barrier properties
  • Can package both liquid and dry food products

From our end, we can offer you different types of pouches such as:

  • Bottom gussets pouches
  • Spout pouches
  • 4 side seal pouches
  • 3 side seal pouches
  • Flat pouches
  • Shaped pouches etc.

Chapter 2.6: Beverages/Soft Drinks

If you take a close look at the popular beverage or soft drink packaging market, spout pouches are replacing plastic and glass bottles at a very high rate.

Our spout pouch properties such as lightweight, high printability, less transport cost, and less bulkiness which have made them win admiration from many beverage product producers as well as end product users.

As a concerned food pouches manufacturing company, we have taken it as our concern to produce quality beverage packaging pouches.

Through top-notch innovation and designing, we have developed several material lamination formulas that we use in the manufacturing of perfect beverage pouches.

Our pouches have the following advantages:

  • Tamper evident
  • Highly printable
  • Require less storing space compared to traditionally known glass and plastic bottles
  • Eco-friendly
  • Less cost during transportation and manufacturing and lastly
  • Leak-proof (an essential property)Food Pouch

If you need custom made beverage or soft drink pouches, we are your go-to partner. We will offer you the best Ready-To-Drink (RTD) beverage packaging pouches.

We always offer a listening hear with that beverage pouch idea you have. Talk to us, and we will sort you.

Chapter 2.7: Processed Foods

Our processed food products retort pouches are a replacement to canned food containers which were bulky, heavy weighted and expensive.

Our retort pouches are the best alternative if you need protection for your ready-to-eat products from oxygen, moisture, odor, UV lights, vapor, and contaminants.

With our food pouches, we assure you that your you will enjoy packaging convenience and long shelf life of your packaged product.

At TedPack, we produce several types of pouches for processed food packaging:

  • Retort vacuum pouches
  • Retort stand-up pouches
  • Retort shaped pouches
  • Microwavable pouches
  • Bottom Gusset pouches
  • 4 side seal pouches
  • Spout pouchesFood Pouch

For convenience reasons, we have several add-on features to make your pouches easy to use.

Our pouches are strong enough something that makes them survive any storage condition thus protecting your packaged product.

Our processed food packaging pouches are:

  • Tamper evident
  • Printable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and
  • Eco-friendly

If you need pouches that will protect your processed food taste, aroma and freshness for long, you better go for these food pouches; they are high-performance pouches.

Chapter: 3 Benefits of Food Pouches

Our food pouches come in two kinds. We have the pouches that store nut foods. These include the stand-up pouches and gusset bags. The other kinds of bags store snack food. The kinds of pouches are shaped pouches and stand up pouches.

Food PouchAll our food pouches have enhanced functionality like punch holes, valve, and zip-lock. The functionality ensures that you carry your food pouch easily and conveniently.

What gives our food pouches an edge over other manufacturers is that they are cost saving, customizable and made of superior quality.

Food preservation has been something vital since time immemorial. But for the packaging necessity witnessed in the current market; quality packaging is vital.

In connection to that, packaging in the past couple of decades depended on plastic and glass containers or boxes and lastly cartons.

But of late, flexible packaging pouches and bags have become popular as well as necessary.

Flexible pouches have won the hearts of many due to the following benefits they offer.

Chapter 3.1: Printability   

Product advertisement goes a long way in making your product noticeable even when on a crowded shelf. Even though your pouches and bags are of high quality, you need something to draw customers to your product.

Food PouchThat is why you need to entice their eyes using quality and good looking imprints. At TedPack, we understand the unique needs attached to food product branding.

That is why we use printable material that will allow watermark printing.

Remember, you need quality imprints to make good looking:

  • Product label
  • Images for product branding and lastly
  • Make it possible to print vital info like storage instructions, usage instructions, product ingredients, and any other info you deem essential to you and your customer.

If you order food pouches from us, you will be able to enjoy quality printing. We have the latest printing machines; we have rotogravure, digital and flexo printing machines.

With such printing accessories and experienced designing department, you can get rest assured your pouches will shake off market competition due to improved visibility.

Chapter: 3.2: Cost- Effective

Food PouchIf you compare flexible food pouches to glass and plastic food containers, you will realize flexible food pouches are cost effective.

First, they are cheap to manufacture in the sense that they use less than 80% of the raw materials that were used in traditional food packaging containers.

Since we incur less manufacturing cost, you can be sure our pouch prices will be reduced.

Is that not something you need most to cut your product production cost and maximize on profit?

Food PouchSecondly, our pouches are cost-effective based on their lightweight. They are not bulk at all and when shipping of transporting them, you will realize you will use less space as well as less transport cost.

Such is because most of our flexible pouches assume a flat structure when empty but when filled they assume the anticipated shape, for example, stand-up shape. A flat structure makes it possible to package many pouches under one packaging carton.

Typically, transportation of bulk commodities takes more space. Glass, plastics and boxes are heavier. Such means you will need much space something that might amount to the need of an additional truck or cargo compartment.

Chapter: 3.3: Eco-friendly

In the recent past, many nations especially Canada and USA have adopted laws that restrain the use on non-recyclable and non-biodegradable packaging pouches.

Food PouchFood pouches being the biggest percentage of products in the Packaging industry, there has been a need to embrace the use of eco-friendly materials.

Such is the reason as to why at TedPack we have taken it as our initiative to manufacture eco-friendly Food pouches.

Product users of late have taken it into their hearts that everything they do must be in line with environmental conservation.

As a product packager, producer or retailer, you better take advantage of such a habit. If you are you to prove to them you are with them in environmental preservation journey, believe me, they will buy your product more.

You better go for food pouches that are eco-friendly; they will help you win the hearts of your customers and those of new customers.

Chapter: 3.4: User-Friendly

Our pouches are meant to make product packaging a comfortable experience for both you packager and the end product user.

That is the reason we have countable add-ons and other features. For example, we have:

  • Hang holes to help retailers and end product users to hang their pouches on their counters and kitchen pantries respectively.
  • Bottom gussets for self-standing reasons
  • Clear windows to help customers see the packaged products and many other features.Food Pouch


With us in play, be sure all your convenience and reliability needs will be taken care of. We are concerned about your packaging pouches usability.

Chapter: 3.5: FDA Approved

We are aware of all FDA requirements in line with food packaging. For example, all our food packaging pouches are made of food grade materials.

We understand some materials produce BPA some compound that has been linked to causing cancer.

Food PouchNote: all our pouches are BPA free. All the materials that we use are scientifically tested and screened. We make sure that our bags will not affect your packaged product or the health of the packaged product user.

When it comes to labeling rules as per FDA requirement, we will liaise with you to have the best label details as required by the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (1958).

For example, we understand that nutritional labels are of great importance and a requirement by FDA. But all in all, our pouches are FDA approved and of standard levels to fit your food packaging needs.

Chapter: 3.6: QS and ISO quality rated

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and QS standards are used to ensure food packaging pouches are safe for human food packaging.

Food PouchAny pouch that is rated and certified by this internationally recognized organization is safe for human food packaging.

If you are to use our pouches, be sure your products will be accepted in all markets. Our packaging pouches are produced in a manner that adheres to all the necessities attached to the quality packaging.

Authorities will not be after you neck something that will give you peace of mind to expand your markets and also venture into new markets.

Below are some of the benefits accrued regarding ISO certifications:

  • Assurance of food protection
  • High reduction of foodborne diseases

Chapter 3.7: Barrier Properties

One reason as to why food products are packaged is to protect them from hazardous environmental conditions.

Food PouchFor example, the exposure of food products to vapor, moisture, oxygen, odor, bacteria, and other food contaminants are reasons why foodstuffs go into waste.

But with food pouches from TedPack, your food products will live to see their shelf lifespan to the fullness. Our pouches are made of laminated film structures may be 3-7 layers depending on the level of barrier property needed.

Every film material we use is meant to serve a certain barrier property. We always use the best material, for example, those needed for opacity, oxygen, moisture, and odor barring.

Even if you need heat sealing may be for vacuum pouches, you can count on us.

Chapter: 4 Add-ons (Features)

Food PouchAs an effort to provide you with quality pouches which are user-friendly, easy to use and reliable, we have several add-ons for you.

Every type of add-on feature we use is meant to serve a particular purpose. A single pouch can have several add-ons depending on their necessity.

But in most instances, you as our customer will have an upper say on what is to happen on your pouches. If you feel that a specific add-on will serve you best as well as your end product user, feel free to inform us.

We will have such type of add-on on your pouch as per your instruction.

Below are some of the add-ons we fit on food pouches.

Chapter 4.1: Degassing valves

Food PouchDegassing valves are mostly used in packaging pouches that are used to package coffee and tea. Reason being, these valves act as vents through which air from inside the food pouches does escape through.

When packaging product such as roasted coffee, you need these vents. Coffee beans when roasted they do produce carbon dioxide something that goes on for up to 7 days.

If the packaging bags have no degassing valves, it means most of your pouches and bags will burst due to the pressure created by the carbon dioxide.

Remember, these degassing valves are one-way. They allow the air inside to get out but not air from the outside environment gets in.

You will not have to worry about external oxygen, moisture, vapor or contaminants which once they get inside the pouch your packaged products freshness will be affected.

Food PouchOne importance of these valves is that coffee roasters do not have to wait for 7 days before packaging their coffee.

Since these pouches have a one-way vent, it means they can package their product immediately after roasting.

For taste and preference reasons, we have two different types of degassing valves that we use. They are both of high quality. They are:

A. Wipf Valves

Food PouchWipf valves are also called Wicovalve. They are technologically made valves which mainly use silicone oil membrane. In these valves, the opening and sealing depend on the pressure build up. For example, when the pressure builds past 3 millibars, the silicone membrane brakes to allow carbon dioxide out, when the pressure reduces below 0.5 millibars, the oil membrane seals up.

B. Goglio Valves

Food PouchGoglio valves consist of a viscous layer made of silicone oil. Other parts that make these valves are flexible rubber discs, polyethylene caps, and polyethylene plates. We use Goglio machines in assembling these valves to avoid errors.

4.2: Hang Holes

Food PouchWhen it comes to product display and advertisement, retailers find it essential to hang some of their products at the counters and along their shelves.

For us to make such anticipation come to reality, we have different types of hang holes. With these hangs holes, it is possible for you to hang products something that will make customers notice them from far.

If you need such an add-on, we have several options for you. For example, we have round hang holes, butterfly hang holes and triangle hang holes.

Regardless of the types of pouch you need, we can fit hang holes on most of the pouches we produce.

4.3: Tear Notch

Food PouchAlthough most of our pouches are made of strong laminated film structures, we understand the unique needs of opening every pouch.

For that reason, we have tear notches which are pre-cut lines meant to coax end-product users to initiate a tear.

The pre-cut tear notch lines do ensure your tearing line will happen in a straight line and in an easy way.

Any pouch depending on the product you intend to package can get fitted with a tear notch, even snack packaging pouches meant for children. Tear notches are meant to ensure easy and ultra-clean quick opening.

4.4: Clear Windows

Food PouchClear windows are transparent part on packaging pouches that are meant for displaying what is packaged.

In the current food market, when packaging products such as spices, snacks, sweets and other products that customers love to first see their state before buying, you will need a clear window.

We fit different type shapes of clear windows on any style of pouch you need. Such clear windows do boost customer’s confidence in the food product they are about to buy.

We offer oval, circle, triangular, rectangular or any customized shape you might need.

4.5: Tin Ties

Food PouchTin ties are used to add reclosing ability to food packaging pouches. When you are packaging product such as coffee which are mostly packaged in big bags, tin ties are vital.

This is because, after you have scooped the amount you needed to use at that particular time, a tin tie will help you fold that pouch and ensure it is well closed.

All you have to do is roll down the pouch and then curve the tin tie stripe. With these add-on reclosing feature, your packaged product will be free from oxygen, contaminants, moisture, vapor, and odor infiltration.

4.6: Rounded Corners

There have been times we have heard end product users complain of injuries inflicted by sharp food pouch corners.

Food PouchAs a countermeasure plan to such unpleasing thing, we decide to have round corners as one of the add-on features.

We understand not every customer will love this option due to different tastes and preferences and that is why we decide to have these as an option.

If you need them on your bags, we are here for you. All you need is to instruct us, and we will have the same on your food pouches.

One advantage of this add-on is that even kids can use pouches with round corners and as a parent, you will not have to worry about them getting injured.

4.7: Re-closable Zipper

Food PouchWhen packaging food products, it is of vital need that there is an option to reseal your pouch after every scoop.

In connection to that, our re-close zippers are made of two plastic tracks which can interlock to make reclosing of your pouch a possibility.

With these types of add-on, you are assured that their product freshness, aroma, and the flavor will be maintained even after the first, second, third or any other opening until the whole product is used.

Reclosing ability makes it possible for the preservation of nutrients.

Lastly, your product freshness will not be affected due to oxygen, odor, moisture, vapor or bacteria infiltration.

If you need these types of add-on, all you need is to inform us, and we will have it on your food pouches.

4.8: Laser Scoring

Food PouchA laser scoring add-on is meant to make tearing or opening a food pouch easy. The same way tear notches do work; laser scoring makes it possible for one to tear a food pouch without much strain.

While tear notches are fitted on both sides of a packaging pouch, a laser scoring is fitted on one side.

You can have this type of add-on on any food pouch as you intend. With a laser scoring add-on, you will be able to tear your pouch in a straight line thus gaining access to your packaged product.

4.9: Glossy or Matt Finishes

Gloss and matte finishing add-ons are meant to beautify food pouches differently and make the branding imprints more visible.

Food PouchGloss alone is a pouch finishing technique that makes food pouches shinny. With a shining surface, you should be sure your pictures, labels, and other imprints will be visible from far by your customers.

On matte finishing, it gives your food pouches a dull look. For example, when packaging coffee and you want to imply a straight from the farm impression on Kraft paper pouches, matte finishing is the best option.

Additionally, if you what to make your food packaging pouches look unique, you can decide to have matte finishing.

Your product labels, images and information printed will be evident.

4.10: Slider Zipper

Food PouchIf you deal in the packaging of deli and fresh food pouches, slide zipper might be the best add-on to provide resealability to your pouches.

These types of zippers are most used when packaging products such as powders, granules, gels or liquids.

If you want to open these pouches, all you will need is to push your slider zipper to the right or the left if you need to re-close your pouch or vice versa depending on your pouch design.

4.11: Pocket Zipper

Food PouchThis is a zipper-type that adds tamper evident characteristics to food pouches. Once a product manufacturer seals the pouch, it cannot get interfered with because end product user will know.

All a customer needs to do while opening these pouches is to pull a zipper-tap which does open to provide one with access to the packaged product.

Any pouch can be fitted with this type of zipper option.

4.12: Ergonomic Handle

Food PouchErgonomic handles are add-on features that allow one to insert their fingers thus being able to carry they pouch the way a handbag is carried.

When you are packaging somehow heavy food product, or you need extra comfort for your end-product users like kids with their snack pouches, you need ergonomic handles.

We at TedPack are concerned with your pouch usage convenience. We are determined to give you the best service so that you will enjoy pouch carrying ability.

Chapter: 5 Types of Food Pouches

Quality food pouch manufacturing is our greatest concern. From the designing, material lamination, printing, coating, slitting to conversion, that’s our job.

Food PouchWe are determined to manufacture bespoke pouches from the initial stage whether you provide us with artwork design or not, but something you should understand is; we will offer you the best food packaging pouches.

We understand that the current food packaging industry as really developed and packaging of high standards is vital. For that reason, we have a workforce made of experienced professional.

Remember, our pouches are made of laminated film structures for barrier reason. Our task is to provide you with pouches that can protect your food products from oxygen, odor, moisture, vapor and contaminants effects.

For product visibility and branding reasons, we offer quality product printing using the latest printing technologies (rotogravure, digital and flexo).

We understand that quality printing improves customer attraction to your products thus helping you shake off market competition.

Depending on your food packaging need, we manufacture food pouches of different styles, colors, shapes, and materials.

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of wholesale food pouches.

Below are the some of the pouches we produce.

Chapter 5.1: Stand Up Food Pouches

Stand-up pouches are among the best food packaging pouches. Retailers love them because they can stand upright on any shelf something that improves product visibility.

Food PouchThese pouches feature some gusset areas that are folded inwards, upwards and sealed on the sides. Such folds are what give these pouches the ability to stand-up right.

The comfortable shelf resting ability is made possible by the bottom gusset that enables these bags to settle well. In most occasions stand up pouches are also known as doypack pouches.

Our stand up pouches can be used for packaging dry, wet, powder, snacks or granules types of food. For perfect barrier property reasons, we use several layers of laminated film structures.

With our pouches, you will not have to worry about oxygen, odor, UV light, moisture, vapor or food contaminants.

From our end, we offer to stand up pouches depending on your packaging needs. We as well manufacture stand up food pouches with spouts, spot colors, different zipper types, gloss or matte finishing, label printings, hot stamps, and lastly a wide range of add-ons such a hang holes, tear notches and many others.

Here are details of different stand-up food pouch that we manufacture.

703.531.24.757.960-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above15-20
1505. microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above15-20
2508.821.46.1960-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above15-20
50017.641.757.510.260-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above15-20
100035.272.09.2513.260-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above15-20

Some of the notable stand-up food pouches we manufacture are:

#5.1.1: Kraft Stand-Up Pouch

Our Kraft paper stand–up food pouches are made using material like Kraft, PET, and LLDPE. The main reason they are known as Kraft pouches is due to the Kraft paper used as the outer most material.

Food PouchWhen packaging coffee, nuts or tea products; the Kraft paper gives these food pouches a natural matte look that suggests freshness or straight from the farm.

These are eco-friendly and biodegradable food pouches.

For these pouches to be more user-friendly and to offer packaging convenience, we have several add-ons for you. Some of them are tear notches, zip locks, clear Windows, hang holes and many more.

For product visibility, the Kraft paper works best with logo hot stamps, labels and printings.

To add more flavors, we offer the best services in terms of fast package delivery and customer care. You can have a look at the different sizes so that you choose your best. Before ordering, reach out to our sales team for more and structured information.




Nut Foods

Gusset Bag3.3 x 1.25 x 2″70g10000-50000

5.1 x 8.25 x 1.8″


6.3 x 9 x 1.4″


7.5 x 10.2 x 1.8″


9.25 x 13.2 x 2″


Stand up pouch

4.75 x 7.9 x 1.4″



5.7 x 8 x 1.5″


7.5 x 9.2 x 2.8″


9.5 x 13.2 x 3″


Snack foodsShaped pouch

3.6 x 0.9 x 2″



3.25 x 5.25 x 2.6″


3.6 x 5.5 x 2.2″


5.5 x 7.5 x 2.7″


5.5 x 9.6 x 2.8″


Stand up pouch

4.8 x 7.9 x 1.6″



5.1 x 8.3 x 1.8″


6.6 x 9 x 1.8″


7.5 x 10.2 x 1.8″


9.8 x 13.3 x 3″


#5.1.2: Foil Stand-Up Pouches

Food PouchOur stand-up foil pouches offer great packaging for food product like powdered foods, roasted coffee, Ready-To-Meals, and many others.

These aluminum foil food pouches offer a great barrier property against moisture, oxygen, vapor, and odor. They feature a laminated film structure of PET/AL/LLDPE with approximately 5.4 mil thickness.

Such a structure makes these pouches puncture resistant. With these pouches, you are sure your packaged product will get to their destination safe and have a long shelf life in their fresh state.

For branding reasons, our foil stands up pouches are highly printable.

Chapter 5.2 Side Gusset Food Pouches

Food PouchSide gusset pouches are used for packaging tea, snacks and coffee products. They are some of the notable food pouches we manufacture that provide you with enough and ample packaging space.

The side gussets of these pouches do maximize the storage capacity. When filled, the side gussets do square out thus providing ample filling space.

The side gussets are inclusive of fin-seals that run from top to bottom. In most instances, the bottom part is sealed while the top part is left open to offer large filling or emptying space.

Additionally, the four sides (quad style) of these pouches make it possible for perfect product branding. If you needed pouches with enough billboard space where you can print product label, ingredients, user guide or product promotional imprints, the four sides are enough for you.

Side gusset food pouches are a great transition from the traditional boxes containers.

Our pouches and bags are made of several material layers that are laminated together for perfect barrier reasons. For re-close ability, add-on such as tin-ties, pocket or slide zippers can be used.

Their bottom gusset helps them settle still on any shelf thus improving your product visibility.

Other add-ons that can be added on these pouches to make them user-friendly are degassing valves, clear windows, tear notches, and ergonomic handles.

The following table illustrates the main details attached to side gusset pouches.

Ounces (OZ)GramsWidth (inches)Length (inches)Bottom Gusset (inches)THICKNESSMOQDELIVERY DAYS
1283.155.111.660-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above30-35
2704.356.302.3560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above30-35
31004.757.92.3560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above30-35
41505.108.252.3560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above30-35
82506.309.052.7560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above30-35
165007.5010.203.5560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above30-35
3210009.2513.20460-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above30-35
106300011.819.704.2560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above30-35

Here are types of side gusset pouches

#5.2.1: Foil Gusseted Bags

Food PouchFoil gusset bags are loved for their high barrier properties. They have a material structural formula of MOPP/AL/LLDPE or PET/AL/LLDPE.

Such a formidable barrier property for food protection reasons makes them get used in several food packaging industries.

The laminated material structures make it possible for these pouches to bar off oxygen, odor, moisture, UV lights, and vapor from the external environment into the food pouch.

With these type of pouch, be sure your product aroma, taste, and flavor will be intact for an extended shelf lifespan.

If you need food pouches that are printable, look nowhere else. You can have all types of hot stamps logos, labels, images, and info printing as you need.

Lastly, we can fit any add-on such as tear notches, hang holes, clear windows, reclosable zippers that you deem essential.

#5.2.2: Quad-Seal Gusseted Pouches

Quad-Seal gusseted pouches are designed with 4 sides. Retailers, customers and product packager love them most due to their ability to hold heavy products.

Food PouchOur creativity and designing of these pouches enable the gussets to hold their shape when filled thus giving them a better shape and ability to settle on a shelf, table or kitchen pantry comfortably.

With perfect seals on the four side corners, all these sides provide enough space for making product imprints and any branding which you need.

These are food pouches that can hold up to 40 lbs. They provide excellent aroma, oxygen, moisture, and vapor barriers.

With our highly designed pouches, you can be sure your products will stay fresh for a long shelf lifespan with no incidences of food spoilage due to infiltration of contaminants or bacteria due to pouch puncture.

Chapter 5.3: Shaped Food Pouches

As the name suggests, these food pouches are designed to mimic certain shapes. Mostly, these are pouches used for packaging beverages, juices, and fruits soft drinks.

They are loved for their guarantee to stand out on the shelf. With our die-cutting technology and in-house pouch converting machines, we can make any shaped food pouch to meet your desired shape.

We can manufacture pouches of any shape even if you need one that looks like an orange or a banana we are up to the task.

Although these pouches are shaped, it does mean their barrier qualities are compromised. They are easy to use pouches with relevant add-on features such as euro slots, spouts, zippers, tear notches, hang holes and many others.

Food Pouch

Some key benefits of our shaped food bags are:

  • Easy to pour
  • Built with ergonomic handles
  • Squeezable
  • Stand-up abilities
  • Convenient for retort application
  • Can get shaped to match your brand

Below is a tabular explanation to help you understand more about shaped pouches.

Volume (Grams)Width (inches)Length (inches)Bottom (Gusset)MOQThicknessDelivery
1003.10.9210000-50000 Pcs2 mil-7.5 mil (60 microns-180 microns)12-25 Days
1503.255.252.110000-50000 Pcs2 mil-7.5 mil (60 microns-180 microns)12-25 Days
2003.15.52.210000-50000 Pcs2 mil-7.5 mil (60 microns-180 microns)12-25 Days
5005.57.52.710000-50000 Pcs2 mil-7.5 mil (60 microns-180 microns)12-25 Days
10005.59.652.710000-50000 Pcs2 mil-7.5 mil (60 microns-180 microns)12-25 Days

Chapter 5.4: Flat Food Pouches

Food PouchFlat food pouches are used for packaging small food quantities. If you need economic food pouches that are easy to pack for retail reasons, these are the pouches to use.

Flat pouches can get simply defined as pouches with no gussets and folds but can get welded on the side or get sealed at the bottom.

Depending on your food packaging need, we manufacture a wide range of flat food pouches. We produce flat food bags of different sizes, materials, shapes and with different add-ons.

If you need customized flat pouches as well, we are a versatile company. All our food pouches are made of laminated film material meaning your food product quality will not get compromised.

You can use flat food pouches as sachets for storing tomato sauces, coffee/tea powders, spices, snacks fruits puree and many of the food products.

Below are different types of flat food pouches that we manufacture.

#5.4.1 Pillow food Pouches

Food PouchThese are food packaging pouches that look like the normal bed pillows.

The back seals of these food pouches extend from the top to the bottom of the pouch forming something like a letter T that is why they are known as T-Seal Pouch. But, the top part of these pouches is in most cases left open for filling reason but should get sealed (heat sealed) after filling.

#5.4.2: Three Side Seal Food Pouches

These are economical pouches. Touching on their structure, they are made using a single film piece that is folded and sealed on both sides, but the top part is left open.

With the top part left open, these pouches are known to be of high filling volume.

Advantages of our pouches are:

Food Pouch

  • They are highly printable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made of laminated film structures for quality reasons

Food PouchAre made user-friendly using different add-ons.

#5.4.3: Four-Side Seal Food Pouches

Quad/four side seal pouches are economical and robust food pouches. Their structure is made up of two film pieces that are heat-sealed on all four corners.

But before the filling is done, the top part of these food pouches is left open until they are filled. Note: these pouches have no gussets.

One thing you should be sure of, once you have decided to use our 4 side seal food pouches, your products will not get affected by oxygen, moisture, vapor, odor or contaminants.

Lastly, they are highly printable bags and can get fitted with the add-on of your choice.

Chapter 5.5: Vacuum Coffee Pouches

Vacuum pouches are used to ensure and extend storage lifespan of different food products. Mostly, they are used for packaging seafood, meat, and fruits.

Food PouchThe main reason as to why vacuum pouches are used is to ensure there is no oxygen infiltration something that contributes to bacteria growth thus food spoilage.

Vacuum pouches are used to prevent food degeneration, corrosion and lastly oxidation.

At TedPack, we make vacuum pouches using multiple layers of films that are laminated together. The material lamination ensures a formidable food protection barrier from moisture, vapor, odor and lastly oxygen.

Before sealing of these vacuum pouches, air gets sucked from inside the food pouch to ensure a total vacuum space.

With such a vacuum space, you should be sure your food taste, aroma, and flavor will be maintained for an extended shelf span.

These are pouch types that are used to replace food canning containers.

The benefits of vacuum food pouches are:

  • Extended shelf life
  • Ensures product freshness is maintained
  • The quality material preserves your food product moisture and water
  • If you need to freeze any product, these are the food pouches to use
  • They are resistant to tearing and puncture

Chapter 5.6: Spout Pouches

Are you concerned on how you can improve the brand or shelf presentation of your liquid, semi-liquid or powdered food product? Spout pouches are among the best food pouches you can decide to use.

Food PouchSpout pouches are safe packaging pouches that ensure smooth transportation of liquid products. These spout pouches will help you avoid bulkiness and mess attached to glasses and plastic bottles.

Spouts allow easy filling as well as pouring using these pouches. In case resealability is your concern, our spout pouches have caps that can be wielded to close or open.

Remember; our pouches are made of laminated film structure meaning leakage will not be a problem nor will your food products get affected by odor, oxygen, vapor, moisture or external contaminations.

Some of the benefits of using our spout pouches are:

  • Classy look (high printability)
  • Best for juice, tea, coffee, and other beverages
  • Self-standing ability
  • Easy to reclose and open

If you need to improve your product visibility, we offer quality pouch imprints. Talk to us of your brand design, and we will give you the best of all.

Here is a table showing a simplified explanation of what spout pouches entail.

Ounces (OZ)Width (inches)Length (inches)Bottom Gusset (inches)THICKNESSMOQDELIVERY mil-7.5 mil (80-180 microns)30000-50000 Pcs20 -25 days mil-7.5 mil (80-180 microns)30000-50000 Pcs20 -25 days mil-7.5 mil (80-180 microns)30000-50000 Pcs20 -25 days mil-7.5 mil (80-180 microns)30000-50000 Pcs20 -25 days
335. mil-7.5 mil (80-180 microns)30000-50000 Pcs20 -25 days
65.57.912.61.62.5 mil-7.5 mil (80-180 microns)30000-50000 Pcs20 -25 days

Chapter 5.7: Retort Pouches

Food PouchRetort pouches are meant for high-quality preservation. They are pouches made from a lamination of flexible and metal foil materials.

If you needed to package your food products in a sterile condition, like the same way traditionally know food canning containers used to do, retort pouches are one of the best alternatives you got.

The laminated film structures of these food pouches will preserve your food for extended shelf life. You will not have to worry about oxygen, odor, moisture or vapor infiltration.

You can package water all the way to fully cooked food products. Mostly, they are used to package ready-to-eat foods.

Some of such products that can get packaged in these pouches are:

  • Pre-cooked meals
  • Pet food
  • Organic food
  • Soup food products and
  • Fresh food packagingFood Pouch

Even if you have frozen packaged food products, you can warm your food by tossing these pouches in warm water.


  • Can store food behold the average shelf lifespan
  • Are made of advanced layers thus these food pouches can withstand any thermal processing
  • Are durable
  • Are resistant to puncture

Remember, these pouches are fitted with different add-on feature to make it easy for retailers and end product users. For example, there are:

  • Hang holes for efficient food pouch hanging on the shelves
  • Tear notches for easy pouch opening
  • Self-standing
  • Reclosable zipper for re-sealing these pouches after opening them.

Chapter 5.8: Flat Bottom Food Pouches

Flat pouches are also known as flexible box pouches. These are food pouches with a flat bottom that enables them to settle sturdy on any table or shelf they are placed on.

Food PouchSome examples of flat bottom pouches are sided gusset pouches and bottom gusset pouches.

Note; these are food pouches with four sides gussets. They allow for large filling; thus, they can be used for packaging large food quantities.

The safe surfaces provide enough billboard where you can make all the imprints you need. If you need your logo, product use guide, images or any printing type you deem essential, talk to use.

We use the latest rotogravure, flexo, and digital type printing. With the flat bottom that enables a sturdy stand, be sure your food product will get noticed no matter how the shelf will be crowded.

These type of food pouches can be used to package granules, powder, dry foods. The laminated layers are used to ensure total protection of your products.

For convenience reasons, we have several add-ons for you. They will help improve pouches reliability, make it easy to use them and provide an easy time using them.

Chapter 6: Material Choice

Food PouchWhen we are manufacturing our pouches, the material choice comes first. We understand that the necessity of food packaging pouches is to offer protection.

For example, we are concerned about exempting your food products from the effects brought about by oxygen, moisture, vapor, UV light odor or contaminants (bacteria) infiltration.

Note: all our food pouches are made up of laminated film structures where several materials are laminated together to offer strong food pouch film.

Some of the advantages of laminated film structures are:

  • Improved food shelf life
  • Superior and good looking physical appearance and lastly
  • Enhanced barrier properties

For us to achieve such, every type of material film that we use is meant to serve a specific purpose. There are those used for perfect oxygen barrier, making the pouch waterproof, blocking UV lights and many more.

For every food pouch we manufacture, the materials that we use are dictated by the very pouch purpose. A pouch that is meant to packing dry food will need different material type from that one which is to package wet food.

Food Pouch

Below are some of the materials we use:

  • MET-PET (Metallised PET film)
  • LLDPE (Linear Low-Density PolyEthylene)
  • NY (Nylon)
  • AL(Aluminum Foil)
  • OPP (Oriented PolyPropylene)
  • CPP (Cast PolyPropylene)
  • PE (PolyEthylene)
  • EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl alcohol)
  • PE (PolyEthylene)
  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Chapter 7: Food Pouches FAQ

1. What are TedPack food pouches?

TedPack food pouches are durable, safe, eco-friendly and cost-effective food packaging pouches and bags

2. How can I see the product packaged before buying?

We have clear window add-on feature that is fitted on pouches used to package what customers must see before buying to build their purchase confidence

3. Are your food pouches safe for consumable packaging?

Yes. All our food pouches and bags are certified they Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are safe for food packaging and storing.

4. Are your food packaging pouches BPA free?

Yes. All the pouches we produce are BPA free. None of the material we use contains Bisphenol A. (BPA).

5. Is it possible to recycle your food pouches?

Sure. We produce eco-friendly food pouches which can be recycled. All to do is follow your local area municipality recycling guidelines.

6. After I have used the product that was packaged in my pouch, am I allowed to wash the food pouch are reuse it?

Yes, it’s allowed, but it depends on the previous product that was packaged. Bags that had previously packaged snacks, fruits, and other specific food products can be washed and reused. But those that contained raw food like eggs, fish, raw meat and unpasteurized cheese should not be reused. Such might contain some invisible bacteria which cannot get washed away by just washing them.

7. Is it possible to re-seal your pouches?

Yes. Most of our pouches are resealable. After cutting the existing seal and scooping the amount you needed, you can re-vacuum them and reseal them.

8. Do you manufacture pouches that can get microwaved or boiled to heat the packaged food without removing the food out of the pouch?


9. Can food packaged in these food pouches be stored in a freezer?

Yes. Our bags are ideal for freezer storage. They will keep air and moisture out thus preventing your food products from getting any freezer burn, becoming tasteless or dry.

10. How thin is material film used in making your pouches?

Our food pouches are made of laminated film which thickness range of 2Mil.- 7.5 Mil (60 microns-180 microns).

11. Is it possible to travel with your food pouches?

Yes. All the food pouches we manufacture can withstand normal atmospheric even when on an airplane. In short, all our pouches are lightweight something that makes them convenient for traveling even when packaging baby foods or snacks.

12. How long can a food product stay good after opening the pouch?

This depends on the food product type but we recommend you should consume the product within 24 hours.

13. How long is the shelf life of the food packaged in your pouches?

Again this depends on the food type but most can go for 9 months to even more.

14. Are your food pouches available on the international market?

Yes, but we are mostly based on U.S, Europe, and Canada market. But, you can contact our sales department and see if there is an option for you.

15. Can I get sample food pouches?

Sure. Contact us and verify your location. We will gladly comply.

Chapter 8: TedPack Food Pouches

Food PouchToday, TedPack Company stands tall with 5 years of fabulous partnership with its customers since opening its doors on May 2013. Since the commencement of our operations and service provision to customers in product packaging, we can proudly say we have established our self as a core partner to those we have worked for.

Our expertise in all types of packaging especially food pouches and professional experience that sums to more than 20 years speaks it all. Our business is to provide quality flexible food pouches that will protect your food product for extended shelf life.

At TedPack, our objective is to give food pouches made of laminated film structures for barrier reasons. If you needed printable pouches that will make product branding possible, that is what we offer.

We do food pouches printing using flexo, digital and rotogravure technology. Our quality made bags are essential to your business. We always stand behind our work and quality is our primary concern.


Whether you are in need of customized food pouches or any pouch from our elaborated range, feel free to contact us. We are one of the best food pouches manufacturing company. TedPack has invested in professionalism, knowledge, and machinery for quality food pouch manufacturing.

Since the year 2011 May, our commitment to serving our customers in the best way possible remains unquestionable. We do not intend to lower our standard any time. We understand the psychology of end product users, and we are determined to partner with you and see your business soaring up high.

Contact us if you have any question or need any clarification. We have customer care or sales department ready for you.

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