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TedPack as an outstanding supplier of all kinds of pouches, manufacture over half a million pieces of pouches every week, in various sizes flexible pouches.

TedPack flexible pouches consist of multiple layers of scientifically-formulated, food-grade film which are laminated together to create a barrier pouch that is strong, puncture-resistant and flexible.

TedPack flexible pouches is light-weight and easy to open, carry, store, and reseal. Our flexible packaging extends the shelf life of many products, especially food, and has a positive sustainability profile.

From ensuring food safety and extending shelf life, to providing even heating, barrier protection, ease of use, reseal-ability and superb printability, TedPack guarantee quality flexible pouches.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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TedPack - The Best Creator of Flexible Pouches

TedPack flexible pouches protect food contents from vapor, odor, moisture, pests, air and light. The pouches barrier also preserves product shelf life by sealing in freshness, flavor, and nutrition. Our flexible pouches can make thousands of products more convenient, enjoyable, and safer for consumers.

TedPack offer custom add-on features including zip lock closures, pour spout/resealable cap. These features benefit of preventing spills of contents. Furthermore, another display option for grocers and other retailers is provided via the optional round and various shaped hang holes.

Our flexible pouches have wide front and back panels. These pouch sides accommodate custom printing in up to 10 colors, product labels and other stickers, the use of clear or translucent film in the construction of the pouch barrier, or any combination of these features.

We, at TedPack, ensure that every small details of flexible pouches are taken care of. Whether it is matching the colors and evaluating the printing registration, we focus our energy into everything.

In TedPack, we strive at delivering the best quality flexible pouches and laminates. For more than 20 years, we are focusing on providing our clients satisfaction. Our flexible pouches could help you skyrocket your branding and business.

Flexible Pouches: The definitive FAQ guide

What are the types of flexible pouches?

Flexible pouches are used in the packaging of food products, beverages, industrial products, chemicals, medical products, and agricultural products.

Flexible pouches are different types; fin seal pouch, 3 side seal pouch, stand up pouch, shaped pouch, spout pouch, kraft paper pouch, and other packaging pouch.

The stand up pouches is high barrier resealable bags which are the most common packaging style in the market.

This type of pouch is designed to stand up, stand on shelves, and also stand out against the competition in the industry.

TedPack flat pouches are mostly ideal for smaller quantities which are usually single filled and they are designed to obtain optimum product shelf life and marketability at the most affordable cost.

The side gusseted bags are made with superior film construction and often times these bags replace the box-base packaging in a better configuration; flat-bottom or quad seal.

The flexible pouches packaging stands as the voice of your product in the midst of a competitive market.

flexible pouches

Flexible pouches 

How do I fill flexible pouches with my product?

Our wide range of flexible pouches are produced using multiple layers of barrier film laminated together and this protection is against external elements such as air and moisture and gives you a puncture-resistant pouch.

Flexible pouches are filled through the top or opened end.

This provides you the opportunity to fill the pouch with your product through the spout and pull down the cap for closure.

This flexible pouches either come with pour spout or an intact cap.

The opening at the top or sides of the design is made for you to fill your product through it before sealing.

Sealing can be done through heat, giving your product a unique shape and a smaller pour spout.

You can also seal using the automatic pouch fill and seal machines especially when your work rate and volume are high.

TedPack offers you the service of automatically filling and sealing the pouch with your product.

Pouch sealing machine

Pouch sealing machine 

Are flexible pouches resistant to flex-cracking and pinhole formation?

Flexible pouches manufactured at TedPack contain a foil layer or metalized film which is always plastic.

These structures give us resistance to flex-cracking and pinhole formation in product processing, marketing, and distribution.

Our sealant film employed in film structure for flexible pouches manufacturing incorporates interpolymers in the right proportion optimizing flex-crack assistance and minimizing the reduction of thermal resistance.

This shows the strength of the pouches in its total composition, processing through agents, aids, and thickness keeping your product in the best standard and long-lasting packaging condition.

Do flexible pouches provide moisture control packaging?

External factors such as moisture and air are the most challenging problems of packaging.

With the appropriate thickness and correct barrier films, TedPack flexible pouches beat the problem of moisture in the packaging of your product.

Our pouches are manufactured from multiple layers of engineered barrier films which are laminated together to show an incredible structure in terms of strength, withstanding puncture and equally resistant to moisture.

Through our product-package compatibility tests, we undertake controlled laboratory experiments and subjective evaluations of our pouches giving your product the best packaging it can get which measures packaged contents, external elements, end-user, and our pouch flexibility.

moisture control packaging

Moisture control packaging

What makes your flexible pouches different from the rest?

TedPack flexible pouches are quite different from the rest as we offer your product quality, functionality, and marketability.

Our flexible packaging is a better option for your packaging as you can have different products ranging from beverages, foods, cleaners, oils, and fuels all in a flexible pouch as compared to the rigid packaging options.

At TedPack, we offer the latest packaging technology to manufacture pouches and bags which find its usefulness in different industries.

Flexible pouches being eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable gives your customers the convenience as we offer different spout sizes, zippered tops for open and close, and stand on shelf product packaging.

What material specifications can offer you flexible pouches?

We have a wide range of material specifications for pouches each one covering a particular product in terms of size, quality, thickness, and compatibility.

A look at your product gives us the kind of material specification best suited for it.

All our barrier films and technology make your packaging generally free from external forces and puncture.

We offer you options for selection in a bid to reduce your material consumption, weight, maintain optimal health, safety, ethical standards and quality for your products.

Are your flexible packaging materials approved for food contact?

Yes. All our flexible packaging materials for food are approved.

We are cautious of your health and this is why we incorporate the product-package compatibility testing for all our pouches.

We measure the effects and the interactions between the packaged content, external forces, end-user, and our pouches.

At this level, we run the latest technology through controlled experiments,  evaluations, series of tests and finally assembling the outcome in our official data report.

TedPack flexible pouches for food and general consumables are FDA approved and follow ISO ethical guides assuring your consumer’s safety and better health.

Do you form and fill packages?

TedPack offers you special services of forming, filling and sealing your packages.

This is obtainable through our form-fill-seal technology which is constantly subject to innovations and improvements, fed off a roll and formed into the proper and desired shape for your product.

We make use of this same technology to fill the formed flexible pouches with your product before the machine seals it.

The form-fill-seal technology guarantees your product complete freedom from contamination, leaving you with distinct shapes and sizes of packaging whilst making your products readily available for storage and shipment.

the form-fill seal technology

The form-fill-seal technology 

Are your samples available to customers for size and testing purposes?

We provide samples of our flexible pouches to customers for product size and testing purposes.

These samples give you the opportunity to input your products in it, weigh the size, shape and compatibility of your products with our flexible pouches.

You’re able to run laboratory and field tests on your product compatibility with our flexible pouches, and the findings and results become subject to a better customer-oriented service.

The materials may not fit exactly to your product in terms of size, volume, density or have unpleasant interactions with your product, and this gives you the opportunity to readjust and seek custom materials for such a product.

The idea of proving samples to customers and testing is targeted at giving your product the best packaging and pouch storage material during production and shelf life.

Do you carry out retort pouches?

We may not be always available to offer retort pouches.

Whenever we do offer this type of service, from our laminated flexible plastic and metal foils, we offer food packaging through retortable pouches.

This gives you sterile packaging of a wide range of food and drinks handled by aseptic processing.

TedPack retort pouches are mostly used in space food, field rations, fish products, noodles, and bites as they can be consumed cold or when immersed in water.

Our retort pouches have the gusset bottom and are also a form of stand-up pouches.

What is your lead time?

Our lead time for flexible pouches mostly depends on the type of pouches you order.

For TedPack plain stock pouches which are usually of different sizes and readily available and because we do not need to employ heavy-duty machines for printing, we sanction the shipment from the company in less than 24 hours.

This simply means you can order plain stock pouches direct from our online store and get them delivered to you in the least available time.

Our custom printed flexible pouches take longer after you approve our designs and material specifications, and this may take between 4-6 weeks.

This is because some steps are to be taken to enable us to custom print your pouches.

We guarantee you the least time of delivery as we fast track orders and ensure your pouches are delivered in the best possible condition.

What type of print technology is used for custom printed pouches?

We employ different kinds of printing ranging from hot stamp printing, custom rotogravure printing, screen printing, digital printing and label printing depending on your specifications and type of product.

Our hot stamping technique is mostly used for special offers such as advertisements on short runs, holidays, events, research or on developmental test-marketing projects.

This printing process uses one or two colours and takes 7-10 days for pouches to be printed.

Custom rotogravure printing allows printing using a wide range of colours and photographic images for nutritional information, company details, logo or brand.

Screen printing uses three colors to brand your packaging pouches and is done in restricted areas.

This type of printing technique is quite affordable, visible and attractive.

Digital imprinting is our technology for brand imprints work.

This process reduces printing costs and maintains the right quality for product branding giving you sensational graphic imprints.

Label printing for product branding stands for new and daily customers to spot your product on the shelf.

This is also cheap, semi-automatic and effective.

Are flexible pouches reusable? 


TedPack flexible pouches offer you the opportunity to reuse the packaging materials.

It is the quality of the materials used in the production of the pouches, guaranteeing you durability and safety that allows for its multiple use.

Our strong indications remain in the hygiene, cleaning, and drying of pouches before reuse.

We will constantly advise you to use the pouches packaging for the same product for which it was previously used to maintain good health, ethics and safety standards.

Are flexible pouches recyclable?

Yes, our flexible pouches are completely recyclable.

We’re advancing in technology and environmental friendliness of pouch materials as we seek degradable and compostable materials for the packaging of your products.

These pouch materials are made from recyclable materials that offer complete sustainability without compromising the aesthetics and quality of your packaging.

We offer this service in our company and we’ll always advise that you look out for the best process of pouch recycling for your products to ensure

efficient and effective reuse.

Do flexible pouches provide custom vault?

TedPack flexible pouches containing your product protect the unique attributes of your products throughout the shelf life and marketing, until your cinders purchase and experience your product.

We give you a strong brand, through our quick delivery of pouches that offer a higher level of protection against moisture, UV lights, and air.

A well-combined layer of barrier materials gives you the perfect thickness and flexibility.

For products that require air and light, we make use of suitable materials to fit the context.

With this, we provide a custom vault for your product, meeting every of your packaging requirements.

Do you provide the filling of premade pouches?

Yes, we do offer this service to our customers.

We’re always available for the filling of premade pouches with your products guaranteeing the best shape and packaging for your products.

The form-fill-seal technology which we offer easily incorporates the filling and sealing of the pouch with your product as the last stage process.

It is only normal that we do not bear the consequences of incompatibility between your products and the premade pouches.

What is the minimum order for custom print pouches?

We accept a minimum order of 50,000 pieces of flexible pouches to custom manufacture and print.

This is after our collective agreement and we leave you with the chances of making alterations through the sales representatives after order, to ensure your full satisfaction.

What is the maximum quantity for custom printed pouches?

At the moment, we do not have a maximum order quantity for custom manufacturing and printing as we print as many flexible pouches as you order.

An increase in order does not in any way affect our functionality and quality of pouch delivery.

Do you offer volume discounts on your flexible pouches?

Yes, we do.

TedPack has a minimum order quantity of 50,000 with no maximum order limit for flexible pouches.

Because we understand the use of pouches in both the retail and industrial purposes, we offer mouth-watering discounts as your plain and custom print orders go beyond the 50,000 minimum order quantity.

This is to say our volume discounts typically start here and this is also dependent on the type of pouch you are ordering.

Ensure you contact us to discuss your specific needs.

With our discounts, we, therefore, understand the value of buying in bulk isn’t only felt in doing big deals.

Our regular customers get our discounts and this is also an appreciation from us to you for buying large quantities of our flexible pouches.

What is the maximum number of colours you can print?

We really do not have a maximum number of colours that we print flexible pouches on.

We guarantee you of our 12 colour printing system, with which we meet your product specifications in quality, beauty, and uniqueness.

We have blue, green, red, yellow, etc and because there are 100 steps in each colour, if we multiply or combine these colour numbers, we have over ten million possibilities to offer to you.

Although in the real thing, we count in 5 units as you may not see the striking difference between yellow45 and yellow46.

multi coloured flexible pouches

 Multi coloured flexible pouches.

Can I combine different items to meet the custom printed minimum quantity?

No, you cannot combine different items to meet our custom printed minimum quantity.

This is why we offer plain flexible pouches at affordable rates.

The custom printed is restricted to a single item of the minimum quantity because various processes and technologies are employed in manufacturing.

We create options for customers to renegotiate and pre-order for the custom printed pouches to enable you to afford the minimum quantity.

Our custom printed pouches meet your material specifications since we offer a wide range of options for the best selection to reduce material consumption, maintain optimum health, safety, ethical standards, quality for your products and our company.

Do you deliver flexible pouches on purchase?

Our customer service extends to the delivery of your flexible pouches on purchase.

We only request you properly indicate a valid delivery date and address in order to facilitate the transportation of your products to your destination.

Our delivery service covers the close monitoring of your product, subject to its arrival as at when due and in proper product state.

Our delivery routes and outlets are always on hand to move your purchased pouches to your destination.

Because we cover Asia, America, and Europe, we deliver to almost all parts of the world, once our minimum requirements and quote are met.

flexible pouches delivery route

Flexible pouches delivery route

Do you sell to distributors?


TedPack is continuously doing business with multiple distributors in Europe and America.

Once a distributor confirms interest in carrying out our pouches, for retail or wholesale purposes, we partner with you.

We only have requirements in terms of quantity and environment which we expect you to meet for us to go into agreement with you.

We equally offer volume discounts to you as a distributor, to encourage patronage, your sales, and profit-making as we understand flexible pouches are breaking into the market rapidly and becoming a household name in many countries.

You also have incorporated in our terms the effective and efficient delivery of our pouches to you as well as a return policy option in case of damages.

What should I know before asking for a quote?

We only expect that you have the basic knowledge of flexible pouches use, distribution and sales before making an order.

We have an online platform for a better knowledge of what we offer at TedPack and our channels of doing business with clients.

On the evaluation of the mutually accepted design and pouch specifications, delivery method zero offers a full quote covering the entire costs of your request which is usually the cost of the flexible pouches from China to your destination.

Feel free to make inquiries through our email or through our support team.

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