Flexible Packaging Film China Manufacturer
For automatic packing use, mainly for candy, biscuits, spice use, mostly using in a products which have a inner packaging. MOQ start from 300Kg, print up to 10 colors.

Flexible Packaging FilmAutomatic Packing | Inner Packaging Use Roll Stock

Flexible Packaging Film mainly uses for food or non-food automatic packing line use, flexible packaging films, also called lamination film or roll stock.

Most flexible packaging films are made with 2 layers material, some with 3 layers, and usually not very thick that will save cost in large volume and high-speed process.

In order to save cost for our clients, we will offer numerous material option for the testing at client’s side, this will save cost and ensure the quality and efficiency, in this way TedPack is trusted by many leading contract packagers, CPG’s, and mid-sized manufacturers.

For flexible packaging film we can customize with:

  • Matte or Glossy finishing
  • Printing up to 10 colors
  • Start MOQ with 300-500Kg
  • FDA approved and BPA free material

At Tedpack, we stand-out when it comes to customizing applications. We provide you with flexible packaging film designs with regard to your product specifications. Welcome to inquiry now!

SizeCustomized, Max Width no exceed 1050mm
Thickness50Mircons-200Mircons (2Mil-8Mil)
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping

Flexible Packaging Film - TedPack, China Leading Suppier and Manufactuer


When designing high barrier lamination films, a number of options are first evaluated in order to select the best flexible packaging solution.

First, we analyze the ingredients that make up your product, test the lamination to make sure it’s compatible with your product, and finally, our packaging experts will come up with the best flexible packaging lamination product that is well suited for your product.

At Tedpack, we manufacture and custom design flexible packaging lamination film for pouches with regard to product formulations, life cycle, distribution criteria, and filling equipment.

Pouches are manufactured using flexible packaging lamination film on horizontal form/fill seal or vertical form/fill seal machinery. Usually, pouches go by many names such as 3 side seal, spout, stand-up, etc. Tedpack has over the past years produced customized flexible packaging films & pouches.Flexible Packaging Film

With Tedpack’s latest technology and production expertise, we produce roll stock film products unrivaled with regard to quality. Products that require lamination, lidding and flow wrapping often require roll stock packaging.

Roll stock film at TedPack caters specifically to vertical form/ fill seal and horizontal form fill seal applications. We usually add distinctive features such as ziplock, laser cut line, and resealable options to our products.

We have a myriad way when it comes to printing colors and configuration of the film to suit different structures. With top experts in the technical and packaging departments working with form fill seal equipment, we make sure proper specifications are adhered to before production.

When designing roll stock film, we make sure there is an improvement when it comes to productivity and extension of the shelf life.

At Tedpack, we are continuously focusing on leading through innovation in the flexible packaging films industry.

With some of the best experts in design, packaging engineering, marketing, and consumer commitment, we are committed to manufacturing the best flexible packaging films for you.

Flexible Packaging Film: The Ultimate Guide

If you are going to pick the best packaging type, then it should be able to live up to your needs. We get to see that it is possible to end up with a flexible packaging film depending on what you have to carry or store. TedPack packaging films have been around for a while now.

All that time, they are able to deliver on some good features that will work for you. As a result, you have to consider getting them. Well, what makes you enjoy owning them? We get to discuss more these films for packaging here so that you can learn more.

Chapter 1: What is Flexible Packaging Film?

Flexible packaging film

Well, the definition of a flexible packaging can vary a lot, but it is simply a flexible packaging that has a non-rigid structure.

You can use the film for packaging and protecting products. From the word flexible, we get to see that it is a packaging that can readily be changed. This often depends on what is in the film. It can take on different shapes depending on the weight and shape of the product.

We get to go deeper into understanding what flexible packaging films are all about. Let us get to learn more already.Flexible Packaging Film

Chapter 2: Applications

There is a lot you can expect when it comes to using flexible packaging films.

They are known to be good when it comes to handling the food products. It is possible for you to package you are ready to eat food such as snacks, ice cream, and beverages. You might also use them to store the food in the freezer.

When it comes to sealing packaging and non-food packaging bags, you can still use them for nonfood items. This means that you can use the same films for packaging cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and insulation.

The uses do not stop there as you can get a lot more depending on the application. You should definitely have a good time when it comes to enjoying the overall use of flexible packaging films.

Chapter 3: Why You Need Flexible Packing Film

Diverse Applications

The good thing about the polybag packaging is that they can deliver on diverse applications. This is thanks to the various technologies used by packaging manufacturers such as Tedpack.

As a result, you are going to end up with a packaging that works great for various scenarios that you might have in mind. You are always going to enjoy working with it as compared to some other models on the market.

Great portabilityFlexible Packaging Film (34)

There is no doubt you are going to love the portability that you get with the flexible packaging film. This means that you can easily carry your packaging with ease.

The design also makes it possible to save on storage space. This is better as compared to using the other rigid type of packaging formats. You will always find it is better to own flexible packaging films.

Another thing is that it is going to be good in terms of resisting flex cracks. The same cannot be said for the rigid type of packaging. With the best seal, you can now be sure to enjoy some good reliability all the time.

Effective usability

Another reason why people use flexible packaging material is that it is effective in displaying the content of the packaging. You will definitely have a good time when it comes to working with such a model.

You also find that the Tedpack flexible packaging films are good in terms of design. With a good design, you are able to attract more people to check out your product.

It is still possible for you to print even on the packaging film. This allows for you to display more information about the product for the clients to see.

Cost efficient for users

You definitely need to consider the cost efficiency of any product before buying. The good thing about the flexible packaging films is affordable. You will not have to spend a lot of money when it comes to using it as from today. If you get to make the right decision, then you will end up having some good packaging that should work great all the time.

We will also make sure that you get to more packaging films so that you can reduce the overall shipping costs. This is because the packaging films occupy less space as compared to the other types of packaging. You should now be in a position to enjoy using this type of packaging all the time.


There has always been some negative perception about the use of packaging films. What you need to know is that the packaging is made of the best materials that are still good in terms of performance. You get that the materials we get to use are still FDA approved. You can even use them for packaging foodstuff without having to worry about the overall safety.

Our flexible packaging films are also good in terms of being contaminant free. You never have to worry about contaminants anymore. We also provide you with films that are generally easy to open. You never have to worry about the overall use at all times.

Enhances product view

Our products are still good in terms of offering an enhanced product view. This is all thanks to having the crystal clear structures and the high-grade films. There is no doubt you would love to own such type of films. Having the super glossy finish also makes the films to look high quality. You can always tell the quality of films from the way it looks.

Chapter 4: Packaging Film Waste Management

Since many people are always looking to effectively manage film waste, we have to look at some of the ways it can be done. Let us get started.

Source ReductionFlexible Packaging Film

The best way to handle packaging film waste is starting with the flexible packaging suppliers. This is where they have to look at what kind of films they are creating. You get to control the waste right from the source.

There is the need to get the best films with the right amount of strength to minimize the production of more unnecessary films.

It is still possible to manage the film waste by thin-walling. This is where you get to reduce the thickness of the walls while at the same time maintaining the same performance and characteristics.

Quantifying film waste

Another important way of dealing with the packaging film is being able to keep track of it. This is where each brand knows just how much of the films have been produced and those that end up as waste.

It is from the company statistics that you can know more about the amount of film waste in the market. There is always the need to come up with ways to keep the waste to a minimum.

It is always good to have a durable packaging film that can last for long. This means that there is now minimized packaging film wastes out there. You will now be in a position to keep using the film for longer if it is reusable.

Use of landfills

The landfills are commonly seen to be good in terms of making sure that the flexible plastic packaging is not a problem. In a landfill, the plastic film is inert and does not present environmental problems. As a result, it is possible to get in many countries to have a landfill. Well, most of the disposed of plastic film waste end up in a landfill.

There is no doubt that we would also want to keep the number of plastics getting to the landfills. With the best TedPack packaging films, you can use them for longer without necessarily disposing of them.

Combustion option

Combustion is also seen as another option for those who are looking to dispose of the flexible packaging films. Depending on the resin and other materials used for making the packaging film, combustion can also be a good option. Some will need less energy compared to the others. The TedPack flexible packaging films allow for ease of combustion if you have to.

Since in most cases energy is lost in combustion, there is a need for manufacturers to make easily combustible films. They should not use a lot of energy when it comes to the overall disposing of.


Well, recycling is still a nice option when it comes to managing flexible packaging films. It all comes down to the construction of the film. It should be able to allow for the best recycling all the time. As a result, there is a need for the manufacturers to embrace new methods that allow for making films that can allow for ease of recycling.

Recycling is a growing trend and it is going to make it easier for many people to keep the films from affecting the environment.

Chapter 5: Buying Tips for Packaging Film

Meets the industry regulations

If you are going to choose the best type of packaging film, then you have to keep in mind the type of regulations in place. In most countries, there are many new rules on the use of a green type of packaging films. This is where the film has to live up to keeping the environment green.

What is for sure is that the TedPack flexible packaging films are all green. You should be able to dispose of them accordingly and not pollute the environment. Generally, you are going to have a time when it comes to using the packaging films.

Check out the different regulations in your area on using packaging films. In some places, there are harsh fines for using the prohibited packaging films.

The cost

The packaging film cost can definitely vary from one brand to another. It is therefore important to consider getting a brand with affordable and quality films. Tedpack packaging films are of high quality and still within the affordable range. You are going to have some good time when it comes to using it them on overall.

We take the time to craft the best packaging films so that the user can end up with the best and reliable product. In the end, you are going to feel that the packaging film is worth the price.


flexible packaging

You will definitely have to look at the usability of the packaging film. If you are looking to enjoy using packaging films, then they should be able to remain versatile. That means you will get a much better model. It is not just being attractive, but it should be still suitable for transporting and storage of stuff.

This means that a bit of research is needed to pick the best packaging film. In the end, you should be in a position to enjoy using a packaging film that works great.



It is always good to end up with a model that looks good in terms of design. Well, that is all possible depending on where you are getting the packaging films. There is no doubt you would want to enjoy using the best flexible packaging film that also looks good.

Here at TedPack, we have some of the best packaging films on the market. They all come with some good designs that appeal to many.

It is not just about being attractive, but you also get them being good in terms of performance. You can now end up with a highly durable product that still works great.


Flexible Packaging Film

This is something else you have to definitely consider. There is no doubt that the users would want more information about the kind of product they are buying. The flexible packaging films that we offer allow for the option of printing all the crucial information.

Some of the things you can print include the manufacturing date, expiry date, quality standards and a lot more. You should definitely have a good time working with such films.

The best part is that the print does not deteriorate over time. The print remains visible so that people can know what they are about to buy.

Tensile strength

tensile strength

Another thing you have to keep in mind should be the tensile strength. This is what makes a film withstand the weight of the product. The tensile strength of any packaging film that you pick should really be good. There is the need to do a bit of research to find a bag that works great and give you the best tensile strength.

The elongation rate also plays an important role when it comes to picking the best flexible packaging film. You need to find a model that can stretch without necessarily tearing under pressure.

Heat sealing strengthFlexible Packaging Film

Well, the film has to be sealed if you are looking to keep the contents inside. As a result, you need to get a model that delivers on the best heat sealing strength. This is going to vary from one model to another.

The high heat-sealing strength is important to deliver on the best holding ability. This is important for liquids such as water, milk, and more.

TedPack packaging films will give you such good performance without having to worry about leaks. This should be enough to assure the users that they will be ending up with a good performance product in the end.


If you are going to pick the best performance model, then there is the need to also look at the film stiffness. This is an essential feature that people often overlook. This is where the film is able to take a good shape for the presentation of the product inside.

Depending on the application, you can always pick a model that works great and remain presentable over an extended period. You should definitely have a good time working with a good product.

As you can see, TedPack can offer the best flexible packaging solutions for anyone. You can always check out the official website to see what more you get from the brand.

Chapter 6: Flexible Packaging Film FAQs

1. Can the flexible packaging films be recycled?

Yes. It is possible to recycle the packaging films. It often comes down to the brand and type of recycling method supported.

2. Can I print on these packaging films?

Yes. The TedPack flexible packaging films are good in terms of overall use. This means that you can print the important information on them so that the clients can know more about your product.

3. How durable are the packaging films?

The TedPack flexible packaging films are good in terms of durability. This then means that you can use them for longer as compared to some inferior packaging films out there.

4. Are the TedPack flexible packaging films good for food?

Yes. You can get the flexible packaging films that are safe for food. The next time you have to store food in a plastic film, we have something that can work for you.


As you can see, it is always possible to end up with some good flexible packaging films if you know where to look.

TedPack flexible packaging films are one of the best on the market. You are going to find them being good on overall and thus worth checking out.

You will also get that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get them. With the best affordability, you should be in a position to enjoy the overall use of such film packaging.