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TedPack fitment pouches is the economical and environmentally responsible packaging solution for your spout-pouch packaging needs. Because it reduced production energy, decreased storage space needs, and lower transportation cost. Our fitment pouches often provide a less expensive, fully printed, more sustainable option for your business.

TedPack fitment pouches can be extremely airtight after heat seal, with a high-end look surface when laminated polyster, mylar or aluminum foil film, and with exceptional touch feeling and premium branding when printing.

With all the feature on the fitment, pouches are customized including hang hole, window, valves and more that will create a brand new pouch with your imagination. To support your start-up company, TedPack provides lowest order amounts start from 100-pieces fitment pouches.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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TeckPack - The Premier Fitment Pouches Provider

TedPack offers both stock and custom-made fitment pouch including child-friendly fitment pouch, one-way breath sample pouch, disaster relief water bags, fitment pouches for caulking, soap refill bags and more. All of which can be custom printed and made in a variety of materials.

At TedPack, we produce fitment pouches incorporating various fitments ranging from valves, tubes and filling ports. Fitments can be sealed into the edge or in the flat area of the product. Tedpack will work with your design team to create the best solution.

Whether you are packaging food products like juices or sauces, powders, gels, granules, or nonfood products like fertilizer, Tedpack has the most commonly used spout sizes, in stock and ready to create a uniquely perfect user-friendly package for your unique product packaging needs.

Our fitment pouches can meet the varied needs of each of our customers whose industries range from pharmaceutical to food and beverages. We are able to design and produce fitment pouches with innovative shapes that prevent flex cracking, with extremely high burst strength and the ability to withstand even the most rigorous drop testing.

If you want to customize your fitment pouch, TedPack will help and ensure that your packaging pouches are printed with colors, logos, images and design just the way you wanted them to.

Tedpack, as a professional and has rich experience in flexible packaging industry, all our raw materials used for fitment pouches are BPA free and FDA approved, you can ensure 100% product safety. For the best updated and fashionable rigidity and stability, Tedpack fitment pouches will be your best solution.

Fitment Pouch: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are fitment pouches

Fitment pouches are types of fitment pouches and this makes them packaging materials that are mostly used for liquid products.

Fitment pouches make it easy to move the products, and this makes them a better packaging option than other packaging pouches and bags.

Tedpack are professionals in the manufacturing and design of all types of bags and pouches, including fitment pouches based on the requirement of the customer.

Tedpack also offers various types of recommendations for designing of fitment pouches based on the product that it would be used for.

Figure 1 Fitment Pouch

Fitment Pouch

What are the applications of fitment pouches?

Fitment pouches can be used in a lot of ways; they are flexible packaging products.

But one of the most common uses of fitment pouches is to package liquid products.

What products are fitment pouches used for?

Fitment pouches are used to package various types of liquid.

This makes a versatile packaging option for a lot of companies across many industries.

Some of the products fitment pouches are used to include the following:

  • Hand washers
  • Tea and coffee drinks
  • Vinegar
  • .Wine and beers
  • Energy and sport drinks
  • Yogurts and milk
  • Alcohol, schnapps, beers, whiskey, and gins
  • Liquid wash
  • Clothes detergents
  • Stain removals and bleaching soaps
  • Insect repellants

Also, fitment pouches are one of the most demanded packaging materials today, and this is because they are needed by a lot of companies that deal with liquid and related products

What are water bags fitment pouches?

These are types of fitment pouches that are designed strictly for the storage and packaging of water.

Tedpack manufacture water bag fitment pouches as well as other types of fitment pouches.

Can fitment pouches be used for baby foods?

There are fitment pouches that are designed for infants.

They are rather flexible, soft and easy to handle for babies.

They are also made for easy sipping.

Can fitment pouches be used for pet foods?

Fitment pouches are FDA approves and can be used for the packaging of edible foods and these include pet foods.

What is stand cap fitment pouches?

Just as it literarily implies, stand cap pouches are designed in such a way that they stand on the cap, are they also referred to an inverted pouch.

This makes them easy to transport from one place to another, and at the same time, it makes them easy to store than other types of pouches.

Stand cap fitment pouches are one of the fast-selling fitment pouches at Tedpack.

Benefits of using fitment pouches?

Fitment pouches offer a wide array of benefits and advantages over other types of pouches and packaging bags, and this makes them the choice for most companies across many industries.

Some of the common advantages of fitment pouches include the following:

  • They are easy to fill for producers, and they are easy to dispense for consumers.
  • Compared to other types of packaging materials, they are very easy to store, and at the same time, they are good options for the management of space.
  • Fitment pouches are hazard free and very user-friendly.
  • Fitment pouches provide the utmost protection for the product they are used to store.
  • This protection is against factors like light, odor, dust water, etc.
  • They are one of the best packaging materials for aesthetics in terms of logo, and branding and this helps to promote the company’s business.
  • fitment pouches are very easy to handle
  • They serve as a barrier against contaminants
  • They Preserve the nutrients of the food and ensures longevity as well.
  • They make it easy to freeze the liquid at will.
  • Extends the shelf life on the product while in a refrigerator
  • It makes it very easy to arrange food for packaging or in refrigerators.
  • fitment pouches are reusable, and this is a great economic benefit
  • Fitment bags are easy to handle and light-weighted
  • They are very flexible and user-friendly.
  • This prevents injuries in handling them
  • Fitment pouches make it possible for the product to survive various weather conditions

Are fitment pouches eco-friendly?

Fitment pouches are biodegradable, and this makes them an ecofriendly product.

Tedpack manufacture fitment pouches to be both eco-friendly and recyclable.

They help keep the environment safe.

Also, when you need to dispose of them off, they are landfill friendly.

You can throw them away in your trash and they won’t negatively affect the environment

It is important that packaging bags and pouches produced these days are ecofriendly and degradable.

This is why a lot of manufacturing companies design bags and pouches in such a way that they are easily disposable and biodegradable.

Most government laws today have laid emphasis on environmental conservation, and it is legally binding that packaging bags and pouches meet this requirement.

All of Tedpack packaging pouches and bags, fitment pouches, are manufactured with materials that make them eco-friendly and biodegradable

Are fitment pouches reusable?

Fitment pouches can be reusable depending on the type of product they are being used to package and depending on the producer’s directive.

Fitment pouches provide the ability to reuse and recycle. One thing to ascertain before recycling is the recycling method that is available.

Also, it is important that when a fitment pouch is being reused, the new products must be the same as the previous one.

Some of the benefits of recycling fitment pouches are:

  • Economic benefits
  • Helps retain advert and awareness of the brand
  • Limits waste and pollution

With Tedpack you get packaging bags and pouches that are reusable, hence you stand a chance of benefiting from these advantages.

What are the things to consider before choosing fitment pouches?

There are a number of factors to consider before deciding to make use of fitment pouches as a packaging material for various products. Some of these factors include the following:

  • Type of fitment pouch and how much it would cost
  • The quality of the fitment pouch in terms of durability and security
  • The use-friendliness of the fitment pouch
  • The availability of the product for future purpose
  • Samples of the product provided by Tedpack
  • The ease of transporting the product in the fitment pouch.

What volume of fitment pouches is available?

The volume for fitment pouches depends on the manufacturer, as well as the decision of the company that is in need of the fitment pouch.

According to customer preference, some of the volume available for fitment pouches at Tedpack includes the following:

  • 70ml: 80x130ml
  • 100ml: 100x140mm
  • 500ml: 140x210mm
  • 1000ml: 190x265mm

What are the various features for fitment pouches?

Customers can decide various features that a fitment pouch should take.

At Tedpack we manufacture fitment pouches in various forms and features according to the choice of the customer.

Some of the features include the following:

  • Fitment pouches with trigger sprayers
  • Fitment pouches with top-mounted spouts
  • Fitment pouches with disc cap closures
  • Fitment pouches with quick flip spouts
  • Fitment pouches with push-pull closure
  • Fitment pouches with handles

Can Aluminum foil be used for fitment pouches?

Aluminum foil fitment pouches are made with different laminated materials but have aluminum foil as the dominant material.

This is because of the benefits that aluminum foil materials have, such as odor barrier, prevention of moisture and oxygen

Across industries, they are one of the most used fitment pouches, and this is because of their unique properties.

What are the printing types available for fitment pouches?

Tedpack make use of various printing methods for fitment pouches, and they include the following:

  • Dmet printing
  • Metallize printing
  • Vanishing
  • Matte finishing

All of these are great printing technologies used in today’s world.

What is the quantity of fitment pouches available to order?

At Tedpack, the minimum quantity available for sale in 100 bags regardless of the type of fitment pouch.

Each of these bags contains 1000 fitment pouches that have sizes ranging from 28 to 150 grams and 500 fitment pouches with sizes ranging from 250 grams to 1kg.

Figure 2 Stand up fitment pouch

Stand up fitment pouch

Can designs and printing be done on fitment pouches?

Tedpack deals with both the manufacturing process, as well as the custom designs, packaging, and printing of the fitment pouches.

Tedpack makes use of some of the latest technologies and techniques to design all packaging bags or pouches.

Are fitment pouches durable?

The durability of fitment pouches depends on the quality of the product, and this depends on the manufacturer.

Tedpack produces high-quality packaging materials that are approved by adequate bodies.

Getting the best material for a fitment pouch is very important because it goes a long way in ascertaining the quality of the bag or pouch.

A lot of materials are used for the manufacturing of fitment pouches, and each has its own benefit over another. The material includes the following.

Tedpack makes use of all of these materials for the manufacturing of fitment pouches, and you can reach out to learn more about the product before placing an order for packaging bags and pouches.

What is the manufacturing process for having a custom fitment pouches?

The manufacturing or designing process with Tedpack includes the following:

  • Reach out to the sales personnel with your order and you will be told about prices.
  • State your requirements and designs if you have any
  • The design team will come up with a soft copy and samples for you
  • As soon as you approve, manufacturing or design activities commence
  •  What is the best type of fitment pouch to choose from?

There are many types of fitment pouches used for the packaging of various products, all of these types of pouches are highly durable and useful for packaging

Some of them are well suited for packaging edible products, while others are designed to befit inedible products.

Figure 3 Clear fitment pouch

Clear fitment pouch

Is Fitment pouch perfect from my liquid packaging?

Tedpack makes use of various technologies, innovations, and professionalism for designing fitment pouches, these make the pouches available for packaging various liquids.

The applications of fitment pouch available include the following:

  • Normal liquid fitment pouches
  • Wine fitment pouches
  • Water fitment pouch
  • Fitment pouches for baby foods

What are the examples of closures for fitment pouches?

Tedpack makes use of various closures for fitment pouches.

Orders can be placed for any of the closure types or Tedpack can give a recommendation based on the product that is to be packaged.

Some of these closures include the following:

  • Push-pull closures
  • Inverted Sierra Closure
  • Disc-cap closures
  • Corner-Mounted closures
  • Screw-cap closures
  • Quick Flip closures
  • Top-mounted closures

Which additional features can I consider for fitment pouches?

A lot of features can be employed while designing a fitment pouch.

It might be a feature that makes it very easy to handle or one that makes it easy for packaging options.

Some of the features that are being incorporated in the designing of fitment pouches include the following:

  • Fitment pouches with a flat bottom.
  • Fitment pouches with gussets
  • Fitment pouches with handle
  • Fitment pouches with holes for hanging.

Tedpack can add all of these features to the designs of fitment pouches, but they are based on the request of a customer.

Figure 4 Aluminium Fitment pouches

Aluminium Fitment pouches

Are fitment pouches odor resistant?

All Tedpack fitment pouches are odor proof.

As soon as the pouch is being sealed, no matter how cogent the smell of the product is, it would not be perceived until the pouch is being unsealed

This is very important for a spice pouch because there are some products with very powerful scents.

Also, there are some products with irritating odors. Being odor and smell proof will make it impossible to perceive this smell especially for chemical liquid contents.

Are the Fitment pouches approved by the right authorities?

All Tedpack packaging bags and pouches are FDA and ATSMA approved.

This means they ensure that the quality and freshness of every product packaged isn’t tampered with.

This is very important especially for the packaging of edible products especially, and fitment pouches are used mostly for the packaging of edible products.

Hence fitment pouches are FDA approved.

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