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Fin seal pouch are common use for most Inflatable products, Cost-efficient choice for low value FMCG products packaging, automatic roll stock.

Fin Seal PouchSimple Pillow Inflatable Pouch | Customized Print

Fin Seal Pouch is the simplest pouch with a back and bottom seal.

It can be made with fin seal on one side or lap seal, also called it Center Seal pouch or T-seal pouch, Pillow Pouch, Lay-flat Pouches. The Fin seal pouch is normally used for packing potato chips and fried snack foods

It is also used in packaging hard candies, gummy, instant noodles, and frozen dumplings. Common in the supermarket shelves is the packing Lay’s or chips as well as colorful gummy and candy grain.

Some fin seal pouch packing chips are filled with nitrogen gas inside making the fin seal pouches to look large and full, but in actual sense, the pouch is only filled with small quantities of products inside.

  • MOQ start from 20K as a start
  • With simple CMYK color process for attractive images
  • Most made with simple 2 layer clear or foil material structure, some with 3 layer material
  • Can be made with the sewing edge effect or euro hold adding.

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MOQ50K-80K Pcs
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
ProductsNormal Material Use
IndustryProducts Use
Dry foodSnack bars, Nuts, Cookies, Biscuits, Macaron, Sandwich cake
Inflatable foodPotato chips, Potato crisps, Snack chips, Fried chips, Fried chicken bar
ConfectioneryJawbreaker, Gummy, Hard Candy, Lollipop, Chocolate bar, Gum, Rainbow Candy, Sandwich candy, Fruit powder sugar
OthersNoodles, Frozen dumplings, Pizza, Spices, Seafood

Tedpack Fin Seal Pouch

Candy or dry products are packed inside and sealed, the pouches are then sealed at the bottom, top and the pouch center at the back. It is a simple and easy process.

More and more companies nowadays are buying roll stocks or packaging film for automated packing instead of using fin seal pouches because it is much more cost-saving and faster in packing.

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Fin seal pouch is everywhere in the supermarket or small chain store. Whether in 7/11, Family Mart or Murphy, it is easy to identify based on the way it hangs on the shelf, easy to grab and has bright and eye-catching colors.

Fin seal pouch is extremely cheap and costs saving. Its shelf life is not very long, normally 9-12 months.

It is made with simple and thin material of two layers BOPP laminated Metallized CPP or PE, while for three layers, one PET is added.

Metallized PET material is also placed on the inside to make it thicker, prolonging the shelf life up to 15-18 months. This also depends on the strength of the seal.

Fin Seal Pouch with window

Basically, with the fin seal pouch, it is easier to add euro hole or a round hole, saw-tooth edge on the top of the bag. We can produce it with or without a transparent window if needed.

We normally supply the fin seal pouch with intact back and bottom seal, the top side is left open for our clients to fill products inside and then use a sealer for the seal.

fin seal pouch tedpack

The material used for producing fin seal pouch is also the most common material PP. The only difference is that we use BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) in the surface for printing.

By using our 10 color rotogravure printing machine, we can use ink print for any colorful image, text or logo on the opposite side of the material.

You cannot erase it on the surface, then laminated with CPP (cast polypropylene) or aluminum coating CPP. We call it metalized CPP or VMCPP as sealing layer and then using our bag-making pouches to make fin seal pouches.

Sometimes for better barrier properties, the light barrier or smell proof or shelf life, we use PET (Polyethylene) as the first layer and then add one aluminum coating PET.

We call it metalized PET or Aluminum in the middle and then laminated with CPP or PE (polyethylene) for heat seal. We customize depending on your choice.

Fin Seal Pouch for Halloween

Fin seal pouch is a simple pouch for low added value products. It is commonly used for snacks or candy as we have mentioned above for one dollar cost or low price products.

If you compare this pouch with a 3 side seal pouch, the sealing strength and puncture resistance are not good enough, the others are almost the same.

It can not be used for vacuum purposes as the cross heat seal zone is easy to break and if the pouches have air leakage which starts there.

More and more customers now prefer roll stock and flexible packaging film instead of fin seal pouch. But if you are a start-up company or family business only with very few products, it is not advisable to put it into a machine.

Buying bulk fin seal pouches will be a good choice. Using bottle or jars is cheaper and transportation costs only 1/5 or less when you compare to fin seal pouches. Other rigid packaging creates less Co2 as well in producing a fin seal pouch.

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