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All kinds of juice, beverage, cocktail, wine packaging pouch, mainly are spout pouches, MOQ from 10000 pcs for a start, delivery within 2 weeks.

Drink PouchLeakage Proof | 10K MOQ, Custom Print | Volume

Drink pouches are all kind of stand up pouches with a spout or special features for drink packaging.

TedPack has been producing a lot of drink pouches for Europe and USA market, both for juice, alcohol and other liquid products. The main drink pouches are spout pouches for wine, beverage, and juice.

  • Low MOQ start from 10000pcs for a start; delivery in 3 weeks;
  • FDA, USDA approved material, all BPA free;
  • Special spout are customized just with mold setting in the beginning;
  • Print up to 10 colors, can be added with all features on pouch;
  • Window, tearing, spouts, hanger hole available;

The main drink pouches are with hanger or spouts for easy carrying;

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size70*100+30mm(Min)  320*450+120mm(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Window, Spout
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing
Volume (ml)Size (inch)
804 3/4 * 7 9/10 + 1 1/5
150 5 1/10 * 8 1/4 + 1 1/5
250 6 3/10 * 9 + 1 2/5
500 7 1/2 * 10 1/5 + 1 3/4
1000 9 1/4 * 13 1/5 + 2

The pouch revolution is really catching on. The sales of drinks in pouches have grown slowly but steadily.

The drink pouches have come in handy for those who love going for exercises, traveling or students going to school. These days even those who go to office jobs carry them along.

In short, drink pouches ensure you carry what you’ve made at home to anywhere you go. The drink pouches are designed that you can carry any liquid in it from home. You can carry water (the most common), homemade juice, tea or coffee.

According to packaging experts, these are the ideal ways of carrying beverages. The pouches form a part of the liquid packaging and you can be assured that it’s here to stay. It was invented late in the 90s and it’s still growing strong day by day.

TedPack has been at the forefront of strengthening this revolution. The drink pouches carry liquid and the first characteristic that it should have is watertight ability. Our products are rigid, strong and do not easily tear.

The materials they’re made of are scientifically designed to come up with the best pouch.

The papers we use are quality and profess a laminated interior to prolong the drink pouch life. They also contain barriers that protect your beverage from odor, UV light, and moisture.

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aluminum drink pouches

Aluminum drink pouches are customizable pouch bags which are mostly used for packaging beverages or otherwise drinks. You can use these pouches for packaging water, milk, juice, yogurt, soybeans, coffee, and other drink types. First, the structure of these pouches is made of laminated films such as PET/AL/LDPE, PET/AL/NY/LDPE, PET/AL/NY/RCPP, or PET/AL/RCPP/OPP/CPP depending on the product to be packaged. Since liquid products are prone to spillage once the pouch drops and burst, the laminated structure is durable, pressure-resistant, non-leakage, and puncture-resistant. Lastly, for smooth pouring, easy reclosing, and easy opening, these pouch bags are fitted with spouts + caps.

aluminum foil drink pouch

Aluminum foil drink pouches are tasty drinks packaging bags that are ISO, FDA, SGS, and TUV certified. Secondly, for long freshness preservation, foil bags are made of laminated films where Aluminum foil is the main films but supported by other films like LDPE, PET, NY, VMPET, and OPP. Also, these bags can either be of matte/glossy finish, can get custom printed, and are available in different sizes/shapes. For self-standing abilities, they have a sturdy bottom gusset, and they are also heat sealed to avoid leakage. At the top, spouts with caps are added which double as a tamper-evident feature.

children's drink pouch

Children’s drink pouches are FDA approved and BPA free food grade collapsible pouch bags with pouring spouts. They are used for packaging children drinks such as fruit punch, mixed berry flavor, water, milk, beverages, and juices. These versatile pouches are also easy to fill, heavy-duty, collapsible, high-temperature resistant, freezable, and can get heated at will. Secondly, these bags can self-stand when filled. Note; the laminated films used are chosen depending on the product to be packaged and the duration your product will be one the shelf. Lastly, these bags are printable and available different shapes, sizes, and colors.

clear drink pouch

Clear drink pouches are of food-grade types meaning they are made of Phthalate and BPA free, non-toxic materials.  Since drink bags are supposed to be leakage free, our bags are heat-sealed. Secondly, the transparent or translucent structure enables a customer to preview the goodies packaged. Some of the laminated materials used to make these bags are PE, PET, VMPET, OPP, BOPP, and CPP. The layered structure ensures high barrier properties against, oxygen, moisture, and lastly makes these bags drop/puncture resistant. Finally, some of the accessories added to these pouches are spout + caps, zipper tops for manual feeling, hang holes, and round-corners.

custom drink pouch packaging

Custom drink pouches are versatile, and their nature depends on the drink to get packaged in them. These custom drink pouches can be of different types such as stand-up bag, side gusset bags, and a flat bottom. However, all the drink packaging pouches are FDA approved, BPA, and Phthalate free. But note; their customization touches on printing design, shape, colors, add-ons used, and pouch sizes. Secondly, some of the film that gets laminated to make them durable, puncture-resistant, flexible, and drop resistant drink pouches are PET, PE, NY, AL, BOPP, and Kraft paper.

custom foil drink pouch

Custom foil drink pouches can be used for packaging wine, milk, juice, soup, yogurt, sauce, smoothies, beverages, and water. Although the name suggests they are made of foil materials, these pouch structures are made of different laminated films such as PET/AL FOIL/PE, PET/NY/AL Foil/PE/ or PET/VMPET/NY/PE. These structure types ensure high barrier property against moisture, UV light, and oxygen. Touching on their custom nature, these bags can be of different sizes, colors, shapes, and printing/branding style.

custom printed stand up drink pouch

Custom printed stand up drink pouches are popular and loved due to their ability to give your drink product perfect, immediate, and a recognizable look that will differentiate them from other brands. First, the custom printing makes it possible to have quality graphical images, promotional messages, user guides, and company logos/names that will improve their shelf visibility. Secondly, their self-standing ability, when filled adds on their shelf visibility. Thirdly, to ensure your drink is safe from UV light, moisture, oxygen, and pest, a durable, reliable, puncture-resistant structure is made from laminated films. Lastly, these bags are customizable on their color, size, shape, and the positioning of pouring spouts.

custom printing drink pouch

Custom printing drink pouches can be used to package milk, beverages, water, juice, and sauce. These bags are famous due to their custom printings that help to improve the visibility of your product. Additionally, their shapes, sizes, colors, and accessories are also customizable to fit your product type. But one thing that remains constant about these bags is their laminated structure made of PET, AL, NY, PE, VMPET or BOPP. Such a film arrangement is what ensures these bags are Puncture resistant and can offer a high barrier property against oxygen, moisture, and UV light. Lastly, these pouch bags are FDA, and SGS approved.

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Party! Drinks On You, Drink Pouches On Us!

Drink pouches are normally used for parties, picnics, and events, here at TedPack have several drink pouches volume options for customers, all of them are customized and can be printed up to 10 colors printing, MOQ start from 100pcs a start with digital print options.

  • Drink pouches with bottom gusset hold from 10oz – 20oz;
  • Pouch with straw or sip pipe insert for customized logo options;
  • With reclosable zipper option or pin hold in front options;
  • Two-finger hanger hole option for easy carry;
  • Two small holes for placing straw or sip pipe;
  • Delivery shortest in 7 days for customized order;

Welcome, drop us an email, so we can understand your needs for quotes.

Drink Pouch

Drink Pouch: The Definitive FAQ Guide

1. Can you add a straw to a drink pouch?

You can add a straw to a drink pouch if the pouch has a small spout on its top part.

drink pouches

2. How does the punch hole on the top of a drink pouch work?

The punch hole includes an aluminum body.

The hole can be poked out by adding a straw to its body.

The straw should be the same one that came with the drink pouch.

drink pouch with punch hole

3. What type of curve is best for use on a drink pouch?

You can order a drink pouch with either a solid rectangular body or a slightly curved body.

The curve would appear in the middle part of the pouch.

The curve makes it easier for a person to grab a hold of the pouch.

4. What material is a drink pouch made of?

You can get a drink pouch made with a polyethylene terephthalate or PET material.

PET is a polyester-based chemical that is light in weight and also strong.

A linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE material can also appear in your drink pouch.

LLDPE is a flexible plastic compound that can absorb impacts without puncturing.

5. Is it safe for you to reuse a drink pouch after the original contents are gone?

It may be difficult for you to try and wash out every bit of juice that was inside the drink pouch when it was filled.

Some drink pouches may be reused like ones that feature zippered openings.

You have the option to reuse a pouch, but it may be a challenge to clean out.

6. Can you add a carbonated drink product inside a drink pouch?

A carbonated drink will produce pressure when opened.

The intense pressure produced would be difficult for a drink pouch to support.

Therefore, you will not find any carbonated drink pouches for sale.

You should not attempt to order any pouches if you have carbonated drinks; cans or bottles are better for those.

7. Can a drink pouch be biodegradable?

Drink pouches today are being made with more advanced materials that are easier to break down.

Plant-based drink pouches are becoming increasingly popular.

8. Can milk be added to a drink pouch?

Milk can fit in a drink pouch provided it is secured well.

Milk drink pouches are particularly popular in Canada.

Drink pouches are easy to resize versus cartons or jugs, thus making them ideal for milk in various settings.

9. Are drink pouches safe for babies to drink out of?

It is best to move any drink that is inside a drink pouch into a traditional bottle that a baby can handle.

Although some drink pouches come with spouts, such a baby food product might be difficult for the baby to grasp.

drink pouch with spout

10. Are drink pouches useful for alcoholic drinks?

Drink pouches are ideal for wine and other alcoholic drinks you want to have on tap.

Any alcoholic pouch drinks you have should be secured accordingly.

A box may be included with an alcoholic drink pouch to keep the wine or other contents from being exposed to extreme light.

The box may also insulate the contents.

wine drink pouch

11. Is a drink pouch going to take as much space on a store’s shelf as another drink container?

The flexible and slim design of a drink pouch ensures you could get more pouches on a counter at a time than bottles.

12. Are drink pouches capable of hurting people?

Drink pouches do not feature any solid materials except a straw if applicable.

You should still look at the corners on a pouch.

The corners on your drink pouch should be rounded, so they won’t be pointy and poke anyone who tries handling the product.

13. Can a drink pouch retain its original shape after you squeeze it?

A drink pouch can revert back to its old shape.

The ability to do this is based on how much is left in the package.

The plastic material on the body will make an impact on this quality.

14. Is a drink pouch lighter in weight than other vessels?

Because a drink pouch features fewer layers of material and isn’t too thick, it is lighter.

A drink pouch can be close to three times lighter than a traditional bottle.

15. Can a tap feature work on the bottom part of a drink pouch?

A tap can be placed on the bottom to make it easier for people to dispense a drink.

A tap will appear on a wine pouch above other items.

16. Can you get a drink pouch designed in one of various designs or patterns?

You can get a unique design added on your drink pouch’s body.

drink pouch designs

A traditional drink bottle has a label that can be peeled off.

A drink pouch has its label embedded on its surface, so it will not disappear.

Your brand will continue to remain well after a person is finished using the pouch.

17. How much volume can fit into a drink pouch at a time? This refers to the amount of fluid that will go inside the pouch.

Drink pouches can come in many sizes, including ones from 80 to 1000mL.

A 355mL pouch is ideal for a twelve-ounce serving of something.

A 750mL pouch will be perfect for when you’re trying to get a wine pouch ready.

18. Can a zipper lock feature be included on a drink pouch?

A zipper can appear on the top of some drink pouches.

A zipper works for drink pouches that you might draw from many times in a day.

The zipper needs to appear under the tear-off tab on the top part.

19. Is there a potential for a drink pouch to develop a puncture and stay protected?

Even the smallest puncture may cause the drink pouch to leak.

Sometimes a small puncture will get worse if you squeeze the pouch.

There is a potential for the drink to be compromised when there is a puncture.

20. Can you heat the contents of a drink pouch without removing it from that pouch?

Avoid microwaving the drink pouch if possible.

The drink pouch’s contents may not respond well enough to the heat produced by a microwave.

This is especially the case with aluminum materials.

21. Can a drink pouch be frozen?

You can freeze drink pouch if desired, although it might take a bit for the pouch to thaw out.

Margarita or alcoholic drink mix pouches are among the more popular ones you can freeze.

freezing drink pouch

22. Can mold possibly get inside a drink pouch?

Mold can potentially grow inside of a drink pouch if the contents of the pouch have been compromised.

The key to handling a drink pouch is to ensure you avoid anything that has been impacted.

There are many signs that mold has gotten into a drink pouch:

  • Unusual scent
  • The contents feel harder than usual
  • You can hear a significant swishing on the inside
  • The drink contents appear discolored

23. Is it safe to secure water in a drink pouch?

It is perfectly fine to add water to your drink pouch.

A clear body is best when getting a drink pouch for water purposes.

A clear layout shows that the water on the inside is pure.

Watch pouches are ideal for survival or camping purposes.

24. Does the inside part of a drink pouch include compounds that might shed off and enter the liquid?

A drink pouch that does not contain BPA or other harmful chemicals will be safe.

BPA particles can shed and get into your fluid.

25. How would a clear body on a drink pouch be designed?

A clear body features one of two points.

First, a small window may appear on the front.

Second, the back part may be translucent and show the liquid all around.

The clear design confirms to the customer what the drink looks like.

26. Some drinks require shaking before you can consume them. Is it safe for you to get a drink that requires such shaking inside a drink pouch?

It will be safe to get a drink pouch that has to be shaken first.

However, the safety of the pouch is based on both the materials used to make the pouch and the customer’s behavior.

A pouch made with flexible material is strongly recommended.

The customer should also be gentle with the pouch when shaking.

A good idea is to post a message on the packaging reminding people to be cautious when shaking their drink pouches.

27. Can a metallic drink pouch get too heavy?

A drink pouch is lighter in weight than other storage vessels.

A metallic drink pouch with an aluminum body will still be easy to grasp and use.

28. Is there a potential for a drink pouch to leak?

A drink pouch could leak due to a production error.

The leak can be minimal and may appear near one of the corners on the pouch.

You’ll have to discard any pouch you find that features a leak.

The focal area of every production of drinks should be the packaging of the drink. This is because a failure in this aspect will destroy the drink itself. You cannot afford to give your brand a poor description.

Drink PouchFor this reason, you should apply the best packaging material for your product. Packaging protects, preserves, contains, and describes drinks. In an extensive research, this study guide has invested a lot in giving you the best.

It has come to the conclusion that drink pouch is the highest ranking packaging solution for your drinks.

In this light, this study guide offers you quality knowledge on all that you require to know about drink pouch. The questions of the uses, types advantages, making, and acquisition of drink pouches will be answered in various chapters.

At the end of this study, you will have been fully empowered to triumph in the marketing and distribution of your drinks to your targeted consumers.

Drink Pouch: The Meaning and Material Composition of “Drink Pouch”

Let us focus on “what is pouch?”. The primary material that comprises a pouch is linear polyethylene resin. Being the most active variety of thermoplastics, the resin consists of granules of polyethylene.

Drink PouchFinally, a pouch is produced when these granules are dissolved and used to form a material known as a pouch.

A drink pouch can then be viewed as a kind of pouch that is specifically designed to serve as a suitable alternative for drinks packaging.

A drink pouch is usually made of many layers. Each of these layers possesses functions of their own. The inner layer majorly serves in ensuring the freshness and nutrients of the drinks. It usually makes the drink cool for the most suitable temperature.

The middle layer serves as the platform for inscribing brand names, logo, and graphics.

On the other hand, the utmost layer protects the drinks from barriers. Being usually transparent, it also ensures the longevity of the graphics by covering it from dust and rain.

It is usually termed the guardian layer. These three layers, when combined together to make up drink pouch, gives you all you need for drinks packaging.

With pouch drink, your drinks are promised a well-prolonged shelf life.

Before you make your drinks in pouches through us, there are more things to learn.

What is the Uses and Application of Drink Pouches

Drink pouches are pouches mainly used for liquid products because they are easy to fill and dispense. But it will be an error to think they are only used for drinks alone.

Thanks to the versatility and dynamics of drink Pouches. They can also be adopted for a variety of manufactured products that are liquid in quantity.

It is important for you to know drink pouches have various use. In this light, this chapter shows some industries where the drink pouch packaging material is essential and integral.

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

Drink PouchDrink Pouches are the best option for packaging your liquid drugs like medicinal syrups, syringes, pumps, and chemicals. Packaging your liquid drugs in other packaging materials may be hazardous and destructive.

For example, someone that shivers with cold may break the bottle in the process of drinking.

The bottle may drop and easily break because of fragility. But for drink pouches, all your pharmaceutical liquid content is well preserved and shielded from germs and bacteria.

  • Skin Beauty and Cosmetic Industries

Drink PouchAre you looking for the best alternative to package your skin beauty appliances like lotions, liquid body wash, and face cleansers?

You don’t need to search in vain. Drink pouches serve as the leading packaging material for you.

  • Milk Industries

Drink PouchAre you running a milk factory? Are you still looking for the best packaging material that you can adopt for your milk product?

You don’t need to try options that will get your milk sour fast.

Drink pouches are the best application for your liquid milk.

Use them and wait for great reviews and appreciation from your customers.

  • Purified Water FactoryDrink Pouch

Observation has it that you are looking for clear plastic drink bags for your water.

Relieve yourself in such a search for the best is now presented to you.

Clear drink pouch continues to give people a perfect view of very purified drinkable water.

Use drink pouch today and you will be marveled at such waves your water is making in the retailers’ world.

You can do well to substitute drink pouch for carrying drinking water bag all around.

  • Juice Factory

Drink PouchDo your factory major in juice production?

Does something tell you there is something lacking in the traditional packaging materials?

Well, you are right. The longevity of your juice is not guaranteed using them.

Drink pouches are your best option from both consumers’ and manufacturers’ points of view.

  • Soft Drinks Factory

Drink PouchWith the new innovations here and there, drinks factory are moving forward.

Manufacturers are graduating from traditional packaging to modern packaging materials.

Do not be left out in this great development.

Follow the new wave and use drink pouches as a packaging application for all your soft drinks like energy drinks, malts, soya beans, nonalcoholic wine and many more.

  • Baby Drinks Factory

Drink PouchProviding the kids with lots of goodies to refresh themselves after a long school day is cool.

However, packaging this drinks may be a problem at most times. This is because of the playful and careless nature of the children.

With a drink pouch in the packaging industry, this problem has been solved. To package your children’s drinks, drink pouches are your most suitable option.

  • Alcoholic Drinks and Wine Industries

Drink PouchFor the long preservation of your alcoholic drinks and wine on the shelf life, you nee drink pouches. To avoid using your packaging material as a weapon by drunk users, you need to drink pouches. For your alcoholic content, drink pouches are just perfect. Apply them today and you will have every reason to ask for more.

Thumbs up! You have done great by seeing the areas you can use your drink pouches after acquiring them. However, you still have a whole lot to see about your drink pouch.

The drink pouches contain hang holes for carrying it easily. They also have spouts for versatility and round corners to prevent you from hurting yourself when holding it.

We have also instilled unique adhesive tapes that are either permanent or can be re-used. What I love about drink pouches is that we’ve fitted them with laser cuts (the laser won’t hurt you) the main idea behind this is to make tearing easy.

All the above combinations are what make our company the best when it comes to producing drink pouches.

As always, we manufacture them in different sizes so that they can meet your consumption.

Take a scroll downward and you will see for yourself.

Why Drink Pouch is Consumers’ Favorite and Producers’ Best Option

Are you looking for a kind of packaging that will grasp the attention of your consumers? Drink pouches are designed with numerous advantages that cannot be ignored or overlooked by the consumers. This combined with quality reasons from the producers’ point of view makes drink pouch essential for you.

Below are these reasons.

  • Free from Hazards

Drink Pouches are made with hazards-free materials.

Drink PouchUse of drink pouches is proven to help get rids of casualties that may result from conflict in an event.

This is due to the fact that the materials used are not glass as used in traditional packages.

This is because a pouch for drinks is flexible and hazard-free. It cannot be used as a weapon to inflict injury.

There are more reasons supporting your use. Scroll down.

  • Easy Dispensing and Easy Filling

Drink PouchBecause drinks are in liquids, its packaging material must be designed specifically to meet its needs.

Its specs must necessarily feature easy filling and pouring.

Drink Pouches offer consumers ease in dispensing the drink content. With drink pouches, a minimum of 99% of the drink content can be evacuated.

  • Drink Pouch are Barriers to Drink Barriers

One of the major features of packaging material is to serve as barriers for factors that spoil drinks quickly.

Drink PouchRodents, specks of dust, air, moisture, water, heat, and light are terrors to the longevity of drinks if they come in contact with the drink.

A failure in denying them entrance to your drink will give the drink a very short shelf life.

If the consumers observe that drinks made by your company spoil quickly, they change demand to others.

Are you aware of this consequence and you want to avoid it now?

Yes, you have got the best option of packaging material in drink pouches.

Our drink pouches offer sufficient barriers to the drink detrimental factors. To give your drink a prolonged shelf life, you are required to use drink pouches Buy from us today.

  • Storage Efficiency

Drink PouchOne of the sections where money is invested in production is the storage facilities.

This is because storage management applies in many aspects which include warehousing, truck, shipping, retailing shelf and others.

An error in getting a storage-efficient packaging material will result to cost mismanagement.

You don’t need to search any longer for a way out of the big sized bottles, bag-in-box, and another rigid packaging.

Drink pouches are specifically designed to be efficient in storage.

This is because they can be squeezed when packed. For this, they can be adequately arranged for the utilization of space.

If you want to cut cost and reduce the deficit in transporting your drinks, then switch to drink pouch packaging.

It is very light in weight, squeezable in texture, and easy to carry.

  • Easy Handling and Portability

With the production of energy drinks that are used during exercise, consumers now focus on ease in handling.

Drink PouchIn the place of jugging, running, and cycling, it will not be a bad idea to have your drinks with you.

This process necessitates the need for packaging materials to be light, flexible and handy.

Many rigid and traditional packaging materials have not been able to meet these criteria.

But do not be despair. Modern manufacturers of packaging material have come up with the best option that offers you all these features.

It is termed drink pouches. With drink pouches, you can hold your drink in your hand or dip them in your pocket all day long.

You will carry your drinks all day long doing other things and not feel the slightest pain in your muscles.

  • Drink Pouches Connect Producers to their Consumers

Drink PouchAs the focus is directed to brands, interest for drink pouches increases.

This is because it has a way of appealing to the hearts of the consumers through the perception of their eyes.

It is color-friendly because of the three layers of make-up that characterize its making.

The brand logo and description remain ever new and bright because it is protected by the outmost layer.

Things such as heat, dust, and water cannot invade, wash off or clean the designs on the middle layer at all.

If you so much desire that your brand is well projected to the hearts of your consumers, don’t delay your steps as you demand drink pouches for your drinks packaging.

  • Retains Freshness to Content Even After Multiple Opening Before Final Consumption

One of the displeasing things to consumers of alcoholic drinks is for them to open drinks once and not to be able to drink again because it is fast spoilt.

Drink PouchYou ought not to continue to drink even after you have reached your measures because you don’t want to waste them.

Offering you a good closure that denies entrance to the barriers even before final consumption, your alcoholic drink pouch can still use more than a year after the first opening before alcoholic drinks start to lose taste.

  • It is Reusable

Drink PouchAfter consuming your drinks from the pouch, reusable drink pouch offers you the capacity for a subsequent use.

The freshness of the newly filled products is still guaranteed.

This is because nothing changes in the features of dependability of the drink pouch. Since this refillable drink pouches can still preserve your drinks, consumers can use them for another various liquid packaging.

  • It offers Ease of Disposal

Drink pouches are very easy to dispose of.

  • It has Window Versions

The purpose of the clear plastic drink bags is to offer consumers a perception of what they want to pay for. No other packaging material is most suitable for this use than for drinks than clear drink pouches.

Chapter 3.1: Factors to Consider Before Acquiring Your Drink Pouch

Before you make a huge demand for your drink pouches, there are some factors you have to consider. If you ignore these factors and go ahead to get your drink pouches, you are most likely making a mistake. This study guide is committed to keeping you empowered in the right knowledge. After you know what to consider, proceed and make demands.

  • Consider Your Financial Capacity

Drink PouchMoney is the language of all markets.

If you make any demand without knowing if you are financially fit for it, you are making a mistake.

Before you get your drink pouch, know the price. Do well to know if the features of the drink pouch warrants for a reuse.

Compare the price with the amount you budget for packaging to know if it tallies.

  •  Know the Disposal Process of the Drink Pouch

Do well to know if the drink pouch can be recycled or burnt. Have a good knowledge on how to dispose of your drink pouch after use.

  •  Check The Relationship Between Products and Drink Pouch

Drink PouchIt will be a mistake for you to think all drink pouches are specifically made for all products.

For example, if you major in the production of drinkable water, the best type of drink pouch for you is a clear drink pouch.

This is because it gives transparency to the water. This makes consumers see how clean and pure it is and go for it on the retail shelf.

To check for the relationship between specific drink pouch and specific drink product, you can seek the advice of your suppliers.

They have been in the business for a long time and they know the most suitable drink pouch for your drink products.

At Tedpack, we have a team that is created to know the public views concerning each of our packaging materials. Reaching us for your drink pouch solution is a perfect idea.

  • The Consumers’ View

Drink PouchYou should not get your drink pouch focusing on your benefits only as the producers of the drinks.

To fulfill your business, you need to know what the public has to say about the drink pouches.

However, don’t waste your time and resources over this. At Tedpack, we provide drink pouches that are consumers’ favorites only.

All our drink pouches are absolutely user-friendly.

  • The consistency of Drink Pouches

Before making your demands for drink pouches, you are required to know if the supplies will be consistent.

If the supplies will not be consistent, you should not go for the drink pouch.

This is because consumers may have developed attraction and awareness for the packaging material.

Therefore, changing it abruptly will mean breaking your connection with your targeted consumers.

  • Consider the Status of Transporting the Drink Pouch

Drink PouchPurchased drink pouches are not meant to be used at the place you bought them.

Therefore, there is a need to transport them from one place to another. Before getting your drink pouch, consider the transportation options you have.

Also, consider if the drink pouches favor this transportation option.

  • Examine Your Drink Pouch by Demanding for Samples

Before making a massive demand, require for samples from your suppliers.

Drink PouchWhen given the samples, there are things to verify after filling it with your drink.

Verify whether the drink pouch is resistant to water, oxygen, dust, moisture, and odor.

Puncture the drink pouch deliberately to know whether it will burst or not. Identify the areas your brand details will be printed on.

Check whether the evacuating process of the drink pouch is cool or not. All these things and more related things should influence your choice.

  • Verify Whether Your Suppliers are Legally Certified and Recognized

There is a strict necessity on you to know if the company that supplies your drink pouch are approved by FDA and other governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Drink PouchThis is because a business interaction with an unrecognized company may have some legal consequence.

At Tedpack, we have met every requirement to be the standard supplier of your drink pouch.

Those are the things that should guide your decision before making massive demands.

Drink Pouch vs Other Rigid Packaging

This chapter compares your drink pouch with other rigid packaging material. Here, you will see clear areas of similarities and dissimilarities. Also, you will clearly know the packaging material that is the best.

Chapter 4.1: Drink Pouch Vs. Bottles Packaging


  • They both serve as packaging materials that can be used to protect drinks from the barriers.
  • They both have the capacity to stand on the retail shelf
  • They both come with closures that offer consumers the chance to use many times before final consumption.
  • They can both be used for varieties of drinks product like juice, wine, alcoholic and soft drinks, and others.
  • They both have space provision for design to be printed on them.
  • They can both be arranged in a truck and transported.
  • They can both have clear versions by which the drink content will be visible to consumers.

Features that Make Drink Pouches Better

  • Drink Pouch
  • In areas of resistance, drink pouches are better than bottles because of the three combative layers for the barriers. Also, if you deliberately puncture bottles, it will break. But drink pouches cannot break or tear even when you puncture them.
  • On the retail shelf, drink pouches are more efficient because they take less space than the bottles.
  • Drink pouches guarantee more longevity after the first opening than the packaging of the bottle. This is because of the closure of drink pouches is designed to be barrier resistant.
  • The design on the bottles are stickers and are only pasted on it and may be removed anytime by hands.
  • On the other hand, the design on the pouch is printed permanently on it. They are covered by another outermost layer which prevents them from dust, waters, sun, and other barriers that cleanse graphics.
  • For easy transportation and storage efficiency, drink pouches are better than bottles. This is because drink pouches are ten times lighter in weight. Also, they are flexible and this makes them squeezable for an easy and efficient arrangement.
  • Bottles may also be used as weapons to cause injuries on people in parties. On the other hand, drink pouches are not in anyway hazardous.

On the ground of comparison, it is obvious that drink pouches are better than bottles when used for drinks packaging.

Chapter 4.2: Drink Pouch vs. Plastic Packaging

Drink Pouch


  • Plastics and Drink Pouches both have clear windows. This makes consumers see the drink content of the containers.
  • They are both adaptable for various types of drinks. This range from alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks.
  • They are both less fragile. This means that unlike bottles, they cannot break into shards.
  • They are both lights in weight and they both offer consumers ease of handling.
  • They both have space for logo and designs of companies.
  • They both have measures of resistance to barriers that spoil drink quickly.
  • They both have closures to preserve the drink content before its final and total consumption.
  • They are both reusable for other drinks. The refillable drink pouches are suitable options after all the drink content in them have been totally consumed.

Features that Make Drink Pouch Better

  • Drink Pouch
  • Although, plastics and drink pouches are both less fragile. Drink pouch is still better because it can be squeezed in the hand and can still retain its original shape. If you try to squeeze plastics, you will destroy the plastic and leave its shape deformed. On this ground, drink pouches are better than plastics.
  • Although they both have space for logo, design and brand details, drink pouches are better. This is because plastics are not color-friendly. Brands usually use paste stickers on them to project themselves.
  • As you may think, the stickers may peel off if it takes too long on the retail shelf. On the other hand, drink pouches are color-friendly. The middle layer is most suitable for brand details and design. And the utmost layer does the job of covering the middle layers. It also ensures the permanence of the design. With a drink pouch, the longevity of your brand name is guaranteed. On this ground, drink pouches are better than bottles.
  • Because drink pouches are squeezable, they maximize storage space. Plastics will take more space on the shelf, in the truck, and in the warehouse because they cannot be squeezed.
  • Research has shown that drink pouches are three times lighter in weight than bottles. Also, drink pouches ensure more preservation of drink content than plastics. This is because they offer more barrier- resistance than the plastic packaging.
  • Disposable drink pouches are recyclable. Plastics, on the other hand, are not eco-friendly.

Since you have now seen that drink pouches are better than other traditional packaging, scroll down and see the common types of drink pouches making waves in the market.

The Common Types and Benefits of Drink Pouches

There are varieties of drink pouches that are making waves in the market. This different drink pouches all have essential qualities that distinguish them in the market. This section of this guide presents them to you.

Chapter 5.1: Alcoholic Drink PouchDrink Pouch

Alcoholic drink pouch has been known to be making great waves in the market.

They come in different varieties. Some of them kinds are refillable aluminum foil energy Alcohol drink pouch, spout pouch for soft drinks and alcohol, and many more.

To package any kind of alcoholic drink, contact TedPack for your alcoholic drink pouch.

Chapter  5.2: Drinking Water PouchDrink Pouch

Since consumers always desire to see the purity of water, our designers have designed the drinking water pouch to come with the transparency required to see the purity of the water.

It makes the water very lucid and reveals the dirt’s and color in it if there is any.

Chapter 5.3: Plastic Drink Pouch

Drink Pouch

The active material for all pouches is polyethylene. However, we have two types of polyethylene.

We have both the high density and the low density. They both have their function. The high density is stiff and less flexible than the low-density polyethylene.

However, in the making of plastic drink pouch, the high-density polyethylene is used more than the low density. This makes it the best option for juice, milk, and water.

It prevents your drinks from mineral oil and being invaded by the sweat from hands. Because of its extra hard layers, it serves as the most suitable option for harsh weather conditions in the time of severe winter or summer.

Chapter 5.4: Clear Drink PouchDrink Pouch

It is made with an outer layer that makes it very light and transparent.

Are you wondering where you will put your brand details and still reveal the drink content?

Do not worry. Your brand details and graphics design can be put at the top.

This way, it will be visible to the consumers. Also, the drink content will also be seen clearly.

Chapter 5.5: Resealable Drink Pouch

Resealable drink pouch has been an economic alternative to bottles, plastics, and tubes.

Drink PouchThey offer consumers the capacity to open and seal again after being used.

With resealable drink pouches, spillages can be avoided. Also, it offers consumers easy pour and easier dispensing of drink products because its seals are very wide.

In addition to drinks, they can be used for other liquid products like various types of oil, liquid soaps, creams, and other forms of liquid.

It can also be made use of after the first use. Its barrier-resistance extends to other users after the first use.

Chapter 5.6: Zipper Drink Pouch

Drink PouchBuilt to be absolutely contained with zip closure, zipper drink pouch offers users powerful resistance from the barriers.

It is absolutely user-friendly. It ensures a long-term preservation of product even after the first opening has been made.

For drink products that are frequently taken and takes long before they are finally consumed, zipper drink pouches are the best option.

It is light in weight and very easy to transport. It does not give any occasion for its content to pour out after the first opening.

The zip makes the content absolutely contained after the first opening. It also preserves nutrients.

Another good thing about zipper drink pouch is that it is a reusable drink pouch.

Also, it is a refillable drink pouch as it can serve other purposes of packaging other liquids after use.

Having had a great knowledge of the common types of pouch in the market, let us proceed to know their prices per quantity and sizes.

Drink Pouch FAQs

1. Are all your drink pouches products accredited by FDA to be used for packaging drinks?

Yes, all the drink pouches we offer for sales have been approved by FDA

2. Are your drink pouches adoptable for harsh weather conditioning like the sun, won’t they melt and slack?

All our drink pouches are made to be usable at all seasons and in all weather conditions. They are even viable in the desert. The inner content of the drink pouch retains a measure of coolness. It does not slack or melt to sunny heat. The inner layer makes the drink fresh and cool.

3. How long can I use drink pouch before the drink in it spoil?

It is the ingredients that make up your drinks that determine when it will expire for consumption. However, drink pouch protects your drinks from barriers for close to a decade. This is independent of whether the drink has passed expiry date or not. So far your drink is not yet expired, its freshness and longevity are guaranteed for at least ten years.

4. How can I get my brand name on a clear drink pouch?

There are strategic locations that you can print your brand name. You can do this without hindering consumers to have a clear view of your inner product. Some of those strategic places are the upper side just below the closure of your drink pouches.

5. What is the quantity of drink pouches that I can place a demand on at a given time?

There are no limitations at all to the numbers of drink pouches you can demand. Drink pouches are products that are produced massively. However, some conditions such as size, artworks, and design, special features such as shapes and fitments may affect the speed of delivery.

6. When I use drink pouch to package my drink, do I need to put this drink pouch in clear plastic drink bags?

When placed on the retail shelf, there is no need to put drink pouch in another container. This is because drink pouch is a guaranteed barrier resistance of its own.

7. Is it possible for a drink pouch to leak even when it is new and in a good condition?

Yes, it is possible for a drink pouch to leak. However, such things are very rare. It only happens due to a manufacturing error. And it will be duly attended to when reported to our customer service agents.

Having answered some of the frequently asked questions, let us proceed to inform you about TedPack drink pouch.

Drink Pouch from TedPack

To give our customers the best, TedPack we require some details. A clear response from you helps us to provide the best services to you.

Drink PouchWhat are the products you are planning to pack?

  • Send a soft copy of the artwork you want on your drink pouch
  • Which areas of the drink pouch do you want to use for filling and dispensing of drinks?
  • State the temperature of your drink at the time of filling.
  • State the fitment and closure option you want.
  • Clearly specify the shapes you want for your drink pouch.
  • State whether you want a transparent or opaque drink pouch

Here is a chart showing the information regarding our drink pouch bag. However, is not limited to this information. We can produce drink pouches based on your demands and as desired

Pouch Dimension (inches) by Thickness (mil)QuantityLead time (Days)
1.75 * 3.125 by 2.5 mil>1000020 – 35
2.0 * 3.625 by 2.5 mil>1000020 – 35
2.25 * 6.5 by 2.5 mil>1000020 – 35
2.5 * 6.0 by 2.5 mil>1000020 – 35
3.0 * 5.125 by 2.5 mil>1000020 – 35

You have indeed acquired a great knowledge about drink pouch. To get yours, contact us at TedPack.


Drink pouches have served as the number one packaging solution for your drinks. When you adopt drink pouches, you will have great returns. Consumers will also hold your products in high esteem. This is because it meets all the requirement of consumers’ needs in drinks packaging. With drink pouch, you will surely take the lead and triumph in the competitive market.

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