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Customize the Perfect Doypack Stand up Pouch For Your Business

TedPack is an international company that specializes in packaging food and non-food products.

  • Over 20 years manufacturing experiences
  • Excellent frozen and heating resistance
  • All our pouches are Food Grade, BPA free

Your Leading Doypack Stand up Pouch Manufacturer

TedPack Doypack stand up pouch designed as vertical storage solutions that are perfect to make more visible products displayed on the shelves of shops of the store or in a grocery. You can send us your ideal pouch design and we will glad to help in achieving your desired stand up pouch.

Doypack Stand up Pouch

TedPack has the ability to provide a stand up pouch to stand upright and allow easy access to the food.

clear doypack stand up pouch

This type of stand up pouch ideal for tea, coffee, confectionery, pet food, soups, snacks, wholefoods, and any non-food products. It gives your products more attractive which is perfectly stable.

doypack stand up pouch with zipper for baby food

This kind of stand up pouch will give you distinctive space for your products on the shelves. Clients preferred stand up pouch with zipper for baby food because its safe and far from any poisonous substance.

matte black doypack stand up pouch

Matte black doypack stand up pouch are much more appealing to the customers, elegant, straight forward and minimalist kind of stand up pouch.

matte doypack stand up pouch with zipper

This type of stand up pouch is an easy and gentle, universal and convenient type of packaging that is perfect packaging for your products with distinguished, bright or memorable aroma. Used for packaging coffee, tea, spices, and snacks. Open easily to ensure stable standing even for the light products.

TedPack Doypack Stand up Pouch Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Doypack Stand up Pouch

TedPack are using FDA approved materials in making our stand up pouches to ensure safety from the food.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, KRAFT PAPER, RICE PAPER
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Doypack Stand up Pouch Features & Accessories

TedPack offers variety of convenient packaging features such as tear notch, die-cut handles and hang holes.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Spouts | Fitment Options: Child resistance caps, ez-pour spouts, wine fitments, all diameter spouts
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio & Wipf Valves
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options On Your Doypack Stand up Pouch

We are using 3 different printing technologies to create stunning HD graphics and with this advance technology stand up pouches can offer your product the best most eye-catching graphics on the shelf.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
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TedPack Doypack Stand up Pouch

TedPack  is a specialized packaging company for both food and non-food products. TedPack is designing their stand up pouches with the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

TedPack offers a combination of design and quality to provide you with a professional packaging solution a doypack stand up pouch are designed as a flexible replacement to rigid plastic containers.

Doypack stand up are usually used in the food processing industry as well as in the agriculture, cosmetics and detergents industries. The first choice in the flexible packaging industry.

In TedPack we are making doypack stand up pouches stable and easy to use.  Doypack provides a great canvas for marketing and having much greater shelf visibility than packages that must lay flat.

Clients preferred this type of stand up pouches because it is made from slightly more rigid materials that allow it to stand on its own, making it easier to store and simple to use in a consumer’s everyday life.

At TedPack, we are doing our best to produce one of a kind stand up pouches that surely meet your requirements.

Doypack Stand up Pouch: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The global shift to smarter and modern packaging solutions has led to the increased demand for Doypack stand up pouches.

Doypack stand up pouches have unlimited designs and are used for packaging food and non-food products.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Doypack stand up pouches:

What is Doypack Stand up Pouch?

Doypack stand up pouch is a modern type of packaging solution which can stand erect on its bottom for storage, display and use.

Doypack stand up pouch

 Doypack stand-up pouch

It is a stand-up pouch with a Doyen seal often preferred for lightweight products or liquids.

This pouch has a gusset area which is folded inward and upward then sealed on both sides.

Such that, it can stand on its own.

Therefore, it has a greater filling volume.

This pouch is suitable for packaging food, non-food items as well as ready-to-drink beverages.

What are the Features Standard Doypack Stand up Pouches?

Some of the features of these stand-up pouches include:

Bottom Gusset

This is a feature that helps the Doypack stand up pouch stand independently on shelves or flat surfaces.

The gusset area is folded inward and upward and then attached on both sides.

· Front and Back Surfaces

These are surfaces used for branding purposes.

They are printed on using high-quality rotogravure printing technology.

· Resealable Zipper

This is a feature used to seal and open Doypack stand up pouches.

They are placed just above the tearing notches.

· Round Corner

This is a feature positioned at the bottom of the Doypack stand up pouch to give more space volume.

Are there Add-on features Doypack pouches come with?

You may consider any of the following:

  • Tearing Notches; adds convenience in opening the pouch.
  • Euro punch; suitable for display purposes
  • Resealable Ziplocks; this feature helps in opening, resealing and storage of products.
  • Hang holes; aid in easy storage

What are the Benefits of Doypack Stand up Pouches?

 Flexible Doypack

Flexible Doypack

· Functional

Doypack stand up pouch functions as a barrier between the environment and the product.

Since Doypack stand up pouch is made using rigid materials it is easier to store.

It is simple to use in a client’s day to day life.

·  Convenience

Doypack stand up pouches are portable as they can be easily carried from one place to the other due to their light-weight property.

It can stand erect on its own, lightweight, and has resealable options such as zippers.

Also, it offers the advantages of a combination of rigid and flexible packaging: they are easy to use, economical and easy to manufacture.

·  Versatile

Since the Doypack stand up pouches have a wide range of designs, shape and special features, they can be used to package different products from food to non-food items.

· Cost-Efficient/Affordable

Doypack stand up pouches are cost-efficient because their transportation cost is low.

Besides, they are very think pouches requiring few materials to make.

This pouch is filled according to designer requirements, and its volume can be reduced by 20% meaning a 15-20% material reduction.

They are produced in bulk hence their costs are lower.

The manufacturing companies enjoy large economies of scale making the final prices affordable.

·  Aesthetic Appeal

Doypack stand up pouches have the best display packaging options.

It is a striking pouch design that attracts the attention of consumers.

They can stand up independently on the shelves or flat surface.

This is due to the bottom gusset feature of the pouch.

This pouch gives products an excellent and attractive packaging which is perfectly stable and soft.

It also has a large printing surface on both of its sides enabling one to design a great commercial package.

Its aesthetics is, therefore, one of the pouches’ noticeable attributes.

· Customizable

You can access Doypack stand up pouches which are custom printed with a wide range of colors of up to 10 colors.

They are printed using high-quality rotogravure printing technology.

Also, they have special features such as zippers, hang holes and matte vanishing among others.

· Product Freshness

The package has excellent barrier properties which extend the shelf-life of the products stored there-in.

These barrier properties prevent the moisture, chemical, and UV rays effects on the products.

As such, the aroma and quality of the products is preserved.

· Eco-friendly

Since there is less waste to dispose, Doypack stand up pouches are considered to be eco-friendly.

They are made using materials which can be easily composted or biodegraded.

Who developed the concept of Doypack?

The concept of Doypack was developed by Thimonnier Company.

The then President of the company was Louis Doyen.

After he developed this concept in 1962, Thimonnier brought onto the market the advantage of the Doypack flexible pouch technology.

The Doyen design involves two flat sheets sealed together along their sides.

And, they are sealed with ‘W’ fold which runs along the bottom.

When it is filled, the W enlarges and gives a base on which he pouch can stand.

The hallmarks of Doypack stand up pouches are functional, convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

Doypack technology is being improved to meet the requirements of the customers.

Thimonnier Company states that presently more than 40 billion Doypack pouches are sold annually.

Which is the Best Printing Process for Doypack Stand up Pouch?

Printed doypack stand up pouch

Printed Doypack stand up pouch

The best printing process for Doypack stand up pouch is high-quality rotogravure process.

It involves using a printing cylinder that has been laser engraved with small cells capable of retaining ink.

The pattern and size will reflect the specified image or texts.

Any excess ink is removed using a doctor blade.

A combination of capillary action and pressure is used to produce the printed image.

The pressure of the roller together with capillary draw play of the material play an integral role here.

They result in the direct transfer of ink from the cells in the printing cylinder to the surface of the material.

Once this is done, the printed area of the material passes through a dryer then to the next printing step.

In this case, there is application of different colors and finishing.

This is the best printing method for Doypack stand up pouch is made of PE material.

Also, it is the best printing process. This is because it is a direct printing.

That is, you can print the image or test directly on the material.

It is equally fast compared to flexographic printing.

There is high efficiency in high production with relatively low wastage.

Even so, flexographic printing can also be used to print on the Doypack stand up pouches.

How does Doypack Stand up Pouch and Rigid Plastic Containers compare?

In general, while Doypack stand up pouches can be easily manufactured, they are space-saving and economical, rigid plastic containers are easy to use, stable and can be well presented.

Doypack stand up pouch measurement

 Doypack stand up pouch measurements

· Types

They are both packaging solutions whether flexible or rigid packaging solutions.

Even so, while Doypack stand up pouch is flexible, rigid plastic containers are rigid.

· Materials Used

They are both made using plastic materials such as Polyethylene and Polypropylene among others.

· Environmental Friendliness

As compared to rigid plastic containers, Doypack use 80% less packaging material.

Also, it has low waste volume following consumption.

Doypack stand up pouches are eco-friendly as compared to plastic containers.

While a plastic container is not recyclable, Doypack stand up pouches can be recycled.

Less material is needed to manufacture Doypack stand up pouch while plastic containers use more resources to produce the final product.

· Production/Transportation Costs

Rigid plastic containers are more expensive to produce, while Doypack stand up pouches are cheaper to produce.

While a Doypack stand up pouch costs between 15-20 cents for each piece, a rigid plastic container may cost double this mentioned amount.

Also, the transportation costs of Doypack stand up pouches is lower than that of plastic containers.

Around 1,000 Doypack stand up pouches can be fitted in a single carton, however, plastic containers occupy a large space.

· Popularity

Both packaging solutions have become increasingly popular over the last decade.

· User Friendliness

Doypack stand up pouches are more user friendly as compared to plastic containers.

Doypack pouch has closure, resealable options and features that improve its ease of use.

· Durability

Similarly, Doypack pouches are puncture resistance.

They don’t burst when they fall on the ground.

While plastic containers may be affected although they are rigid and durable.

· Printability

You can print easily on Doypack stand up pouches.

For plastic containers, you will require an extra printing layer.

·  Customization

You can customize Doypack stand up pouches to any size or design.

At times, you may have add-on features.

Of course, you can also customize rigid plastic container.

· Protection

Doypack pouches offer the best barrier protection.

They protect products stored from odors, heat, light and oxygen hence supporting reduction in spoilage.

Rigid plastic also offers better protection for products.

This is in terms of both support and structure.

That said, Doypack stand up pouches are better than rigid plastic containers.

What are the different Types of a Doypack Stand up Pouch?

Kraft paper doypack stand up pouch

Kraft paper doypack stand up pouch

· Doypack with Oval Window

This pouch comes in different colors.

It features an oval window which is used to improve the visibility of the packaged products.

Besides, packages food products such as tea, coffee, snacks and spices among others.

· Matte Doypack Stand up Pouch with Zipper

This pouch is made using Matte varnish contrasted with high-gloss areas.

It mirrors the standard stand up pouches in terms of its appearance, color and features.

Also, it is made using bright colors thus appealing to the clients.

· Matte Black Doypack Stand up Pouch

Doypack stand up pouches are Matte Black.

They undergo Matte finishing as a treatment option.

This pouch is elegant giving it a sophisticated and professional look.

It is attractive and eye-catching to the consumer in retail settings.

Also, it has a large volume capacity with matte exterior and a tear notch.

· Doypack Stand up Pouch with Zipper for Baby Food

Doypack stand up pouch with zipper has a zipper as a resealable feature.

This pouch can be easily opened and closed due to its zipper option.

It is used mainly to package baby food which are in liquid or solid form.

The edges of the pouch are rounded off to enhance the appearance of the Doypack pouch.

It also has Euro holes and tear notches.

It has adequate space for branding options, as well as, adequate space to package the baby food.

· Clear Doypack Stand up Pouch

This is a more transparent pouch which excellent stability properties.

It is used to package both food and non-food products.

Other than the standard features, this pouch has a tear notches for easy opening of the structure.

The edges of this pouch are sharp.

Which Industries use Doypack Stand up Pouch?

Some of these industries include:

  • Agricultural foods

Nectars and fruit juices, milk and dairy products, baby food, soups and sauces, and honey among others.

  • Food

Tea, coffee, confectionary, whole foods, snacks, and spices among others.

  • Chemicals/Detergents

Paint, coolant, motor oil, liquid detergents and concentrated powder.

  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Body oils, sterile water, shampoo, and liquid soaps.

  • Pet Foods

Doypack stand up pouch is used to package foods for pets such as birds, dogs, and cats among others.

Pet owners are seeking out fresh as well as gourmet fare for their pets.

This pouch provides excellent barrier properties for their products.

  • Legal Cannabis Product Packaging

Doypack stand up pouch bags are preferred for this packaging as it gives a premium look which gives familiar among consumers.

Are Doypack Stand up Pouches Customizable?

Yes, they are.

Doypack stand up pouches are customized on the basis of size, design, color, printing technology among other factors.

What is the Manufacturing Process of Doypack Stand up Pouches?

Doypack stand up pouches are manufactured from composite film.

They are created into the specified designs of bottom gussets.

A zipper is then sealed just above the top edge of the pouch.

Vertical seals are then formed once the gusset has been created.

Verticals seals consist of side walls which are glued to the zipper and bottom gusset.

The vertical and bottom seams of the pouch are then heat sealed.

They are then filled from the rotary table with the desired product.

Once it is filled, it is grouped together with other pouches then packaged in large cartons then moved to the next station.

The zipper is closed at this unit.

It is sealed using heat just above the zipper.

A notch is then cut between the zipper and the top sealing.

This makes the pouch easier to open.

This is the final Doypack standup pouch, it is then sent to it’s a retail supermarket or retail shop.

What are the Disadvantages of Doypack Stand up Pouches?

Although Doypack stand up ouches are a modern packaging solution with great features, they still litter the environment when they are disposed of.

They take a while before they can biodegrade.

During this time they are thrown into water bodies or on the environment.

What is the Resealable Feature of Doypack Stand up Pouches?

The resealable feature of the Doypack stand up pouch is a zipper.

This feature is an access method for pouches.

It is sealed close to the top edge of a pouch.

Doypack stand up pouch

 Doypack Standard Pouch

What are the Treatment options for Doypack Stand up Pouches?

You can consider any of the following treatment options:

  • Matte finishing
  • Pouch shaping
  • Tear notches
  • Laser perforation

Are the Materials used to make Doypack Stand up Pouches Safe for Human Food?

Yes, they are.

The materials are not only FDA approved, but also BPA free and 100% Food Grade.

Besides, the pouches are designed and manufactured with the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

What is the Cost of Doypack Stand up Pouch?

Doypack stand up pouches are sold at competitive prices.

They can cost as low as $16.57 for 100 pieces such that 1 piece costs $0.1657.

If you buy more pieces, the costs of the pouches become affordable, costing less.

For 2,000 pieces of the pouches, each pouch costs $0.1057.

Are Doypack Stand up Pouches FDA Approved?


Doypack stand up pouches meet all of the Food, and Drug Administration requirements.

What are the Materials used to make a Doypack Stand up Pouch?

Polyethylene (PE); this is the most common plastic used for making Doypack stand up pouches.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET); this is a polyester that gives the needed stiffness to the pouch.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP); gives the pouch a nice matt finish

Aluminum; this material provides excellent barrier properties.

OPPmatt; this film is used to protect the prints from scratch because it is anti-scratch.

Cast polypropylene (CPP); are safe for food packaging because they are made from FDA approved resins.

It is also versatile, has high gloss and soft texture.

Offers great barrier properties.

It is also puncture, tear and heat resistant.

How do you Check the Quality of Doypack Stand up Pouches?

There are several ways of checking the quality of Doypack stand up pouches.

Below are some of the most common processes:

Compatibility test; this test is done to the laminations that are highly resistant to physical damage or chemical degradation caused from contact with the product.

Tensile strength; this is done to determine the quality of seal.

It shows how much force is needed to destruct the created seal.

Puncture resistance testing; this test is done to ascertain the quality of the pouch in regards to how much pressure is needed to puncture a Doypack stand up pouch.

Drop testing; this test is done on those pouches that have already been made and are holding liquids.

It measures the height at which a filled Doypack pouch can be dropped and remain fully contact.

Burst strength; this test is done to determine the ability of a pouch to resist rupturing when adequate pressure is applied to it.

The pouch is exposed to internal pressure up to the point of bursting to determine if the seals are fused together on the molecular level.

Seal and leak strength test is done to determine the strength of materials by use of internal air pressurization.

Overall, you can check the quality of the pouch by examining the branding information on the surface of the pouch.

Some of the information to check are FDA approval and the materials used to make the pouch.

Do Manufactures Offer Samples of Doypack Stand up Pouches before purchase?

Yes, manufacturers offer free samples to clients to check quality.

Clients are not charged for the samples unless they want samples for their ordered products.

Are there Size Limitations to Doypack Stand up Pouches?


The sizes can be as small as 80 x 130 x 25+25 bottom and large as 380 x 550 x 90+90 bottom.

These sizes are also based on the weight of the products stored.

Clients can request other sizes that may be larger than the standard ones or smaller than the standard small size.

What is the Difference between Doypack Stand up Pouches and Stand up Bags?

Doypack stand up pouches and Stand up bags, are similar flexible packaging solutions.

Doypack stand up pouches are often referred to as Stand up pouches/bags.

With this information, you can easily choose a suitable Doypack stand up pouch for your packaging solutions.

For best prices on stand up pouches, you can contact us now.

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