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Customize The Perfect Custom Spout Pouches For Your Business

TedPack is well known as one of the leading manufacturer of custom spout pouch and other plastic packaging bags and pouches products.

  • Offer all kinds of food grade packaging
  • More eco-friendly spout pouches
  • 100% Quality ensure with in-time delivery.
  • Cost save by directly buy from factory

Your Leading Custom Spout Pouches Supplier and Manufacturer

TedPack Custom Spout Pouch is the best in giving shelf impact that makes your product stand out from the range of rigid packaging. Lightweight and easy to transport. If needed, we can help you in designing the new perfect spout pouches for your business, email us now.

Custom Spout Pouches

TedPack will provide you a spout pouch with the excellent quality that fit perfectly for your packaging business.

custom printed spout pouches for food

Custom Printed Spout Pouches for Food is more adaptable and it’s kind of pouches that  easy to identify. Clients prefer this kind of pouches than other pouch because it can be easily customized and environmentally alternative. All material are BPA free and FDA approval.

custom spout pouches for baby food

It is the newest addition products coming in recently years, which is getting rave reviews from both babies and adults. These baby food with custom spout pouches don’t go bad,do not hurt baby, do not need peeling and children adore this stuff. With up to 10 colors colorful printing favorable to babies.

custom spout pouches with handle

It is a kind of pouches that portability and lightweight. Custom spout pouches with handle are more durable and flexible and you can use it anywhere. All handle shape and size are customized, both triangle and oval shape available.

Tedpack Custom Spout Pouches Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Custom Spout Pouch

All materials we use for our custom spout pouches are FDA approved and  we use materials with high quality to give you a satisfying service of our custom spout pouches

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Custom Spout Pouch Features & Accessories

TedPack has ability to provide spout pouches with flexible shapes, sizes and many more that fit for your product properties.

  • Spouts | Fitment Options: Child resistance caps, ez-pour spouts, wine fitments, all diameter spouts
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options On Your Custom Spout Pouch

Tedpack can give highly customize printing for spout pouches to make your products readable and more attractive for costumers.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
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Hi,Hi! I'm Noah CEO of TedPack. If you need a custom spout pouch for your packaging industry, TedPack is the well-known manufacturer of all kinds of spout pouch. I can help you in providing high grade pouches for your packaging business. With the help of my experience I can assure you that I can give you a one of a kind spout pouch.
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TedPack Black Custom Spout Pouch

TedPack specializes in all kind pouches and other kinds of product packaging. We can give more attractive and durable food packaging for our clients and help to find the fit packaging for your products.

TedPack can help you source your company’s strengths and puts that on your wrapping and packaging. We take away the headache of running from the designers to the poly printing companies and back. We do all the hard work for you.

We have more than 20 years of experience of manufacturing for spout pouch that you ensure all our products are food grade safe.

In TedPack, we provide spout pouches which are the safest packaging for liquid and food products. We also produce transparent spout pouches that can be enhance clear product viewing.

By choosing Tedpack Custom Spout Pouches, we will make sure to give you the satisfying service and give safe product packaging.

Custom Spout Pouches: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know choosing a suitable custom spout pouches for your packaging needs can be an overwhelming task.

That’s why today this guide offers a perfect solution to all questions you have about custom spout pouches.

Whether you want to learn about type of material, quality standards, benefits, shortcomings, quality testing or spout types, everything is in this guide.

Take a look:

What is a Custom Spout Pouch?

It is a spout pouch customized in different designs and shapes based on the unique life cycle, usage, filling equipment, and formulation of a product.

Custom spout pouches are available in several sizes and styles which makes them aesthetically appealing.

The custom spout pouch is re-closeable and created with a cap and a spot.

Furthermore, the cap and spout help in sealing the nutritional, fragrance, and freshness qualities of contents.

Basically, spouts of custom spout pouches are designed to prevent a spill.

This makes them appropriate for several products such as liquids as well as convenient.

Custom spout pouches

Custom spout pouches

What are the Benefits of using Custom Spout Pouches instead of Rigid Alternatives?

Several benefits accrue from choosing a custom spout pouch instead of a rigid alternative.

They are durable, eco-friendly, provide strong branding, minimize the cost of transportation, and reduces weight.

· Weight Reduction

Weight reduction is important for you because you will incur less storage and transportation cost.

Compared to rigid packaging custom spout pouch is significantly lighter.

· Durability

When being moved, rigid container faces damages.

This issue is solved by custom spout pouches which ensures that the content and packaging are not compromised.

As such the complaints you will receive from customers will be reduced drastically.

· Transportation Cost

When rigid alternatives are used the cost of transportation is high.

On the other hand, using custom spout pouches reduces transportation cost significantly.

The cost of transportation reduces because custom spout pouches are flexible and occupy less space.

· Strong Branding

Custom spout pouches make branding more efficient, effective, and easier.

When you use a custom spout pouch you have total control over the graphics of your packaging, unlike rigid alternatives.

Since custom spout pouches stand and have appealing shapes they stand out on shelves and can be remembered by customers.

Custom spout pouches give customers a good product brand experience.

This happens when customers like your packaging and your products.

What are the Shortcomings of using Custom Spout Pouches?

If die cuts are used to generate designs for a custom spout pouch you will incur additional tooling costs.

This is because you will require specialized machines to produce die-cut designs.

When producing random shapes for custom spout pouches excess materials are wasted.

This translates into the high unit cost for custom spout pouch.

What Materials are Used in Making a Custom Spout Pouches?

The three layers of a custom spout pouch are made using different materials.

Custom spout pouches

Custom spout pouches

· Surface Layer

This layer is made using PET, BOPP, or NY.

PET known as Polyethylene is used for this layer because it is tough and resistant to temperature.

In a custom spout pouch, it provides resistance to temperature, stiffness, and strength.

BOPP known as oriented polypropylene is high clarity and still non-heat-sealable film.

It enhances the barrier features of a custom spout pouch.

· Laminating Layer

The laminating layer is made using PET, AL, PETAL or NY

NY known as nylon is a polyamide resin characterized with a huge melting point and exceptional stiffness and clarity.

Also, it has excellent aroma and oxygen resistance features that make it suitable for packaging.

AL known as aluminum foil are layered to plastic films to generate excellent moisture, aroma, and oxygen resistant features.

PETAL is a material made up of Polyester and Aluminum.

· Inner Food Contact Layer

This layer is made using CPP, LDPE, HDPE, OR RCPP

CPP known as Cast polypropylene is heat-sealable and can withstand high heat than LDPE.

It is used in the packaging to seal heat.

LDPE known as low-density polyethylene has exceptional heat-seal ability.

HDPE known as high-density polyethylene has a high heat-seal ability.

RCPP known as Retortable CPP has great heat resistance.

How can you Customize Spout Pouches?

The form and size of spout pouches can be customized to your specification.

You can customize spout pouches for customers to distinctly recognize them on shopping mall shelves as well as retail outlets.

You can customize spout pouches to create room for products that are susceptible to oxygen to prevent oxygen inflow.

You can customize spout pouches with several and single-colored digital printing or designs.

Additionally, you can print unique logo, graphics or any other information that makes the spout pouch unique.

Custom spout pouches

Custom spout pouches

What are the Types of Custom Spout Pouches?

Based on your needs, there are several types of custom spout pouches to choose from.

· Custom Printed Spout Pouches for Food

This type of custom spout pouch is used for food products.

It is very adaptable and you can readily identify it.

Custom Printed Spout Pouches for Food is preferred over other pouches because it is environmentally friendly and can be customized easily.

Materials used on custom printed spout pouches for food are FDA approved and BPA free.

· Custom Spout Pouches for Baby Food

This type of custom spout pouch is ideal for baby food.

Custom Spout Pouches for Baby Food keeps baby food from going bad.

You do not have to peel a Custom Spout Pouches for Baby Food to use it.

Children adore Custom Spout Pouches for Baby Food.

They are appealing to babies because they come in 10 different colors.

Custom spout for baby food does not hurt babies. It is designed for use by babies.

· Custom Spout Pouches with Handle

This type of custom spout pouch is lightweight and portable.

It can be used anywhere and

Also, it is very durable.

The size and shape of the handle of a Custom Spout Pouches with Handle are customizable.

They are available in oval and triangle shapes.

· Custom Spout Pouch for Coffee

This type of custom spout pouch is used for packaging coffee.

They have valves that release air from the bag to ensure that coffee retains its flavor.

What are the Features of Custom Spout Pouches?

Some of the main features of custom spot pouches include:

· Spouts

Pouch with different spout designs

Pouch with different spout designs

Spouts are used for liquids like gel, detergents, oil, and beverages.

The major fitment options for a spout available to you are all diameter spout, wine fitment, ez-pour spout, and child resistance caps.

· Treatment Options

There are many treatment options you can add to custom spout pouches.

They include de-metalizing, the shape of your pouch, a tear notch, custom windows, hang hole, surface printing, tin tie, and laser perforation.

The window enables you to see the packaged content.

You can customize windows in many sizes and shapes.

Hang holes are used hanging the package.

You can customize it in any shape and size.

The valve is added to the pouch. It enables gases to escape from custom spout pouches that contain coffee beans.

Surface printing can be glossy, matte, or a mix of both.

The tin tie is added to pouches for alternative sealing.

Laser perforation makes the opening of a package easier, release steam when microwaving and films to increase the shelf life of a product.

De-metallizing improves the appearance and shelf life of products as it is resistant to light.

What are the Printing options of a Custom Spout Pouches?

There are three printing options available for making your custom spout pouches appealing and readable to consumers.

They are flexo printing, gravure printing, and digital printing.

Printed custom spout pouch

 Printed custom spout pouch

· Flexo Printing

This printing technique is used for simple surface printing.

It is low cost and applied in printing easy images and texts.

· Gravure Printing

The gravure printing technique is used for quality reverse printing.

Besides, the cost of printing using this technique is medium.

Also, the images and text printing using this technique are complicated.

Gravure printing has a minimum run of 10000 bags.

· Digital Printing

Digital printing is used for printing medium quality surfaces.

This printing technique is high cost and it is used for printing complicated images and texts.

Digital printing techniques do not have a minimum run.

This printing technique can print from 200 to 20000 to 2000 pouches depending on your request.

Digital printing techniques cause custom print pouches prices to be significantly high.

What can you use a Custom Spout Pouches for?

You can use a custom spout pouch to package several products and they are:







Nutritional supplements


Pet foods

Snack foods

How many Layers do a Custom Spout Pouches have?

A custom spout pouch has three layers namely the printing layer, barrier layer, and heat seal layer.

  • Printing layer is the surface layer of a custom spout pouch.
  • Barrier layer is the laminated layer of a custom spout pouch.
  • Heat seal layer is the inner layer that is in contact with the food.

Are Custom Spout Pouches FDA Approved?

The materials used in making custom spout pouches are FDA approved.

How are Custom Spout Pouches Produced?

The main process in custom spout pouches manufacturing process involve:

i. A pouch is produced by subjecting materials to several plows that fold the gusset into the base. This process enables the pouch to stand.

ii. Vertical seals are created together with the pouch once the gusset is formed.

iii. A spout is sealed inside the part of the pouch that is near the top edge.

iv. The spout is arranged next to the top end to seal ends and minimize the degree of thickness.

v. The lower folds are secured using a machine to clasp together gusset on both sides.

vi. The pouch is vertically divided along the middle of the seal’s side to produce the container element of a spout pouch.

vii. The custom pouches are printed, inspected and packaged ready for shipping

What are the Environmental Benefits of Custom Spout Pouches?

You will realize a lot of environmental benefits when you use custom spout pouches.

The amount of plastic used in making custom spout pouches is less than that used in making plastic bottles.

This makes it an environmentally friendly packaging option.

The amount of fuel used in transporting custom spout pouches is less than that used in transporting plastic bottles.

This is because the amount of space occupied by spout pouches in less.

Low fuel consumption means less carbon emission which is good for the environment.

What Factors should you Consider when Choosing Custom Spout Pouches?

When considering a custom spout pouch there is a list of things that you should consider.

They are:

Custom spout pouch

Custom spout pouch

· Quantity

Some products are too little or large to store in a pouch.

As such you should consider the quantity of your product before determining if you need a spout pouch.

· Shape of the Spout Pouch

The shape of a spout pouch is important since some products need a rigid spout pouch and others need a handy spout pouch.

· Content

The type of product you want to store determines the type of spout pouch.

It will also determine whether you need a pouch or any other packaging solution.

For instance, you cannot use a zip lock pouch if you have liquid products.

· Your Budget

You have to consider your budget before choosing a packaging method.

Custom spout pouches come at different prices.

It will depend on size, color, design, and other add-on features.

What is the Difference between a Top Center and Corner Spout in Custom Spout Pouches?

For top center, the spout is at the upper section of the pouch.

In most cases, it is at the center.

Top center custom spout

To center custom spout

For corner spout, it is on the extreme corners of the pouch.

Basically, it appears to be on the side.

Corner spout in pouch

Corner spout in pouch

What is the Cost of Custom Spout Pouches?

The cost of a custom spout pouch depends on the printing technique, sealing mechanism, size of the pouch, type of material used, and the features of the pouch.

How do you Test the Quality of Custom Spout Pouches?

There are two types of quality tests performed on custom spout pouch.

· Burst Strength

This process involves pressurizing a custom spout pouch until the seal break open.

Burst tests pinpoint the weak areas in the seal and guarantee you receive the quality package.

· Barrier Testing

The oxygen and moisture permeation rate is tested to ensure that it is of the needed level.

Also, modified atmosphere packaging is done to remove air from the pouches and replaced with those slowing oxidation impact and microbe growth.

What are the Stages in Liquid Custom Spout Pouches Filling and Sealing?

To effectively realize the benefits of using a custom spout pouch you must understand the filling and sealing processes.

Seven stages are involved.

1. Loading

In this stage, pouches are loaded in the liquid sealing and filling machine’s bag magazine.

The process is done manually by a human.

Then, the pouches are moved to the internal part of a machine using the bag feeding roller.

Here a robot uses vacuum suction buffers to hold a pouch and move it to the bag gripper.

2. Gripping

Each time a proximity sensor detects a pouch in the magazine and robot technology completes its function.

The pouch is continuously held throughout its journey in the pouch making machine by grippers.

The grippers are capable of holding up to 10 kgs (this varies depending on the type and size of the machine).

3. Embossing

The embossing stage is where the codes and dates that appear on the final product is embossed on a pouch.

It uses an embossing or printing equipment.

Embossing inkjet printers are suitable but thermal transfer alternatives can also be used.

Thermal transfer alternative inscribes characters on the sealed bag when it arrives.

4. Opening

At this stage, the vacuum suction buffers hold the exterior of a pouch and slowly open the bag.

The machine uses an explosion of clean air to open the pouch widely.

The sensors found in the machine can determine whether pouches are available or not.

If there is no pouch, the sensors communicate to the sealing and filling station.

Therefore, it does not engage.

Communicating that a pouch is missing helps in minimizing spillage and eliminating product loss.

It also facilitates the reuse of empty pouches in the coming cycle.

5. Product Filling

During product filling, a predefined amount of liquid is dispensed in the pouch using a piston filler that siphons the product from the holding tank.

The specifications of the filler depend on the properties of the liquid product.

Generally, liquid pumps can manage all forms of liquid from water to thick sauces.

When a product is a mixture of solid and liquid elements this stage only discharges solid elements.

To make sure that the solid elements remain at the base of a pouch the settle machine shakes the pouch.

A product may have solid and liquid elements or require high amount of liquid.

In such situations, the bag is moved to the secondary filling station.

The secondary filling station discharges the liquid product.

6. Initial Sealing Station and Deflation

At this stage, the pouch goes through a deflation process.

Two wired deflators are used in squeezing extra air out of the pouches.

Two levels of sealing are important for liquid products.

This is to ensure secure and proper pouch sealing.

The heat sealing component closes on top of the sealing part.

That is, on the upper area of the pouch.

Then it joins the adhesive film layers to produce a closed gusset.

In joining the film layers, you can also use ultrasonic sealing.

Ultrasonic sealing uses vibrations to create molecular rubbing that produces heat between film layers.

Heat sealing needs a secondary sealing process to strengthen the seals.

It also ensures the seams of the package are closed completely.

Ultrasonic sealing does not require a secondary sealing process.

7. Seal Cooling and Discharge

A cooling element is passed above the sealed area of the pouch to flattens and strengthens the seam.

The completed custom spout pouch is released in the conveyer belt that moves into the last packaging.

The last packaging can be a carton or case packer.

What Styles of Pour Spouts are in Stand up Pouches?

Some of the main styles of pour spouts in stand up pouches are:

· Tamper Visible Twist Caps

The twist caps have a ring that separates from the main cap when the primary cap is opened.

You can use it for beverage and food packages.

Besides, you can use it for refill packages such as detergents and soaps.

· Child-Friendly Spout Caps

This pour style is used on beverages and foods meant for children to use.

They are large to make them easy for kids to handle.

Besides, they prevent kinds from chocking on the spout caps.

· Twist & Cork Mini Spout

It has a tiny cap installed over the spout that is peeled through twisting.

You can use it in corking a spout when turned over.

· Tamper-visible Foil Lid Spouts

In this type of fitment, the spout is covered with a foil that the customer removes after purchase.

You can use it for both beverage and food.

· Large Mouth Spouts with a Pull-Ring

The pull ring is found in the mouth of the spout.

It protects the contents of the package.

You can use it for dry food and liquid packaging.

· Flip Lid Spouts Caps

This pour style has lit and hinge with a tiny pin that acts as a cork for closing the small opening.

You can remove the twist completely if you want to expose the wide opening.

 What is the Function of the Spout in Stand up Pouches?

In a pouch, a spout is needed to pour packaged content out of the bag to prevent spillage.

Are Custom Spout Pouches Tamper-resistant?

Tamper resistant spout

Tamper resistant spout

Yes, custom spout pouches are tamper-resistant.

It has three layers made up of materials which are stiff, tough, resistant to temperature, moisture, and oxygen.

The materials make custom spout pouches impact, crack, and stress-resistant.

Can you Reuse Custom Spout Pouches?

Yes, you can reuse custom spout pouches.

However, this will depend on the type of material for the pouch.

Remember, they are also eco-friendly.

With this information, am sure you can get high quality custom spout pouches at affordable prices.

However, in case you have any question about custom spout pouches, feel free to talk to TedPack team.

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