Coffee Pouch: Ultimate Guide

Coffee pouches are small paper-like containers that you can use to package your coffee grinds or beans.

This guide takes you through the nitty-gritty of coffee pouches.

coffee pouches

Coffee pouches

The Benefits of Coffee Pouch

The packaging of your product can be the reason for huge sales or lower sales.

I have listed some of the reasons why you should consider using coffee pouches to your coffee packaging.

  • Unlike other conventional packaging, pouches occupy less space. When you use pouches for packaging your coffee, you save yourself extra space.
  • Unlike glass jars, pouches are not breakable. If a coffee pouch falls from the shelf, there is no wastage of product since it does not break.
  • Coffee pouches enhance the shelf life of the coffee beans or grinds. Due to the continuous emission of gases by roasted coffee beans, they have shorter shelf-lives in other containers.
  • Packaging coffee beans in pouches enhances their taste. The gases which the coffee beans emit enhance their taste, and the pouch preserves this taste.
  • Pouches are more durable than glass jars.
  • They cost less. Using pouches saves you some money on production costs.
  • Coffee pouches are more customer-friendly due to how convenient they are. You can carry them with you anywhere.
  • The zip lock on the pouches means that you can reuse the pouches multiple times.
  • Pouches are made from biodegradable material, which makes them very environment-friendly.
  • Consumers can recycle the pouches to store cooking ingredients after using the coffee.
  • Pouches give your product an attractive look when put on display

Uses of Coffee Pouch

As the name implies, a coffee pouch is mainly a packaging material for coffee.

You can also use it for packaging teabags or raw tea leaves.

What to Consider When Choosing Coffee Pouch

As with every decision involving your products, choosing the right packaging is important.

If you decide to use coffee pouches for packaging your coffee beans, you might want to consider the following:

  • The type of pouch that is suitable for you. You need to choose a pouch that is both stand-up, and airtight. The most common stand-up pouches are the doy pack, the side fold bag, the Quad seal bag, and the flat bottom bag.
  • The internal material of the pouch: Roasted coffee beans are sensitive to environmental factors. Use protective material like aluminum to make the inside of your pouch. Unless you plan to finish your coffee within a short period, the presence of a barrier is important.
  • The presence of a de-gassing valve on your pouch: The valve helps to remove the excess CO2 and keep your coffee fresh for longer.

coffee pouch showing the degassing valve

Coffee pouch showing the de-gassing valve

  • The design of the coffee pouch: You need to choose a coffee pouch design based on how you want to fill in your coffee. For example, it is easier to fill a side fold bag manually, than a doypack.
  • Does your coffee pouch have a zipper? This question is important if you intend to package a large quantity of coffee per bag. If you intend to make one-time use of coffee, you can use a pouch without a zipper.
  • How consumer-friendly is your pouch? It would be best to choose a pouch that makes it easy for consumers to get the coffee out.
  • It is important to choose a coffee pouch that resonates with your business style. You could get creative with the color, type of valve, etc.
  • The compatibility of your label with the pouch itself: If your label is matte, you might want to also go with a matte material pouch.

You can never be too careful when choosing a package for your product.

Choosing the right packaging could mean more sales, while the wrong one means the opposite.

Types of Coffee Pouch

Here are the various types of coffee pouches:

1. The Doypack: the top of this coffee pouch is flat, while its bottom has an oval shape. Besides, the Doypack is a stand-up pouch that usually has a zipper. It is a premium pouch style and costs more than the other simpler pouches.

This coffee pouch is easier to fill using an automatic filler and not a manual one.

the doypack coffee pouch

The doypack coffee pouch.

2. Bag-in-bag Coffee Pouches: as the name implies, this is like a bag within a bag type of pouch.

You fill the smaller pouches with coffee then put the quantity of smaller pouches you desire into a large pouch.

The bag-in-bag pouch is suitable for selling in bulk or large quantities.

the small coffee bags inside a bigger pouch

The small coffee bags inside a bigger pouch

3. The Pillow Bag: amongst all the pouches, this is the least expensive when it comes to production.

You can use the pillow bag for packaging coffee for one-time usage.

It is not a stand-up pouch, and lies flat just for display. It has a pillow-like shape.

the pillow bag

The pillow bag

4. Flat bottom bag: the flat bottom bag is a stand-up coffee pouch. It is also the most famous pouch type for packaging coffee.

The design is available with a ziplock and also without a ziplock.

flat bottom bag

Flat Bottom Bag

5. The Quad Seal Bag: this type of pouch is also a stand-up pouch. The seals are located at the sides.

You can use the quad seal bags to fill larger amounts of coffee, due to their strength.

The quad seal bag is also an expensive type of pouch.

quad seal bags on display

Quad Seal Bags on display

6. Center Seal Coffee Pouch: this is a very airtight and temperature-resistant type of pouch.

The seal is at the center of the pouch, making it more difficult for moisture to penetrate.

The center seal pouch can be either stand-up or pillow bag type.

center seal pouches

Center seal pouches

You can group all the pouch types into stand-up pouches, side-gusseted, and bottom-gusseted pouches.

While the side-gusseted pouches are a variant of the stand-up ones, the shape of their bottom differs.

Features of Coffee Pouch

Coffee pouches come in different designs and with varying features.

Some of the most common features coffee pouches have are:

  • The presence of a ziplock. Although zip locks could come in different variations, lots of coffee pouches have this zipper.
  • Another common feature of coffee pouches, are the hang-holes. The hang-holes are little cutouts at the top of pouches.

These cutouts are useful for hanging the pouches to put them on display.

  • Some Coffee pouches have tear notches above the ziplock, to ensure ease of opening.
  • De-gassing valves are another common feature of coffee pouches. These valves are probably the essential feature a coffee pouch should have.
  • Coffee pouches could have non-airtight packaging. This non-airtight packaging is suitable for one-off use of coffee.
  • There is also vacuum packaging for coffee pouches. The coffee beans are transferred to another packaging after some time, due to gas.
  • There is also the pressurized coffee pouch packaging

Best Material for Making Coffee Pouches

Various coffee pouches are made with different materials.

These materials are chosen based on their ability to protect their content from environmental factors.

The ability to retain freshness for longer is also an important quality to consider.

The most common material for coffee pouches is aluminum foil.

It provides the perfect barrier against environmental factors.

Although aluminum foil is expensive, it is one of the most commonly used materials for coffee pouches.

PET, according to some research, is considered the best material for making coffee pouches.

While it provides as much barrier as aluminum, it is less expensive.

PET returns to its original state when crinkled, unlike aluminum foil, which maintains the crease.

Manufacturing Process of Coffee Pouch

A machine usually manufactures the coffee pouch.

There are certain things to consider in the manufacturing process of coffee pouches.

  1. The first thing to consider is the size of the pouch.
  2. You also need to choose the material you want for your coffee pouch. The type of material and its thickness are subject to the purpose of the pouch.

For example, you might use a thin film barrier if the pouch is for temporary packaging.

After making all these decisions, you can then start producing your coffee pouch with the machine.

Customizing Options for Coffee Pouch

When it comes to customizing your coffee pouch, there are many ways to get creative with this.

You can decide to go for a matte look instead of the normal shiny look.

Another way to customize your coffee pouch is by choosing unique labeling designs.

The printing style on your pouch is also another way to get a custom-made look.

Although customizing your coffee pouch is expensive, it gives your products a unique look.

customized coffee pouches

Customized coffee pouches

Printing Techniques for Coffee Pouches

The various ways to print on coffee pouches include:

  • Direct print on the bags
  • Single-pass direct printing
  • Flexographic printing: it is the oldest printing technique available. Flexographic printing is suitable for small coffee pouches and takes less time to finish.
  • Desktop pouch printing
  • Digital printing: this is a modern method of printing. You can create artworks for your coffee pouches using digital printing materials.
  • Rotogravure printing: this technique is a bit high-end. Rotogravure printing uses bold colors to produce artworks and images for your product.

Safety Features of Coffee Pouch

The safety features on coffee pouches are:

  • The presence of ziplock ensures that the contents remain inside the pouch and do not spill even in transit.
  • De-gassing valve: the valve prevents the accumulation of CO2 gas in the pouch
  • The seal in some coffee pouches also ensures that the contents remain intact in transit.
  • Flat bottoms: the stand-up pouches have flat bottoms or rounded bottoms to enable them to stand independently. The stand-up design prevents the contents from moving around too much in the pouch.
  • The presence of a film barrier inside the pouch: The barrier prevents the coffee beans from interacting with the external environment.

Recommended Quality Standards for Coffee Pouch

You need to maintain certain standards when producing a coffee pouch. These standards  include:

  1. The coffee pouch must be impervious to moisture
  2. The coffee pouch must have a valve for removing gases
  3. Coffee pouches have to be durable, except they are for temporary packaging

Types of Closure for Coffee Pouch

The different closures available for coffee pouch are:

  • Heat seal tear notch
  • Press seal
  • Slide zipper seal
  • One-way valve
  • Re-sealable closure
  • Ziplock closure
  • Tape adhesive closure

re-sealable closure with a one-way valve

Re-sealable closure with a one-way valve

How to Choose Valve for Coffee Pouch

The one-way valve releases the gases from the pouch, while preventing other gases from getting into the coffee.

Make sure you choose a valve that is airtight, and able to release the gases without exploding.

How Coffee Pouch Improves your Business

  • Using coffee pouches to package your coffee makes your product look more attractive.
  • The products can stand alone while on display
  • Coffee pouches give you a wide option of sizes to package your coffee
  • The pouches with valves increase the shelf life of your coffee. Hence you can increase the production of pouches.
  • Coffee pouches allow you to customize your packaging and give your products a unique look.
  • Coffee pouches are versatile and can be recycled, which would attract customers more.

Re-closable Coffee Pouch

The re-closable coffee pouch has a seal at the top that you can close even after opening it the first time.

Most times, the seal of a re-closable pouch is a heat seal or a soft adhesive.

You can reseal the bag after opening it the first time.

This type of pouch is suitable for packaging a large quantity of coffee.

It is popular among consumers because you don’t need to finish your coffee the first time you open it.

Although this type of coffee pouch is popular among coffee lovers due to its ease of use, it also has disadvantages.

One of the most significant disadvantages of this pouch is that the coffee could lose its freshness after some time.

Due to the constant opening and resealing, the coffee might get in contact with moisture and other elements.

Another disadvantage of a re-closable pouch is that the seal gets weaker with each re-opening.

The weakness of the seal could lead to the spilling of the coffee if the pouch falls.

Benefits of Stand-up Coffee Pouch

  1. The fact that the stand-up pouch stands alone, adds to the general aesthetic of the display.
  2. Stand-up pouches prolong the freshness of your product. The fact that the pouch contents do not get moved around too much ensures that it stays intact.
  3. Most stand-up pouches have a ziplock that protects the coffee from external environmental factors.
  4. Stand-up pouches are easy to carry around because they are lightweight.
  5. Stand-up pouches allow for creativity in style, design, and even labeling
  6. Using a customized stand-up pouch makes your products look unique

Difference between Grind Coffee Pouches and Coffee Pouches (packaging)

Grind coffee pouches are little bags containing coffee with different flavors.

The Grinds coffee pouch is not brewed or steeped in hot water.

It is suitable for when you need a caffeine boost on the go.

Instead of drinking it like regular coffee, you put it in your mouth and lick to get the flavor and caffeine out.

Grinds coffee pouches come in a small can that contains up to 20 of the tiny pouches.

The content of a can of Grinds coffee pouch is equivalent to 4 or 5 cups of coffee.

On the other hand, coffee pouches are packaging materials for coffee beans.

Regular coffee pouches contain roasted coffee beans, which you brew and drink.

grinds coffee pouch

Grinds coffee pouch

The essence of Nicotine-Free Coffee Pouch

Nicotine has various adverse health effects like causing receding gums, and yellow teeth.

To get the complete flavor of Grinds coffee pouch, you need to place it between your lip and teeth.

Direct contact increases the chances of your teeth turning yellow, due to the direct contact.

Having nicotine-free coffee pouches allows people to enjoy the coffee without fear of the adverse effects of nicotine.

Sealing Methods for Coffee Pouch

The sealing method for your coffee pouch depends on the type of pouch.

Using direct heat to seal is suitable for most coffee pouches.

There are different machines used to seal pouches.

Some of these machines are hand-held, while others are automatic.

If you use a thick-layered pouch like the side-gusseted pouch, direct heat sealing is more suitable.

For other lighter pouch types, you can use a regular sealer like the hand-held one.

machine for sealing coffee pouch

Machine for sealing coffee pouch

Size Options for Coffee Pouch

The size options for coffee pouch vary according to the type you choose.

The smallest type of pouch is the pillow bag, and they are most suitable for one-time use.

The other types of coffee pouch are medium-sized and can contain moderate quantities of coffee.

The gusseted type of coffee pouch is suitable fora larger quantity of coffee.

different sizes of coffee pouch

Different sizes of coffee pouch

Best Design Ideas for Coffee Pouch

The more unique and attractive the design on your coffee pouch, the more customers you’re likely to attract.

You could get creative with the type of pouch you use or the printing technique.

The labeling of your coffee pouch is also another opportunity to flair your creativity.

creatively designed doypack

Creatively designed doypack

another creative pouch design

Another creative pouch design

Difference between Side-Gusset and Bottom-Gusset Coffee Pouch

Side- gusset and bottom-gusset pouches are a variation of the regular stand-up pouches.

These two types of coffee pouches have gussets, but they also have differences.

Some of the differences between them are shown below:

  1. The most obvious difference is the position of the gusset on both pouch types. The gusset on the side-gusset is located on the sides.

The gusset of the bottom gusset is at the bottom.

  1. The side-gusseted pouches occupy less space than their bottom-gusseted counterparts
  2. Bottom-gusset pouches are more versatile than side-gusset ones. Aesthetically, there are a lot of options to get creative with the bottom-gusset pouches.

You can play around with different shapes for the bottom-gusset pouch, unlike the side-gusset one.

  1. The bottom gusset comes in three types, according to their type of seal. There is the blow bottom gusset pouch, which comes without a seal.

The other types of the bottom-gusset pouch have seals along the sides.

Besides, the side-gusset pouch, on the other hand, has only one seal at the top.

  1. A bottom-gusset pouch of the same size as the side-gusset pouch is technically larger.

side-gusset pouch

Side-gusset pouch

bottom-gusset pouch

Bottom-gusset pouch

Standard Thickness for Coffee Pouch

There is no standard thickness for a coffee pouch.

The barrier of the pouch should be thick enough to protect the content from moisture and other environmental factors.

Different types of pouches also vary in thickness and dimension.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Coffee Pouch

  1. The production process of eco-friendly coffee pouches does not emit too much carbon.

Using the eco-friendly pouch means you reduce your contribution to global warming.

  1. Eco-friendly pouches are free from toxins and chemicals. Since coffee is for consumption, it is better to keep it toxin-free.
  2. People are more concerned about the environment these days, and would be more likely to buy eco-friendly packaged products.
  3. Eco-friendly packaging appeals to customers of all caliber
  4. Eco-friendly coffee pouches are biodegradable, thus making it easier to dispose of them after use.
  5. An eco-friendly coffee pouch is easy to recycle.
  6. Eco-friendly coffee pouches are lightweight, and easy to transport

Advantages of Buying Coffee Pouch from China

China produces some of the best quality coffee pouches in the market today.

Buying your coffee pouch from China guarantees you a quality buy, and affordable too.

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