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Coffee Beans Packaging to Skyrocket your Business

TedPack is a leading supplier and manufacturer of coffee beans packaging in China. We offered coffee beans packaging in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

  • Easy to store, convenient and reliable
  • Available at more competitive prices
  • Customize coffee beans packaging based on your specific requirements
  • Delivery in short-time; 2 weeks

Your Ideal Coffee Beans Packaging Manufacturer

TedPack, with over 20 years of expertise in coffee beans packaging, we offer the best packaging solution to each and every customer we deal with. As a trusted supplier, we provide good quality service to all. For your coffee beans packaging design, please feel free to email us or call us then.

Coffee Beans Packaging

TedPack offer a wide variety of coffee beans packaging able to keeps your coffee products fresh for longer. We can also design coffee bean packaging depending upon your needs.

Coffee beans packaging bags

Coffee beans packaging bags contain excellent features and properties which preserve coffee freshness and aroma. This bag can be added with practical accessories depend on your specific needs. When designing, TedPack uses various material like BOPP, PET, NY, Kraft paper, vary upon specifications.

Coffee beans plastic packaging

Coffee beans plastic packagings are made of Food-grade, FDA-approved materials. Packaging suitable not only for coffee beans but perfect for tea, powders, and other product. TedPack offers coffee beans plastic packaging in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Modern bags design will let your business skyrocket in the market.

Coffee beans recyclable packaging

Coffee beans recyclable packaging has a high barrier to main enemies such as oxygen, moisture, odor, and other elements. TedPack utilizes reliable materials and processed packaging for advanced technology. Our eco-friendly coffee beans recyclable packaging can be customized to the desired shape. With expert team and high tech technologies, we can exceed your expectations.

Customize coffee beans packaging

Customize coffee beans packaging is our second expertise. Bespoke solution for packaging has been part of our system. Customizing packaging includes bag size, shapes, colors, finishes, and printing. Effectively take your brand to the next level with TedPack services. Let your fresh goods packed with style.

Paper packaging for coffee beans

Paper packaging for coffee beans comes with great shelf life properties that stand on their own way. TedPack design the perfect paper packaging for coffee beans available in various holding capacities such as 8 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz. At TedPack, you can choose the sizes and features that best suit your brand/ product.

Roasted coffee beans packaging

This roasted coffee beans packaging will be your perfect solution to store your coffee beans for a longer period of time. Your goods will be protected from oxygen, moisture, odor, light and other elements that can harm. Ensure coffee freshness for a long time. This retail-friendly bag is ideal for keeping beans, tea products, and other goods fresh and secure.

TedPack Coffee Beans Packaging Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Coffee Beans Packaging

The coffee beans packaging is usually made out of high barrier materials. We can select the right material to match your label and bag itself.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, Kraft paper
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Coffee Beans Packaging Features & Accessories

TedPack design coffee beans packaging with extensive features and accessories. We can customize pouch based on your detailed specifications.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options on Your Coffee Beans Packaging

TedPack, as a professional supplier, we offer vast printing options to your unique coffee beans packaging design.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
Hi,I’m Noah, Business Development Director of Tedpack. Finding the best coffee beans packaging for your business/ next project needs? TedPack is your ideal place. With proficient understanding and rich expertise, we can help you select the perfect coffee beans packaging for your products. Get in touch with me for direct solution to your coffee beans packaging.
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TedPack Coffee Beans Packaging

Looking for coffee beans packaging for your business? TedPack is your reliable packaging manufacturer and supplier in China. As a professional provider, we are manufacturing coffee beans packaging in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

TedPack coffee beans packaging is made from high-quality raw materials and the latest production technology. Packaging provides excellent protection against relative elements such as oxygen, moisture, light, and odor.

We have a full line of coffee beans packaging specially designed for the best packaging result. Our rich experience in the packaging industry allowed us to perform along with the run of innovation.

With TedPack, you can ensure you will get the best value of your money.

All coffee beans packaging contains great features and properties which keep the distinctive flavor and aroma of packaging.

Each bag has a superior coating and barriers that maintain coffee beans to spoilage.

TedPack offers you the best packaging option. A reliable structure of bags will be packed with your coffee and other products.

Additionally, we offer two choices, standard, and custom coffee beans packaging design. Logo printing and design will be on your specifications.

Our distinguished team will handle your layout. Anyway, if you might feel unsure about your design, we will provide you assistance, good services.

TedPack coffee beans packaging solution will give your brand and product attention it deserves. Ensure your product great visibility and reach your consumers effectively.

At TedPack, we produce powerful tools to skyrocket your business. Over the years of specializing, unique applications and unique products are one of the deals we want to cope with.

Whether you need coffee beans packaging to maximize your brand or any project demand, TedPack is your best business partner.

We take time to understand each client’s specific needs. For some instance, we can recommend materials, and other factors to satisfy your particular requirements.

TedPack has the capability to custom print both small and large quantities of coffee beans packaging. We can be your one-stop solution, handling design, prototyping, manufacturing to delivery, all we are done in one roof.

Create your coffee beans packaging at TedPack. Contact us today!

Coffee Beans Packaging: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The new coffee beans packaging generates less waste and use less material while extending the product shelf-life.

Importing coffee beans packaging from China can really boost your business but only if you have the right information.

So, if you want to be an expert, read this guide.

What is a Coffee Beans Packaging?

Coffee Bean Packaging is a bag used to package coffee beans and other dry products to preserve their aroma and freshness using a degassing valve.

The Coffee bean packaging comes in different styles ranging from doypack, side fold bag, Quadro seal bag, or flat bottom bag.

And, the styles of the packaging influence the closure options applied to the Coffee Bean packaging.

Coffee bean packaging is added with accessories which depend on client specific needs.

These accessories include windows, tear notches, round corners, tin-ties and zippers.

Coffee beans bag packaging

Coffee beans bag packaging

Coffee Bean Packaging is used to Package what Products?

You can use it for the following:

  • Instant coffee
  • Coffee bean
  • Dry products
  • Tea
  • Powders
  • Confectionaries
  • Nuts

Why adopt Vacuum Packaging Solution for Coffee Beans?

Vacuum packing involves the removal of air from the package before filling it with designated products.

Coffee beans freshness can be impacted if it is exposed to oxygen gases, hence a vacuum of the bag eliminates all of the gases.

How much do Coffee Bean Packaging Cost?

The price of the bag is as a result of the production, quantity control and shipping costs which are usually lower.

Coffee Bean packaging costs around $0.001 per piece, although this is not the standard cost.

Overall, Coffee bean packaging are sold at competitive prices because the bags are produced in bulk.

Why do Coffee Beans Packagingneed Valves?

Coffee bag packaging with valve

Coffee bag packaging with valve

Valves offer buffers, exhausts and moisture proof properties.

In essence, Coffee Beans packaging need valves to help prevent the oxidation and explosion of bags.

If the gases emitted from the bag cannot be released, they accumulate over time and cause the bag to break.

Also, this feature helps in releasing gases emitted by the product as well as prevents the entry of gases into the bag thus achieving the preservation effect.

Typically, roasted coffee products produce natural gases which if left in the package could impair the potency of the product.

Additionally, if oxygen gases get into the bag they affect the quality of the package.

Valves are, therefore, placed strategically at the top part of the coffee bag.

What are the available Types of Coffee Beans Packaging?

  • Coffee Beans Packaging Bags
  • Coffee Beans Plastic Packaging
  • Coffee Beans Recyclable Packaging
  • Customize Coffee Beans Packaging
  • Paper Packaging for Coffee Beans
  • Roasted Coffee Beans Packaging
  • Stand Up Coffee Beans Packaging
  • Side Gusset Coffee Bags Plastic Pouch
  • Coffee Beans Eco Packaging

What are the Factors to Consider when Selecting Coffee Beans Packaging?

Choosing the suitable packaging for your product is about a lot more than just an attractive design.

The packaging keeps the product fresh for a long time meaning it has an impact on the freshness of your product.

Packaging is an essential part of your product which is why custom-made packaging has gained popularity across the globe.

· Barrier Properties

It is imperative that your coffee beans stay fresh meaning that your package must be airtight.

It is possible to recognize this by the presence of a valve, which emits the CO2 gas from roasted coffee.

Coffee is highly sensitive to external influences and a barrier will keep pout UV light, oxygen and moisture that impairs the bean’s profile.

The barrier of the package can be metallized or Aluminum in the form of 3 or more laminate layers.

Additionally, a 2- ply laminate with a high barrier polyester can keep Coffee beans fresh for long.

Since this laminate is made from 100% plastic, it is highly recyclable.

To further provide barrier properties, you can consider dense artwork printing.

· Bag Style

There are several package types that you can consider for your Coffee Bean packaging.

Flat bottom, doypack, side fold bag, and Quadro seal bag. Doypack is flat at the top and round at the bottom.

It can, therefore, stand on its own on the shelf. In addition, this bag has a zipper as a reclosability option improving user friendliness.

Flat bottom bag has four corners but with a flat bottom.

This bag has a square style which gives it excellent marketing capabilities as well as stand up properties.

The side fold bag cannot stand on its own, however, it has a solid feel when you hold it.

The side straight lines give the bag a minimalistic look.

This bag is closed using a tin-tie because it is folded before heat sealing.

A Quadro seal bag, on the other hand, has all its four corners sealed.

The bag takes a square shape allowing the use of a zipper to close it.

· Reclosability

A coffee bean packaging should be user friendly.

When selecting the best package, one with a zipper is suitable.

Packaging with a zipper is often preferred as it is a single use bag.

In essence, zipper is suitable for consumers who use the coffee beans straight from the package.

Even though the packaging may lose its airtight qualities once it’s been opened, the ability to close the bag will have a great effect on the freshness of product.

Consumers can be informed to blow out any air from the bag before closing it, thus leaving limited oxygen in the package.

It is, therefore, suitable for consumers who use a whole package of coffee beans at once.

· FillingProcess

Bag design can slow down or speed up the filling process of a coffee bean package.

A bag with a zipper as a closure option has both top corners open enabling easy filling of the package.

A bag with a side fold design has four corners at the top meaning a larger space for filling.

Since the opening is large, it is easy to fill semi-automatically or manually.

The most important factor to consider is the opening which must be wide enough to allow easy filling.

The zipper or tin-tie feature of a bag can show whether it is suitable for coffee bean packaging or not.

Also, the bag design will influence this decision.

· Labels

Coffee industry stipulates that brands should have labels showing different aspects of their products as well as company.

The label communicates messages such as the source of coffee beans, method of processing, date of roast and company information.

The labels should be clear and clean enough to communicate the intended message to the audience.

You should use color to print the labels of the packages.

Additionally, the material of the label must match with that of the bag.

For instance, a matt plastic label blends with a matt surface.

Overall, the label should be suitable for the bag and be eye-catching.

· Appearance

The package should be able to draw the attention of customers while on display on shelfs.

To achieve this, one can create attractive artwork on the surface of the bag.

Similarly, one can use different colors, varnishes or unique bag measurements for the package.

The final package is one that is appealing to the customers.

What determine the Price of Coffee Beans Packaging?

The price of Coffee Bean packaging is based on:

Coffee beans bag packaging

Coffee beans bag packaging

· Material

Bags made using several materials cost a lot as compared to those made using lesser material.

Different materials are sold at different prices in the market.

Plastic although sold at average prices, are still costly as compared to others such as Aluminum and natural Kraft paper.

The price of a Coffee bean packaging, therefore, depends on the material used.

· Thickness

A thick bag is one with a measurement of around 2.5ml and above.

A very thick bag is usually made using more material which means higher costs.

Also, it costs more to have a thick bag because of the additional costs incurred laminating the material films.

As a result, a thin bag is less costly as compared to a thicker bag.

· Printing

There are different printing processes which can be used to brand the packages.

However, the cost of these printing processes varies.

Digital printing is costly as compared to rotogravure and flexographic printing.

A coffee bag packaging printed using digital printing process is costly, and this is due to the high per unit cost.

· Size

A larger Coffee bean packaging is costly as compared to a small package.

A larger size requires more material, printing and production costs.

All of these costs reflect in the final price of the bags.

· Quantity

The price of packaging depends on the number of pieces of Coffee Bean packaging.

The price of the bags reduces as the quantity increases.

And, this is due to economies of scale.

An order of 1000 – 4999 pieces is sold at $US0.05 per piece.

Similarly, an order of 5000 –9999 pieces is sold at US$0.35 per piece.

An order of 50,000 pieces also results in $0.01 per piece.

Are Coffee Beans Packaging FDA Approved?

Absolutely, they are.

Coffee Bean packaging must be FDA certified.

The raw materials used for making the bags have to be FDA approved.

With this certification, the bag is approved as safe for packaging human food.

Are Coffee Beans Packaging Recyclable?

Yes, they are.

The raw materials used in the manufacture of Coffee Beans packaging are recyclable.

The plastic used to make this bag such as PE, PET and LLDE are considered to be recyclable.

Why Import Coffee Beans Packaging from China?

Coffee beans bag packaging

Coffee beans bag packaging

  • There is free design and OEM services
  • Coffee Bean packaging support the growth of OEM businesses. There are several OEM businesses that sell this bag type on behalf of the manufacturing companies in China.
  • Coffee Beans packaging from China are FDA approved
  • The Coffee Beans packing manufacturing companies offer customization services to their clients and brand
  • Coffee Bean packaging from China are sold at affordable/competitive prices
  • The manufacturing companies in China offer samples to their clients either free or on sample charge
  • Brands/clients can access large numbers/pieces of Coffee Bean packaging at a go. And, this is due to the minimum order of quantity at 10,000 pieces
  • Coffee Bean packaging from China are eco-friendly
  • There is thorough quality inspection of the Coffee Bean packaging

What are the Filling Options of Coffee Beans Packaging?

You can fill a coffee bean packaging semi-automatically or manually.

To fill the bag automatically, you use a packaging machine for automatic filling.

This machine can handle different types of Coffee bean packaging.

Similarly, you can fill a Coffee bean packaging manually.

You first ensure that the top of the bag is wide open through opening the zipper or tin-tie.

After this, you will have created a pocket in the bag.

Once the bag is wide open, you use a weigher funnel or a scoop to introduce the contents into the bag.

Similarly, you can fill the bag through introducing the products with your hands.

Following this, you fill the bag two-thirds leaving a small space at the top of the coffee bag for circulation of CO2.

What are the Closure Options of Coffee Beans Packaging?

There are two main types of Coffee Bean packaging closure options:

· Zipper

Coffee Bean packaging has a reclosable zipper.

Flat bottom bag and Doypack bags allow a lot of possibilities in terms of zippers.

And, a Coffee bean package made using these two styles enjoy these possibilities.

The bags have two top corners at the top which are closed using this feature.

· Tin-Ties

This reclosable feature is suitable for a side fold coffee bean packaging bag.

This bag is closed by folding over or rolling up the top then sealing it using a tin-tie.

A Coffee bean package manufactured using a side fold bag style has a tin-tie as its reclosability feature.

The folding buckle which is then sealed using a tin-tie can be opened several times to achieve moisture resistance and protection.

What Quality Certificates to Coffee Beans Packaging Manufacturers offer?

FDA certification is labelled on the side of the bag.

This certificate shows that the bag is safe for package of food products.

Manufacturers have to ensure that their products meet the FDA requirements.

SGS certification ensures safety, quality and integrity in the food processing industry.

ISO9001 and ISO 2000 are ISO certifications which show that a manufacturing company has the authority to manufacture Coffee bean packaging.

Quality Safe certification is to ensure that the bag is high quality and suitable for use in packaging coffee beans.

Are Coffee Beans Packaging Moisture Proof?

Absolutely, they are.

Coffee beans must be kept in fragrant and dry areas.

As such, Coffee bean packaging are moisture proof to prevent humidity and oxygen from penetrating into the bag and affecting its quality.

You can know that coffee beans have lower quality by identifying its taste.

Exposure to moisture shortens the best taste of coffee beans.

What is the Lead-time in Production of Coffee Bean Packaging?

The leading time in production of Coffee bean packaging is 13 days, especially if it is mass production.

For samples already in stock, the leading time is 1 days.

However, the leading time for new samples is 11 days.

Which Information do you need to get Quotation for Coffee Bean Packaging Manufacturing?

Coffee beans bag packaging

Coffee beans bag packaging

  • Detailed specifications (size, material, color, thickness, photo or logo sketch).
  • Packaging
  • The demand quantity
  • Other special requirements as stated by client

How do you pack a Coffee Bean packaging?

Packing a Coffee Bean packaging involves the use of an automatic packaging machine.

The machine fills the bag with specific amounts of products then seals it.

You can then pack around 100 pieces or more of Coffee bean packaging in one bundle in readiness for shipment.

What is the MOQ of Coffee Bean Packaging?

The MOQ of Coffee bean packaging is 10,000 pieces.

Of course, there are manufacturers who offer flexible packaging options.

Do Coffee Bean Packaging Manufacturers have a Product Return Policy?

Yes, manufacturers have a product return policy.

If you are not 100% satisfied with Coffee bean packaging purchased from a manufacturer, you can return the product for a full refund.

A refund is done within 30 days of your purchase date.

The bags have to be in the condition in which you received them.

However, if the package has been tampered with, you cannot return to manufacturers.

What are the Industrial Applications of Coffee Bean Packaging?

  • Commodity packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Pet packaging

Are Coffee Bean Packaging Customizable?

Yes, they are.

Customization is according to product characteristics and customer requirements.

You can customize the materials, color, size, printing option, and design of the bag.

For instance, you can make a Coffee Bag package which is brown or black in color.

Similarly, it can be printed on using gravure, flexographic or digital printing process.

How a Coffee Bean package appears depend on customer specifications.

Do Coffee Bean Packaging Manufacturers offer Free Samples?

Yes, they do.

Coffee bean packaging samples are available for free.

However, if you want samples of the same exact order, samples have to be made using the same production process.

And, this involves incurring sample charge.

The sample charge entails the material cost and machine charge.

What are the Available Coffee Bean Packaging Designs?

Coffee Bean packaging is significantly varied.

Packaging can break or make a brand.

It is key in generating a positive first impression as well as helping companies stand out in a competitive market.

A good design has to be not just functional but also eye-catching.

What this means is that the design has to attract the eye of new customers and keep coffee beans safe. There are two main designs:

· Stock

Stock design entails the traditional aspects of a Coffee bean package.

These aspects are the small, medium and large sizes of coffee bean packaging.

Also, the thickness of bags ranging from 2.5mm to 6 mm and others.

· Custom Designs

A Coffee bean package with a custom design is one which is unique in all aspects from the shape, size, to color.

These specifications are outlined by the client to fit their product.

Do Coffee Bean Packaging Manufacturers in China help in Shipping?

Yes, they do.

They ship Coffee Bean packaging according to customer choice when placing orders.

Some of the shipping methods used by manufacturers include Hong Kong post, UPS, EMS, China Post, DHL, and Fedex among others.

Similarly, manufacturers can ship by sea and air.

Can you Print on Coffee Bean Packaging?

Yes, you can.

Gravure is the most preferred printing process for Coffee Bean packaging. It is a direct method of printing on bag films.

There is a printing cylinder which has been laser engraved with symbols, letters and graphics.

It can retain the pattern, size and ink which reflect the final image.

The cells transfer their ink onto films by the use of capillary action and pressure thus producing printed images.

Printing of the bags is done using water-based and ketone-free ink.

The printing machine can print up to 12 colors on the bag making it attractive and eye-catching.

Besides, gravure is a cheap printing process as compared to the others.

What are the Materials used to make a Coffee Bean Packaging?

Since Coffee Bean packaging have three/more layers which perform specific functions, they are made using a wide variety of materials.

The materials are used separately or combined to form film structures which offer improved bag properties.

Natural Kraft paper solely provides high barrier protection for the Coffee Bean packaging.

It is preferred by brands seeking eco-friendly packaging bags.

PET/Aluminum/LLDPE provides excellent barrier protection against moisture, oxygen and light for extended shelf life.

The film also has good mechanical properties which improves their stability.

BOPPfilms have excellent moisture barrier, seal strength, mechanical properties and surface gloss.

These properties make it suitable for the manufacture of Coffee bean packaging layers.

Nylon material has excellent flexible strength.

It is also lightweight improving the coffee bean bag’s flexibility and portability features.

At TedPack, we design and manufacture high quality and reliable coffee beans packaging.

Whether you want standard or custom coffee beans packaging, TedPack offers a perfect solution.

Contact us today for the best prices on coffee beans packaging solution.

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