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Volume from 2oz to 16oz, 1lbs to 5lbs all size available, MOQ lower to 100 Pcs via digital print, shortest delivery in 7 days. Printed max to 10 colors, classic aluminum foil and kraft paper options

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Tedpack can customize any type of coffee bag for your coffee business. If you are a new bee or start-up in the coffee business, now we present digital print coffee bags options starting from 100pcs and the fastest delivery in 7 days. Now we offer a gusset pouch, stand up pouch, and flat bottom pouch 3 pouch options.

  • Goglio and Wipf One Side and Both Side Degass Valve Available
  • China local valve brands are more costly with nearly the same quality
  • Aroma proof and high barrier property material available
  • White, black, brown Kraft Paper and Aluminum Foil Material Choice
  • Eye-catching and premium quality printing up to 10 colors
  • Monthly supply ability more than 10 million pieces pouch
  • MOQ lower to 100 Pcs via digital print now, shortest delivery in 7 days
  • Free delivery coffee bags samples for your fastest reference
  • Quote custom printed pouch within 24 hours
Custom your coffee bags with TedPack and start your own coffee business now!
MOQ100pcs by digital print, 10000pcs by gravure print.
Size1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz,32oz, 1lb, 2lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs, 5lbs
MaterialPET+AL/PETAL/Kraft Paper+LLDPE
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Valve, Window
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing
STAND UP POUCH60x110cm (min), 320x450cm (max)60 microns – 180 microns (2.5mil – 7.5mil )BOPP/PET + PETAL + LLDPE + CPP100 piecesLow / Medium
FLAT BOTTOM POUCH80x120cm (min)    320x450cm + 120cm (max)60 microns – 180 microns (2.5mil – 7.5mil )BOPP/PET/PA + Kraft Paper + AL FOIL + PETAL + LLDPE + CPP100 pieces ( Depend on size )Medium / High

TedPack: Your Leading Coffee bag manufacturer in China

At TedPack,the Coffee Bag degassing valve technology employed in our pouches helps to allow air out from the bag without letting air in. This technology ensures that coffee is kept fresh and sealed tightly inside the pouch.

The degassing valve allows the built-up carbon dioxide to escape while the coffee freshness killers such as moisture, oxygen, or light are not permitted in. The one-way degassing valve ensures that customers get fresh coffee.

However, Coffee Bags have replaced all that and have made packaging to change for the better.  When choosing a packaging product for your coffee, there are some factors one needs to look at and those factors are further discussed below.

The freshness state of the coffee until it reaches the customer.  This means that the supplier must make sure the coffee stays fresh when being distributed to businesses, stores, cafes, or shipped to end user in foreign countries (as export). Freshly roasted coffee releases carbon dioxide which makes it hard to maintain its freshness.

To ensure that the freshness is preserved, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) options are utilized. Send your inquiry to make your perfect coffee bags.

Coffee Bag with Valve

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Custom printed bean coffee bag allows you to showcase your products professionally. Whether you want one simple color logo or multi-colored graphic design, custom printing is the most effective technique to communicate with clients. At TedPack, we will help you with the bag custom printing procedure. Furthermore, the bags are fitted with one-way degassing valves that exist air and pressure, making the product to stay fresh for longer.

Custom printed coffee bag comes with attractive printings in different colors. As our client, you can choose the printing style, pouch size, shape, and color depending on the packaging needs. When filled, the side gussets do unfold to hold more volume of coffee. Additionally, to enhance the appearance your pouches on shelves, side gussets can be printed with advertisement messages, graphical images, user guides, company logos, and names. Lastly, these bags come with a one-way degassing valve to allow carbon gas produced by roasted coffee escape.

Custom printed stand up bean coffee bag offers an effective packaging solution, thanks to its sleek design. The bags are fitted with a one-way degassing valve to allow the gas released by roasted coffee beans to escape after the bag sealing. Bear in mind, air accumulation inside the pouch can result in bag bursting. Additionally, the bags are made of high-quality laminated materials for better barrier protection.

Custom printed stand up coffee bags are pouches optimized for visibility through self-standing and custom printing. First, they come in different colors that enhance their visibility. Secondly, these bags are high barrier pouches made of high-quality laminated materials such as PE, PP, MPET, VMPET, Kraft paper, PET, LLDPE, and AL. For this reason, the packaged coffee will be safe from external environmental hazardous effects. Note, with custom printing; your bags will be decorated using promotional messages, company logos, product names, and user guides which are necessities to improve product visibility.

Many clients like custom printed coffee bean bags because they are optimized for visibility. First, these bags will enable you to market your coffee via custom print, advertisement messages, unique colors, and pouch shapes, sizes, and add-ons. The pouches are manufactured with optimum laminated films for improved high barrier properties. This means that your product is protected from the effects of the external environment, such as UV light, odor, oxygen, and moisture. They also come with a flat bottom that allows them to stand upright.

Custom Printed Kraft paper coffee bag is manufactured with Kraft paper materials alongside other laminated films like PP, PET, MPET, and PE. This laminated design plays a role in protecting your packaged coffee from UV light, odor, moisture, and oxygen. Due to these bags self-standing capability, the bags can be arranged effortlessly on the shelves for storage. For marketing purposes, we will do custom printing on the bags using flexo, rotogravure, and digital printing machines.

Custom printed paper coffee bags are ideal for advertising your product and brand. This paper pouch can get custom printed as per your preferred style and printing design. That means you will have your company logo, label, branding graphics, and other marketing imprints you deem essential for marketing purposes. Secondly, the structure of these bags is made up of laminated films to make sure your packaged coffee will be safe from moisture, UV light, Pest, and oxygen. Lastly, degassing valve, tear notches, zip locks, and round corners are some of the must-have add-ons available for you.

Custom printed plastic coffee bags are one of the packaging solutions with an improved shelf appeal. At TedPack, we provide several options in which you can customize your bags to meet the expected packaging requirements. Our digital, flexo, and rotogravure printing offers the best service when it comes to pouch printing services. Note, custom printing plays a significant role in promoting your brand to potential clients. Lastly, these bags come with one-way degassing valves that allow carbon gas produced by roasted coffee beans to escape. Furthermore, they are fitted with resealable zipper for easy opening and reclosing.

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Coffee Bag By Pouch Type (9)

  • Coffee bag

    Coffee bag contains different bag types, including stand up bag, gusset bag and flat bottom bag. Among of them, flat bottom bag has the highest market acceptance and popularity. In addition, coffee bags made of recyclable or compostable metalized materials have also become the choice for more and more people. They can not only protect the environment, but also provide sufficient barrier properties for coffee and can extend the shelf life of coffee.

  • coffee bean bags

    Moisture, air, high temperature and sunlight are the main factors that affect the quality of coffee beans. Coffee bean bags usually use aluminum material and add the coffee valve. Aluminum will have better light resistance and barrier properties, while the coffee valve can release carbon dioxide inside the bag.With these protection, the original flavor of coffee bean can be well preserved.

  • mini coffee bags

    The minimum size of Flat bottom mini coffee bags is W100xH190+B80mm, which can packing 150g/6oz coffee beans.It is suitable for coffee retail industry, and convenient for consumers to carry out. It is the best choice for coffee shops and home packaging needs.

  • large coffee bags

    The largest size of flat bottom large coffee bags that can be customized is W360xH700+B170mm, which can packing 10kg of coffee beans. It is generally suitable for wholesale industries and factories. In addition to coffee, it can also be used to packing pet food, flour, etc. Large coffee bags usually add nylon material to improve the explosion-proof and puncture resistance of the bag, which can protect the product after long-term transportation and avoid burst risk.

  • vacuum coffee bags

    There are two types of vacuum coffee bags, one is adding nylon material, it is suitable for vacuum machine, and the vacuum state inside the bag is achieved by vacuuming by the machine. The other is by adding a coffee valve, which can make the carbon dioxide inside the bag expel while preventing outside air from entering to achieve a vacuum state.

  • flat bottom coffee bags

    Flat bottom coffee bags have a large interior space. In addition, flat bottom coff bag can be added with kinds of zippers like regular zipper, pocket zipper, and double zipper, which are easy for consumers to open the pouch and can be resealed for reuse.

  • block bottom coffee bags

    Block bottom coffee bags can increase the functionality by adding different accessories such as coffee valve, tin tie and zipper, etc. Also the block bottomcoffee bag can be custom printed and glossy or matter treatment is available.

  • Box pouch coffee bag

    Box pouch coffee bag can also be called flat bottom pouch or quad seal bag. It has a flat block bottom and has perfect standing effect. Even if the bag is quite full, it can be placed on the shelf stably for display, it is not easy to turn over. So the box pouch coffee bag has high security.

  • stand up coffee pouches

    Stand up coffee pouches can be customized the shape and size of the bag, and can customize the transparent window of different shapes, through which the product inside the bag can be clearly seen. You also can customize the printing and it can up to 10 colors.

3 Best-Selling Coffee Bags - TedPack

At TedPack we offer 3 main coffee bag types for customer’s choice:

  1. Gusset Bags with Valve
  2. Stand Up Pouches with Valve
  3. Quad Seal Bags/Flat Bottom Pouches with Valve

What is the difference compare these 3 pouch types?

  • Gusset bags are the simplest and cheapest;
  • Stand Up Pouches are a classic and reliable option;
  • Quad Seal Bags is the new trend and hot pie in the market.

All above pouches are all quality guaranteed for coffee bean and coffee powder packaging.Also, stand up pouch, and quad seal bag can be both added with or without standard PTC zipper and Tap(Pocket) zipper or window.

Coffee Bag production
Coffee Bag-003

Stand Out From The Shelf

Stand-up pouches are not the oldest pouch type for coffee packaging, they have only been produced in recent 40 years. Gusset bags are even older, and maybe the oldest pouch type for coffee.

Stand-up coffee bags jump in front of coffee lovers’ eyes when supermarkets first reveal in the world , people need a more stable, attractive, and something new to catch these picky customer’s attention. So that is it, a stand-up coffee bag. Then what is the best part of a stand-up coffee bag?

  • Can be stand up on both supermarket and home kitchen shelf;
  • Almost the same cost compare gusset bags, cheap and stable quality;
  • Simple and sharp appearance, even the pouch is empty can standstill;
  • Reclosable zipper options are with better user experience;
  • The young consumer always love to choose and try something new;

What is trending now? Still Stand-up Pouch? No, now it is the age of Quad Seal Bag/Flat Bottom Pouch!

Tips for Boom Your Business

When talking about coffee bags, customers always want a most remarkable pouch that can stand out from various coffee sell competitors. We have some simple ways can improve competitive strength in choosing a coffee bag.

  1. Use a nice flood print background color, the brighter the better;
  2. The logo is important, and coffee flavors, make it bold in 2-3 texts;
  3. Pouch type option: Flat Bottom Pouch > Stand Up Pouch > Gusset Bag ;
  4. Zipper on pouch: Tap Zipper > PTC(Press to close zipper) > No zipper;
  5. Printing: Embossed Hot Sampling > Spot Glossy > Full Matte > Full Glossy;
  6. Kraft > Matte Surface Aluminum > Glossy Surface Aluminum;
  7. More: Pouch with smooth edges > Valve incorrect position > Printing quality;

Try not to use tin-tie, and nobody will use transparent material and window for coffee. If you remember above, your business will improve 15% from now compare to your competitors.

Coffee Bag-002
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A Coffee Bag May Include Some Valves/Vents. Why Are These Needed?

A coffee bag will feature valves/vents around parts of its body.

Valves/Vents are one-way units that allow carbon dioxide to escape.

The coffee product will exert carbon dioxide for about 24 hours after roasting.

The valves/vents will ensure that carbon dioxide will move out while providing any extra oxygen inside the bag will be removed.

coffee bags for sale

How Would A Valve Or Vent Go On Your Coffee Bag?

A valve will be added to the coffee bag layout as it is produced.

The design ensures the valve is placed well to where it will allow air to leave the bag.

coffee bag valve

How Large Can A Coffee Bag Be?

Coffee bags can come in various sizes.

A one-ounce coffee bag is small enough for individual servings.

You can also get something that weighs three to five pounds/2-5 Kgs for bulk purposes. We also offer some bulk options in 10Kgs.

Can You Get A Coffee Bag Small Enough For A Single Serving?

A single serving of coffee requires about 10 grams of grounds, which is about a third of an ounce.

A one-ounce coffee bag is the closest you could get to a single serving.

All coffee bags are ready for multiple cups of coffee.

It should be easy for the customer to close and open the coffee bag for later use.

Can Your Coffee Bag Be Designed With Biodegradable Features?

You can order a coffee bag made with one of many biodegradable items.

Among these biodegradable compounds include kraft paper, PLA, and maybe we can use a 100% recyclable PE pouch.

Such items could be added to a compost pile alongside the used coffee grounds one produces.

A Small Plastic Feature May Appear Inside A Coffee Bag. What Is The Purpose Of This?

A plastic band can be used on the inside part of a coffee bag.

The plastic material helps you to seal up the bag when not in use.

The seal ensures the coffee contents will stay intact and not spoil over time.

Can Laminated Film Work Inside The Coffee Bag?

The laminated film adds an extra barrier on the inside to prevent oxygen from entering the bag.

The film will go on the inside lining of the bag for added protection.

How Can A Sealed Coffee Bag Be Opened?

You can open a sealed coffee bag by tearing off the top part and opening the zipper.

The zipper can be closed to seal off the bag.

A plastic band that secures the bag in its place may also be used if you prefer.

sealed coffee bag

Not All Coffee Companies Will Sell Coffee Bag Products. What Standards Might These Groups Have Surrounding How Well These Coffee Products Are Made?

Some companies prefer to offer their coffees in bottles or cans.

These companies may prefer to do this out of convenience.

The effort includes looking to market products to people who might want to get coffee in a hurry.

How Can The Valve On A Coffee Bag Prevent Oxidation?

The degassing valve ensures that oxygen will not come into the coffee bag while carbon dioxide is released.

The one-way design ensures that the excess gas is removed and that the coffee will taste well.

Should The Roast Date Be Printed On A Coffee Bag?

The roast date needs to appear on some part of the coffee bag.

The roast date will list details on when the coffee was first roasted and ready for use.

The timing will dictate how long it would take for the coffee to expire.

The date is often used by consumers to find the freshest coffee possible.

The coffee may be more appealing to the customer if it is within five to ten days of the roasting date.

coffee bag roast date

What Does A Quad Seal Coffee Bag Feature?

A quad seal bag features a series of side gussets.

The gussets add extra volume to the bag.

It is easy for the bag to expand to fit in more coffee grounds, thanks to this feature.

How Long Should The Coffee Inside A Coffee Bag Last?

It depends on the type of coffee and whether it is open or closed.

Ground coffee can last for about three to five months after the roast date.

Whole bean coffee can last for six to nine months.

The lifespan of the coffee will be reduced after you open the package.

Ground coffee can last for three months after opening.

Whole bean coffee will stay intact for six months after the first use.

The proper standards for storage and for keeping the bag closed should be used to ensure the product can last longer.

Can A Coffee Bag Be Placed In A Freezer?

You can substantially expand the life of the coffee bag when it stays in a freezer.

Ground coffee can last for a year in a freezer.

Whole bean coffee could stay in the freezer for up to three years.

The lifespan will be cut in half for both of these after opening the bag.

Are There Any Standards For A Coffee Bag That Is Different For Whole Beans Versus Crushed Or Ground Beans?

The coffee bag can be the same type regardless of whether it entails beans or grounds.

Can Oxygen Harm A Coffee Bag?

Oxidation can be dangerous to the coffee and should be avoided.

Excess oxygen can cause coffee to spoil.

Can Light Exposure Be A Problem For A Coffee Bag?

Excess light can cause the coffee beans to wear out.

Is It Safe To Reheat A Coffee Bag?

Avoid reheating the coffee bag regardless of where it could be heated.

Reheating makes it easier for the coffee compounds to break down.

The materials used to make the bag may not respond to intense heat all that well.

Can A Clear Space Be Included On A Coffee Bag?

Although you have the option to add a transparent space to your coffee bag, that is not recommended.

You must keep the coffee beans in the dark to keep them from aging too fast.

Is Kraft Paper Useful For A Coffee Bag?

Kraft paper is helpful for a coffee bag thanks to its sturdy body.

Kraft paper is processed to include added fiber content.

The sturdy body ensures the coffee will be more appealing.

kraft paper coffee bag

What Should Work If You’re Trying To Secure Liquid Coffee In A Coffee Bag?

spout pouch would be more appropriate for this kind of coffee.

Can Your Coffee Bag Feature A Zippered Opening?

A zippered opening is not required, but it can make it easier for the coffee bag to be opened or closed.

Can A Coffee Bag Be Reused After You’re Done Using It?

You can wash out and reuse the coffee bag if you see fit.

Make sure you clean out the bag with warm water and mild soap in this case.

White vinegar can also work in the cleaning process.

White vinegar may help with neutralizing the coffee scent.

Can A Coffee Bag Be Added To A Compost Pile After You Are Finished With It?

Because a coffee bag can include biodegradable materials, there is a possibility you can add it to a compost pile.

You’ll have to check the standards for the bag based on what it features.

Is A Coffee Bag Less Expensive To Produce Than A Traditional Coffee Tin?

It may cost less for you to get a coffee bag ready than a tin.

The reason for this is because of the lightweight body of the bag materials.

The production of the coffee bag is only a small part of the expenses associated with making the coffee ready for sale.

Is It Safe To Replace The Contents Of A Coffee Bag With Beans Or Grounds Of Another Type Of Coffee?

You can do this provided that the old coffee materials have been cleaned out all the way.

Can A Coffee Bag Handle The Excess Weight That May Be Imposed After A While?

The coffee bag needs to be thick enough so that it will not break apart from regular use.

Added sidewall protection may be necessary for ensuring the coffee will be supported well enough.

A firm bottom design may appear as well.

How Large Should The Gusset On The Bottom Part Of Your Coffee Bag Be?

The gusset only has to be about a few centimeters in size.

The small body of the gusset ensures that air can move out without letting in oxygen.

Make sure the gusset is not placed somewhere where it might not be easy for it to remove carbon dioxide from inside the bag.

Do You Need To Get A Separate Kind Of Coffee Bag Ready Based On The Type Of Beans Or Grounds?

There are no standards over how you’d have to use an extremely specific rule for a coffee bag based on its contents.

You can use the same kind of bag for decaf coffee or something darker.

Coffee Packaging Buying Guide for Your Business


Coffee product may it be powdered coffee, coffee beans or liquid coffee is accounted as one highly valued delicacy. Owing to such a reason; the coffee market is explicitly the most influenced by advanced packaging techniques.Coffee Pouch

The advanced packaging technique is attributed:

  • Need for quality coffee packaging bags and pouches that can last long on the shelves
  • Technological innovations in pouches and bags manufacturing
  • A change in customer buying habits based on packaging quality advertisement and attraction
  • Financial investments in pouch manufacturing
  • The need for Eco-friendly pouches

In connection to such attributes and market need, laminated Coffee Bags were invented. Material quality, add-on features, flexibility, customization, and packaged product longevity have taken center stage in Coffee Bags manufacturing.


In the coffee market, convenience packaging is vital and that’s why consumers and suppliers look for packaging that suits them. Customers nowadays prefer to buy smaller sized coffee packages. TedPack stand-up Coffee Bags do meet this requirement and they come with zippers to preserve the freshness of the coffee.

The zippers provide an effective barrier against contamination.  A stand-up zipper pouch is also ideal to the customer for they can reuse the pouch even after opening. This feature makes the Coffee Bag be a convenient way to package coffee for the client.

Labeling is key to any product and every supplier looks for a package where they can be able to clearly label and display their message to the customer. TedPack Coffee Bags are customized in terms of design. This gives the coffee supplier flexibility when it comes to the information that they want to display on the label.

Also, TedPack stand up Coffee Bag has the D-Met printing which makes it easier for a customer to view the product before purchase. This innovative way helps the coffee product to be uniquely different on any shelf. D-Met printing has the added advantage of making sure that the coffee product looks classy and presentable at any point of sale. This printing option for pouches is available for the 3 side seal bags and the bottom zipper bags.

TedPack employs vanishing technology to their flat pouch or bottom gusset bags which makes them look more presentable.  This process usually dulls the appearance of the polyester by converting the colors to be toned down.  In the end, the bag appears more of a paper bag rather than a plastic one. This packaging solution ensures that the packaging is both durable and presentable.

Therefore, TedPack stand up Coffee Bags, flat Coffee Bags and side gusseted Coffee Bags with the added feature of one way degassing valve is ideal for any coffee supplier as they are sturdy, presentable, and convenient to use by the consumer. Further details of the Coffee Bags offered at TedPack are discussed in the table below. You can read on to see what package better suits your needs.

Whether you are a coffee roaster, retailer or coffee consumer who is interested in understanding all aspects of quality coffee packaging, worry no more. This E-book will take you through (guide) to an ultimate solution regarding coffee packaging.

Chapter 1:  Definition of Coffee Bag

Coffee PouchA cup of coffee adds much flavor to a monotonous day. But for coffee to be preserved in its delicious state, the quality coffee packaging is required.

There is a need for quality material, quality lamination, design and features that will maintain your coffee freshness.

When choosing Coffee Bags, there are vital factors that should guide your selection. You need to take note on:

  • Barrier material

Roasted coffee is very sensitive to moisture, light, odor, vapor, oxygen or any other form of contaminant.

  • Co2vents

After coffee beans are roasted, coffee beans do emit CO2 (carbon dioxide) for a period of up to 7 days. If coffee bags are packed and sealed immediately after roasting, the CO2 gas emitted will make the coffee bags bust.

  • Easy filling, sealing, and the opening of coffee bags
  • Coffee Bags

At TedPack, our Coffee bags are in different styles, colors, materials, and shapes.  We produce accustomed Coffee Bags using the latest pouch manufacturing technology. Quality packaging help in setting coffee standard an idea that shed off competition

Before we begin our Coffee Bag production, we take note of all the details regarding the type of pouches you need. We have different types of coffee bags that can fit all your requirements and can extend your packed coffee lifespan on the shelves. Chapter 5 will elaborate more on the bags types.

Naturally, we have several Coffee Bag add-on options. They are purposely designed to add usability and convenience to the end product user.

To our esteem clients who need to maintain their product market and customer attraction, our branding, designing, labeling, and imprints are well thought of and done with latest rotogravure technology for perfection reasons.

Coffee packaging is never a simple task. You need to take calculated moves on every step. We understand how competitive coffee market is. We are determined to provide Coffee Bags and bags made of biodegradable materials as explained in chapter 6 which can serve their purpose to perfection.

At TedPack, we have professionals in every production stage. Such helps us work according to your requirements to ensure your coffee product is safe and ranks high on coffee markets.

After production, we ensure your Coffee Bags get to you in time. Transportation, warehousing, and delivery details will be explained in chapter 9.

Chapter 2: Uses of Coffee Bags

Coffee is a product that can get sold in different forms. You can sell coffee in powder form, as coffee beans or in liquid form. All those different forms need specific types of Coffee Bags and bags.Coffee Pouch

If any of the above is your concern; relax, we have you covered.

Below are some of the Coffee Bags types regarding the coffee product they store

  • Spouted pouches for liquid coffee

Soup Pouch Factory

Coffee is one sweet and delicious type of beverage. If you are in need of bags which can hold liquid coffee, we have spouted Coffee Bags. These type of bags contain a sprout at the top which helps in emptying, closing and refilling of Coffee Bags.

  • Coffee Bags that can hold Ground coffee and coffee beans pouches


For coffee roasters, we have flexible and customized Coffee Bags for you. We understand all the technicalities that come with packaging of roasted coffee. We produce specific coffee bags designed for roasted ground coffee and coffee beans. These type of pouches are multi-layered to ensure high barriers structure.

Our Coffee Bags are well laminated using quality materials and with relevant add-ons like zippers to help maintain coffee taste, freshness and entrap coffee aroma for extended shelf life.

In connection to that, we have gusseted bags, stand up pouches, side gussets, and Kraft paper made pouches.

  • Powered Coffee Bags

For those who deal with powdered coffee, we have you covered too. We have high-quality laminated Coffee Bags with various add ones like tear notches, zippers, hang holes and many more.

Coffee Bag manufacturer and supplier

At TedPack we manufacture pillow bag(fin seal pouch), stand up pouches, and gusseted pouches to help maintain powdered coffee freshness for long.

Form Of  CoffeeCoffee Bag type
Liquid CoffeeSpout Coffee Bags
Coffee beansGusseted Coffee Bags, stand up bags, Vacuum pouches, Kraft paper pouches,
Coffee powderstand up bags, Flat pouches(3 side seal), Gusseted Coffee Bags

Chapter 3:  Benefits of Coffee Bags

When manufacturing Coffee Bags, we ensure our bags meet user convenience needs. Quality packaging should give taste to your coffee product.

We promise you of the following benefits:

Chapter 3.1: Excellent Barrier Property

Coffee PouchIf you compare flexible packing to rigid packaging like plastics, you will realize there are a lot of benefits. Our Coffee bags are European standard and FDA approved.

All the materials we use are food grade accepted and will not affect your product safety, freshness, and shelf longevity nor consumers health.

Remember, UV rays, oxygen, moisture, odor, vapor, and contaminants do lower packaged coffee quality. The material types we use are adhesively co-joined to form 3 strong laminated layer barrier that will keep your product safe for extended shelf life.

Chapter 3.2: Re-sealing Ability

Coffee Bags from TedPack are consumer friendly. Our bags are well fitted with zippers, tin ties, and other resealing features.

All these types of reseal add-ons are geared towards one purpose; enable the end coffee user to enjoy easy pouch opening and resealing ability.

It is not logic that you are going to buy a whole coffee packet and use it entirely within a day. The re-close ability helps you enjoy repeated product usage. Also, resealability helps to avoid coffee contamination.

If your order coffee bags from us, be assured you will be a step ahead of your competitors, we provide quality re-closing add-ons which will get explained in the following chapter.

Chapter 3.3: Strong Marketing and Branding

Before a customer decides whether to purchase your product or not, there must be something that will draw them towards your product. Our Coffee Bags offer a large custom printing surface.Coffee Pouch

We use two high-speed rotogravure printing machines. These machines make it possible for us to print stunning HD quality graphics on your Coffee Bags.

Labeling and branding will help market your coffee product. Good looking pouches will draw customers near your product. By so doing, the informative imprints on your coffee bags will inform your customer about the nutrition value regarding the coffee they are about to purchase.

Thus, customers will be able to notice your product from far.  All that these labels, logos, and images do is save the cost you would have incurred in making advertisement billboards.

Is such cost-cutting not what every business person wishes for? Allow us to help you do that by marketing your product cheaply.

Chapter 3.4: Uniquely Shaped Bags

With us, it does not matter what size, type or pouch design you need, count on us.

Do you wonder what draws customers to the best selling product nowadays? As a retailer or coffee manufacturer, you might get confused about what makes clients happy. Is it quality, quantity or what?

At TedPack we understand customers are concerned about Quality, Quantity, Affordability, and Attractiveness (QQAA). Consumer purchasing habit has changed or somewhat shifted in the current market.

In connection to that, we have thought of a way to handle customer’s psychology. Such is by attracting them to products at first sight. Instead of luring them with cost and quality alone, we have invented beautiful, flexible coffee bags and pouches.

We produce bags of different bag shapes, designs with additional features. We manufacture stand up pouches, spout pouches, flat(3 side seal) pouches, quad seal and Kraft paper Coffee Bags.

Such uniquely shaped pouches co-joined with quality rotogravure printing will undoubtedly impact your coffee product on the marketplace.

Chapter 3.5: Eco-friendly

Environmental pollution is one destructive act. It affects both human, plants and soil microorganisms. Every citizen must protect their environment by using biodegradable products.Coffee Pouch

At TedPack, we are keen on using environmental friendly laminated film materials in manufacturing Coffee Bags.

Our flexible packaging pouches are eco-friendly. Meaning, they are less harmful to human beings and the environment. Do you wonder how? Here are the details:

  • Manufacturing of our Coffee Bagsconsumes less material and heat compared to plastic and other types of bags. Our production thus emits less carbon gas and consumes less British Thermal Heat (BTU). Note, excess carbon gas into the ozone layer causes global warming and acidic rain.
  • After the production of our Coffee Bags, the amount of waste product we get is less than 50% compared to other pouches and bags production.
  • Re-using our produced pouches, zip locks, seals and sprouts is possible.

Chapter 3.6: Cost Effective

Are you concerned about cutting coffee packaging cost? If yes, allow us to help you. If you compare our pouches to plastic coffee carriers, you will get the difference. Our laminated material pouches will help you save some dollars.

For example, printed boxes and plastics cost almost twice the cost of flexible Coffee Bags. Our cost saving comes in:

  • Low probability of transits damage

Although our manufacture pouches are durable, they are not bulk.

  • Low shipping or transport cost due to lightweight

Since these bags are lightweight, many pouches can be carried under one cargo thus reducing the fuel cost and space occupied.

Chapter 3.7: Self Supporting

Retailers and coffee consumers are everyday falling in love with self-standing, stiff but flexible bags.

If you need any stand up pouch type, flat bottom Coffee Bags or rather block bottom bags, we are here for you. Our Coffee Bags have side gussets which help them stand still or rest well on the shelves.

Such a benefit makes it possible for malls, supermarkets, and retailer to arrange their coffee products well on shelves plus without fear of Coffee Bags sliding over.

Lastly, end consumers can stock their kitchen pantry without fear of their Coffee Bags falling over. This brings about Coffee Bags convenience.

Chapter 3.8: Hot Stamping

At TedPack we are not only concerned about the manufacturing of quality Coffee Bags made of laminated films. We also care about your product designing and printing.

We have hot stamping option for Coffee Bags. Hot stamping is a dry paint printing where color or metallic pigments is applied in the bags using pressure and heat.

It is a simple printing process, but cost-effective. There are no commitments to the complex printing qualities. But know, the results are superb,  perfect and the whole process does not take a lot of time.

Chapter 4:  Add-ons (Features)

Coffee consumers love convenience. With add-ons on Coffee Bags, you will take heed of customer convenience wishes.

Our pouches are installed with valuable accessories to aid in customer and retailer packing, opening, resealing and storing of their coffee bean, powdered coffee or liquid coffee.

Although we have default add-ons we fit on coffee bags; we are flexible. Talk to us; we offer a listening year. Let us know what type of add-ons you need, and we will have them on your bags.

Read on for more details add-on types and specifications.

Chapter 4.1: Degassing Valves

One among the vital add-ons needed for roasted coffee is the degassing valves. These valves act as vents through which excess air gets out though.Coffee Pouch

After roasting your coffee, there is a period of like seven days through which coffee beans produce CO2 gas. If you happen to package this your roasted coffee in Coffee Bags without degassing valves, they will surely bust due to air pressure.

Remember, these valves are one-way. They only allow the excess gas out but no gas gets into the pouches.

Here are some of the valve types we use:

Chapter4.1.1: Goglio Valves

Goglio investment group produces Goglio valves. They are made up of a viscous layer made up of silicone oil, polyethylene caps, flexible rubber discs, paper fillers, and polyethylene plate. These types of valves are assembled using Goglio machines and very effective. We use them due to their effectiveness.

Chapter4.1.2: Wipf valves

Wipf valves are also known as Wicovalves. We trust these types of valves on Coffee Bags due to their designing and how they work. They are developed technically using silicone oil membrane that opens and re-seals depending on pressure built inside a Coffee Bag. The silicone membrane opens when the pressure built gets to about three millibars and closes when the gas pressure inside the bag reduces to about 0.5millibars.

Chapter 4.2: Re-closable Ziplocks

It would not make sense thinking every consumer will use a whole pouch of coffee by a single use. With such a thought, we have various re-closeable zip locks that we can install in your flexible Coffee Bags.Coffee Pouch

These zip locks allow every user to open the coffee bags and re-close it again easily. The re-closing ability helps avoid coffee contamination which does not only affect human health but also lowers the coffee shelf lifespan.

Here are some of the ziplock types we use and their advantages.

Chapter 4.2.1: Zip-Pak Vector

Coffe Bag Supplier

Zip-Pak Vectors are versatile zip locks that can get used in several kinds of Coffee Bags. They offer an easy way to close your coffee bags. At times, they can even reseal themselves but know they can reseal regardless of the bag alignment.


  • They require no pouch alignment to close
  • Offer perfect sealing ability to minimize in and out air flow for coffee freshness maintenance
  • Customers can tell which part of the seal is closed and which is not due to their reclose tactile and sound produced during closing.

Chapter 4.2.2: Zip-Pak pour & lock

If you are in need of sprouting Coffee Bags or side gusset Coffee Bags, do not get worried about how your coffee freshness will get maintained.

We have Zip-Pak pour & lock for you. They are ideal for a wide range of flexible coffee bags. They are reliable due to the fact you only need a slight press, and your Coffee Bag will get closed.


  • They can be used for both form-fill-seals and pre-made types Coffee Bags

Chapter 4.3: Euro/round Punch Holes

Coffee PouchAt times, shelf space is not always enough or available. Or rather, a retailer might need to hang some of their Coffee Bags at the counter or anywhere to create some good display.

As a response to such a need, we have euro, triangle, and round punch holes add-ons for you. These are punched holes done on the top part of Coffee Bags for easy hanging.

With such hang holes, one will be able to hang their Coffee Bag easily even when their kitchen shelf has no space.

Remember, the kind of material we use is strong enough and will not tear off even while hanging.

Talk to us today, and you will get the type of coffee bags you need. Well hanged pouches create some good display for marketing and customer attraction reasons.

Chapter 4.4: Rounded Corners

We manufacture stiff and robust Coffee Bags to avoid simple punctures and tears. But, we understand very sharp corners or edges mostly around the top sealing part can inflict injuries.Coffee Pouch

In connection to such, we manufacture Coffee Bags with round corners. If you need flexible Coffee Bags with rounded corners, we will deliver them in time without quality compromise. Just get to us.

Chapter 4.5: Tear Notch

Coffee Bags convenience and usability are not only needed for carrying and hanging; simplicity in pouch opening is vital too. That is why we fit tear notches on Coffee Bags.

Tearing notches are essential to ensure clean straight and ultra-clean coffee bags opening. The way these tear notches are designed; every consumer will be coaxed to initiate a tear action on the very part.

From the point where tear notches are, the paper material is patterned in such a way any tear will happen in a clean straight line.

Any Coffee Bags can be fitted with a tear notch to increase customer convenience and attraction.

Chapter 4.6: Glossy or Matt Finishing

Matt or gloss finishes on coffee papers are all meant for customer attraction. A glossy finish makes Coffee paper pouches surface glow or shine. On the other hand, matt finishing makes the paper surface look dull.

Coffee PouchBut both surface finishes have their benefits.

If you need pouches with an ultra-profession impression, matt finishing is the best alternative. Matt roughness makes bags look rough; natural and original.

Secondly, matt finishing helps your surface imprints become highly recognizable and avoids sunlight reflection which does blind human eyes. Lastly, matt finishing is cheap.

Glossy finishing makes your Coffee Bags shinny thus easily recognizable on crowded shelves. If you need your writing, images or logo designs to get shiny, gloss finishing will do that for you.

This add-on feature makes Coffee Bags very attractive.

Chapter 4.7: Clear Windows

When packaging coffee, one thing you should be sure of is coffee is not a new thing. People have come across different coffee grades. In connection to that, customers have invented another condition before coffee purchase.Coffee Pouch

Some need to see the content contained in every Coffee Bag. For that reason, flexible bags with clear windows are becoming popular any other day.

At TedPack we manufacture different types of flexible Coffee Bags with transparent windows. We can produce coffee bags with transparent windows in different shapes and sizes.

Clear windows help to showcase the freshness condition and quality of the coffee beans or coffee powder.

This type of add-on is thus essential to help boost customer confidence. Customer will be attracted to your coffee products since they are sure of the kind of product they are buying.

Chapter 4.8: Ergonomic Handle

For customers who love to buy large coffee quantities, we have bigger Coffee Bags that can handle their demand as well.

But putting their carrying ability and convenience in mind, we have ergonomic handles for those large and small bags.

Ergonomic handles are designed to boost customer Coffee Bag carrying convenience. Regardless of the size or shape of the coffee bags you need, we have ergonomic handles of different sizes and styles too.

Coffee Bag carrying ability is thus made simple and convenient. All you need to do is informs us you need these type of add-on. We will gladly install them on your bags.

Chapter 4.9: TinTie

Coffee PouchSide gusseted Coffee Bags are becoming very popular. Especially for the quad seal Coffee Bags, block bottom aluminum foil pouches, and Kraft made Coffee Bags fitted with tin-ties for resealability reasons.

Among consumer-friendly packaging type of pouches, those pouches with tin-ties are much loved. This is because there is an option to reseal these pouches after every coffee beans or coffee powder pouring.

Tin-ties will help you avoid coffee contamination. Lastly, there are various tin tie colors and sizes. Choose any and we will have them on your pouches

Chapter 4.10: Laser Scoring

Laser scoring add-ons work the same way as Coffee Bag tear notches. If you need Coffee Bags that are easy to open, then laser scoring add-ons are the way to go.Coffee Pouch

Laser scoring is an example of a tear notch placed on either top side of a Coffee Bag (left or right side).

They give various types of Coffee Bag usability and customer convenience.

Chapter 4.11: Top Slider Zipper

Slider zipper pouch

At TedPack we understand one vital concern for any food product pouch. That is contamination avoidance.

For this reason, we have all the add-ons you can think of to ensure perfect Coffee Bag sealing and resealing. Top slider zippers are among these vital add-ons.

Top slider zippers help you open and reseal your Coffee Bags at will after opening them. Top slider zippers are perfects for coffee beans and coffee powder pouches.

Chapter 4.12: Pocket Zipper

Pocket zipper add-ons are designed to add convenience to Coffee Bags. For those who get irritated by coffee powder or coffee beans getting stuck on zippers; pocket zippers are the better option.Coffee Pouch

They are designed to open from one side, not like most zippers that open at the top of a pouch or bags. With pocket zippers, you can fill your Coffee Bag with no zipper obstruction.

Opening a pocket zipper is an easy task. By just pulling the pocket zipper-tab, you are assured of complete access to the packaged product.

For coffee product end users, they are assured of convenience, since Coffee Bags with zipper pocket are tamper-evident and are designed to ensure safe entrapping of coffee beans and coffee powder.

Pocket zipper add-ons are recommended for side gusseted Coffee Bags or flat-bottomed Coffee Bags.

Chapter 5:  Types of Coffee Bags

Coffee is a delicacy that needs appropriate packaging. A mistake in the packaging process results in shelf life-shortening, aroma loss, taste loss all factor that leads to lowering coffee quality.

With that in mind, if you are a coffee roaster or producer, you need quality Coffee Bags. Quality packaging can help you attract retailers, especially malls, supermarkets, and even the small-scale shopkeepers.

That market chain need is all stirred by the fact customers will get attracted to your Coffee Bags designs and excellent preservation. Retailers too will love your coffee product due to long shelf span. Such helps to avoid losses thus increasing sales and profit.

At TedPack, we understand the dynamics that meet coffee marketing. We manufacture Coffee Bags which are of different styles, shapes, materials, and colors.

All that innovation is geared toward creating something that will meet the market need and specification. Our bag coffees bags are made up of laminated material films to provide formidable oxygen, moisture, odor, water vapor, and contamination barrier.

Additionally, our coffee bags come installed with the relevant add-ons for convenience reasons. Amid all that, we offer a listening here, talk to us regarding any style, shape, size or color you have in mind. We will give you the best.

In connection with that, our manufactured Coffee Bags are divided into the following main categories:

  • Stand up Coffee Bags
  • Flat Coffee Bags
  • Side gusseted Coffee Bags
  • Block bottom Coffee Bags
  • Spout Coffee Bags

Read on to get detailed specifications and details regarding all sub coffee categories that fall under the above main categories.

Chapter 5.1: Stand Up Coffee Bags

Coffee PouchStand up Coffee Bags are also known as stand up Coffee Bags or Doypack Coffee Bags. These are Coffee Bags with a bottom gusset that enable them to stand up on the shelf.

Owing to their steady stability on the shelf and their laminated material film which makes them durable, their popularity among coffee users and retailers has risen much.

They are much loved because they offer a beautiful display. They can stand well on the shelves and have ample surface where coffee producers can have their branding, labeling, advertisement imprints, and informative content is written.

Below is a table to help you understand the various details to consider when ordering these bags.

703.534.757.91.260-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above15-20 days
1505. microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above15-20 days
2508.826.191.460-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above15-20 days
50017.647.510.21.7560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above15-20 days
100035.279.2513.22.060-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above15-20 days

Note: the measurements are in inches although based on theoretical figures. Actual sizes might differ a little but not enough to affect stand up Coffee Bags usage or quality.

We have several add-ons as well that you can have installed in your stand up Coffee Bags. Below are the main types of stand-up Coffee Bags

Chapter 5.1.1: Foil Stand Up Coffee Bags

Coffee Bag manufacturer

Foil stand up Coffee Bags are made up of laminated film that contains aluminum foil. If you needed absolute moisture, oxygen, aroma, odor and contamination barrier; look nowhere else.

Foil Coffee Bags are designed for complete barrier sealing. Your coffees will be exceptionally secure, a concern that means extended shelf span.

Any size of Coffee Bags you need that is what we are going to offer. We produce foil stand up coffee bags that can handle a capacity of 1 oz. to 5 lb.

Regarding any color you need, talk to us we have a range of colors.

Depending on your pouch application, there is a wide range of add-on features you can decide to have. We offer clear window option, zippers, tear notches, hang holes and degassing valves, all for the sake of your coffee safety and user convenience. Such as easy opening and resealability.

Chapter 5.1.2: Kraft Stand Up Coffee Bag

Coffee PouchIf you need a natural look that suggests freshness and out of the farm look, Kraft made Stand up Coffee Bags are what you need.

Laminated Kraft paper Coffee Bags offer a proper material barrier that makes your products last long on the shelf and in their fresh state.

Additionally, hot stamping is possible when using these types of Coffee Bags. They are as well heat sealable, food grade pouches, 6 millimeters thick and can stand on the shelf comfortably.

Any add-on you need can as well get fitted on this bag type. Depending on the storage capacity you need, there are several sizes to choose from.

Chapter 5.1.3: Stand Up Coffee Bags with windows

To heed to customers need, stand up Coffee Bags with windows were invented. These are pouches with a window or clear part that allows customers to view the coffee beans contained in the Coffee Bags and bags.

Stand up coffee bags with window

Clear windows add-on helps them gain confidence in the type of product they are purchasing. With such an add-on, be sure you will influence your market positively.

Chapter 5.1.4: Stand up Pouches with Easy Tear Line

Coffee PouchIn case you need to package your coffee in pouches with natural tear lines. Stand up Coffee Bags with easy tear line are the best.

They are pouches which will radiate sophistication an idea that creates a brand impression.

These pouches provide sound barriers for oxygen, moisture, water vapor and other contaminations. You can get Mylar Coffee Bags with transparent windows, zippers, tear notches and other essential add-ons.

They are found in different colors and sizes which can handle 1 oz to 8 oz.

Chapter 5.2: Side Gusset Coffee Bags

Coffee PouchSide gusset Coffee Bags are among the most popular Coffee Bags. Depending on your pouch specifications and customer attraction need, there are several side gusseted pouches to choose from.

These are Coffee Bags with gussets on the sides, rectangular or square base and invasive fin-seals which run from bottom to top. They are best box replacements ever invented in the market regarding coffee packaging.

We manufacture pouches and bags of different shapes, laminated material films, styles, and colors.

Side gusset Coffee Bags have revolutionized the way coffee is packaged. There are different types of add-ons that you can use to increase Coffee Bag usability.

We have add-ons like degassing valves, zipper, tin ties, tear notches and other.

Some of the benefits accrued from side gusset Coffee Bags are:

  • Large printing surfaces
  • Efficient filling capacity due to well opening tops
  • Flexibility due to different shapes and sizes
  • Excellent barriers due to laminated material film and
  • Steady shelf stability

Below is a table to help you understand the various details to consider when ordering these bags.

GramsOzWidth (inches)Length (inches)Bottom Gusset (inches)ThicknessMOQDelivery
2813.155.111.660-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above20-25 days
7024.356.302.3560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above20-25 days
10034.757.92.3560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above20-25 days
15045.108.252.3560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above20-25 days
25086.309.052.7560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above20-25 days
500167.5010.203.5560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above20-25 days
1000329.2513.20460-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above20-25 days
300010611.819.704.2560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above20-25 days

Note: the measurements are in inches although based on theoretical figures. Actual sizes might differ a little but not enough to affect side gusseted Coffee Bags usage or quality.

Among side gusset Coffee Bags, below are the key sub-categories.

Chapter 5.3.1: Foil Gusseted Bags

Coffee PouchCoffee packaging needs a high-quality barrier. In response to such a need, coffee bags made of aluminum foil come in handy.

Aluminum foil is used to make coffee bags with oxygen, odor, moisture and water vapor barrier. With foil gusset bags then you are assured of quality coffee packaging.

These bags are found in varied sizes that can handle 2 oz. to 5 lb. Additionally, there are different shapes, colors and pouch styles you can choose from.

The laminated material film used gives you a stiff, durable and robust Coffee Bag that can resist puncture.

Chapter 5.3.2: Bottom Gusseted Pouches

Bottom Gusseted Coffee Bags are also referred to as block bottom or flat bottom Coffee Bags. They are designed to stand firm even before filling.

They include quad seal Coffee Bags, foil gusset pouches, and others.

These Coffee Bags are designed to hold 6 oz. to 20 lb. Depending on the materials we use at TedPack, be assured these Coffee Bags will be strong enough to hold large coffee amounts.

For extra weight carrying, some of these block bottom Coffee Bags are welded to form side walls for extra support and strength. Their bottoms are well modified to form K-corner, round bottom, and plow bottoms.

The materials used to provide a strong barrier not to forget the various add-ons like degassing valves, tin ties, zipper, tear notches, ergonomic handle, and others.

Also, there are four-sided Coffee Bags. The four sides provide greater reinforcement for these bags. When filled they get the right shape that helps them get stable on shelves.

These four-sided pouches, offer ample surface where you can have HD imprints. On these surfaces, you can have your business logo printed, labels and have some informing writing; maybe on nutrition or usage.Coffee Pouch

Lastly, with quality and nice looking imprints, you will be able to promote and advertise your product much. Excellent prints will act as advertisement billboards.

Chapter 5.3.3: Square-Bottom Gusseted Pouches

For the sake of steady shelf settling, square-bottom gusseted pouches got invented. No matter how narrow the shelves might be, these types of bags will serve you right.

Their square shaped bottom makes them seat firmly on the shelves. Regular square-bottom gusseted pouches and square-bottom gusseted pouches with clear side gussets some of the sub-types of these bags.

The transparent side gussets make it possible for customers to view what they are about to buy.

The side surfaces left makes it possible for perfect labeling, graphics printing, and hot stamping. Additionally, there are add-ons like degassing valves, tear notches, tin ties, and many others to had convenience the type of Coffee Bags you need.

Regarding Coffee Bag barrier provision, there are options for material metallization, use of laminated foil, or clear poly.

Chapter 5.3.4: Plantation Patterned Gusseted Bags

As a coffee producer or roaster, you need to know how to attract your customers. One of the ways to do that is by using plantation gusseted patterned bags.

With the coffee leaves and coffee beans imprints on these Coffee Bags, you will attract more customers. Such prints give your customers off-the-farm impressions which suggest purity and freshness.

The natural Kraft paper used in these Coffee Bags gives them a natural and wholeness texture, unlike those glossy pouches. On the inner side, there is a foil material used as oxygen, moisture and water vapor barrier.

Lastly, you will have to decide the kind of features (add-ons) you need on your pouches. With that, your Coffee Bags will stand out no matter how the shelves will be crowded.

Chapter 5.3.5: Paisley Gusseted Coffee Bags

Paisley gusseted bags are produced explicitly for packaging coffee or tea. These are a new line in the market that is designed to exhibit elegance and beauty.

These Coffee Bags are patterned using coffee leaves, beans, and floral accents. Their matt and glossy finishing do give these pouches a subtle look that will attract customers.

They are made up of foil material for barrier reasons. Lastly, they can get fitted with any add-on you need.

Chapter 5.4: Shaped Coffee Bags

Shaped Coffee Bags are customized flexible bags. They are designed to form some good looking shapes used to attract customers. They are also best for packaging liquid coffee as well.

Shaped Coffee Bags can be designed to mimic any shape. For example, they can mimic fruits like oranges, bananas, cartoon, strawberries pineapples or anything.

These shapes help your Coffee Bags stand out on the shelves. Their requirement dictates the materials used. Every material used provides sound barriers. They are found in small sachets and bigger pouches needed for bulk packing.

Lastly, they can get fitted with different add-ons like windows or sprouts for end-user convenience.

Chapter 5.5: Flat Coffee Bags

Coffee PouchWhen you need cost-effective coffee packaging, flat Coffee Bags are the way to go. They are simple to package and seal.

Customers will love them most due to their resealability and easy opening. They are made of quality material that provides a perfect barrier to oxygen, contamination, moisture, and odor.

There are also fitted with essential as add-ons like hang holes, zippers, tear notches and many others. They have no folds or gussets a characteristic that makes it possible for them to be bottom sealed or side welded.

Flat pouches are found in different shapes and sizes. They are perfect but straightforward pouch creations which are less expensive.

If you need Coffee Bags to be used as give away Coffee Bags or single coffee serving packets, you need these flat Coffee Bags.

Chapter 5.6: Three Sides Seal Coffee Bags

Coffee PouchThese Coffee Bags are made up of lamination material film. The laminated material is made in a way that only two sides are sealed, and the sealed part is the top part.

But, the top part is fitted with tear notches for easy opening. They provide a high filling volume than the 4 sided sealed pouches. Note: they are beneficial to producers because:

  • They are easy to fill
  • Cost effective due to the focal wrapping feature.

Lastly, you have add-on options to choose from like transparent windows, glossy or matt finishing, resealable zippers and hang holes.

Chapter 5.7: Vacuum Coffee Bags

If you need top-notch coffee product preservation, vacuum pouches are the go. These are bag types made up of multilayers to create a sound barrier.

The laminated material film used in vacuum pouches manufacturing provides a barrier to keep off oxygen, odor, and moisture and to give a perfect aroma entrapping. That same material makes these bags strong enough to resist any puncture.

When sealing vacuum Coffee Bags, vacuum sealers are used to suck the air out of the bag. Such makes it is possible for these bags to keep coffee fresh from an extended period not to forget aroma and taste preservation.

Lastly, by using these cost-effective Coffee Bags, your products will be safe from degeneration, corrosion, oxidation, and spoilage.

Chapter 5.8: Coffee Spout Pouches

Coffee PouchAre you in need of user-friendly and flexible Coffee Bags, spout Coffee Bags are the best. They are perfect for carrying liquid coffee.

Spout pouches are characterized by a reclosable cap and a welded spout. One of the main reasons these Coffee Bags stand out is their ability to control liquid coffee spillage.

Secondly, they have a firm bottom setting that helps them rest on any shelf or table firmly. Such avoid spillage and adds on customer friendliness.

These pouches are made up of laminated material films which are strong enough and can avoid puncture. They are lightweight and easy to store and transport in comparison to other plastic spout pouches.

Depending on your intended sprout Coffee Bag usage, we manufacture them in different styles, shapes, and sizes. All this is geared toward customer convenience.

Lastly, it is possible to have different add-ons such as hanging holes on these pouches.

Chapter 6:  Material Choice

As you think of flexible coffee packaging, you need facts to guide you. Coffee beans, coffee powder and liquid type of coffee need Coffee Bags, bags or packaging equipment that will provide a perfect coffee micro-environment.

A perfect micro-environment is one that will bar off oxygen, moisture, preserve taste, entrap coffee aroma and allow escape of natural gasses produced by roasted coffee.

At TedPack Bags and Pouches Company, your wish is our command. The Coffee Bags we manufacture are well designed and constructed using the lasted technology.Coffee Pouch

Our Coffee Bags are made of laminated film material which is extremely durable, puncture proof, lightweight, superior in barrier provision, heat sealable and lastly able to provide ample surface form making logo, brands, and informative imprints.

Apart from perfect packaging, coffee markets are very competitive. You need to choose your Coffee Bags carefully. The materials used is a critical component in your marketing strategy.

Good imprints will be attractive to customers and make your product stand out on any coffee shelve. Is that not what you need to surpass the coffee market competition?

On every Coffee Bag that we produce, we use laminated films in response to your requirement and pouch usage.

For example, we have the following types of laminated films:

  • Clear material structures
  • Kraft paper film structures
  • Metalized material structures
  • Aluminum film material

Some of the most common material structures are:

  • Kraft paper/AL/PE
  • MATTBOPP/Kraft paper/AL/PE

Our material selection is based on the properties required to be in your Coffee Bags. The specifications you provide us are the ones that guide our film structure formation.

Remember, all the materials we use are food grade type, and eco-friendly. They are all biodegradable.

Below are some of the materials we use at TedPack.

AL- Aluminum foil: AL foil provides a perfect barrier for oxygen, UV light, moisture and aroma entrapping

PE – Polyethylene: this is a low-density material which is ideal for Coffee Bag manufacturing.

PET – Polyester, (Polyethylene Terephthalate): this is temperature resisting material. The BI-axially PET material is used for manufacturing reliable, heat sealable and stiff coffee bags

PET-G Shrink Films – Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Shrink Film:  when making matt or glossy Coffee Bags which have a high shrinking percentage, PET-G Shrink Films are what we use.

MET-PET: this is a laminated material film which helps improve oxygen and water vapor resistant abilities of our coffee bags.

EVOH- Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol copolymer: this material used if we need a formidable oxygen barrier. But, this material is sensitive to high humidity. But for those pouches that use EVOH, polyethylene material is used to increase the water vapor barrier.

CPP-Cast polypropylene

Kraft paper- Kraft paper is a material used to have strength as well as naturalness in the on Coffee Bags.

Chapter 7:  Coffee Couches Production and QA

Product packaging means a lot not only for shelf lifespan but also to marketing your product. Good looking Coffee Bags help develop an emotional connection between your coffee product and the buyer.

We understand your success in the coffee market will trickle down into our accounts too. For that reason, we put our Coffee Bag production through the following steps to ensure quality and higher market returns on your side.

Chapter 7.1: Production

After emailing us, be assured you will get a reply within 12 hours. On the other hand, we have customer care personnel who are ready and willing to assist you after calling. But, make sure you call during working hours.

We are always ready and willing to be part of your journey towards making it big and satisfying your coffee customer.

Below are details on how Coffee Bags production happens for quality assurance.

Order/Demand analysis: As you place your order, be prepared to answer some question and ask anything you need for clarification.

We will need you to specify the requirement or properties you need to be included in your Coffee Bags. For example, we will ask you on the type of Coffee Bag you need, size, color, add-ons and lastly the purpose.

Such details help our sales department understand the type of Coffee Bags you need and the quality.

Additionally, these details will help us ask clarification question which will help us manufacture something that will meet your intended purpose.

Lastly, we will need to understand the quantity of bags you need, delivery date, airport or port of delivery and the preferred mode of transportation.

More on Coffee Bags cargo transportation and delivery will be discussed in the 8th chapter.

Research, artwork and pouch designing: after placing an order, our sales department does take time to analyze your Coffee Bags requirement.

They take time and research on all the aspect you needed to be taken care of. Such helps us to come up with the right material structure you required, measurements and add-ons.

After the entire requirement details are in place, those details are transferred to the art designing department.

The professional we have at this level will take time and draw the design, on computers for perfection reasons.

Computer templates designing ensure perfect measurement, thickness, and general Coffee Bag layouts are in place.

After the demand and artworks are in place,  production process and quality assurance begin.

Chapter 7.2: Product Testing and Quality Assurance

Regardless of the Coffee Bag specification and usage, we are determined to provide you with quality pouches that will keep you coffee powder, beans or liquid safe.

That is why our production and quality assurance is divided into three levels. Although we cannot promise 0% Coffee Bag defects, we are cautious not to surpass the 2% defect level.

Our defect levels are divided into three categories which help us determine what is acceptable and what is not. Below is their explanation.

  • Critical defects that make Coffee Bagsunfit for use
  • The major defect that we always rectify
  • Minor defects which are negligible and do not rule our Coffee Bagsunfit for use.

But to avoid all that, below are our quality assurance stages.

  • In-line Inspection For Quality Assurance

Three engineers control our inline inspection at any time our machines are running. After feeding laminated material films into Coffee Bag manufacturing machines, we do not let them alone.

We always have engineers to watch over the process. When any defect is detected in the production process, our engineers make sure they correct in time.

  • Final inspection

After the Coffee Bags are manufactured, we do test them again. This step helps use rectify those mistakes that went unnoticed in the production stage inspection stage.

Below are the final stage inspections.

  • Tensile testing

For use to be sure that our pouches will be strong enough to resist puncture and paper tear. If they pass this stage, then we are sure they will be good for the tough shelf environment and transportation.

  • Gloss meter

This testing checks the gloss level of the film structure

  • Octagon

Octagon testing measures the thickness of the pouches we provide.

  • Density gradient column

This helps in determining the density of the material used

  • Heat seal testing

Coffee Bags are heat sealed something that helps them keep the packaged content free from moisture, oxidation, odor and perfect aroma entrapping. Our testing is thus geared to determine how reliable the seals are. If they can resist cutting strength to our accepted level, then we begin the next stage.

  • Friction coefficient testing

This testing helps us determine how well our pouches can resist sliding on any shelf. Good friction levels help our customers avoid losses due to Coffee Bags falling due to bag bursting after falling off the shelves.

  • Gas chromatograph testing

This kind of testing helps us provide our customers with Coffee Bags with aroma entrapping and oxygen barring qualities.

  • Packaging/Outgoing inspection

Toward our Coffee Bags shipping, we have one last inspection that helps us know we are providing quality pouches to our customers.

Before all pouches are packed, pass them through another all or part of the inspection.

Chapter 8: Warehousing and Storage

Following our Coffee Bag manufacturing, we have warehouses where we store them for a few days as we plan on the shipping process.

But one thing you should be sure on is your pouches and bags will be safe. As we promised, we take 15 to 35 days to deliver your order.

As the bags will be warehoused, our shipping department will be finalizing their plans for effective delivery.

We as well work with the China clearing and forwarding services. They help us deliver our Coffee Bag cargoes on time.

We deliver our products in more than 15 countries over the USA and Europe.

Loading portDestinationPort of destination
ShenzhenUSALos Angeles
ShenzhenEuropeMost areas, contact us

At TedPack we are well organized and work to ensure our customers are not disturbed in planning for their cargo transportation. We plan every detail for them and ensure their coffee bags get to them in the right state and on time.

Regarding our freight logistics and shipping charges, you will be informed during your order placement. If there will be any change on the shipping fee, be sure we will communicate in time.

Chapter 9: Packing, Filling, and Sealing

Remember, no matter how well pouches are made, poor packaging, filling, and sealing can affect coffee freshness and shelf lifespan.

It is vital that this process is well thought. Below we have clarified the details on these contagious sections.

Chapter 9.1: Packing and Filling

There are quality machines used in Coffee Bag filling and packing. These machines are interconnected with augers fillers, tablet filler and flow filling types of machine that make the packaging and filling process efficient.

Some coffee packaging machines can fill and package about 300 pieces of Coffee Bags in one minute. Such are machines like the:

  • Horizontal Form-fill-seal (HFFS) machine

HFFS machine are used for filling of flexible Coffee Bags due to their perfection and speed. They are perfect and are used to avoid simple packaging error.

Although they are expensive machines, they need between 230 and 480 v depending on their speed and size. They as well require water cooling of 3 GMP. But with these machines, be sure large-scale production will be possible although you need a lengthy room that can accommodate its length

  • Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS)

These machines can package and fill 100 Coffee Bags per minute. They require a high raised building due to their vertical setting but be assured of quality service if you will be using this machine.

Chapter 9.2: Sealing of Coffee Bags

There are several machines which are used in Coffee Bags sealing. Perfect sealing helps ensure your coffee product will be safe for long.

Being the last step before your products hit the market, perfection should be ensured. Proper sealing ensures oxygen, moisture, odor and other forms of contamination does not get into the Coffee Bag.

Below are some of the machines used in the coffee bag sealing process.

a. Impulse pouch sealer

Impulse pouch sealer is a hand operated type machine. It does not command fastness, but you are sure of proper coffee sealing.

They use a simple electric burst that passes through a resistant wire. These machines do seal the coffee bags by welding and melting the two sides of a Coffee Bag an action that sticks them together.

b. Automatic or continuous pouch sealer

These are the most powerful but expensive Coffee Bag sealing machines. They contain moving belts that ensure speed and constant Coffee Bag sealing process.

These automatic machines used in large coffee roasting companies due to their high speed.

  • Vacuum  pouch sealer

When oxygen gas is entrapped Coffee Bags, oxidation of the packaged content happens. Vacuum pouch sealers are used to ensure zero air trapping in the Coffee Bags.

If you need to maintain your coffee beans or powder freshness, then no oxygen should be entrapped inside the coffee bags.

Chapter 10:  Coffee Bags FAQS

1. What custom printing do you use?
We offer HD graphic printing for proper branding, labeling, and logo setting, use the latest rotogravure and digital printing.

2. What types of material do you offer for Coffee Bags?
We have a variety of laminated films that we use in the manufacturing of Coffee Bags.Normally are PET/AL/PE structure.

3. What types of add-ons do you fit on Coffee Bags?
We offer a clear window, tear notches, valves, euro punch holes, re-closable zipper ergonomic handles, and many others.

4. What is the minimum quantity of bags can I order?
We accept a minimum quantity of 1-20000 Coffee Bags. But, contact our sales department for more information.

5. Is it possible to get sample Coffee Bags?
We will be glad to send it to you if you need. Kindly confirm your location and delivery point.

6. What kind of information do I need to have when placing an order?
We only need basic information, which is add-ons types, pouch dimensions, color, designs, delivery point, and quantity.

7. How long will I wait after placing an order?
We deliver our pouches within 15-20 days.

8. Are your pouches recyclable?
Yes! We use some biodegradable materials which are all eco-friendly.

9. If I need modified Coffee Bags will your artwork allow?
Sure. We have a complete in-house artwork and graphics designing department that can do that.

10. If I’m planning to order custom size bags with no print, will I need to meet the minimum requirements?
Yes. We will take that as a custom size project. We offer label stick services as well.

11. Which is the shortest lead-time for Coffee Bags with prints?
20 day include delivery, we can arrange air shipping and express delivery if you need.

12. How do I confirm Coffee Bags quality before you ship them to me?
We allow external inspectors. You can send 3rd party inspection before delivery, if any shortage we guarantee 100% replacement.

13. What mode of payment do you accept for security?
We accept T/T and Paypal. For further clarification or inquiry, kindly contact us.

14. Do you sell Coffee Bags to distributors?
We do deal with several coffees and Coffee Bags distributors across the USA and Europe.

15. What shipment terms do you accept?
We accept CIF, FOB, EXW, DDU, and others. Contact us for more details.

Chapter 11:  TedPack Coffee Bags

Welcome to TedPack Bags and Pouches Company. We are the best, a source of all Coffee Bags made up of quality laminated materials. Quality is our language.

We produce quality coffee bags of all types: stand up pouches, vacuum pouches, gusseted side pouches, spout pouches, flat pouches, and any customized Coffee Bags. Talk to us today, and we will serve you right.

We manufacture bags of an extensive size range; from 1 oz. to about 20 lb or even above. We are a reliable pouch manufacturing company. We take pride in our success; we make it happen not because of luck. Our customer’s feedbacks can confirm our professionalism.

We are an innovative company made up of enthusiastic professionals. With vast experience in making Coffee Bags of different types, we assure you of unique and quality bags. Our facility is made up of quality machines that ensure perfection and quality output.

Quality is our priority. Our Quality Assurance System is stage-managed to ensure all Coffee Bag defects and minimized and those detected are corrected.

Talk to us at any time of the day; we offer a listening ear and ready to serve you. If you are tired of let downs, allow us to help you. We are expert and will help you in solving a Coffee Bag issues. May it be shipping, technical or personalized problems, talk to us any time.


Poor coffee packaging will not only result to dead stock but also the loss of market grasp which culminates in business losses. There will be no customer willing to put their lives in danger due to taking poorly packaged coffee. Additionally, poorly packaged coffee will not attract customers. You need nice looking Coffee Bags which can stand out and entice new and old customers over and over again.

At TedPack we assure you of quality pouches with excellent designs, are cost-effective and customizable according to your requirements. If you need Coffee Bags made of quality materials that will help you enjoy a large market, talk to use. Just make an order and we will take care of the rest. We will ensure you get the best Coffee Bags for your business success and customer convenience.

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