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TedPack cigar pouch are amongst the highly reliable and durable packaging materials for various tobacco products and they are able to provide excellent strength, moisture resistant and a long lasting shelf life of the products.

TedPack cigar pouches are available in stock as well as custom printed selections as per the client’s requirements. For our custom printed bags, we make use of the latest rotogravure technique so that we are able to print up to nine different colors.

Our cigar pouches provide brand coverage and health information on the label so it would bevibrantly displayed on our custom printed tobacco bags enhancing the brand recognition and consumer safety.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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Cigar Pouch, TedPack - The Premier Pouch Manufacturer

TedPack as a professional pouch manufacturer in China, provide a wide range of superior quality cigar pouches that vary in terms of sizes, colors and shapes such as stand up pouches, flat bottom bags, pillow pouches, side gusset bags, side seal bags, kraft look pouches, and many others. All of these bags are available in glossy, matte and shiny finishing attributes that provide an effective shelf display of the products.

At TedPack, we used optimal quality materials like PET, NY, AL, and PE within the production process of our cigar pouches so they are tear resistant and highly durable in nature. All of these bags are available in glossy, matte and shiny finishing attributes that provide an effective shelf display of the products.

We also combine different layers of metalized or aluminum foil lamination in our cigar pouch which provide excellent barrier against moisture, odors, light, oxygen and any other bacterial contamination and elongate the shelf life of the products. We ensure that our tobacco bags are produced with supreme quality materials in strict compliance with international quality standards.

TedPack has designed and produced humidifying cigar pouches for more than 20 years. At TedPack, we manufacture cigar pouches with a great-looking way to make your branding even kore attractive to costumers. Send us your idea and we will provide and custom the perfect cigar pouch for your business.

Cigar Pouches: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What materials are cigar pouches made of?

Cigar pouches are made of melt-blown polymer fibres which are bonded or arranged in a predetermined orientation, to provide desirable flavour and tactile experience.

The cigar pouches usually made from polyethylene resins are refined plastic films that appear in many layers of thick and puncture-resistant packaging.

The pouches work as strong and lasting barrier protection for the delicacies found in cigars in the course of its production, distribution, storage, and marketing.

We understand packaging is one of the most important things in business as it is a form of product branding and marketing strategy.

This is why TedPack has come up with flexible packaging materials with easy locks affording your product easy packaging, handling and movement.

tobacco pouch material

Cigar pouch materials

How long do cigars stay in a cigar pouches?

Cigars stay fresh in bags without humidors for just 2 to 3 days.

With the different styles of humidors, your cigars stay fresh in the pouches in anywhere from two months to over a year, depending on how often the pouches are opened.

A lot of factors do play in for optimum flavour as your cigars mature, and since cigars are made from organic matter, they are prone to deterioration but proper and packaging gives it a better quality even with age.

Without humidors, the natural oils that keep the leaves moist, tender and fragrance will finally seep through the leaves to evaporate, but our pouches offer the finest flavour for your cigars for as long as five years.

Do cigars stay fresh in the pouches?

One of the most important considerations in cigar packaging and marketing is its ability to stay fresh for as long as possible in the pouches.

Outside the humidors, cigars are known to stay fresh for only a number of days no matter how tight you try to seal the cigar box.

TedPack pouches help your cigars overcome the bitter taste and remain fresh for a very long time both in the store and on the shelves.

We usually advise you to rotate your cigars every 4 to 6 months, ensure spaces while stacking the cigar pouches and regulate the number of cigars you keep inside your humidors.

Do I need humidors for your pouches?

A humidor is the best place to keep cigars fresh as it maintains the ideal conditions for your cigars to age perfectly.

Our humidification pouches can act as great humidors for your cigars if you only have a few pouches.

We advise you to ensure this is airtight to avoid moisture dissipation.

The TedPack humidification pouches maintain optimal conditions for your cigars, keeping them fresh and moist for as long as 90 days.

It is always best you purchase a humidor especially when you plan to keep the cigars for a longer time whilst rotating and ensuring that the sponge doesn’t dry out.

humidor for cigar pouch storage

 Humidor for cigar pouch storage

What is the size of your cigar pouch?

Our standard cigar pouches have the opera length which is between 16 to 20 inches (40 to 50cm) while theatre length is 10 to 14 inches (about 25 to 35cm).

We equally offer different sizes of cigar pouches based on product type and your custom specifications to give your product the uniqueness, quality, and marketability.

TedPack offers complementary styles such as the dinner length and cocktail length cigar pouches, all depending on your pouch material type, thickness, and specifications.

Different cigar sizes.

Different cigar sizes

Can the pouches be stacked in a store?

Yes, our cigar pouches can be stacked easily in the store without losing its freshness or giving your product undesired odour.

We give you the general advice on how to stack your cigar pouches especially when you intend to use the pouches without humidors.

It is always easy to stack one on top of the other in your humidor, but we advise you to place the subsequent rows in the cleft between each cigar in the row below.

This means if the bottom of your humidor takes as much as 20 cigars in a row the next row between the spaces where the cigars line up should take 18 while the next can still take up to 19.

This allows better airflow through the spaces given and affords you the ease of taking out pouches from the humidor.

How strong is your pouch for my product?

TedPack pouches are strong and well recommended for your product as it affords it the freshness, longevity and captures your brand marketability.

The cigar pouches are made from multiple layers of engineered barrier films, laminated together to create an incredibly strong structure, withstanding puncture and giving protection to your contents from moisture, odour, and ultraviolet rays.

Our cigar pouches reduce resource usage in terms of raw materials cost, give you an increased choice of selection, designs whilst affording you the opportunity to custom printing on the pouches.

Can you design the best pouch for my product?

Yes, we can provide quality design for your pouch packaging through our team of experienced professionals.

The pouch custom design is tailored to your product specifications addressing the size, volume, density, and thickness of your product while beating the problems if humidity and puncture in product packaging.

We guarantee your product the very best pouch design our team of experts can offer.

Are your cigar pouches approved?

TedPack cigar pouches meet and exceed the requirements stated by the FDA and USDA.

Our pouch materials are approved by these regulation bodies for use in the large scale production of cigar packaging materials.

We are highly conscious of health and therefore make use of only materials that have been certified standard and safe for our cigar pouches.

Are cigar pouches reusable?

Yes, our cigar pouch materials afford you the ease of reuse for as much as 90 days.

Multiple use of these pouches saves you resources and time while guaranteeing your product quality and efficiency.

What is the guarantee on the pouches?

Our guarantee on the pouches remains that they’ll meet your product requirements in terms of quality, internal and external factors consideration.

For the sake of quality, our pouches keep your cigars fresh, smell-proof and reduces your production costs.

Internal and external factors such as product-package compatibility, moisture, puncture and UV light are all overcome using our pouches.

Lastly, we only make use of approved materials for the production of these pouches.

What colours are your pouches available in?

We provide you with multiple colours for selection in the course of the pouch custom manufacturing and printing.

We are always at liberty to mixing a number of colours to offer you a wide range of choices depending on your product specifications.

At the very end of our service, we ensure the beauty and uniqueness of your product is in no way compromised.

sample pouch colours

Sample pouch colours 

Do your pouches hold cigars for a night-out?

As much as most of the qualities depend on the cigars, the pouches play a great role in branding and drawing the attention of customers.

The cigar pouches in both wholesale and retail use, offers you the opportunity to hold your cigars for as long as in the night, even when it has been opened.

These humidification pouches that we offer at TedPack give your cigar the freshness of use and saves it from odours or bitter taste associated with long storage of cigars outside humidors.

Can I have a sample of your pouch before ordering?

Yes, we make samples of our cigar pouches available for the purpose of sizing and testing.

The samples help you to determine the best size, weight, and thickness for your packaging as pre-designed works may not fit exactly into the shape and size in reality.

Running a product-package compatibility test with these samples guarantees you a better, safer and most appropriate material for your packaging.

These services are in a bid to overcome both internal and external factors of cigar packaging while ensuring safety, quality, and durability of your product.

Are your cigar pouches recyclable?

Yes, our pouches for cigars are completely recyclable offering zero waste in the course of production and packaging.

The pouch materials used in the production are specially selected to ensure functionality as well as surmount the hill task of recycling faced by such production.

We always assure you that our choice of materials in terms of degradability does not affect your product packaging aesthetics and quality.

Our company will always be there to offer you the services of recycling your pouch materials.

What technology do you use in printing pouches?

We offer two types of printing services for your cigar pouches, digital printing and the rotogravure printing which are all dependent on your product type and print specifications.

The digital printing technique runs the 10-color printing as it is most ideal for your brand imprints.

Digital printing technology also reduces the costs associated with printing whilst keeping the perfect quality and aesthetics for your product packaging and branding.

The rotogravure just like digital printing equally makes use of multiple colours in printing your designs.

This style of printing can also make use of photographic images to show clearly your design, necessary information, details, and brand of your company.

Our printing is top-notch and always meet your requirements considering that we make use of the latest technologies and your custom specifications.

Do you form and fill pouches?

Yes, TedPack makes use of the latest technologies to form, fill and seal pouches with your products.

The form-fill-seal technology is an automated computer-operated technology subject to constant development, which requires modern and reliable packaging machinery to produce better packages faster and reduced operational costs.

With the form-fill-seal technology, your pouches are formed by the machines meeting your requirements, your products are filled and then we’ll be sealed with the same technology.

This is a high tech system that saves you time, stress and keeps your product free from contamination in the process of packaging.

Do you offer advice on material specifications?

Yes, this is part of our special services to you.

We study your product makeup on your request and proffer the best solution in terms of its packaging using flexible cigar pouches.

We understand that pouches are made from a number of different materials depending on the type of product and this is why we take our time to give you the very best pouch for your cigar.

You may wonder why you should use a pouch for cigars but the film barriers we incorporate gives you the best quality in terms of puncture resistance, smell-proof, eco-friendliness, UV light resistance, and moisture control.

We are always available to give you the best in terms of quality, health, standard, and sustainability of product packaging.

What is the minimum quantity for custom printing?

Our minimum order quantity for custom manufacturing and printing of cigar pouches at TedPack is 10,000 pieces.

You can place your order online or through our customer support team and you’re always free to make adjustments after placing such order.

What is the maximum quantity for custom printing?

We do not have the maximum quantity for custom manufacturing and printing as our company will always stand to offer as much order as you place without compromising in terms of quality of packaging, performance, and functionality.

What is your cigar return policy?

TedPack offers you a simple and stress-free return policy.

We afford you the opportunity to return your purchased product to our company up to 90 days from the shipment of your product.

We try as much as we can to move your products from the company in the best condition, monitor it right from the company and deliver it at your doorsteps.

We understand unforeseen circumstances can Mar the product or it’s delivery and this is why we give you this very option as part of our customer service.

To return purchased products perhaps due to damage, ensure you contact the company through email or the support team for a hassle-free and easy return.

We will always serve you better and try to reduce rates if returns to improve productivity, sustain relationships and reduce unnecessary costs.

Can you deliver cigar pouches outside China?

TedPackris a reputable international packaging company carrying out trade across the globe.

We have a large market size in Europe and America where we constantly deliver our pouches and bags in order.

This means that wherever you are and place an order, we can always reach out to deliver your purchased pouches.

Once you correctly fill our quotation with your address, we monitor your products and ensure it gets to you in the right condition.

You can find out shipping terms and conditions on our site and we equally guarantee stress less return policy in case of damage.

Can I change my order placed online?

We always work as hard and as fast as we can to process your order as soon as we receive it.

This is in a bid for us to ensure effective and efficient delivery in a reduced time.

This might make it very difficult for you to completely cancel a placed order, but we afford you the room for adjustments.

We work on mutual agreement and ensure your specifications are well met before production kicks off and we leave you with the opportunity of placing a separate order for an additional item.

This additional item will be shipped to your delivery centre separately having its own unique order and track number.

Should adjustments be made before manufacturing, we may be able to incorporate that into your product.

Always feel free to contact us for your order, tracking and wait for it to be received before you make attempts to return or ask for a refund.

What are your shipping terms and charges?

We always let you know our shipping terms and charges before conducting direct imports.

Visit our website to familiarize yourself with our shipping terms and conditions or as we would always suggest you contact our customer support team for a clear explanation and better understanding.

TedPack shipping terms and conditions are relatively friendly, accessible and affordable as we have been in a constant movement of our products throughout Europe and America.

How do I monitor my order online?

Every order in our company has its own unique order number and tracking ID.

Once you have the tracking ID, you can click on the order status in our site where you will be requested to enter the tracking ID and your company number.

With this, you will have the necessary shipping information of your product as regards tracking and you can as well contact our customer support team to help you with this task.

How do I get a quote?

We give out our full quote covering the entire cost of your requests on the evaluation of the design and your specific requirements and delivery method.

You are free to email us at or contact our support team on +86 137 1292 4614 for more information or on how to get a quote.

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