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Cigar Bags for all kinds of cigar packaging use, light and moisture proof. Low MOQ to 10K pcs and delivery within 2-3 weeks, all print are customized.

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When it comes to cigar accessories, cigar bags from TedPack are perfect for the economic cigar packaging. At Tedpack, we understand this enthusiasm and that is why we manufacture top-notch cigar bags to cater to the packaging needs.

We can custom different designs of cigar bags based on your detailed requirement. To ensure your cigars are kept fresh and at the same time preventing them from getting damaged or going bad, so we are using 100% air-tight barrier material to make sure your products are safe and in perfect conditions.

All prints are customized and MOQ lower to 10K pcs for a start, normally delivery in 2-3 weeks.

Send your inquiry for TedPack for more information.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size80*150+30mm(Min)    300*540+120mm(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-120Mircons (2.5Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, De-gas Valve
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping

TedPack Cigar Bag

A cigar that is too dry smokes too hot while one which is too moist makes the draw impossible. It is quite important to properly store a cigar whether you are a casual smoker or a cigar aficionado. Cigars are kept fresh and lively with proper storage.

When transporting cigar from the store to your home, cigars require utmost care when it comes to storage. You need to know that cigars are susceptible to cold and heat, thereby they need to be stored in a certain level of humidity.

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Cigar Bags: Ultimate Guide of Cigar Bags

The number one area that should be accorded utmost attention in production is not the manufacturing but the packaging. This is because prior to people’s perception of your content, it is the material package by which it is wrapped that people will see.

To this extent, this package is what interest your consumers whether your product should be tried or not. All this applies to a new product.

Also, seeing that it is the package that is widely observed by users and non-users of your product, the package becomes an essential tool of advertisement.

Through this, the company can project its details as many people (users and non-users) witness when they go to grocery or supermarket to shop.

More than these important features, there is more to the functions of a package. Package functions well in the preservation of your product and in protecting the product from external and internal barriers.

Do you know?

If a good product has bad packaging, it will fail in the market. This is because it will not see fulfillment by its users since it spoils quickly in storage.

However, if a fair product has very good packaging, it may still be favored by the consumers and me at the end make great sales.

If you believe your product is the best then there is a dire need to package with the leading packaging material in your field.

To the producers of cigars, the task of packaging cigar requires more expertise. This is because of the great vulnerability of cigars to temperature.

Do you know that most traditional packaging of cigars failed greatly? The cigar packaging materially conventionally goes by the name “cigar box”.

And in old times, the production of these boxes found expression through materials like woods, cardboard, and paper.

The most common and trending wood at that time was the plastic cedars which were popular for its good odor.

However, this traditional packaging though fitting, all failed to give cigars longevity. Most lovers of cigars do not smoke all at a time, so the cigars suffered bad fate.

After the first opening, they are exposed to terrible atmospheric conditions like heat and oxygen.

Do you know? Because of the inadequacies of the traditional packaging of cigar through cigar box, modern-day engineers have invented a triumphant alternative.

It has been found that cigars can do great and have durable longevity when packaged with cigar bags like plastic zipper bags, custom zipper bags,  and cheap zipper bags among others.

With the flexible packaging, cigars have found fulfillment by even consumers who do not smoke all at a time.

The resealable options and the air time seals restore the cigar freshness for a healthy inhalation and exhalation.

To have complete knowledge of the cigar bags, this study guide is presented to you. It is a product of adequate research that keeps you informed on the requirement of cigars preservation for good health.

It comes in various chapters with each chapter thoroughly furnished with great and factual content.

A continuous practice of the principles in this study guide will make you take the mantle of leadership among other cigar producing competitors.

Let us go into the main body of the study guide as you begin with the meaning of cigar bags. Scroll down and be enlightened.

Chapter 1: What is Cigar Bag?

Cigar bags are flexible packaging materials made from polyethylene resins and refined plastic films. They come in about several layers which make them very thick and hard to puncture.

They are about 5mil thick by which they serve as great and lasting barrier protection. It has been found that the delicacies of cigars make it require proper attention in production.

This attention is more essential in the aspect of packaging. This is because producers may have a great loss if humidity and humidification are not properly regulated.

Do you know? The standard required humidity for cigars climatic conditions is 70% humidity at 68% degrees.

For the freshness of cigars for healthy inhalation and exhalation, cigar bags play a vital preservative role. Designers come up with light and flexible packaging materials as ziplock bags for cigars.

This is because users usually carry cigars wherever they go. Cigars bags afford users easy handling and mobilization capacity.

There is more to see about cigar bags. Scroll down and you will have the urge to go further

1.1 When to Use Cigar Bags

The cigar bags packaging work in its full capacity when the storage environment is most suitable to its nature.

However, the use of cigar bags should not be substituted for humidors if cigars are intended to stay long before being lighted up. Humidors can then be applied to cigars.

Do you know? Even if the best packaging material is stored in a harsh and unsuitable temperature, terrible implication follows.

This usually implies swellings on the body of the cigars and expansion of the cigar wrappers. Having seen the essentiality of cigar bags storage facilities, scroll down and see the wealth of knowledge in stock for you.

So what makes a TedPack cigar bag stand out.

  • They are airtight bags thus preventing the drying out of the cigars, oil, evaporation, and cracking of the wrapper.
  • TedPack cigar bag keeps the humidity around 70%
  • With our cigar bag, you can fit as many as 15cigars when necessary
  • We offer custom printing of the cigar bags
  • The zip line closure ensures the cigars are kept fresh from the store to your home
  • The bags have sufficient space below the printed area for that custom labeling. In this way, you can communicate your brand directly
  • We offer custom printing for your company information and  logo
  • TedPack cigar bags meet USDA and FDA requirements
  • TedPack cigar bags are reusable and recyclable

For those cigar aficionados who tend to store more cigars of high value, TedPack cigar bags are the best. They have perfect construction, durable, customized features, and more storage capacity. It doesn’t matter what level you at when it comes to cigar affection, you need the best and the best is TedPack cigar bag.

Chapter 2: Cigar Bags Appropriate Storage Facilitates

Storage and warehousing is an essential part of cigars preservation. When ignorance sets in about the ways it should have been preserved, then serious repercussions of improper storing and warehousing occur.

Major of which is the destruction of the cigars. To let the cigar bags triumph in its absolute capacities, there is a need to take cognizance of the storage system. It is very significant.

In this light, this study guide keeps you informed on all that you need to know about cigar bags storage facilities. The standard requirement of a good cigar storage facility is measured at approximately 70% humidity at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Every good cigars storage requires a humidifier. A humidifier is a device that is employed to give an increase to the humidity of the air.

And for the sake of understanding, humidity is the percentage measurement of the amount of water that can be found in the air at a given temperature without having the consequence of condensation.

Ecologists have reached a general agreement that there will be a difference in the amount of moisture completely held by air at a different temperature.

In this light, a significant measure of moisture can be held by warm air. For this reason, the humidifier in your storage system will need to be added to ensure effective storage.

In the case of cold air, ecologists posit that it carries no moisture at all. Therefore a 70% humidity measurement of air will be dry at freezing temperature.

When there is a 1-degree decrease in the measurement in degrees Fahrenheit of any humidity percentage, you are required to increase the percentage by 1% through the adding of water.

Remember the standard measure is 70% humidity at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, when the degrees decrease to 58 degrees Fahrenheit, you are required to put the percentage of humidity at 80%.

Do you know? There is an alternative remedy that can be rendered to dry cigars.

They can still be moisturized. Although, after the moisturized state, they will depreciate in quality slightly from their original state.

The process of moisturizing dry cigars usually takes an approximated time of six months. The cigars become moisturized again as it gradually absorbs the moisture in the humidified storage environment.

During this process of moisturizing, it is possible for a cigar to be over moisturized. In such cases, the cigars are slightly wet and unpleasant. These types of cigars should be discarded.

A trial to dry damp wet cigars come with serious production errors. Some of the things that happen in the drying process include:

  • A rapid and shrink body
  • A loosed and wrinkled cigar wrapper
  • A peeling wrapper during the process of smoking.

It is important you give attention to the information below.

After adequate research, it has been found that there is no humidifying packaging material as suitable for cigars than cigar bags like plastic zipper bags, custom zipper bags, custom plastic zipper bags, cigar bags single, and printed freezer bags.

It is designed with an initiative to regulate the percentage of humidity required for cigar storage. Do you know? It has been known that a dry cigar is hot, fast, and uneven when smoked.

On the other hand, an over moisturized cigar proves to be hard to puff. Also, it gives occasion for the solidification of mold and/or swelling wrapper that makes cigars tear during when smoked.

Having learned the rudimentary of good cigar bags storage systems, the study guide takes you progressively to something new.

There is still more to keep you adequately prepared.

Chapter 3: The Questions of What, Why, and How That Surrounds the Use of Cigar Bags

Those who are experienced in the cigar businesses may want to ask the questions of this chapter. They may be prompt to ask the question since humidor can keep the cigars at a constant humidity more extensively than cigars.

This chapter is committed to giving you informed and logical reasons why you should use cigar bags. The best way to make decisions as a manufacturer is also to consider the consumers of your product.

This is because a decision that is done in accordance with the likes of your consumers will keep the sales flourishing.

3.1: Why Use Cigar Bags For Your Cigar Business?

The reasons posited in this chapter are ones that are valid from the consumers and manufacturers perspectives.

  • Affordability

Cigar bags come at great and economic prices. And the cheapness of this quality cigars bags like ziplock bags do not in any way imply a decrease in quality.

Instead of going for expensive humidors, you can get the same desired preservative effects with cigar bags.

  • Surplus Production and Consistent Availability

Cigar bags are very easy to produce. With this, you can have great supplies for your mass cigars production. Instead of having to slow the production process because of the unavailability of packaging materials, cigar bags can be readily available for your products.

Partnering with this mass-produced packaging material will make production fast and profit greater.

  • Perfect For Short-Term Storage

If the cigars and tobacco are aimed at a speedy consumption then there is no sufficient reason for going for expensive humidors like cigar box made from Spanish cedars.

For short time use, cigar bags is a consistent humidifying packaging material with hard to puncture layers. With cigar bags, you can use your budget efficiently and still get great appraisal or accolades from your customers.

  • Easy Handling

Consumers need not grow muscles and go through stress by carrying their cigars.

Many rigid cigar boxes do not offer consumers the convenience of carrying their cigar packs to wherever they go because some can be pretty heavy in weight.

With the various cigar bags, we offer at TedPack, consumers have given manufacturers appraisals of comfortability when handled.

For old consumers of cigars, the weight of boxes need not be an impediment to enjoying the cigars, with light and flexible cigar bags, they can move their cigars everywhere at any time.

  • Efficient Use of Storage Systems, Trucks and Ships

It has been empirically proven that cigar bags take less space when arranged than other rigid packaging materials.

Do you know? If there is no space to store the finished product before clearing to retail shelf, there will be a cessation of production.

For this reason, a packaging that offers your manufactured cigars efficient use of all storage is worth purchasing. Of all the packaging materials used for cigars, it is cigar bags that offer you the most capacity to maximize all your storage and arrange cordially.

For this reason, retailers at supermarkets, groceries, and other stores place cigars in cigar bags more on the retail shelf than cigars in other rigid containers.

This is because they always desire to utilize the retail shelf in the best way. There is more benefit:

  • General Cost Efficiency

Since it has been said that cigar bags come in great affordability, let us go to other areas it helps cut cost.

Do you know? For the distribution of goods to consumers, cigar bags help you save fuel and machinery cost.

When transporting in rigid packaging, the exact quantity of products you load in two trucks can be loaded in just one truck when using flexible cigar bags like the pre-printed slider lock zipper bags.

With this, one of the vehicles can be parked. And the fuel it ought to use can be saved and used for other time. Also, there is no need to have two drivers.

The wages of the truck driver can be reinvested into making the product better.

  • It Preserves The Mild Caribbean Fragrance of the Cigar

One of the vital roles of the cigar is to retain the flavor and fragrance of the cigar by preventing molds to grow in the cigars.

  • It is Absolutely Colour-friendly

With cigar bags, the brand details you want to project to your clients and the entirety of the people will be printed in beautiful fashion.

  • It Promotes Environmental Prosperity

Cigar bags is very notable for being designed with features that promote the environment for present and unborn generation.

It is easy to dispose of and recyclable. Instead of burning and causing serious environmental pollution, cigar bags are recyclable, reusable, and easily disposable.

Having diligently acquired reasons that support your actions, let us scroll down and see more informed content loaded in this chapter.

3.2: How to Use Cigar Bags For Long Term Storage

Originally, it is true that cigar bags are in fact best for short-term preservation of cigars only. However, there are artificial means by which this short time storage can be extended.

The cigar bags are humidifiers of their own. However, this self-generated humidification only lasts for 2-3 days.

You can insert the cigar bags in humidors. The humidor is a container that has humidifying elements within it.

To achieve the functionality of this element, apply distilled water. Tap water should not be substituted for distilled water. This is because it gives cigars mold.

Follow this process for easy understanding.

  • Apply humidors to cigar bags
  • Pour a cup of distilled water into the humidor and cover the lid.
  • Wait for an approximate time of 36hrs before you get your humidor filled to regulate humidity.
  • In the first days, add more cigar bags to the humidor steadily.

At the absence of humidor, don’t panic. There are still things you can do. This method is very cheap and may cost nothing at all.

  1. Insert your cigar bags in custom freezer bags or printed freezer bags.
  2. Take a moist sponge and ensure the sponge is wet. After this shake the water thoroughly.
  3. Insert the moist sponge in the freezer bags and seal tightly.

Do you know? There are other natural alternatives of the humidor that can keep your cigars well preserved in cigar bags.

Research has shown that apples are also natural humidifiers that keep cigars preserved and fresh. Applying a slice of apple to this process makes it very great.

Having seen how you can prolong your cigars packaged in cigar bags, this chapter still has something to offer you. Take your attention down and grasp it.

3.3: What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing Cigar Packaging?

Before requesting for packaging for your cigar products, there are some things that you should consider.

An error in the process of purchasing packaging materials may have serious legal and economic repercussions.

Take a scroll down and see a list of things to consider.

  • Budget

Budget is the brain box behind every production. This is because an error in the allocation of the budget may lead the whole of production into a mess.

Before purchasing packaging material, ensure that it is the most affordable one that you go for.

  • The consistency of Supplies

Do not take the question of the availability of packaging for granted. It is important you ask your suppliers how available and consistent the packaging can be.

This is because the consumers develop an attachment to each packaging you use. To this extent, there is familiarity with the packaging and the cigar you produce.

For this reason, consumers may not easily identify your product when packaged in a new container.

  • Unique Art Work

Put your best into creating an artwork that is identifiable to your products or your brand only.

This is because a resemblance or imitation in artworks may make consumers choose the resembling artwork thinking that it is yours.

  • Request For Samples and Do Pretest

Good packaging for cigars is not only the one that humidifies but also the one that regulates humidity. This is because even an excess in humidity is destructive to the cigars that are being packaged.

For this reason, it is most essential to ensure how regulatory the packaging material is. If you test this when you are doing mass packaging, and perhaps it failed. This will result in a great loss to your product.

For this reason, you are required to make pretest after requesting for samples from your suppliers.

At TedPack, we are committed to seeing that you make great economic benefit in your production. For this reason, we offer samples for the pretest.

  • Consumers-Friendliness

First, this is the orientation from the vagueness of this factor. By consumer-friendliness, it means the packaging for cigars must be absolutely easy and appealing to the consumers.

Factors such as easy handling, easy mobilizing, lightness in weight, easy opening and closing, and reusability. All these criteria when met amounts to the desires of the consumers. For this reason, they will always want to grab your product on the retail shelf.

  • Legal Accreditation

Cigars and tobacco have a history with the FDA and USDA. Unless you want to incur some serious legal issue on your company, ensure your company is certified.

Also, ensure your packaging supplier is certified by FDA and USDA. This is important because bad packaging that is not certified may cause serious health problems to cigar smokers.

  • Transportation

Transportation is an important factor. It takes a huge section of the distribution of goods and services.

Before getting your packaging for cigars, ensure the transportation options are favorable to you. Also, ensure that packaging materials are not too heavy to incur more transportation expenses.

Having obtained informed answers to the questions, scroll down and see what the next chapter carries for you.

Chapter 4: The Packaging Types of Cigar Bags Used For Cigar Packaging And Their Benefits

This chapter does justice in presenting the trending cigar bags in the market to you. Also, it provides you a hint of the advantages to you.

4.1 Pre-Printed Zipper Cigar Bags and Advantages

Pre-printed Zipper cigar bags is outstanding for being designed in tight cigar seals. It is manufactured in the artworks of the cigar company.

It focuses on humidifying the cigars and keeping it fresh before consumption. Basically, pre-printed zipper bags have been a triumphant humidor alternative for short time period. It comes with some significant benefits.


1It is cheap and produced largely
2It preserves cigars by keeping it adequately humidified for up to four days.
3It has a resealable option and the zip can be locked before cigar sticks are totally smoked
4It is easily disposable, reusable, and recyclable
5It offers consumers the utmost convenience in handling

The list of trending cigar bags cannot be complete without… Scroll down and see

4.2: Pre-printed Slider Lock Cigar Bags

Pre-printed slider lock cigar bags are modern day designed cigar bags that keep your cigar and tobacco fresh and its flavor actively retained.

It offers a durable thickness of 3-4mil. Inclusive in its feature is a slider that offers consumer easy opening, easy closing, resealability, and reusability. Its advantages are contained below.

1It comes in great affordability that keeps the cost of production efficiency
2It is very fast to produce and there is no limit to the quantity that can be supplied
3It serves as a lasting container to the flavor of tobacco and cigars
4It has a beautiful outlook that makes it outstanding on the retail shelf
5It is specifically designed not only to humidify content but also to regulate the humidity generated from the humidor

You still have an amazing product with great features to see. Scroll down and see them

4.3: Clear Zipper Lock Cigar Bags

Clear Zipper lock cigar bags are relatively 3 layers polyethylene resins made material that has been a great preservative for expensive cigars.

With a thoroughly sterilized inner layer, issues such as finding mold in cigars packaged in clear zipper-lock bags cannot be heard.

Its 3 mil thickness makes zipper bags hard to puncture. Also, it keeps flavor and fragrance fresh deadline day of consumption.

For short-term preservation, clear zipper-lock bags need no humidor to perform absolutely great.

It is very light in weight. Essential of its outlook is a transparent material that makes brands showcase the beauty of their cigars even to nonsmokers.

Advantages of clear zipper bags are as follows:

1It’s transparency cigars to showcase their beauty on the retail shelf
2It makes cigars mentor, flavor, and fragrance retained and be afresh anew per time
3It is made with recyclable materials that promote the environment
4It is very easy to transport and offers convenience for consumers in handling
5It comes in various forms of thickness according to the requirement of cigar producers. The 2 mil thickness is the light thick layer. The 3 mil thickness is the medium thick layer. The 4 mil thickness is the hard thick layer

There are more benefits that the clear zipper-lock bags exhibit which makes it the perfect short time humidor for cigars and tobacco. Let us proceed to other materials.

4.4: Compartment Cigar Bags

The compartmentalized cigar bags have been a great application to expensive cigars over the years. They afford users the capacity to categorize storage from other non-cigars substance which usually spoils the flavor.

They come in compartments packaging and also 5 compartment cigar packaging.

4.4.1: 5 Compartment Cigar Bags

The 5 compartment cigar bags materially compose of low-density polyethylene resins. This is designed in accordance with the requirement of a prosperous environment.

It is absolutely recyclable. It has the capacity to contain up to 6 cigars at a time. By which it becomes absolutely suitable for the short-trip journey.

Of all the cigar packaging material for short time purpose, none freshens flavor as much as much as 5 compartment cigars.

It works absolutely great for commercial use. And has a good reputation on the retail shelf.

It comes in a flat style by which it can be well arranged on the retail shelf or in the humidors. It is reclosable.

Do you know? The 3 compartment cigar bags proves no lesser in features. Scroll down and see

4.4.2: 3 Compartment Cigar Bags

Made with low-density polyethylene resins, 3 compartment cigar bags regulate humidity and preserves flavor. It has 3 separate compartments for three sticks of cigars or tobacco.

It comes in a flat style that affords users easy handling. It is light in weight and easy to carry.

It has the capacity to be reused multiple times before finally disposed and recycled. 3 Compartment cigar bags is most notable for handling to parties.

Benefits of Compartment Bags

1Highly reusable at multiple times, easily disposable, and recyclable
2It preserves flavor and makes cigars fresh before consumption
3It is light to move and easy to handle
4It is great for short time trip
5It serves as a minor humidor to cigars and tobacco

The trending cigars bags is yet to be complete without…

4.5 Cigar Carrier Bags

A product of low-density polyethylene, cigar carrier bags has succeeded in ending the frustration of cigar lovers in seeing cigars spoil before time.

  • It comes in lightweight that makes carrying very easy. It is suitable for cigars by giving those airtight seals thus a flourishing environment.
  • It comes in a die-cut handle that makes the cigar carriage process friendly to the carrier. With this, cigars can be taken to any social gathering.

Having these salient features, benefits of cigar carrier bags are contained below.


1It is easily disposable and recyclable
2It is reusable times without number
3It offers a 100% convenience in carrying
4It keeps the freshness and flavor of cigars retained durably
5It features a twin color front design for good aesthetic outlook

Having seen the types of cigar bags ruling the cigars industry in terms of short-term preservation, it is time to go further. You deserve informed answers to the questions that may bother you.

Do not be disturbed on how to get these answers. The next chapter is specifically rich in this aspect. Take a step further as you have a refreshed knowledge

Chapter 5: Cigar Bags FAQs

1. Can cigars bags be used without humidors?
Yes, cigar bags can be used without humidors. However, this will only be for short-term preservation.

2. What if mistakenly my cigar bags drop inside water, can it still serve as preservation to my cigars or tobacco.
Cigar bags are made with an average of 3 mil thickness. They are made of polyethylene resins which assures quality resistance against barriers like water.
This inclusive, cigar bags also feature airtight and water-proof seals. If your cigar bags mistakenly drops in water. Just clean thoroughly and ensure water is dry.
Your cigars are still very much safe.

3. If I can’t afford the manufactured humidors, is there still another alternative by which I can prolong the shelf life of my cigars?
Yes, there are very less expensive alternatives by which you can preserve your cigars. However, this option requires custom freezer bags or printed freezer bags. This can serve as a broader container for cigar bags.
With moist sponge sprinkled with water, you can also have a humidifying effect. For the natural option of having adequate humidity to your cigar bags, sliced apple will serve a good humidifying role.

4. How long can the cigars take without humidors before depreciating in flavor and quality?
This varies in the types of cigar bags. However, it stays refreshed for an average of four days. With this, you can still have a short time trip enjoyment of cigars and tobacco.

5. Is there a limit to the quantity of cigar bags that can be supplied at TedPack?
At TedPack, we can meet an unlimited demand for cigar bags. Do not be limited in placing demands.

6. Can I get a cigar bag for single stick?
Of course, putting a single stick of cigar in multi-compartment cigar bags will not look too good. At TedPack, we have cigar bags single which is a great preservative for a single cigar stick.

7. What shipment and payment option do you offer at TedPack?
Before we proceed to the shipment of the purchased product, our customers can balance the 50% upfront payment that must have been deposited when the agreement is reached on sales.
In alternative cases, we give our long-term the privilege of balancing after the supply has been made. We can accept payment via Western Union and PayPal for a payment of $1000 or less.
For shipping option, we offer EXW, CFR, FOB, CIF. To many extents, we can change this delivery strategy if our clients what another mode of delivery.

8. Do I stand of receiving samples for pretest if I partner with TedPack?
We know the essentiality of having a pretest to be convinced of the authenticity of our cigar bags. Yes, we do give samples for pretest to our clients when they demand it.

9. Can TedPack help with designs that beautify the cigar bags with my brand on it?
Of course, at TedPack we have leading graphics designers whose expertise are second to none in the world. However, this may attract an extra cost.

Having acquired informed answers to the important question, the study guide proceeds to one of its most essential parts. Scroll down and see

Chapter 6: TedPack Cigar Bags Requirement

This chapter features the information TedPack requires from you to give you a well-appraised service.

  • Is Your cigar company approved by the FDA and USDA?
  • What shipment option do you prefer for the supply of your orders from us?
  • How many sticks do you want to be contained in your cigar bags?
  • State the location of your company for the purpose of delivery.
  • Do you want plain or printed cigar bags that have your artworks?
  • Would you prefer your cigar bags to come in clear window or opaque option?
  • We desire that our clients store our products in the humidified environment.
  • This is required to bring out the beauty and functionality of our cigar bags.

A sincere and thoughtful response to the content of this chapter guarantees a cordial relationship between TedPack and the clients.


It remains a fact that remains true in the both domestic and industrial context that cigar bags regulate humidity and ensures freshness of cigars.

Adequate research put into this inquiry has established this major fact in the Six insightful chapters of this ultimate study guide.

A practice of this study and a systematic approach to its study ensures triumph in the business of cigars and its packaging aspect.

Because cigars and tobacco are inhaled into the body system, Being one of the leading packaging company, we offer our bags with adequate sterilization and hygienic layers.

TedPack is equally committed to the health prosperity of all users of the product it packages. To the cigar producers, cigar bags will help you create a good working relationship between you and your clients.

This is merited to the convenience it offers. Remain triumphant and blessed as you use this great packaging bags for your cigars.

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