Child Resistant Bag Manufacturer
ASTM test child resistant ziplock on the pouch keep the children away from medicine and cannabis. TedPack will be your premier child resistant bag manufacturer, MOQ start from 10K delivery within 2-3 weeks.

Child Resistant Bag and PouchCustom Print Smell Proof | 10K MOQ, ASTM Certified

Child resistant bags are laminated stand-up pouches made with all kind childproof zipper to keep children reach out of cannabis and marijuana products inside.

TedPack is a professional child-resistant bags manufacturer in China, we can custom any types of child-resistant pouch based on your detailed requirement. With different zipper and lock,  Black, red, clear or any color, we can always satisfy your needs.

TedPack child-resistant bags are a new packaging bag mainly for marijuana use in recent years, a good number of people looking for packaging formats may admire child proof pouches for their re-closure zippers make them not that easy to open when children at home, some consumers and manufacturers need child-resistant pouch for products that require protection so as not to fall into mistaken hands.

TedPack complies with government rules to make you the perfect child proof pouches and bags with features that ensure toddlers do not get access to the contents in the package.

  • MOQ from 10000pcs, print to 10 colors at most;
  • Delivery within 3 weeks and ASTM certified;

Send your inquiry for our child-resistant bags now.

MOQ10K-20K Pcs
Size150*230+40cm(Small)    230*305+60cm(Medium)
MaterialBOPP/PET/Kraft Paper+AL/FOIL+LLDPE
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Child-proof Ziplock
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

Our child resistant bags can be used for a variety of packaging needs including cannabis and medicine use. They are made with protective features, reusable materials and are very light in weight.

Tedpack child resistant bags and pouches are environmentally friendly and you can decide to go for the locking pouches as well. They are recommendable as they will ensure your product remains fresh as the shape and structure of the bags will protect the contents and retain the aroma.

You can use TedPack child-resistant bags to store various commodities including concentrates, laundry pods, medicine, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, medicinal herbs, and edibles. Our pouches are made with strong materials that can stay in good condition for long periods of time.

Child Resistant Bags

TedPack: Child Resistant Bags Leading Manufacturer in China

We mind our consumers and make our child resistant bags with safety as the number one priority. It is for this reason that our child proof pouches are made hard for kids to open.

Additional Features That can be Added upon Request on Child-resistant Bags

  • PTC Ziplock: PE zipper, Slid Ziplock, Grip, PP zipper
  • Childproof ziplock: Press to open, slid press to open zipper
  • Vanishing: special attention on a number of parts on the pouches
  • Hang-Hole: Euro hole, round hole, butterfly hole, special hole, and triangle hole

Material Choice of Child-Resistant Bags

Well, different products come with alternate texture, appearance, structure and many other differences. It is therefore highly advised that you get the right material structure depending on the product you want to package. You can learn more about how to get the perfect material for your product using the following table.

Advantages of Child-Resistant Bags

Advantages of Child Resistant Bags

  • Ready for labeling
  • Tamper evident seal
  • Safe directly contact for food or consumer goods
  • Easy to open and reclose
  • Smell and aroma proof
  • Comply with government regulations
  • Cost saving as less material is used

Child Resistant Bags

In 2012 and 2013, the USA poison control centers received more than 17,000 calls all which were emergency cases about children who had ingested dangerous and non-consumable house products.

Many of them confused these house products with candies, soft drinks, fruit purees, sweets and other sweet stuff that children love.

In connection to that, a need to package household products in packaging pouches and bags that could safeguard children from the consumption of toxic and non-edible products was more highlighted.

For example, there have been cases reported in the USA where children were fond of ingesting a laundry product by the name Tide pod.

Many parents loved this product since it helped them finish their laundry faster. Tide pod was a detergent that eased laundry experience.

Child Resistant Bag Manufacturer

Kids confused these laundry pods for candies. On the other hand, with the recent legalization of marijuana in most USA states and Canada, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released guidance to be used in packaging of products that were meant to be kept out of children reach.

Producers of such products are thus bound to ensure their products are well labeled and sealed and well packaged as per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) policies.

This eBook will elaborate on all the details you need to know about child-resistant bags and why we at TedPack are the best manufacturer for the bags you need.

Chapter 1: Definition of Child Resistant Bag

Child resistant bags are designed or build with a safety mechanism in place that protects children or otherwise curious toddlers from gaining access to any packaged toxic or chemical product.

Child Resistant Bags

At TedPack, we understand there are products which are essential for human survival, convenience or used when carrying out family chores; for example, detergents but are extra poisonous when ingested.

If you producer such products, you need to think of how to keep these products out of children’s reach through proper packaging.

At TedPack we have a solution for you.

Child resistant bags

Through our market study, we have realized with child-resistant reclosable bags; children will find it difficult to open these bags.

Meaning, they will not gain access to products they should not have access to.

Our child proof bags feature a scientifically made childproof lock.

To open these lock, one must push a small lever which in turn gives you access to the zipper which must get pulled to open the bag.

black Child Resistant Bags

If a customer wants to re-close the pouch, he or she will only have to push the zipper on the closing direction until he or she hears some clicking sound produced by the bottom lever.

Note: the good thing with these child-resistant bags is they are difficult to open for children but easy to open for adults who understand how the lock mechanism works.

Whether you need your bags to have the press to close zippers or sliding tab zippers, we are the bests.

All the child-resistant bags we produce meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Our pouches comply with FDA recommendations.

Depending on the state you live in; we will manufacture childproof packaging bags that comply with the laws of your land and by the new laws and market updates made from time to time.

On top of that, our pouches are made up of laminated material structure that ensures top-notch barrier properties.

We laminate about 3-7 film together to come up with a pouch structure that will protect your packaged product from moisture, oxygen, water vapor, bacteria, UV light, contaminants and lastly a bags or pouch that can resist puncture or tear.

Child Resistant Bags

That means, your end product user will get your packaged product in their fresh state.

Below are some of the vital details about the pouches we produce.

NB: the dimensions can change according to our customer’s packaging needs and preferences.

DimensionsMaterial MOQThicknessDelivery
3.5  3.5PET/PA/NY+AL FOIL+LLDPE50000-80000 pcs3-4.5 Mil (80-120 Microns35-40 days
3.75  8.5PET/PA/NY+AL FOIL+LLDPE50000-80000 pcs3-4.5 Mil (80-120 Microns35-40 days
4  4.125PET/PA/NY+AL FOIL+LLDPE50000-80000 pcs3-4.5 Mil (80-120 Microns35-40 days
4  6.5PET/PA/NY+AL FOIL+LLDPE50000-80000 pcs3-4.5 Mil (80-120 Microns35-40 days
5.5  6.75PET/PA/NY+AL FOIL+LLDPE50000-80000 pcs3-4.5 Mil (80-120 Microns35-40 days
8  6  2.36PET/PA/NY+AL FOIL+LLDPE50000-80000 pcs3-4.5 Mil (80-120 Microns35-40 days
8.5  6PET/PA/NY+AL FOIL+LLDPE50000-80000 pcs3-4.5 Mil (80-120 Microns35-40 days
12.25  9  4PET/PA/NY+AL FOIL+LLDPE50000-80000 pcs3-4.5 Mil (80-120 Microns35-40 days

Chapter 2: Uses of Child-Resistant Bags

In the production industry, there are several products that producers, consumers or even local government do not wish them to fall in the wrong hands.

Some of these products are:

a.Pharmaceutical products

Child Resistant Bags used for Pharmaceutical productsPharmaceutical products such as vitamin tablets, medicines such as aspirins, and syrups are life-saving but lethal when used in the wrong way.

Parents need to keep every pharmaceutical product of their children reach.

But for a 100% surety, child-resistant bags are the best.

Any pharmaceutical product must get packaged in protective pouches that children will be unable to open or unzip.

Ingestion of pharmaceutical products in the wrong dosage or those not intended too by children can be poisonous.

That is why you need childproof bags which they cannot open.

b. Laundry products and Chemicals

Child Resistant Bags for Laundry productsLaundry products are found in almost every home.

But one thing that most parents forget is these products are dangerous if ingested.

For example, tide pods were once confused by American children for candies.

Remember, most laundry products are found in tablet, liquid and powder forms.

Irrespective of the form, children are ever curious, and without your knowledge, you might get shocked they have ingested some of these products.

That is why they must be packaged in flexible childproof bags with specialized zip locking systems.

Although these products might be coated with some bitter layer, it is not worth risking.

If you are a product producer, customers will love to buy your product because they know you have their best interest at heart. Our pouches are set in a way kids will struggle to open these pouches but to no avail.

Is that not what you want?

c. Lawn, farm and Garden products

Child Resistant BagsLawn, garden and farm products can be very poisonous when egested.

Even though they are essential, every manufacturer, distributor or product packager of such products must take note on the packaging pouches he or she uses.

If you need childproof bags, talk to us.

Regardless of the shape, size or design you need, we are here for you.


Child Resistant Bags for MarijuanaMany nations have legalized medical marijuana, and there are possibilities of many following the same route.

It is claimed this medicinal herb has shown positive effects in treating persons who have epilepsy, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel infections, Alzheimer and many more.

But think of this product falling in the hands of your child, will he or she understand the prescription?

That is why you need child resistant ziplock bags.

Medical marijuana packaging pouches will prevent children from gaining access and ingesting this controversial drug.

Our marijuana packaging pouches have proved to be a perfect replacement for the traditionally used blister packs and canisters.

Chapter 3: Benefits of Child-Resistant Bags

There are several advantages you are to accrue from our CR pouches.

Among all the childproof bags manufacturers you will meet, we can ascertain we are the best among all.

Below are the benefits attached to our bags.

3.1: Child Proof/Smell Proof

Child Resistant BagsFirst, our childproof bags are smell proof.

Once you have sealed these Child Resistant bags, be sure your products smell will not be felt outside the bag unless you open it.

For example, there are those laundry products which are sweet-scented.

Such sweet scents are what draw children attention to these bags.

But with our TedPack pouches in play, you are sure the smell will be entrapped in the very pouch only.

When it comes to the medicinal tablets; once you have sealed your pouch, the smell will get wholly entrapped inside them.

With that, you will be sure your kind will not be drawn towards that drawer where you have stored them.

3.2: Eco-Friendly

Child Resistant BagsIn the present world, customers have become too sensitive in environmental cleanliness and conservation.

Plastic, metal and paper litter is becoming a great concern to them.

Additionally, different governments have set strict laws against environmental pollution.

In connection to that, all our pouches are recyclable, and others are biodegradable.

Your customers will thus not sideline your products on the bases of your bags not being eco-friendly.

3.3: Customized and User-Friendly

customized Child Resistant BagsIf you need customized child-resistant bags, at TedPack we are the best company for you.

We can customize your pouch’s shape, printing, color and structure to fit your needs.

Lastly, we can customize label statements as required by FDA.

3.4: Excellent Barrier Properties

Child Resistant BagsDifferent products are affected by different environmental conditions.

For example, oxygen, moisture, water vapor, contaminants, and bacteria are known to alter the freshness of packaged products.

Our child-resistant pouches are made of multiple film layers which are laminated together to bar off all those external hazardous effects.

3.5: Excellent Print Ability

Any product must be packaged presentable bag.

At TedPack we can help you improve your childproof bags visibility through quality imprints.

custom print Child Resistant BagsFirst, note that all the materials we use are highly printable. Secondly, we use rotogravure, flexo, and digital printing technologies.

Any label, image, info or branding type you need; we can provide you with the best.

Remember, good looking imprints will attract customers to your products thus helping you to shake off the market competition.

Lastly, it is a requirement by the FDA and other state agencies such as ASTM that all drugs and other highly sensitive product packaging pouches and bags should be well labeled.

Your pouches should have well-printed labels on how the product should be used, stored and handled.

With us in action, all your info will be as visible as possible.

3.6: Puncture-Resistant

Child Resistant BagsOur pouches are puncture resistant; meaning the surface of these bags is strong enough.

It would be meaningless to package any sensitive product in a fragile pouch that can tear easily.

All our child-resistant bags are made of laminated structures which make them strong enough to avoid punctures which might act as loopholes where your child will get access to the prohibited product.

3.7: FDA and ASTM Approved

Child Resistant BagsWe use materials that are both ASTM and FDA approved.

These types of materials are BPA free and will not affect your product freshness, quality nor will the consumers of the edible products be affected.

3.8: Opaque Barrier

If you are planning to package products which can be affected by UV lights, we can manufacture opaque childproof bags for you.

We are a company determined to give you the best bags to protect your products from all side effects.

Chapter 4:  Different Special Child Proof Zip Lock Pouches

Depending on the type of product you are planning to package, we have a specific bag for you.

We manufacture durable child-resistant pouches that will keep harmful chemicals and toxins product away from your children curious hands.

Child Resistant BagsWith our packaging pouches and bags, you will be able to store, transport and shelve any medicinal, herb, chlorinated pool product, cleaning pods, and pharmaceuticals products.

On material choice, we use different material depending on the type of barrier property you need.

When it comes to color choice both that of the pouch surfaces and that of custom printing, you as our client will dictate what we will do.

But we offer several color options.

Here are details you need to know about our child-proof packaging pouches

 Pharmaloc Zipper pouchesChild-Guard/Push-Pin Zipper Thump-Pocket ZipperSingle Dose
Zipper styleSliderSliderPress to CloseN/A
Tamper EvidentYes Yes
Custom Print AvailableYes Yes Yes Yes

 Below are some of the bags we manufacture.

4.1: Pharmaloc Zipper

Over the past years, there have been several cases of accidental ingestion of poisonous chemicals.

At TedPack we have taken the initiative to provide you with quality child-resistant bags.

Child Resistant Bags

Our CR packages are installed with quality and special lock tabs.

These tabs are easy for adults to open but extremely difficult for children to open them.

These child-resistant bags contain a press to unlock part that enables an adult to pull the slider zipper.

Note: even a single-handed adult can open this pouch. They are somehow easy than those childproof bags which require one to use both hands to open them.

Details how to open Pharmaloc Child Resistant bags

There are two different types of pharmaLoc zippers.

There are lock systems used in pouches which are black and the white once.

How to open lock styles used in black bags:

  1. All you need to do is lift the latch-up which will help you get access to the zipper itself.
  2. Once the latch is lifted, pull the now accessible slider zipper towards the opening direction
  3. You will now have gained access to the packaged product.

How to open Child Resistant bags which are colored white:

Child Resistant Bags

  1. First, you need to press the central button on the ziplock part,
  2. While holding down that press button, pull the slider zipper.
  3. Slide it out to the furthest end as possible to gain access to your packaged products.

Some notable uses of PharmaLoc systems are:

  • You can use them as a portable cabinet for your medicine any time you are traveling.
  • For all medical supplies at homes such as diabetic supplies, pen injectors, and needles, you can use pharmaloc pouches, and you will forget worrying about your kid’s safety.
  • They can be used for packaging and storing pharmaceutical products such as controlled substances and steroids

If you are worried about your youngsters getting into contact with medical grade product, our childproof pouches are cost-effective, reclosable and reusable.

We manufacture standardly sized pouches as well as custom printed pouches.

4.2: Child-Guard/Push-Pin Zipper

custom Child Resistant Bags

When it comes to pouch designs, you can count on us. Our Child-Guard/Push-Pin Zipper CR pouches are not just good looking but difficult for children to open.

On the other hand, an adult who is not used to the same might get stuck for a few minutes before they can figure out how to open them.

These are bags with a stripe lock at the top. When you slide the top push pin, you will either open or close these bags.

But remember, before opening, you will have to push the opening pin down for the slider push-pin to open your bag.

These pouches have sliding zippers with pins which must be inserted in between the zipper interlocks to open them.

Below is the procedure to open these bags:

Child Resistant BagsFirst, you have to slide the sliding zipper from the left to the right side where you are to initiate the opening process.

  1. Make sure you align the slider pin in line with the notch in the zipper
  2. Now press the pin downwards to initiate a separation of the interlocks and pull the slider towards the right direction.
  3. After opening the pouch, you can as well slide the sliding zipper back to reclose your child-resistant bag.

Child Resistant BagsMostly, these pouches are used to package detergent which mostly looks like candies.

By using this type of pouches, you will be able to avoid accidental poisoning cases on your kids.

When a child realizes he or she is straining a lot to open these bags, their curiosity about the very bags and what is packaged inside them will reduce thus saving them from the poisoning act.

These pouches are made of laminated film structure something that ensures your product is exempted from all external effect caused by oxygen, moisture, vapor, contaminants, and bacteria.

Lastly, remember our pouches can be custom printed or applied with adhesive labels if you need to improve your pouch visibility.

4.3: Thump-Pocket Zipper

Among all the food grade child-resistant bags we produce, these thump-pocket zip seal pouches are the best.

Child Resistant BagsThese are certified and patented childproof bags which are tamper evident and fitted with a perfect tearing technology and lastly a reclosable zipper option.

If you are planning to package some food product, then these are the best childproof bags you can think of using.

The laminated material structure of these pouches protects your packaged product from external hazardous effects.

Our pouches are ready-retail pouches that will keep your food products fresh for a long time. If you were to package dry food products, be sure no water vapor, moisture or oxygen gas will get into the pouch.

When it comes to scent entrapping and protection of odor infiltration, these thump-pocket Child Resistant bags are the best.

They are of food grade standard, and FDA approved.

Below are steps guide on how to open and seal them.

Child Resistant Bags1. First, place your thump finger at the furthest part of the registered mark (mostly thus part is painted red).

2.Try to pull the ziplock to open CR bag.

Some of the advantages of using this type of pouches are:

Child Resistant Bags

  • They use less material during manufacturing process something that reduces their production cost hence they are cheap.
  • When fully opened, they provide a large filling and emptying area
  • They are tamper evident meaning when the seal gets interfered with; you will easily know.
  • They are safe for food packaging because they are tamper-evident. Retailers cannot open and reseal these pouches without you realizing.
  • They are highly printable child-resistant bags. If you need user instruction printed, we will have them in the most visible way possible.
  • They can be vacuum sealed
  • If you needed opaque Child Resistant bags, these are the right one for you

Thump-pocket child-resistant bags are found in three main size dimensions which are:

  1. 0 x 4.125.”
  2. 5 x 6.75.”
  3. 5 x 6.75.”

4.4: Single Dose Child Resistant Bag

Single dose childproof bags are used for packaging small doses of products or samples which are to be used only once.

Any product that is packaged in these bags is meant for single use only.

Child Resistant BagsThese are three side sealed bags with one side left open to allow bag filling after which that side is to be heat sealed.

For any product you wish to store for single use only, may it be even food product, test sample or some medicinal product, our pouches are made of quality laminated materials that will keep your product safe for a long time.

The multi-layer materials used ensures that your products are protected from oxygen gas, water vapor, UV light, moisture, odor infiltration as well as entrapping your product sweet scent/smell.

If you are planning to package food product, these are the best pouches. The heat sealing done makes them tamper evident as well as child resistant.

After they are heat sealed, you can only open them from the side, mostly, on the left-hand top corner edge where there is a pre-cut kind of slit.

It is printed and offers some instructions in writings on how to open these bags.

Note: that pre-cut slit is surrounded by a seal from both sides meaning moisture, air and other hazardous agents do not reach the inside of your pouch.

Below are the advantages of using this type of pouches.

Child Resistant BagsThey are heat sealable something that makes them perfect as childproof bags

  • They have no tear notches for easy tearing abilities
  • They are opaque to protect your products from UV light and for content privacy reasons.
  • They are FDA approved thus safe for food storage.

You can get these pouches in 3.5” x 3.5” sizes with a 4.3 mil thickness.

Chapter 5: Types of Child-Resistant Bags & Pouches

types of Child Resistant Bags

Apart from the different types of child-resistant pouches defined by Ziploc designs, you can as well differentiate our bags as per the structure styles.

We are a versatile child-resistant bags manufacturing company that is ready to listen to your wants and give you the best. Your storing and packaging needs dictate our bags and pouches designs.

Below are different types of Child Resistant bags and pouches we produce.

5.1: Stand-Up Child Resistant Bags

Child Resistant BagsA stand-up pouch is a pouch type that can stand on itself when placed on a kitchen or a rental shelf.

These pouches are made of gussets areas which are folded inwards, upwards and sealed on all the sides.

These type of pouches are commonly known as doypacks.

The side sealing is what gives these Child Resistant bags the ability to stand-up right.

On the same note, these bags featured a bottom gusset that makes them sit well on any shelf or table.

When filled, the bottom gussets help these pouches stand still.

You can use them to packaging both food and non-food products which you want to keep off from your curious kids.

We can fit them with the type of child-resistant Ziploc you need. We have different types of these zipper locks as explained in chapter 4.

These are the best pouches because they are made of quality laminated material structures.

These type of materials will protect your products from oxidation, corrosion, and spoilage brought about by oxygen, bacteria, vapor or moisture.

Remember, all our pouches are printable.

All we need is an artwork design of the images, labels, and info you need, and we will have it on your pouch.

We use the latest technology in digital, rotogravure and flexo printing technique to ensure your product visibility is of top-notch quality.

Some notable advantages of these pouches are:

Child Resistant BagsExcellent barrier properties for your products

  • Lightly weighted meaning they can fit in any of your back bags. Secondly, they are not bulky; their transportation will be cost effective.
  • They use less production material compared to metal, plastic and glass containers. Meaning, they cost less in their production and less material waste is experienced.

Lastly, we have several add-ons we can fit on your bags. Some of them are:

  • Clear windows – they help clients see what is packed for them something that increase their confidence in what they are buying.
  • Hang holes – they help in product display whereby retailers can hang them on their counters or even along their shelves.

5.2: Flat Child Resistant Pouches

Flat child-resistant pouches are among the most cost-effective pouches you will get among all Child Resistant bags. These are pouches that require the most minimal effort to package and seal.

Child Resistant BagsThey are pouches with no side gussets, no folds, no bottom gussets, and lastly they might be bottom sealed or side welded.

You can get these childproof bags in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Depending on your packaging need, you will get the best CR bag to suit your needs.

If you need customized pouches, we can give you something that meets your anticipated needs. They are printable pouches made of multiple laminated layers for quality barrier properties.

But remember, you have different flat childproof bags to choose from. Below are some of them;

a. Three Side Seal Child Proof Pouches

Child Resistant BagsThree side seal child-resistant bags are made up of one piece of laminated film which is folded and sealed on the sides, the bottom while the top part is left open.

The top side which is left open provides a high filling space. But remember, the top part is not meant to be entirely left open; we fit a lock system of your wish.

Once the bag is filled, all you have to do is close the child-resistant Ziploc.

b. Pillow Child-Resistant Bags

Child Resistant BagsThese flat pouches do resemble the normal bed pillow. They consist of a back, bottom, and topside seals.

When fitted with CR zippers they become perfect for storing small products. Many retailers and end product users love them because of the following advantages:

  • They are easy to fill pouches due to the wide opening area.
  • If you need pouches with a large printable space for product visibility reasons, here you have the best. The back and front sides are enough billboards for all your branding.
  • They have a high filling space compared to other pouches.

c. Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Pouches

In case you are in need of childproof bags which can be used to store consumables and non-consumable products that need the airless environment, we can give you the best.

Our pouches are always fitted with a perfect child-proof lock that will prevent your kids from getting their hands on any cleaning agent, pharmaceutical products, medicine or even food that you do not want them too.

Chapter 6: Material choice for Child Proof Bags

Child Resistant BagsAlthough our pouches are flexible, they are made up of laminated material structures.

We combine different material films to make one laminated layer.

Depending on your packaging need, we can combine 3-7 material layers. The number of layers we are to use is determined by the quality of barrier property you need.

Once you have decided to use our child-resistant pouches, your products will be preserved for a long time in their fresh state.

Your pouches will be safe from oxygen, moisture, odor infiltration, vapor, bacteria and other forms of contamination.

We produce pouches made of different structures such as metalized films, aluminum foil structures, boilable structures, and lastly microwavable structures.

Some of the materials we use are:

  • Al (Aluminium Foil)
  • CTFE    Chlorotrifluoroethylene Aclar
  • LDPE    Low-density polyethylene
  • HIPS     High impact polystyrene
  • MET-PET Metallised PET film
  • LLDPE  Linear low-density polyethylene
  • MET-OPP Metallised OPP film
  • mPE     Metallocene polyethylene
  • NY       Nylon
  • EAA      Ethylene acrylic acid
  • OPP     Oriented polypropylene
  • EVA      Ethylene-vinyl acetate
  • PE        Polyethylene
  • PETG    Poly (ethylene terephthalate)
  • PB        Polybutylene
  • EVOH   Ethylene-vinyl alcohol
  • PET      Poly (ethylene terephthalate)
  • PVDC   polyvinylidene chloride
  • PP        Polypropylene

Chapter 7: Child Resistant Bags FAQs

  1. Is it possible for your Child Resistant bags to be recycled?

All our bags are recyclable. All you need to do is confirm the types of recycling system around your locality or state. Additionally, we have reusable childproof bags.

  1. If I make an order today, how long will it take?

Our shipping and delivery will take between 30 – 40 days.

  1. Is it possible for me to track my order?

Sure, you can track your order from our website after logging in.

  1. What are your company’s return/refund policies?

First, you need a pre-authorization from our customer care department. In case you are returning Child resistant bags with no faultiness, you will be responsible for the shipping charges and ensuring pouches get to us in good condition.

Lastly, we do not accept returning of goods after the 60th day since the day you received them.

  1. How do I manage to get the right size of my Child Resistant bags?

Your packaging need is what dictates the dimensions of the bag you need. All we need is an artwork of the childproof bags you need, and we will heed to your instructions.

  1. Are the dimensions of your products accurate?

Yes. All our pouches and bags have a variance of +/-1/16

  1. What payment method do you accept?

We accept payment through MasterCard, Visa, approved corporate checks, cash, money order or American express payment method debit cards included.

  1. What is the minimum order for Child Resistant bags?

We accept 50000 pcs. But you can talk to our sales department for more instructions.

  1. How much does the shipping cost?

At TedPack we strive to give you the best price although shipment cost depends on bags dimensions, weight and shipment distance.

But note; we will get the shortest distance for you. Lastly, the cost estimates will be given to you before you check out from your shopping cart or before the end of a call with our sales department.

  1. Do you sell your pouches at wholesale prices or retail prices?

All our prices are set at wholesale prices. But note; that does not mean we only sell to wholesalers.

  1. What types of material do you use?

All our pouches are made of multiple laminated layers for barrier properties reasons.

  1. Are your materials printable?

Sure. All the materials we use are printable. If you need product branding, all we need is artwork.

  1. Are your food packaging pouches FDA approved?

Yes, when shipping our bags we will send you copies of our FDA, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certificates.

  1. Do you manufacture custom child-resistant pouches?

Yes. But we artwork files from you. But if you do not have one we can help you create one.

  1. If I am pouches and bags distributor, can you sell them to me your pouches?


Chapter 8: A Word from TedPack

Child Resistant Bags

Since May 2013, TedPack has been on the forefront in ensuring business and individuals have gotten hold of innovative and quality childproof bags.

With a full scope understanding of what is needed to ensure poisonous and chemicals are kept out of children accessibility, we give you our work on innovative Ziploc system that is simple to open for adults but difficult for kids.

We do address all the necessities both market, and user needs when it comes to Child Resistant packaging pouches. Our material structures are top-notch when it comes to barring off of oxygen, moisture, vapor, bacteria, and contaminants.

Other services that we can offer at TedPack are custom Child Resistant bag manufacturing, custom printing, custom lamination, and lastly adhesive labelling.

We are a child-resistant bag manufacturing company that is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our esteem customers.

Talk to us today, and you will not get disappointed.


Are you tired of poorly made childproof bags and pouches?

With us, you are all sorted.

We are a listening company equipped with the proper technology machines, right human force, experience, and a mindset oriented to details.

We have done our market research and that of the end product users. Allow as to be part of your packaging success.

We pay attention to every detail based on your instructions packaging needed and market purchase habits.

Send us an email, or contact us today and we will get it done for you in your expected time frame.


Marijuana & Child-resistant Bags

Legal weed packages are reinventing child-resistant designs