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Common use for mother breast milk storage packaging, high barrier property with double zipper lock, MOQ from 20000 pcs delivery within 2 weeks.

Breast Milk BagsDouble Zipper Seal | Leakage Proof, Custom Print

Breast milk bags are stand up pouches made with double reclosable ziplock and high leakage proof material to keep the breast milk inside the pouch 100% fresh.

TedPack ready to use breast milk bag make transporting, storing, and warming of breast milk both convenient and hygienic for the mom. With their flat shape, thawing of the milk is done quickly plus the durability of the material makes it ideal for freezer storage.

The pouches can be with matte finishing or shiny surface look.

  • MOQ lower from 10000pcs for a start, delivery within 2 weeks;
  • 100% leakage and odor proof material with high-grade printing effect;
  • BPA free, FDA, USDA approved material;

TedPack Breast milk bags can be packed in an individual pouch and packed in a standard box ready for sale as per client’s requirements.

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Window, Spout
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

The bags are food grade, BPA-free bags with heat-sealed seams that prevent tearing, splitting, or cracking. Tedpack breast milk bags have a large area for easier daring and labeling. So what makes TedPack breast milk bags stand out?

  • Hygienically pre-sealed
  • Easier for pouring  breast milk
  • Durable material means safer
  • Leak-proof zipper ensuring freezer storage
  • Dating and labeling able to keep track of your stock of milk

Most of the mothers store the milk in bottles. However, it’s more convenient to store the milk in a bag.  Breast milk bag is the newest way to store your breast milk.

Compared to bottles and freezer storage bags, breast milk bags are designed specifically for the purpose of holding your breast milk. The bags have a zipper protection to ensure there is no leakage, freezer proof, and more space.

It would be quite frustrating to see your breast milk go to waste due to a leaking container.  It is critical to find the best breast milk bag that is easy to use and more importantly safe for your baby.

TedPack breast milk bags make storage, transport, and thawing of breast milk convenient and hygienic. With breast milk bag, you are able to store extra milk in the freezer to make sure your baby doesn’t need extra liquids or food when the demand arises.

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Breast Milk Bags,TedPack - China Premier Supplier and Manufactuer

Breast Milk Bags: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever gotten ugly; I mean ugly crying over some spilled milk? Every mother will tell you crying over spilled breast milk happens not out of their wish but after remembering the vigorous hustle they went through to express every drop.

Breast Milk BagsAll in all, quality TedPack breast milk storage bags are here for you. Whether you are an 8-5 working woman or a business lady, your child’s health comes first. Your nutritious breast milk is vital for your child’s health. You need to have some stored breast milk for your child when you are away.

Think of the developmental required nutrients contained in breast milk and immune step up accrued from the breast milk. You need to store some breast milk they can feed on when you are away.

That is why you need to understand everything that revolves around breast milk storage. Breast milk storage bags will give you an efficient freezing option.

This outline will take you step-by-step on essential details you need to know about Breast Milk Bags.

Chapter 1: Definition of Breast Milk Bags

Are you a pumping mother who needs an efficient and easy way to store your breast milk? You need TedPack breast milk storage bags.

Breast Milk BagsBreast Milk Bags are designed to help you store breast milk after expressing. Such types of bags will help you keep up with the milk supply demand by your baby when around and away. Stored the breast milk bags in a fridge or freezer are available.

At TedPack Bags and pouches, we produce ready to use Breast Milk Bags for efficient breast milk storage, warming, transporting, hygiene and convenience.

Our plastic made pouches are pre-sterilized, freezer-safe and eco-friendly.

We understand every mother goes through a tough session in expressing they breast milk. We produce bags with all the necessary features for safety measures. Chapter 2 will elaborate more on the storage benefits of there TedPack breast milk bags.

But as an overview, our pouches have double zippers for protection from contamination or leakage, freezer proof and lastly are of reasonable design, shape, and size to help on storage space-saving.

If you need quality breast milk bags made of durable materials and can thaw quickly, look nowhere else, chapter 6 will give you full details.

At TedPack we produce food-grade and BPA-free breast milk bags with heat-sealed types of seams. Such seams help in the prevention of bags cracking, tearing or splitting.

These types are the best way to maintain your baby’s health and still watch over your working schedule without any worry.

Whether you are to take your baby to daycare or leave them in the care of a caretaker, below are more benefits regarding breast milk storage bags.

Chapter 2: Benefits of breast Milk bags

Our breastmilk bags are cautiously manufactured for proper milk storage. Additionally, our bags will help you keep that frustrating feeling a mother passes through after seeing her milk leak or spill away.

Do you still doubt the benefits to accrue from these Breast milk storage pouches?

Remember, never to choose breast milk bags based on price only; make sure you check on the bags quality and the purpose as to why you need it. Will it serve your needs?

Below are the some of the fascinating benefits you need to know about.

2.1 Reliability

Breast Milk BagsAre worried about turning into an incredible hulk when your breast milk leaks? You need high-quality breast milk bags.

Might we be wrong saying pumping breast milk is not anyone’s thing?

In fact, for new mother, it’s a strenuous hustle that needs some vigor. That is why you need bags you can rely on.

You need bags which assure quality sealing and ensure you are not going to witness any milk puddle on your refrigerator shelf.

Our pouches require less space and can lay flat on the fridge for proper storage reasons.

2.2 Convenience  

Breast Milk BagsWhy do you need breast milk storage bags, is it not for convenience reasons? You need quality bags that are easy to pour milk into, as well pour out without spilling.

Convenience ensures that every drop of the milk you express will get accounted for. Our pouches are well designed for leakage free storage and pumping.

Secondly, you need to know the amount of milk you can produce so that you will get the right size. We produce breast milk bags in different holding capacities. It all depends on your needed size.

If you need to pump breast milk for your newborn baby, you might need to consider using breast milk bags that can handle up to 4 ounces and not those that can handle 8 ounces. Bigger bags might bring about milk leftovers that lead to a lot of wastage.

2.3 Safety 

Breast Milk BagsIn the early days and months of your baby, their body immune is not much strong. For that reason, you need quality bags to store your breast milk to avoid contamination.

We produce heavy duty bags to ensure tight seals. If you need to transport your breast milk, maybe to daycare givers, make sure your pouch can avoid or resist puncture.

You need durable bags that can avoid simple punctures and tears which give way for germs infiltration or other forms of contamination.

The types of materials we use are all food grade. They are safe for your baby and safe for milk contact. With that; be sure vitamins and other vital nutrients contained in your breast milk will get preserved well.

2.4 Freezer Friendly

Breast Milk BagsOur breastmilk bags are of reasonable sizes which make them compatible for use in different fridge types and freezers.

They can lay flat on any space thus saving storage space. If you compare the surface area taken by our manufactured breast milk bags to standard bottles, you will realize our bags are very economical in storage space.

Why should you trust our breastmilk bags?

We follow milk storage guidelines by CDC. The CDC states that milk can and should be stored within the following temperatures and for the following time duration:

  • Room temperature is allowed for – 6-8 hours
  • Can be stored in insulated cooler bags for up to 24 hours
  • If stored in deep freezer or freezer chest, breast milk can last for 6-12 months
  • Milk can be stored in a refrigerator freezer compartment for two weeks

The type of bags we produce are well designed and capable of handling all that.

2.5 Eco-friendly

Breast Milk BagsAlthough these breastmilk bags are not reusable and they must get thrown away after use, they are eco-friendly. The materials we use in manufacturing breast milk bags have less ecological impacts compared to glass and other plastics.

As customers are becoming more aware of the importance of playing their part in averting environmental pollution caused by plastic waste and manufacturing industries emission, we use biodegradable materials and renewable energy source in bags manufacturing respectively.

Such has made our manufactured bags more competitive in the market. We are determined to always play our part in environmental preservation and participation in the much-needed greenhouse preservation initiative.

Remember, these bags are pre-sterilized a reason why they are not reusable. Is that not quite brilliant to help keep your baby’s milk fresh, free from contamination for long enough?

Rinsing and reusing the bags is not advisable, they will not be sterile anymore. But why risk your baby’s health for using some breast milk that is not sterile?

For that reason, we manufacture disposable breast milk bags.

2.6 Self-standing

Breast Milk BagsFor secure shelf standing and space saving, we manufacture stand up breast milk bags.

Our bags are designed in a way they can stand up easily whether on a fridge shelf or a table. This standing ability ensures our bags will maintain their integrity and will not disappoint you by one bit.

The ability to stand up well on a shelf makes it possible to store several of them at a go on a small well-arranged space.

Lastly, self-standing bags are easily visible, and you will be able to realize which bags is the oldest. Such ensures the oldest bags will be used to avoid milk spoilage.

2.7 Easy Labeling

Breast Milk BagsOur Breastmilk storage bags come with a labeling table. You need this table to help you track down your milk storage dates.

Remember, if you are a daily pumping mother for milk stock maintenance, labeling is vital. You need to label every bags after filling and sealing it.

With the dates written down, no matter how your fridge will be full, you will be able to know which milk should get used when to avoid breast milk overstaying in a storage chamber.

Lastly, for those who take their kids to daycares, you need to label your baby’s breast milk bags. Such is essential to avoid confusion on which bag belongs to which child.

That is why you need bags with a labeling option. Somewhere you can write your child’s name and the pumping date.

2.8 Oxygen Barrier

Oxygen does support micro-organisms growth which can contribute to milk spoilage. In connection to that, you need quality manufactured breastmilk storage pouches that can bar of oxygen infiltration.

After filling your milk bag, what you need to do is try to get rid of oxygen. An airless environment is essential to help extend the storage lifespan. But after getting rid of as much air as possible, ensure you use the zippers available or sprout to make sure the airless space remains.

Chapter 3: How to store/pump Breast Milk

Breast Milk BagsFor the whole time, you are to be away, ensure you have enough milk for your baby. Constant milk supply helps maintain your child’s health.

At any time you are going not be present to breastfeed your baby, you need to pump enough. After all, nutrient provision is the essential thing regarding breastfeeding.

Additionally, if you wish to maintain your breast milk production pace and supply, you can as well pump while away from home. You can as well do it at your job place.

But you need to consider the following vital tips on how to pump breast milk.

3.1 Hand Wash

Breast Milk Bags

First, your hands should be clean. The last thing you can do is engage in breast milk pumping with dirty hands.

Dirt will contaminate your breast milk thus reducing the storage lifespan due to microorganisms introduction.

3.2 Reasonable Storage

Breast Milk BagsBefore you start the pumping, ensure you have quality storage bags. It does not make sense to express your milk but fail to store it well.

Poorly stored milk is not only a loss of your precious pumping time but also can result in your baby’s health complications.

Every breast milk storage bag should be labeled well. The dates should be well recorded plus your baby’s name.

Lastly, if your baby requires 3 ounces of breast milk, reasonable breast milk storage states you should store your milk in 2-4 ounce bags.

3.3 Timely Cooling

Breast Milk BagsImmediately after the pumping is done, cool down your breast milk. If you are far from your fridge or freezer, ensure you have some ice cubes where you are going to store your milk.

Such ensures the freshness of your milk for a longer time. For surplus pumped milk which you are not going to use soon, it is advisable to freeze it down completely.

After all, our produced breast milk storage bags can get quickly thawed.

3.4 Start Pumping While on Leave

Breast Milk BagsBreast milk expressing or pumping is not an easy task. But remember, it should not hurt. If it hurts, see your lactation consultant.

But for you to have enough backup supply even after going back to your 8-5 hour job, business and any form of employment, you might need to start pumping while still on leave. Such will help you avoid a scenario where you are a starter, and you want to express 4-5 OZ. Enough for your child for the whole day.

You can start by pumping even a single ounce a day while on leave, and increase to the possible times you can between meals.

Such will helps you get used to what is needed of you, and you will not have difficulties adapting to it at work.

3.5 Keep a consistent schedule

Breast Milk Bags

Every mother has her specific time when they breastfeed their babies. After going back to your work after the maternity leave, you might need to consider following a consistent pumping schedule.

Such will help boost your breast milk manufacturing habits, ensure consistency in milk production. But, let your employer know the time when you do the pumping.

3.6 Think of what can help you maintain milk flow

At times, pumping may get difficult if you are away from your baby. Any pumping mother will confirm pumping gets more comfortable in the eyes of their baby.

Although, when you are far from them maybe at work, you better think of a way to stimulate your pumping and make it easy.

One way to do that is by looking at your baby’s picture as you massage and pump or even listening to a recording of their voice.

Such action will stimulate the milk flow and get you relaxed better.

Chapter 4: Add-ons of Breast Milk Bags

True to our production policy and dedication, we are committed to producing breast milk storage bags which are reliable, easy to use and offer convenience to new pumping mothers and experienced ones.

In connection to that, out manufactured breastmilk bags are fitted with different add-ons for user convenience reasons.

If you need bags with resealing zippers, hang holes and tear notches above the zipper among other essential add-ons, count on us.

We take pride in our market research skill which helps understand what customers look for, professional designing and well stage-managed manufacturing process.

We make it happen in response to pumping mother’s needs. That is why we offer the following types of add-ons.

4.1 Double Zippers (leak Proof zippers)

Breast Milk BagsAfter we have manufactured our pouches and made sure they are sterile, we make sure they are well sealed. The double zippers we fit on our breast milk bags make sure there are no contaminants that will get into the bags.

Once you have filled this breast milk bags, you need to make sure they are well sealed. But first, try to push out all the air out of the bags, our easy to close double zipper will ensure perfect sealing.

Meaning, your breast milk will not leak during the storage duration, no air infiltration nor entry of contaminants.

Our first and most vital goal is to ensure our customers are safe. We do that by providing essential add-ons like these double zippers.

By doing so, we protect your baby, yourself from feeling wasted after your vigorously pumped milk spill off and our name outside there too.

4.2 Record Management Scale

Breast Milk Bags

As you pump, pour in or pour out your breast milk, you need a scale to help you know the amount of milk filled or remaining.

Our bags are fitted with a well printed and visible record management scales. This scale will help you as a mother to measure the amount of milk remaining or the amount of milk yet to be filled at a glimpse.

Apart from the capacity measurement scale, at the top of the bag, you will have some space where you can record the name of your child. Such is much needed for those kids who are taken to daycares.

4.3 Spouts

Breast Milk BagsTo start with, we understand the hustle that goes around when taking care of a baby. In connection to that, the last thing we can think of is to add another strain no matter our small it might be.

In our research, we realized some mothers experience difficulties when pouring our milk and filling their breast milk bags.

As a response to that, we decided to have an option where we can prepare breast milk bags with an opportunity to have spout add-ons.

These spout add-ons make it easy for mothers even to fill their breast milk storage bags while holding their babies.

On the other hand, these spouts are easy to open and close. Isn’t that the convenience you need?

As if that is not enough, spouts allow pouring up to the last drop. When sealed well, be sure there will be no leakage. Your fridge or freezer will be as clean as when you were stocking it.

Lastly, if you need breast milk bags with a filling zipper at the top but a sprout on the side, look nowhere else.  We fit cut possible spout all for your convenience.

Our manufacturing is entirely dependent on your instructions. Talk to us, and you will have all that you need.

4.4 Stand up Bottom

Breast Milk BagsDo you need self-standing bags?

We realized that most of our customers need better and freezers/ fridges friendly breast milk bags. Additionally, when filling these bags, it sometimes becomes a necessity they should self-stand on a table to avoid spillage.

In response to that, we decided to have a stand-up bottom option as an add-on for consumer convenience and reliability.

We produce pouches which can stand well when empty and as well when getting filled. If you are planning to use breast milk bags of more than 5 ounces, you need to use stand up breast milk bags.

4.5 Connect Adapters

Breast Milk BagsTrue to our word, we are all round company committed to providing convenience breast milk bags. If you need to transfer breast milk easily into a milk bag and experience no leakage, our pouches can get connected to a lactation adaptor.

Breast milk bags adopters are used by mothers to help them pump and express milk easily. They are connected to a breast milk bag and then used to suck breast milk which gets poured into the bag.

By using connect adapters; you will save time besides having some leisurely time in filling baby’s breast milk bag. These adapters are designed with easy to close zippers which allow no spillage and leak.

If you need bags that will allow the usage of such an add-on, be sure we will serve you right.

4.6 Hang Holes

Breast Milk Bags

If you feel that you need to hang your breast milk pouches, you can opt to have those bags which are fitted with hang holes.

These holes make it possible for you to hang your pouch in your fridge or anywhere you would like.

4.6 Easy Tear Notches

Before you get to the zipper of your breast milk storage bag, there is an easy tear notch you will find.

This part is designed to keep your bag sterile for as long as possible. Before pouring tour breast milk, you first have to tear this part to gain access to your bag.

Although they are not difficult to tear, their primary purpose is to avoid infiltration of air, micro-organisms or any contaminant.

Chapter 5: Breast Milk Bags Types

Product Name

DimensionsMaterialThicknessPrint TechniquesDesign Options


Spout Bag

80×120 + 30cm (min), 300×420 + 120cm (max)


BOPP/PET/PA/NY + AL FOIL + PETAL + LLDPE + CPP80 microns – 180 microns ( 3mil – 7.5mil )D-Met Printing, Metalized, Vanishing, Matte FinishingTransparent Pouch, Clear Front Windows

30,000 – 50,000 pieces

Stand Up Bag

70×110 +30cm (Min)


320×450+120cm (Max)

BOPP/PET/PA/NY + PETAL/Kraft Paper + AL FOIL + LLDPE + CPP60 microns – 180 microns (2.5mil – 7.5mil )D-Met Printing, Metalized, Vanishing, Matte FinishingTransparent Pouch, Clear Front Windows, Shape Windows, Shaped Stand Up

20,000 – 50,000 pieces

We produce various kinds of Breast milk storage bags. Depending on your preference and the way you are planning to store your breast milk, you can choose between several bag types.

Breast Milk BagsFor example, your storage space, thawing and the amount of breast milk to store will help you in decision making.

Our bags are defined by the type of add-ons fitted, shape, style, and general look. These are some of the details to help you in choosing which pouch you are to use.

On the other hand, the amount of milk you can pump at a go and the amount you want to store will determine your bag size.

Breast Milk BagsAt Tedpack, we produce breast milk storage bags which can handle up to 8 Oz and more. We manufacture bags in different capacities. There are those that of a capacity of 2 OZ., 4OZ. 6 OZ. 8 OZ and even more.

But all in all, your requirement will determine out production specification. We are a customer friendly and flexible bags and pouches manufacturing company.

Lastly, do not doubt our production, we use FDA approved materials, and our bags entail laminated double or more layers for perfect barrier and toughness reasons.

Below are storage details that cut across most of our breast milk storage bags.

Storage LocationStorage Time/DurationAcceptable Storage temperature
Refrigerator3 to 5 days0 to 3.9 Degree C
Room Temperature4 to 6 hours25 Degree C
Two-door refrigerator3 to 4 months-18 Degree C
Deep freezer-20 Degree C6 months or longer

Breast Milk Bags Safety Measures

  • After using these bags, do not try to reuse them, they will have lost their sterility. Meaning, they are one-time use bags.
  • Never try to microwave these bags or boil them.
  • Once you have thawed your breast milk, never refrigerate or freeze it.
  • Never feed your baby using store milk before testing its temperature.
  • Always keep these bags out of children reach
  • Keep your breast milk bags far from sharp objects
  • If you have some remaining milk, discard it appropriately.

Below are the types of Breast milk storage bags we produce.

5.1 Flat Breast Milk Bags

Breast Milk BagsOur flat breast milk bags are a solution to your milk storage. If you need easy to fill and seal breast milk bags; think of flat breast milk bags.

They require minimal effort in packaging and sealing. They are bag types with no folds or gussets and manufactured in different storage sizes, shape and sealing options.

Depending on your customer preference characteristics, we can customize them as you would like. Every bag type we manufacture is geared toward perfect milk storage and customer convenience.

Although they might look simple, they offer perfect freezer and fridge storage option. We use quality polyethylene plastics and other material types to produce the type of bag you need.

For convenience and reliability reasons, these bags get fitted with different add-ons. For example, there are those bags that we fit them with top easy tear notches, spouts, double zippers among others.

Our designing and engineering department work tirelessly to ensure you get fully customized bags in line with your usage.

Most of these flat bags are found in capacities of up to 12 oz. If you need any assistance, explanation or help on order placement, talk to us.

5.2 Spout Breast Milk Bags

Breast Milk BagsAre you looking for breast milk storage bags with spouts? At TedPack we produce spout breast milk bags from quality double layers or more.

In case you are in search of well-designed spout bags that will save storage space, offers a formidable barrier to oxygen and other milk contaminants and as well be user-friendly, we are at your service.

We produce flat breast milk bags and self-standing breast milk bags with spout geared to offer convenience.

These bags are fitted with a re-closable weld spout as well as a cap. If you have ever gotten frustrated by using glass and other plastic bottles that leak or spill your precious milk, worry no more.

Our spouts are engineered to help control spillage, offer breast milk pouring convenience from the bag and stored milk safely.

If you needed a fridge or freezer storage space saver, these are the bags to use. Additionally, they are easy to transport.

You can get these types of breast milk storage bags at any size you wish up to about 8 oz all the way to 12 OZ.

All our bags come with a recording or measurement scale option. All the details you need regarding user convenience we are free to provide them.

Lastly, we produce breast milk bags with a unique type of spout with a sided spout which can get torn easily.

If you needed sealable bags which are leak proof and easy to open, choose spout breast milk bags that can get torn from the side.

This does enable you to pour your breast milk into any container of wish easily and without leakage.

5.3 Shaped Breast Milk Bags

Breast Milk BagsOur breast milk production line takes care of every mother unique need and preference. Some mothers love unique looking bags, and such are the ones we target with our shaped breast milk storage bags.

Our professional designers and engineers have come up with shapes breast milk bags of different sizes, capacity and with varying types of add-ons.

If you need bags which are easy to differentiate among other stored product and easy to transport, think of having these bags. They are user-friendly regarding usage and appealing to the eye.

We can manufacture bags of any shape, but that does not mean any compromise on self-standing bags, material quality, filling and pouring ability or volume.

You can order bags which are customized as per your need and lastly are easy to transport and easy to arrange on a small freezer or fridge space.

5.4 Stand up Breast Milk Bags

Breast Milk BagsFor quality fridge or freezer organization, depending on the space you have you might find stand up breast milk storage bags would best work with you.

Stand up bags are most popular today due to their self-standing character. When filled and not filled, these bags can assume a standing position that makes it possible for you to fill these milk bags without spillage.

These bags are heat sealed on the sides to help prevent any material film splitting. They are as well BPA free and designed to have an area where you can record the storage time, date and baby’s name.

Remember, these types of bags are not bulk during transportation. Transporting them is easy. When not opened or filled, they assume a flat shape that enables you to carry several of them in a breast milk kit.

Whether you need bags that can self-stand on a table or any of your shelves, all is possible with these bags types.

5.5 Breast Milk Bags with zippers

Breast Milk BagsOne thing that we cautiously watch in our breast milk bag production is how to avoid contaminant infiltration, oxygen, and leakage.

Although we produce spout breast milk for such a reason, we have another option where our bags get fitted with double zippers.

With double zippers, be sure your milk will never leak.

These zippers make it possible to seal all bags perfectly in a way there will be no leakage. Remember, these bags are pre-sterilized for safety reasons.

On the sides, you will enjoy pre-calibrated ml/ounces markings which will help you know the accurate measure of breast milk inside your bags.

After filling, there is a space where you will record your child’s name, date and time. But never fill these bags to the brim, always leave some expansion space.

Storage LocationStorage Time/DurationAcceptable Storage temperature
Refrigerator3 to 5 days0 to 3.9 Degree C
Room Temperature4 to 6 hours25 Degree C
Two-door refrigerator3 to 4 months-18 Degree C
Deep freezer-20 Degree C6 months or longer

Chapter 6: Materials Choices

First, our material choice is guided by the need to reduce the chances of bacteria getting into the bags, keep of other breast milk contaminant, resist simple punctures, and keep of oxygen gas.

Breast Milk BagsBefore getting far, remember the type of material we use is FDA approved. All the types of material we use are eco-friendly.

Additionally, the materials we use are all Bisphenol A. (BPA) free. We understand that BPA is harmful especially to young children owing to the fact it contains chemicals that are linked to being carcinogenic.

That is the reason we avoid the use of polycarbonate plastics as well as epoxy resins.

We use laminated films to help create a layer of insulation that will protect your breast milk.

Below are some of the materials we use.

  • MET-PET -Metallized PET film
  • LLDPE – Linear low-density polyethylene
  • PET –  Poly (ethylene terephthalate
  • PE – Polyethylene
  • LDPE – Low-density polyethylene
  • VMPET – Vacuum metalized polyethylene terephthalate
  • PA – Polyamide
  • MET-OPP Metallized OPP film

Chapter 7: Breast Milk Bags Filling and Storage

Breast Milk BagsBreast milk expression is not something that is learned once. You need to keep trying to perfect the art of pumping.

There are different types of breast milk pumps. Below are some of them.

Manual pumps:

these are simple devices which are less expensive. They comprise a shield which you are to place on your nipple. They also use a plugging device which helps to suck milk into a bottle.

Electrical pumps:

after placing them on your breast and switching them on, it takes about 15 minutes, and you will be done the pumping. They are easy to use but a bit expensive.

Battery-Oriented Pumps:

you can term these pumps as average devices. They sit in between being manual and electric. They are less expensive and require average effort.

For you to be able to use your milk pump well, you need to follow the following instructions.

Breast milk pumping instructions

  • First, you need to select the right size of the breast shield you are going to use. As you try to pump, ensure that your nipple does not rub the sides of the breast shield. Your nipples should have some free space.
  • Keep massaging your breast for successful milk expression. A gentle massage will help you encourage your breast milk let down.
  • Always pump your milk at a maximum comfort vacuum level. You can check your maximum vacuum point by increasing the pumping until you start to feel some slight discomfort (pain)
  • Remember, your prolactin levels do rise when you double pump. Thus, try to switch from one breast to the other for several times until you express the amount you needed.

Proper pumping needs you to be relaxed

  • Have a fixed time or routine you follow will pumping. Such will help you increase the amount you express each day.
  • Never pump will you are in a rush. Always pump your milk while relaxed.
  • Avoid distractions; if possible always seek some privacy before doing so.
  • Make sure be for pumping you have all you need at reach.
  • You can apply warm compresses to help you increase let-down
  • Some mothers prefer doing massage before pumping

Chapter 8: Breast Milk Bags Productions and QA

Breast Milk BagsAre you in need of breast milk storage bags? We are here for you. Our manufacturing professionalism and quality assurance processes are up to the task.

Our breastmilk bags are manufactured using the right type of materials which are BPA free and FDA approved. Apart from that, we produce various types of milk bags all customized according to your our requirements.

If the protective barrier is your concern, count on our bags, they will increase your storage lifespan and avoid any form of contamination.

Whether you need any add-ons or features added to your customized type of bags, we are here for you.

But as you place your order with us, we will need you to clarify some things. We will need you to clarify on:

  • Volume
  • Shapes
  • Style/type
  • Add-ons/features needed
  • Expected delivery date
  • Point of delivery

After our sales department has received such details, research on what you need begins right away. Our analysis entails a careful study in the type of bag you need and the materials to be used to help us give you the quality you needed.

From there, breast milk bags designing begin. Our in-house designing department gets to work where they prepared templates on the kind of bag you needed.

After designing and measurement are done, our manufacturing department takes it from there. At this point, laminated material films are fed into the machines.

Something to note, right from our manufacturing stage, our quality assurance begins there. As machines get to work, every time there are three engineers at work.

Their main work is to make sure defects are noticed in time for correction reasons. This does help us avoid production defects to the minimum level possible.

After the manufacturing process, our bags get inspected for the second time. This step too does help us notice major, minor or average defects which went unnoticed in the production stage.

Any defect that needs correction gets corrected before the packaging stage.

During the packaging stage, our third inspection takes place. The main aim of doing this is to avoid packaging and shipping bags with defects to our customers.

After the production and quality assurance is done, your bags will be stored in clean warehouses as our shipping department will be working out on delivery plans.

Breast Milk BagsTo keep time, we work with China clearing and forwarding company that helps us deliver your cargo in time.

You do not have to worry about anything with us in play. We take care of:

  • Transport plans to the port or airport
  • Handle all shipment plans
  • Ensure delivery is done at your designated point.

But, if you have your shipping partner you want us to use, we are flexible enough.

We deliver breast milk bags to almost 15 countries over the USA and Europe.

Chapter 9: Breast Milk Bags FAQs

  1. Can I reuse breast milk bags?

No. It is not possible to reuse these bags because they are pre-sterilized.

  1. What materials are used in these bags manufacture?

We use polypropylene food grade material. We even use laminated structures for proper breast milk protection. But note, all the materials we use are FDA approved and BPA-Free.

  1. Is it normal for pumped milk to have color changes?

Yes. Your breast milk color will change depending on the diet you feed on.

  1. Can pumped milk be added to frozen milk?

Yes, it is possible, but first, the pumped milk should be chilled before adding it. Lastly, it should be less than the milk which is already frozen.

  1. How much milk should I store in breast milk bags?

Storage of smaller amounts of milk will help you avoid wastage due to milk leftovers.

  1. What is the minimum quantity can I order?

Our minimum order quality is 10000 bags. But contact us for clearer details.

  1. How long will your delivery take?

We take 30 to 35 days

  1. How long can I store breast milk at room temperature?

You can store milk at room temperatures of 25 degrees

  1. Can I microwave breast milk bags?

No. microwaving milk bags can create hot spots which are dangerous.

  1. I want to be sure of the bag’s quality, do you allow external inspectors?

Sure. You can send your inspector, although we will send you a SGS and Intek test report as well.

  1. Once have sent my order, How will I confirm it’s accepted/placed?

Our sales department will call you once we have received your order.

  1. Which is the best payment plan that you allow?

T/T or L/C. For any further clarification, call our support team.

  1. What are the dimensions and capacities of your bags?

We produce bags of different dimensions and capacities, from 2 OZ. to 8 OZ and even above. It all depends on your requirements. Contact us for more details.

  1. Which pump are the best to use with your bags?

Our breastmilk bags are compatible with several pumps. Contact us for more explanations.

  1. Can I get sample bags?

Sure. Please provide us with your location and delivery place. Or, contact us for more details.

Chapter 10: TedPack Breast Milk Bags

Breast Milk BagsAt Tedpack, we are relentless until we achieve the best for you. We are committed to our customer service. If you are in need of well-manufactured breast milk storage bags, count on us. We are committed to manufacturing quality bags which will ensure extended storage span and stored milk preservation.

From bag designing, manufacturing, quality assurance, and delivery, we involve professionals. These are the key aspect that has helped us remain in the market for long not to forget our ever improving customer relationships.

All our in-house engineers, designers, packaging staff, managers and shipment handlers are committed to one goal, vision, and the cause; all which is ensuring you get satisfied in all that we do.

We always encourage creativity and innovation. We are always on toes in market research, customers’ needs and new trends in breast milk bags platform. We approach market needs, gaps and opportunities professionally to offers answers/ solutions to client needs and wants.

You can count on us in this, and you will never get disappointed.

Above all, we care about life. We understand these bags get into contact with human consumables and most importantly newborns or babies. For that reason, we respect your trust in us and always work towards ensuring you are always satisfied.


If you have been frustrated by breast milk bags spillage, leakage, durability or storage, you can count on us. We have all it takes to make you happy. We are ready to offer you unmatched services characterized by excellent performance pouches, continuous improvement in the quality of materials used, quality designs and constant innovation.

Apart from quality sizes, shapes, styles we have a variety of add-ons you can use. Our add-ons are well researched and designed to add convenience and reliability to our breast milk storage bags.

Take some time and think about it: Is quality, reliability, and convenience your concern? Then you do not have to think anymore. We are customer oriented in our service provision.

If you need any clarification regarding our production nature, we are ready for you. We reply to email within 12 hours. Talk to us, and we will answer all your questions and offer clarifications.

We are ready for you!

Breast Milk Bags: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are breast milk storage bags?

A breast milk storage bag is a plastic bag specifically designed to collect, store and protect breast milk.

The purposes for which it is made reflects on its features and qualities. 

These pouches are always pre-sterilized and you do not have to do anything special when you unbox them. 

Breast milk bag

Breast Milk Storage Bag

The bags are designed with features that aid their ability to withstand freezing and thawing which generally accompanies breast milk storage and subsequent usage.

What are the qualities of a good breast milk storage bag?

There are certain qualities to look out for when purchasing breast milk storage bags. 

  • One of such qualities is a convenient-in-use labels which encourages easy labeling.
  • A good breast milk storage bag should be one that does not leak and can easily be filled and emptied.
  • The storage bag should also be one that can be stored in the freezer with ease as this is one essential activity that accompanies the usage of these bags. 
  • The bags should also be sturdy, BPA-free and food-grade plastic. A quality milk storage bag should also prevent leakages or bursts.
  • A good breast milk storage bag should be one that lays flat and possesses space for labeling and measurements.  

At Tedpack, all our breast milk storage bags embody the above qualities.

Do breast milk storage bags expire?

The breast milk storage bag itself does not expire and that explains why it comes with no expiry date. 

However, the milk contained in it cannot be used after a period of time depending on the storage method used. 

How long are expressed breast milk good for?

The good thing about storing milk in breast milk bags is that there are different storage methods. 

You can choose to store under room temperature or an insulated cooler, refrigerator or deep freezer. 

However, according to the recommendations of CDC, how long the stored milk remains good depends on the method you select.

If you choose to store at room temperature, then you can keep it for 6 to 8 hours. 

If your storage method is the insulated cooler then you can store it for up to a day.

If your storage method is the refrigerator then it can be kept at the back of the refrigerator for as long as 2 weeks. 

If you choose to use the deep freezer, then you can store at the back of your deep freezer for as long as 12 months. 

Why should you use breast milk bags?

. The general benefits of  breast milk bags include: 

  • Breast Milk Bags are safe

The health and safety is of paramount importance and our bags are of the highest quality. 

They are manufactured in a way that guides against any form of contamination. 

In the production of the bags, we make use of only materials that are food grade, and we do not compromise on standard.

These materials ensure effective preservation of the breast milk kept in the bags.

  • Breast Milk Bags are convenient to use 

Anyone looking to use a breast milk bag definitely wants convenience and that is why we ensure that all our bags, regardless of the specific type is convenient to use. 

Pouring milk into the bags with the way they are designed is never going to be a difficulty, neither will there be any spillage issue when pouring it out.

The bags we produce are also leakage free. 

Further, our bags come in different sizes so our customers can decide the various sizes they desire to order.

These sizes are important because they also contribute to convenience during usage. 

  • Breast Milk Bags are Freezer-friendly

Breast milk bags need to be freezer-friendly as there will always be a need to store milk for use at a later time.

We understand this and that is why we make breastmilk bags that can be stored in different ways. 

Our breastmilk bags can be stored in fridges, freezers and insulated coolers. 

We understand that breastmilk bags are not the only things you want to store in your fridge or freezer, that is why we manufacture them in a manner that laying them flat will be with ease. 

This way, our bags help to save space as against traditional bottles.

  • Our Breast Milk bags are eco-friendly

Breastmilk bags are manufactured for one-time use because they are pre-sterilized.

This means they are not reusable and they are expected to be discarded after one use. 

However, this does not change the fact that our bags are friendly to the environment.

As compared with other materials used for bottles for instance, these materials have lesser ecological impacts.

In manufacturing our bags, we make use of biodegradable materials as well as a renewable energy source. 

Thus, our customers should be assured that they are still meaningfully contributing to the reduction of plastic waste as well as reduction of manufacturing industries emission.

  • Breastmilk storage bags help easily labeling

We manufacture bags that all have a labeling table so users can keep tabs on the exact date when they stored milk in the bag. 

This labeling table is important as it helps the mom know which bag contains milk that was pumped first and which should, therefore, be used first. 

It will ensure that the milk does not stay beyond the average date for storing milk under such storage conditions.

  • Breast milk bags are self-standing

We understand the importance of space management and that explains why we manufacture breast milk bags that are self-standing. 

This means even if the space compartmentalized for storing the breast milk is small, the bags can easily fit into that space as against making use of bottles which by their very nature take up so much space.

Self-Standing Breast Milk Bag

Self- Standing Breast Milk Bag

The fact that these bags are self-standing also make them easily visible.

So, there is no need to be confused as to which bags are the oldest once they are correctly labeled.

How much breast milk can be stored in a breast milk bag?

Breast milk bag comes in different sizes and we have a catalogue of our bag sizes available upon request. 

 We have bags that can contain between 2 to 4 ounces, and this is usually a choice size for end customers who will usually want to freeze their breast milk. 

This is because you cannot refreeze breast milk and these bag sizes store only as much as the baby can eat within a limited period of time.

Can I reuse my breast milk bags?

Generally, breast milk bags are pre-sterilized and intended for just one single use.

It is advised that they are discarded after one use.

 Rinsing and reusing these bags is not safe for the health of your baby and this explains why the bags are disposable bags.

What are the types of breast milk bags?

There are 5 major types of breast milk bags and they are:

  • Flat breast milk bags
  • Stand up breast milk bags
  • Spout breast milk bags
  • Shaped breast milk bags 

What are flat breast milk bags?

One unique feature of flat breast milk bags is that it fills and seals with ease.

A flat breast milk bag does not have any fold or gusset.

Our flat breast milk bags come in different sizes and shapes.

Our customer also gets to decide their preferred sealing option.

In producing bags at Tedpack, we make use of high-quality polyethylene plastics with a combination of other relevant materials to produce top quality storage bags for our customers. 

Flat Breast Milk Bag

Flat Breast Milk Bag

As earlier stated, our flat breast milk bags come with different seals, depending on customer preference. 

The different types of seals include double zippers, notches, spouts and a whole lot more. 

What are stand up breast milk bags?

Stand up breast milk storage bags would no doubt be the favorite choice of those who value the organization of their fridge or freezer.

 As its name implies, these bags are self standing.

Whether they contain milk or whether they are empty, the bags can stand on their own.

Stand Up Breast Milk Bag

Stand Up Breast Milk Bag

During production, the bags are sealed with heat on both sides with the aim of reducing any form of material film splitting. 

Just like our other bags, the self standing bags have space for recording the date and time when you stored the milk so you can know the period when you have to use it for.

What are Shaped breast milk bags?

To spice things up, some prefer to go for shaped bags and we at our company can also produce that. 

Shaped breast milk bags are those bags that come in shapes different from the regular ones.  

Some people also want these shaped bags just so they can easily tell them when it is among other products and so they can easily transport it. 

Shaped Breast Milk Bag

Shaped Breast Milk Bag

 Also, some customers want some particular kind of shape because of space management in a freezer or fridge. 

We have breast milk bags that have been specially designed or crafted by our designers.

We have these bags in different sizes, colors, and capacity.

We place a premium on the quality of our bags when it comes to the material used, the self-standing nature, the volume, filing ability among others. 

Thus, regardless of the shape you want, we would never compromise the standard of our bags. 

What are double-zipper storage bags?

Anyone looking to buy a breast milk storage bag will be particular about getting one that cannot be easily contaminated and one that does not leak. 

We at Tedpack understand the importance of these features and that is why we have the double zipper storage bags available at our customer’s request. 

These bags have been pre-sterilized and are fitted with double zippers that ensure that the milk contained in them do not leak. 

Double Zipper Breast Milk Bag

Double Zipper Breast Milk Bag

Because of its peculiar structure and the understanding of the importance of still having measuring marks, the bags have calibrated ounces markings to enable you to determine the exact measure of milk stored in the bags. 

The bags like our other bags also have space for recording the name of your child as well as the date and time when you stored the milk. 

What are Spout breast milk bags?

We have numerous specialties and making spout breast milk bags is one of that.

A spout breast milk bag is basically a self-standing or flat breast milk bag that has spout just for convenience purpose. 

Our spout breast milk bags come with a re-closable weld spout and a cap and are specially produced in a way that helps control spillage while also keeping your milk safe.

Spout Breast Milk Bag

Spout Breast Milk Bag

We manufacture these spout bags in different sizes and that includes bags of 12 OZ-sized.

Like our other breast milk bags, the spout milk bags are also made with a measurement option as well as other user-friendly options, available upon request.

At Tedpack, our spout breast milk bags have a side spout that can be easily opened and they should be your choice if you seek bags that can be torn with no stress. 

What materials are used to manufacture breast milk bags?

As already mentioned, all materials used in the production of our breast milk bags are FDA approved. 

What this implies is that the materials are eco-friendly.

Not only are the materials FDA-approved, they are also BPA free.

Bisphenol A is not healthy for young children as it contains carcinogenic chemicals. 

The  health and safety of the users of our products are always of paramount importance so we steer clear of materials that have BPA in producing these breast milk bags.

In addition, we do not use epoxy resins or polycarbonate plastics because we understand the harmful effects these have on health. 

Rather, we make use of laminated films which help in creating a protective layer of insulation for the breast milk.

The materials we use when manufacturing breast milk bags include:

  1. Metallized PET film (MET-PET)
  2. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  3. Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)
  4. Poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET)
  5. Polyethylene (PE)
  6. Vacuum metalized polyethylene terephthalate (VMPET)
  7. Metallized OPP film (MET-OPP)
  8. Polyamide (PA)

Can I Print on the breast milk bags?

Our breast milk bags can be printed on, and our company has different printing options to meet our customers’ unique needs. 

Depending on your preference, the bags can be customized using Metallize, D-Met Printing, Vanishing or Matte finishing. 

Which Pumps are compatible with breast milk bags?

A wide variety of breast milk pumps exist and our bags are designed to be compatible with all these different pumps. 

The most popular types of pumps are manual pumps, electrical pumps, and battery-oriented pumps. 

Manual pumps are not as expensive as the other kind of pumps and they are still effective pumping devices. 

They are also smaller, lighter and do not make as much noise as other pumps.

However, some moms do not like the manual pump because they consider it more stressful to use than the other types and drawing out milk also takes longer with manual pumps.

Electrical pumps are also other types of breast pumps.

Although they are a bit on the more expensive side, pumping with them does not take as long as the manual pumps.

However, they are not as light as the manual pumps.

The last category of breast milk pumps are the battery-oriented pumps and these ones are not too expensive but they take longer to pump than electric pumps.

They also require more effort than electric pumps.

Our bags are designed to effortlessly accommodate any of these pumps. 

Can moms pump directly into Breast milk bags?

Yes. our bags are designed to help mom save time and also minimize leakages.

They are very easy to use and can be pumped directly into. 

All the users have to do is label and store them appropriately. 

What are the benefits of pumping directly into Breast milk bags?

An obvious benefit of pumping directly into these bags is that it saves a lot of time.

Rather than going through the stress of transferring from a bottle to the bag, the user can just pump directly. 

This also reduces the number of bottles one has to clean.

Safety wise, it is safer to pump directly because it minimizes the chances of exposing breast milk to germs.

How do you thaw breast milk kept in breastmilk bags?

It is advisable that you start with thawing the oldest breast milk.

As a rule of thumb, adopt the “first in, first out” principle.

This is because the quality of the breast milk reduces after a period of time. 

If you kept the breastmilk bag in a refrigerator then consider placing it in lukewarm running water.

On no occasion should you try to thaw by placing the breast milk bag in the microwave. 

This is because microwaving not only destroys the nutrients contained in the milk, it also creates hot spots and that can burn baby’s mouth.

It is also possible to thaw breast milk in the refrigerator.

However, it is advisable to use breast milk within a day of thawing in the refrigerator. 

 On no account should breast milk that has been thawed be refrozen. 

All these safety tips are to ensure that our customers pass the right messages across to the end users of these breast milk bags. 

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