Bottom Gusset Pouch

Perfect Bottom Gusset Pouch for Your Brand

As one of the professional manufacturers, TedPack provides outstanding-quality bottom gusset pouch to different customers.

  • GMP and ISO certified company
  • 2 decade of experience in flexible packaging
  • 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic material
  • All our pouches use high-quality rotogravure printings

Your Ideal Bottom Gusset Pouch Manufacturer

TedPack bottom gusset pouch provide a great packaging option to form-fit your product. Select the highest clarity or decorative colors and styles that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your brand with TedPack packaging.

Bottom Gusset Pouch

TedPack bottom gusset pouch comes in different sizes, styles, and colors. Offered range of products is manufactured to innovative technology and optimum quality material.

2-clear stand up bottom gusset pouch bags with resuable ziplock

Clear stand up bottom gusset pouch bags with reusable ziplock is a transparent pouch bags ideal packaging to preview any kind of products. You can see the inside products without opening the pouch. Ziplock will help you maintain the freshness and quality of the products. These pouches are made by high-quality materials, FDA approved, food-safe and BPA free. Structures provide long-lasting barriers to keep products from any harmful effects.

3-stand up bottom gusset pouch bags with resuable ziplock with black printing

Stand up bottom gusset pouch bag with reusable ziplock with black printing is affordable to any budget. Customizable to any designs and styles for printing. The best packaging for any products, liquid, and solid products. High barrier is attached to avoid odor, oxygen, moisture and UV lights. It has a maximum capacity of preserving the quality of the products and protecting the content. Perfect packaging to showcase your products.

4-stand up bottom gusset clear pouch bags with resuable ziplock

Stand up bottom gusset clear pouch bags with reusable ziplock will give you an option to choose the best product packaging to increase your market. Tedpack will give you dozens of designs and styles for your stand up bottom gusset clear pouch bags with reusable ziplock. Add-ons are also available to give your pouches higher reclose ability. Ideal packaging even for food products.

5-recyclable kraft paper laminated bottom gusset pouch with reusable ziplock

Recyclable Kraft paper laminated bottom gusset pouch with reusable zip lock is a perfect product packaging for cookies, grains, coffee, and dried fruits. Reusable zip lock will keep product freshness. Recyclable Kraft paper laminated bottom gusset pouch is laminated together with LLDPE, AL, PE, PET and many more. Bottom gusset pouch is designed to ensure that it can stand in any kind of storage.

6-recyclable kraft paper laminated bottom gusset pouch with customized shaped transparent window with hang hole with reusable ziplock

Recyclable kraft paper laminated bottom gusset pouch with customized shaped transparent window with hang hole with reusable zip lock is 100 % and perfect for storing food products such as beans, snacks, tea leaves, candies and many more. The transparent window is available to allow customers to see the products without opening the pouch. Windows are also customizable depending on the designs you need for your products.

7-aluminum kraft paper laminated bottom gusset pouch with transparent window with reusable ziplock

Aluminiumkraft paper laminated bottom gusset pouch with a transparent window with reusable ziplock is ideal packaging retails and merchandise. Transparent window is constructed for packaged previewing to increase your product marketing. Made from high-quality aluminum raw materials to provide barriers against moisture and any harmful effects. Perfect for all kinds of food products. It has laminated materials to help product freshness longer.

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TedPack Bottom Gusset Pouch Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Bottom Gusset Pouch

TedPack bottom gusset pouch is manufactured using optimum quality material, ensuring a safe and satisfying product.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, RICE PAPER
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Bottom Gusset Pouch Features & Accessories

In producing pouch, we offer different custom features and accessories enhancing quality and performance of pouch.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options on Your Bottom Gusset Pouch

Pouch printing options use high-quality printing technology and equipment make it lasts. TedPack brings high visual impact to your brand.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
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TedPack Bottom Gusset Pouch

TedPack bottom gusset pouch is best for packaging liquid and solid (food and non-food) products.

The material being used for designing pouch is environmental-friendly, non-toxic which makes it cost-effective.

This is 100% safe as it is FDA-approved, food-grade packaging. These pouches are available in different designs, shapes, sizes, material options, features and add-on options, and printing options.

Our line of bottom gusset pouch can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Together with our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, we can develop pouches that meet exactly what you need.

Depending on the requirement, we use different material including BOPP, PE, PET A, and more.

For liquid products, add-on spout is required. It is essential to safeguard the content from leakage and spoil.

Also, it will provide a long shelf life and easy storage of pouch when opened.

Products such as ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise, and such will be protected.

Offered range of products is manufactured under modern and innovative technology and equipment.

In order to provide the finest quality bottom gusset pouch, we utilize effective production machinery.

TedPack bottom gusset pouch stands out with its quality attributes including lightweight, superior strength and toughness protecting the product from dust, moisture, and light.

Enhance the visual appeal of products at same time increase safety and stability with high-quality bottom gusset pouch.

With the best and advanced printing process, we are bringing exquisite finish, labeling achieved brilliant clarity packaging.

Our highly trained and talented professionals can optimize the production to cater to the designing and printing needs of the market.

Offered range of a product can suit numerous industries such as wine & beverages, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Owing to product durability and other quality attributes, our bottom gusset pouch has been highly appreciated by different customers.

TedPack delivered packaging within the stipulated time-frame, you can be sure your satisfaction will be met.

For more information about our bottom gusset pouch, please contact us right away!

Bottom Gusset Pouch- The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are Bottom Gusset Pouches?

Bottom Gusset Pouch are packaging pouches that are designed in such a way that they are able to stand on shelves, cabinet or anywhere they are placed.

 Because of this important feature that they possess, they are being used across industries for the packaging of both edible and non-edible products.

Tedpack manufactures Bottom Gusset Pouch and other packaging material. Tedpack is also professionals in the artwork and designs of packaging bags and pouches.

Figure 1

 Bottom Gusseted Pouches

What is the idea behind the design of Bottom Gusset Pouch?

Bottom Gusset Pouches are designed in such a way that they have a gusset at the bottom, and this makes them stand comfortably, as well as provide extension and reinforcement.

Bottom Gusset Pouches may also have side sealed edges. These edges are incorporated at the side of the pouches. The side edges could run from the top part of the pouch to the bottom of the pouch.

The edges provide Bottom Gusset Pouch with very strong sides, and they also help them keep their balance and remain in a standing position at all times.

Also, unlike conventional packaging pouches, Bottom Gusset Pouches are designed to be very comfortable and user-friendly. This is why they are lightweight and easy to handle.

What additional features can be used for Bottom Gusset Pouch?

Companies can choose to add more components or features to Bottom Gusset Pouches in such a way that they are more easy to use for consumers.

Some of the numerous features that can be incorporated into the designs of Bottom Gusset Pouch by packaging companies include the following:

  • Bottom Gusset Pouches with punch hole
  • Bottom Gusset Pouches with valves
  • Bottom Gusset Pouches with handles
  • Bottom Gusset Pouches with zip locks
  • Bottom Gusset Pouches with spout
  • Bottom Gusset Pouches with round corners etc.

Tedpack manufactures Bottom Gusset Pouches with all of these features, depending on the recommendation of the customer.

Tedpack can also provide assistance and guidance to help a customer choose the best feature based on the product that the pouches will be used to package.

Figure 2

 Bottom Gusset pouch with ziplock.

What are the types of Ziplock that can be used for bottom gusseted pouches?

Attachment of Ziplock is one feature of the bottom gusseted pouch that is very flexible. This is because there are many types and styles of zip lock that can be used.

Some types of zip lock used for bottom gusseted pouches include the following:

  • Pharmaloc zipper
  • Pushpin zipper
  • Thumb pocket zipper

What are Pharmaloc zippers?

Tedpack Pharmaloc zippers are designed in such a way that they can be easily opened when in need.

What are Push Pin Zippers?

This zipper is designed in such a way that it has a pin that must be pushed before it can unlock.

What are Thumb pocket zippers?

Tedpack design the thumb pocket zipper in such a way that they can only be opened with the aid of two thumbs. The bag usually carries instructions on how to go about this.

How are the dimensions of Bottom gusset pouches measured?

It is quite easy to measure up the dimensions of bottom gusseted pouches

A gusseted pouch has four essential measurements –Length, width, thickness, and gusset (bottom or side).

Measuring the length and width: 

All you need to do is flatten an empty pouch and measure its length and width with a scale.

Measuring the bottom gusset:

To measure the dimensions of a gusset, you’ll need to open it up and place it on a flat surface.

Then you measure the depth with a calibrated scale.

Measuring the thickness:

A micrometer screw gauge can be used to measure the thickness.

Usually, bottom gusseted pouches for food packaging have a thickness of 2 mm or less.

What products are Bottom Gusset Pouches used to package?

Because of the packaging versatility of Bottom Gusset Pouches and how popular the packaging material, it is being used in a lot of industries. 

Bottom Gusset Pouches can be used for the packaging of both edible and inedible products. Some of them include the following:

  • Snacks
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Agricultural products
  • Liquids
  • Pet foods
  • Washing detergents
  • Pet foods etc.

Figure 3

Bottom Gusset pouch for liquids

What are the advantages of using Bottom Gusset Pouches?

Bottom Gusset Pouches offer more advantages compared to other packaging pouches or bags, and this is why they are a preferred choice.

Some of the advantages of using Bottom Gusset Pouches includes the following:

They are self-standing pouches, and this makes storing them easier than storing other packaging materials.

They are very durable and long-lasting because they are made from high-quality materials

They offer an option of user-friendliness and improved usability.

They have barrier resistant properties against contaminants that are likely to affect the quality of stored products. Examples of the contaminants are moisture, oxygen, Uv light, etc.

Bottom Gusset Pouches are highly printable packaging materials, and this offers a lot of aesthetics benefits that aid brand awareness and advertisement.

Bottom Gusset Pouches meet packaging expectations; this makes them very cost-effective.

Do Bottom Gusset Pouches make use of degassing valves?

It is important for packaging valves to be airtight so as to prevent the passage of oxygen which could reduce the life span of the product.

In some cases, degassing valves are incorporated in the manufacturing of Bottom Gusset Pouches, to produce an airtight environment for the product.

Bottom Gusset Pouches with degassing valves are most important in the packaging of products that tend to emit gas. The type of valve mostly employed for this is the one-way degassing valve.

This valve type makes it possible for the emitted gases to escape, and at the same time prevents the passage of oxygen into the pouch.

For those kinds of products, the implication of not using a degassing valve results in the accumulation of CO2 that later causes the products to burst.

Tedpack manufacture Bottom Gusset Pouches with degassing valve.

Bottom Gusset Pouches make use of what type of degassing valve?

Tedpack makes use of 2 different types of degassing for the manufacture of Bottom Gusset Pouches; the goglio valve and the Wipf valve.

How many material choices are available for Bottom Gusset Pouches?

Various conditions are looked into before choosing materials for Bottom Gusset Pouches. They include:

  • Products packaged
  • Consumers choice
  • Preference of the customer placing the order.

Materials that are used for the manufacturing of Bottom Gusset Pouches include the following:

  • Cast polypropylene
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol
  • Aluminum Foil
  • High-density polyethylene
  • low-density polyethylene
  • Linear low-density polyethylene
  • Metallized PET film
  • Oriented polypropylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate

What are the types of Bottom Gusset Pouches?

For various packaging qualities and the packaging of various types of products, there are numerous befitting types of stand up pouches.

  • Some common types of pouches are:
  • Bottom gusseted stand-up pouches
  • Flat bottom Gusset Pouches
  • Bottom and Side gusset pouches
  • Side gusset stand up pouches are stand
  • Spouted bottom Gusset Pouches.
  • Shaped bottom Gusset Pouches.
  • Retort bottom Gusset Pouches
  • Bottom Gusset Pouches with zippers
  • Inverted cap Bottom Gusset Pouches

Tedpack are professionals in the design and packaging of all of these types of Bottom Gusset Pouches 

What are Bottom gusseted stand up pouches?

These are one of the most popular types of Bottom Gusset Pouches utilized by various industries.

Bottom gusseted stand-up pouches are designed in such a way that the pouch supports the quantity of the product in them.

The gusset edges are attached to the sides of the pouch, from the top till the bottom, this gives the pouch a perfect shape, as well as the ability to stand upright.

A bottom gusseted stand-up pouch can be designed in such a way that the bottom can assume a number of shapes. Some of the shapes used for bottom gusseted pouches include the following:

  • Round bottom gusset shape
  • K corner bottom gusset
  • Plow bottom gusset.

What are Bottom and Side gusset pouches?

Bottom and Side gusset stand up pouches are pouches that have gussets on all sides. As usual, the gussets run from the top to the bottom of the pouch.

At the top of the pouch, the sealing takes the shape of the pouch, and at the bottom of the pouch, a horizontal sealing is used.

With this kind of design, they usually have a good retaining capacity for the products that they are being used to package.

 One benefit if using Bottom and Side gusset pouches is the abundance of space for both artworks and branding. This makes it one of the best bottom gusset pouches for labeling.

The material used for this kind of pouch is decided by the product that you want to package.

Figure 4

Side and Bottom Gusset pouch

What is a spouted bottom gusset pouch?

One reason that has led to the success of spouted bottom gusset pouch in the packaging market today is the fact they are used as a replacement for plastic and glass bottles.

They offer economic benefits over plastic and glass bottles, and at the same time, they give the same packaging productivity.

Spouted bottom gusset pouches have spouts at the top, and this makes them very easy to fill, open, pour and close. The spouts are also designed in such a way that they have fitted caps.

Spouted bottom gusset pouches require a high technology to manufacture, and this is why you need a reputable and experienced manufacturing company to handle this.

Tedpack is capable, and they have all the technology and personnel to manufacture this.

Figure 5

Spouted Bottom Gusset pouch

What are retort bottom gusset pouches?

These are bottom gusset pouches that are mostly used for the packaging of edible products in unfavorable conditions.

They are designed with film structures through the lamination of various materials so as to give the packaging effect that is desired.

Several layers of the materials are laminated together, and they protect the products from oxygen, moisture, vapor, and other contaminants.

 Retort bottom gusset pouch is the alternative packaging for cans or any other type of food container.

Some edible products that require retort stand up pouches include:

  • Pets food
  • Organic products
  • Soup
  • Fresh food

What are Inverted cap bottom gusset pouches?

 Inverted bottom gusset pouches are one of the latest types of stand up pouches used today. However not a lot of manufacturing companies design this bottom gusset pouch.

This bottom gusset pouch is designed in such a way that the upper part is the bottom that the pouch stands with.

This means that the part of the pouch that dispenses the product in it is also used for standing. They are very easy to use.

They also provide the product with a long-lasting life span, and this is because of the laminated films and other high-quality materials that are used to manufacture it.

They also serve at good barriers against all sorts of contamination, including vapor, moisture, and odor infiltration.

 The inverted nature of the pouch gives it a unique look that makes it display all other parts of the pouch elegantly. This makes it one of the best pouches for aesthetics and branding.

 Tedpack are professionals in both the manufacturing and the graphics and branding of inverted caps stand up pouches for the packaging of various products.

What application types of bottom gusset pouch are available?

Bottom gusset pouches are customized and manufactured in such a way that they are able to meet a lot of packaging and market needs.

Due to this, there are a lot of applications of bottom gusset pouch to meet various demands. Some of the application include the following:

  • Foil bottom gusset pouch
  • Rice paper bottom gusset pouch
  • Poly bottom gusset pouch Clear stand up pouches
  • Metalized bottom gusset pouch
  • Satin and matte bottom gusset pouch
  • Crystal clear bottom gusset pouch
  • Quad-Seal Bottom gusset pouches
  •  K-Seal Bottom gusset pouches

What are Foil bottom gusset pouches?

These are bottom gusset pouches that are made with different laminated materials but have aluminum foil as the dominant material.

This is because of the benefits that aluminum foil materials have, such as odor barrier, prevention of moisture and oxygen.

Foil stand up pouches are mostly used for the packaging of products such as:

  • Cosmetics and beauty care
  • Medical products
  • Farm products
  • Laundry products etc.

 Across industries, they are one of the most used bottom gusset pouches, and this is because of their exceptional properties.

What are rice paper bottom gusset pouches?

These bottom gusset pouches are used mostly for packaging snacks. They are preferred for this purpose due to their texture, great appearance and ability to print on them.

They have gussets that are folded both upwards and inwards, and they are designed in such a way that they have both sides of the pouch sealed. The bottom gusset gives them a standing position.

Some of the materials used for the manufacturing of rice paper bottom gusset pouch include the following:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Kraft paper
  • Metalized polyethylene

 Their top-notch display properties, together with their ability to form different shapes and the window features make them the perfect type of stand up pouch for packaging snacks and related products.

How Can You Differentiate a Quad-Seal Bottom gusset pouches and a K-Seal Bottom gusset pouches?

Quad Seal gusset bags usually have all four corners sealed along the full length of the bag.

The difference from pillow bags is that quad seal pouches provide an uninterrupted printing area to both the front and back of the pouch; thereby giving the pouch a unique look.

These pouches are commonly made of multi-layers moisture barrier films.

With K-seal bottom, the pouch will square-off the bottom when filled.

It is perfect for grains, rice, pet food packaging, etc.

Seals from both sides of a k-seal bag rise from the pouch; thereby, taking the stress off the seals on both sides of the package.

How many printing services are available for the bottom gusset pouch?

 Tedpack offers some of the most advanced printing technologies for artwork and designing on packaging bags and pouches, bottom gusset pouch included.

The printing services are:

  • Rotogravure.
  • Flexo
  • Digital printing technologies.

Are bottom gusset pouch FDA approved?

All Tedpack packaging bags and pouches, bottom gusset pouches included, meet the requirement of FDA, and a confirmation letter will be sent with the products.

Are bottom gusset pouches Recyclable?

It is important that packaging bags and pouches are designed to be biodegradable. This aids environmental conservation.

Today, a lot of industries have taken to this, and they do not make use of packaging materials that are not ecofriendly.

Aside from this, there are strict government rules and regulations about packaging materials being a threat to the environment.

Due to all of these, all Tedpack packaging materials including bottom gusset pouch are manufactured to be biodegradable and eco-friendly.

How many printing colors are available for the bottom gusset pouch?

Tedpack printing colors for packaging bags and pouches are 8. If customers have special requirements, they can speak to the sales personnel?

Are samples of bottom gusset pouches available?

Yes, Tedpack can send samples to the customer’s locations.

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