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Beverage bag are mainly use for all kinds of juice, drinks packaging use, high durable and leakage proof, MOQ start from 10K for a start, delivery within 3 weeks.

Beverage BagLeakage Proof | Customized Print & Logo, Sizes

Beverage bag’s first function was keeping your products fresh and safe, for preserving the quality of the product while at the same time extending the shelf life.

Compare the bottle and cans, beverage bags are affordable prices for you with only 1/3 and 1/4 cost compared before, you can use them for alcoholic beverages, coffee & tea, functional drinks, and a lot more.

Our beverage bags still conform to the regulatory standards, they are FDA approved and can be directly contacted with food.

  • MOQ with 10k pcs for a start, digital print start from 100 pcs;
  • Delivery shortest to 2-3 weeks and printing up to 10 colors at most;
  • High durability and leakage proof bag-making guarantee;
  • All spout diameters, colors, and function can be customized;

Welcome inquiry to TedPack today, quote send within 6 hours. Now we also offer 100% compostable mono PE material recyclable symbol #4 beverage bag pouches, send us inquiry to know more!

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size70 x 100 x 30mm(Min)    350 x 600 x 150mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-180Mircons (2Mil-7Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized, Spout
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping, Spot Gloss & Matte
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Beverage Bag Pouch

Beverage bag pouches are simply a stand-up pouch with a spout pouch, the volume is all customized, and we have multi option spouts choices. The spout diameter, color, and shape are all customized, we can also offer digital and gravure print options, the material we use is 100% food-grade, and it can be directly contacted and hold beverage use.

Beverage Bags To Go

Beverage bags to go are convenience spout bags that using for liquid and beverage packaging use, no matter it is apple juice, orange shakes, wine, or soda drinks, it can be all used in this pouch for packing, now at TedPack we can produce more than 500K pcs beverage bags per day with cost efficiency prices, delivery time will be shortest to 2 weeks, plus air freight it can be finished with in 3 weeks to your hand.

Beverage Dispenser Bag

Beverage dispenser bags are pouches that using for taking out large volume beverage packaging, TedPack offers a large range of customizing pouch options, ranging from 1 Liter to 10 Liter, 20 Liter options. Mostly we use transparent material for holding beverages, but if customers prefer aluminum or opaque material, we can customize them as well.

Printed Beverage Bag

Printed beverage bags are produced by gravure printing way for wine and drink packaging, the beverage bag’s volume are range from 1Liter to 5Liter, the pouch can be finished in both flood matte, spot gloss, or matte printing. Adding with customized easy closure fitments for the simple pouring, MOQ start from 10K pcs by gravure, free existing printed sampling available.

Beverage Take Out Bag

A beverage take out bag is a bag that the name tells its function, the bag can be taken out while you are going hiking, riding a bicycle, or out for a picnic, the beverage take out bag is normally produced with a large spout diameter large than 20mm, we also have 22mm, 33mm, 40mm diameter spout options, the material is thick enough for hold more than a one-gallon beverage for 5-6 people use.

Beverage Carrier Bag

Beverage carrier bags are easy to carry when filled with beverages inside. The pouch area with a bottom gusset and strong liner which is suitable for heavier packaging. In order to make sure the pouch is 100% leakage proof and not easy to burst while falling to the floor, normally will use a Nylon layer and enough thick material for packaging production.

Beverage Bag With Spout

A beverage bag with a spout is quality spout pouches that use for drink and juice packaging, it can be finished in both transparent, white, or aluminum material, and the pouch is used for holding any kind of beverage that needs a shelf for a long time. Normally it is made with a spout diameter large than 33mm which will be convenient for the beverage pour out.

1 Gallon Beverage Bag

1-gallon beverage bags are the most common beverage bags we produced in past years at TedPack! This is a standard pouch that uses 4 layers of material, suitable for all kinds of heavy liquid products packaging, including all drinks and beverages as well. The pouch can pass strictly drop test and burst test, it can be also directed in contact with food and drinks as well.

8 Products Found.

Spout Pouch&Bag-In-Box Pouch

There have two main pouch types that can be used for beverage packaging, Spout Pouch in transparent or aluminum stand up pouch type by adding plastic fitments or spouts on it, and bag-in-box in transparent or metalized flat bags with a wine tap on it. What is the difference between these 2 pouch types?

  • Spout pouch only with one individual layer; Bag-in-box pouches are with one outer and one inner layer;
  • Spout pouches in 1 x 3 or 4 layers of laminated material; bag-in-box pouches with 2 x 2 layers of material;
  • Spout pouches are with multi smaller spout options; bag-in-box pouches are in larges wine tap spouts;
  • Spout pouch only under 5 Liter volume use; bag-in-box can use with 20 Liter packing;

Want to know more? Fetch free samples from us to see with your own eyes.

Spout Pouch vs Bag-In-Box Pouch For Beverage Bag
QA In Beverage Bag

QA In Beverage Bag

Quality control for beverage bags looks complicated in the whole packaging supply chain control. But actually, it is simple, the key challenges of quality control for beverage bags are two issues:

  1. How to make sure the pouch has no leakage?
  2. How to make sure the pouch is not burst after falling down?

If we solve the above issues, from all aspects, you have been succeeding in getting a quality pouch for your beverage products. So how do we do in production and quality inspection?

  • Always follow our skillful pouch-making experiences for large volume beverage bags, make sure the pouch making and spout adding are 100% no problem in both left our facility and client’s filling line;
  • Following ISO 2859/BS6001 / ASQ Standard Inspection Level 1 proceed with the QA in-house before the pouch sends out.

Key Leakage Issue In Large Volume Beverage Bags

Like we always worried, about how to present perfect products to the market? Apparently, leakage is the most annoying issue that makes a lot of customers choose spout pouches or bag-in-box pouches for the beverage but failed.

Even before they start buying, many customers never thought the leakage will cause so many associated problems. So how do we avoid meeting leakage issues before choosing a supplier?

  • Always get free existing samples, and fill water to execute the falling test;
  • Running small run sampling and testing again before issuing large orders;
  • Arrange PDI(Pre-delivery Inspection) before large orders ship out;
  • Fill a small run and then test and observe for a few days;

Seems complicated, but when you face the problem you will know how necessary the above steps are!

Key Leakge Issue In Large Volume Beverage Bags

Beverage Bag: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for that key thing that ensures the greatness of your product?

It has been found. Packaging is the determinant of the success of every product.

This is because it is what the consumers have access to before the inner content which is the product.

Packaging is an integral part of product production.

It is in this light that our engineers and designers have made a great packaging solution for all beverages producers.

This groundbreaking packaging material has earned itself the name beverage bag.

This study guide is a product of quality research that focuses on imparting you with knowledge.

It contains vital information on all that is required to be known about beverage bags from both consumers and producers perspectives.

An adequate and consistent study of this study guide will empower you to make informed decisions about the packaging material you adopt for your beverages and other related product.

Beverage Bag: What is the beverage bag?

Beverage bags have proven to be a suitable method to package beverages over the years.

Beverage bags are distinctive because it serves as the best packaging option for both carbonated and noncarbonated beverages.

Beverage bags are fitting to store an average of 200 1-gallon bags into the same box container that only 12 1-gallon plastic jugs.

The benefit of this feature is that it gives a reduction in the cost of space and freight.

It accompanies this with improvement in operational efficiency and sustainability.

In the same way as jugs, beverage bags can be used blank or you can otherwise imprint your brand details on it for the purpose of business advertisement.

There is still more to learn about the uses and application of beverage bags.

Scroll down and you will be lifted by what you learn.

Beverage Bag: Uses of Beverage Bag

How will you feel if you open an orange only to find a banana?

Of course, you will feel outrageous and dismayed.

This means that for every packaging material, there is a product that is most fitting to it.

The product the packaging bag can be used for and the product it can be applied to.

While some packaging materials are extremely different from one another, some materials are kind of related to one another.

For example, a grape and an orange have similar packaging material while an apple and a pineapple are extremely different in packaging.

This dynamics also apply in the packaging industry.

This session shall keep you informed on other products and industries that can make use of beverage bags together with the beverage industries.

Beverage bags can be used as a suitable application for liquid and powdered products.

Beverage bags are used to ensure the longevity of all beverages product.

And to protect the beverages from exposure to oxygen that makes them solidify and less regarded in the market.

This is the integral use of beverage bags.

However, there are many industries that have been made triumphant by applying beverage bags to their product.

Scroll down and have a look at these industries.

# 2.1: Beverage Bags Application and Industries

Below are the industries that can be outstanding by applying beverage bags to their products.

  • Tea Industries:

One of the factors that make tea solidify and spoil before they originally ought to spoil is their exposure to oxygen.
Because beverage bags offer absolute constraint to the invasion of oxygen, dust, sunlight, and moisture.
If you run a tea factory, then you need to search endlessly for suitable packaging material. Beverage bags is yours to apply.

  • Milk Industry:

Beverage bags have been the perfect solution to the preservation of milk.
For your milk application, adopt beverage bags

  • Sweet tea or Cold Brew Coffee:

Yea! With beverage bags, your cold brew coffee and sweet tea can never be more appreciated by the consumers.

  • Juice Industry:

If you major in all kinds of juice, then applying beverage bags for the container of your product is the best decision you can make.
This decision is favorable to the longevity of your juice.

The list of beverage bags application includes liquid products like soft drinks, wine, water, and sauce and powdered products like spices, cornflakes, custard powder and many more.

There is still so much to learn.

Scroll down and see the wealth of knowledge the next chapter has to offer you.

Beverage Bag Benefits for your business

Beverage bags come with a whole lot of benefits for your business.

This chapter is a product of adequate research that informs you of such benefits.

It focuses on the benefits of beverage bags from a manufacturer’s perspective.

It is with quality research that this conclusion has been made.

Do you know?

  • Beverage bags are manufactured with PE Materials that are recyclable.

This makes beverage bags promote environmental prosperity.

It creates a suitable and sustainable environmental growth for the present and future generation.

With beverage bags, producers can say “NO” to environmental pollution.

Do you know?

  • Beverage Bags is an efficient and spacious container.

Beyond the individual immediate consumption, beverage bags have the inner space to contain beverages that can fulfill the desires of the entire group, family, and firm.

It can be resealed before the final and last consumption.

This feature is amazing.

  • Absolutely Color-friendly for Brand Promotion.

One of the primary purposes of packaging material is to serve as a form of advertisement for the production company.

Beverage bags like beverage pouch and beverage packaging bags are designed in the recognition of this necessity.

It serves as the best form of advertisement for promoting your brand.

Your brand details are outstanding on the retail shelf. What a greatness derived from the use of beverage bags.

Scroll down and see more.

  • Beverage bag is light in weight.

By this, there is a gross reduction in the overall emission for transportation and freight.

And the flexibility of beverage pouch cannot be overemphasized.

Because it is light in weight and flexible, it reduces shipping cost and efficiently utilizes the storage facilities.

  • Number one fitment and closures option.

One of the features that make beverage bags distinctive is its fitment and closures.

It is absolutely barrier-proof. It serves as a very durable resistance to the barriers.

Also, it serves as a good tamperproof from children and rodents.

The closures are designed such that there is no occasion for spillage on the beverage bags and pouch during the carriage process.

With these closures, there is no contamination that can affect the content after the beverage pouch or beverage packaging bags have been filled.

  • Perfect spout and lid for easy dispensing and filling of beverages in beverages bags and pouch.

Plastic beverage pouch with spout guarantees users easy pour and consumer’s easy filling without beverage content splashing on bags and pouch.

Also with plastic beverage bag with a spout, you can totally dispense your beverages without having any stuck in your bag or pouch.

Having seen the benefits of beverage bags, the study guide shall proceed to the next chapter.

In the next chapter, you will be empowered on how to get beverage bags for your product without making mistakes by that decision.

Beverage Bag: Important things to consider when choosing a Beverage Bag

There are some important things to consider when choosing beverage bags.

A lack of knowledge of these important things will make you susceptible to making mistakes you might regret.

Below are the things to consider.

  • Beverage bags come in varieties. There are many types of beverages.

Although a beverage bag like aluminum beverage bags may serve as good packaging material for many products yet there are some products that are best packaged in other types of beverage bags.

Inform your packaging manufacturers whether your beverages come in liquid or powdered form.

  • Before making a huge demand of the beverage bags for your product, inform your suppliers of your targeted consumers.

For example, a beverage like soft drink may have more sales in basic grade school students.

This will greatly determine the kind of design given to your beverage bags.

  • Do you know that there is no better knowledge than experience?

To know if the beverage bag is capable of packaging your product adequately, request for prototypes.

This sample can be used for the pretest.

  • You are required to tell your beverage bags manufacturers the area you want your spout and closure to be.
  • Before making your orders, inform your suppliers of the kind of product you want to package.

Some products may require transparent beverage bag for consumers to see the content.

  • Before making huge demands, you are required to send a soft copy of your artworks to your suppliers.

At the unavailability of your artworks, you are required to solicit for the graphics designing services of your suppliers.

There is still more to learn about your beverage bags.

Scroll down and you will be convinced that you are empowered for success in the market.

Beverage Bag Material Choice

This chapter is committed to keeping its audience absolutely enlightened on the material composition that comprises beverage bags.

Primarily, the materials that are manufactured into beverage bags are polyethylene.

However, the measure of density applied to this polyethylene determines the outer and inner layer of the beverage bags or beverage pouches.

There are three densities that polyethylene may take to make up beverage bags.

  • First, there is high-density polyethylene.
  • Second, there is low-density polyethylene.
  • Third, there is the linear low-density polyethylene.

All these, when used, make the different types of beverage bags or pouches used in the market.

For more requirements, a beverage bag can be added with other secondary materials like aluminum foil.

This is usually adopted to have a more impenetrable outer layer.

The material choice engineers adopt for beverages packaging bags are easily disposable and the pouches are squeezable and flexible.

Any good packaging material must be one that is eco-friendly, such that it does not hold future ecological problems of the unborn generation.

Beverage bags are made with polyethylene actively and they are absolutely recyclable.

They do not have any severe implication on the environment after it has been used up.

They are not limited to the following:

  • AL (Aluminum foil)
  • BOPP (Biaxial Oriented polypropylene)
  • CPP (Cast Polypropylene)
  • EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)
  • LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene)
  • PET (Polyethylene terephthalate
  • PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride)
  • VMCPP (Vacuum-metalized cast polypropylene)
  • VMPET (Metalized polyethylene film)
  • White LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene)

However, our expert here will offer you the perfect advice on the perfect material for your product.

Other materials needed include paints for graphics and artworks and biodegradable plastics for closure and fitment options.

Having learned about the primary and secondary that beverage bags comprise of, let us proceed to the next chapter.

The next chapter is the most informative chapter of this study guide.

Scroll down and you will thoroughly be furnished about the vital information about beverage bags

Beverage Bag: The perfect varieties & Benefits of Beverage Pouch for Your Business

The greatness of beverage bags has been well spoken of among the consumers and manufacturers of all sorts of beverages.

Having acknowledged the wide-spreading triumph, designers have made beverage bags into more varieties.

This has helped to usher the packaging domain into a new era.

Have you finally found a direct need to get beverage bags for your product?

You need not search endlessly. Below are the varieties of beverage bags that we offer.

They are the trending types of beverage bags in the market.

Also, they can be readily supplied to you after the necessary procedures have been followed.

The common types of beverage bags in the industry include:

# 6.1: Standard Spout Pouches with “Top Center” or “Top Right” spouts

Are you tired of doing the traditional form of packaging?

You want something that is produced with the dynamics of this modern world.

Tedpack presents to you the perfect the standard spout pouches that have additional features of spouts at either top center or top right. Great features include:

  • Easy dispensing and easy filling
  • Flexibility and portability
  • Light in weight and Impenetrability in layers
  • Absolute barrier resistance
  • Highly user-friendly
  • It gets chilled fast in the cooling system.
Technical information for Standard Spout Pouches with “Top Center” or “Top Right” spouts
Finish/AestheticsPET/PA/AL/PE & Plastic  Spout (different types)
SizeCustomized or as specified
Thickness130 – 180 microns or as specified
MaterialsSpout Pouches are available in 2, 3, 4, layers laminates with barrier
Process of PrintingGravure Printing, Matte or Custom
ColorVarieties of colors

There is still much to learn.

Scroll down and see

# 6.2: Disposable Beverage Bag (Disposable)

One of the features that the consumers look out for in choosing their product is easy disposability.

Our designers have for this reason designed disposable beverage pouch that is made with an eco-friendly mindset. Its advantages include:

  • Easy to Dispose
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to handle and carry
  • Storage Efficiency
  • Perfect for environmental consideration.

Below is the table for good illustrations

Technical information for Disposable Beverage Bags
Finish/AestheticsPolyethylene,  gloss and aluminum foil (different types)
SizeCustomized or as specified
Thickness130 – 180 microns or as specified
MaterialDisposable beverage bags are available in three layers. Each layer has its own specific use. It serves a good barrier resistance purpose when combined
Process of PrintingGravure Printing, Matte or Custom
ColorVarieties of colors

There is still more to see.

The types of beverage bags making waves are still remaining.

Scroll down and see more.

# 6.3: Shaped Beverage Bags

Shaped beverage bags come in beautiful designs that make them outstanding on the retail shelf.

If your consumers have a high taste for beauty then you will need the shaped beverage bags to package your beverage products. Its features include:

  • High aesthetic finishing.
  • Suitable for advertisement because of retail advantage
  • Barrier resistance
  • Flexibility
Technical information for Shaped Beverage Bags
Finish/Aestheticsaluminum foil, Polyethylene, gloss, and plastic closure
SizeCustomized or as specified. It comes in great shapes that makes it outstanding.
Thickness130 – 180 microns or as specified
MaterialsShaped beverage bags are available in 2, 3, 4, layers laminates with barrier
ColorVarieties of colors

# 6.4: Drink Spout Beverage Bags

This has been an active packaging material for liquid beverages.

It is outstanding for the absolute dispens-ability it gives during the process of drinking.

Drink spout beverage bags tops the list of the consumers favorite.

Its features include:

  • Easy Filling and Dispensing
  • Hard to Puncture Layers
  • Free from Leakage
  • Good Resistance Against Detrimental Factors
  • Easy Transportation
Technical information for Drink Spout Beverage Bags
Finish/AestheticsPolyethylene,  gloss, plastic (different types)
SizeCustomized or as specified
Thickness130 – 180 microns or as specified
MaterialDrink spout beverage bags are available in three layers. Each layer is designed to have a function needed for beverage longevity.
Process of PrintingGravure Printing, Matte or Custom

# 6.5: Aluminum Beverage Bags

Do you want to preserve your beverages for more than a decade?

Then you need a packaging material that is hard to puncture and impenetrable by the barriers.

  • Hard to Puncture
  • 100% Constraint for the Invasion of Barriers
  • No Leakage
  • Light in Weight and Easy to Transport
Technical information for Aluminum Beverage Bag
Finish/AestheticsGloss, Foil & Plastic  Spout
Process of fillingSupport both hot & cold fill
MaterialsAluminum Beverage Bags are available in 2, 3, 4, layers laminates with barrier

# 6.6:  Gusset Beverage Bags

Popularly known to be making waves due to its expandable nature, gusset beverage bags have set a standard that not many other beverage bags have met.

If the greatness of your product is a top priority to you, gusset beverage bags is your suitable option.

Its features include:

  • Expandable Sides
  • Standup option and firmness on the retail shelf
  • Economic Efficiency and Easy transportation
  • Flexibility, Adaptability to Cooling system
  • Magnificent seals through heat sealing
Technical information for Gusset Beverage Bag
Finish/AestheticsGloss, Rubber, plastic, metal,  Plastic  Closures
Process of fillingSupport both hot & cold fill
MaterialsGusset Beverage Bags are available in 2, 3, 4, layers laminates with the barrier-proof shield.
Process of PrintingCustom or Many colors to be picked from

# 6.7: Plastic Beverage Bags

The plastic beverage bags are a great application for liquid beverages like soft drinks and tea.

It comes in portable sizes that give the consumers ease in handling.

It serves a great economic purpose because it is reusable after the first use.

The features that make it worthy include:

  • Reusability
  • Portability and Easy Handling
  • Fast Chilled in the Refrigerator
  • Economic Efficiency
  • Closure Offers Prolonged Longevity even after Opening
  • User-Friendly
Technical information for Plastic Beverage Bags
Finish/AestheticsPolyethylene,  rubber, drawstrings material and plastic closure
SizeCustomized or as specified
Thickness130 – 200 microns or as specified
MaterialPlastic beverage bags are available in two layers.
Process of PrintingGravure Printing, Matte, paste through stickers or Custom
ColorMore than 10 colors

# 6.8: Cheer Pouches with Gusset on Both Sides

If you are a new brand and you want your product to call consumers attention on the retail shelf then you should immediately opt-in for cheer pouch with gusset on both sides.

It looks great on the retail shelf. Its features include:

  • Stability on the shelf
  • Longevity of product and resistance to barriers
  • Expandability
  • Spacious for Wide Volume of Product
  • Flexibility and Good Movability
  • Economic Efficiency and Space Utility
Technical information for Cheer Pouch with Two Gusset on the Sides
Finish/AestheticsPolyethylene,  rubber, zips, and plastic spout
SizeCustomized or as specified
Thickness130 – 180 microns or as specified
MaterialIt comes in three layers. The inner layer makes your beverage cool. The middle is for printing. The outer layers serves a good barrier resistance.
Process of PrintingGravure Printing, Matte or Custom
ColorVarieties of colors

You have been exposed to the trending beverage bags in the market.

You are well furnished for a good choice.

Scroll down and see answers to some questions that you may want to ask.

Beverage Bag FAQ

1. Do you have designers that can customize our product?
With more than 20years in the packaging manufacturing, we have a highly creative team of designers

2. What is the MOC you can supply when I place demand?
MOQ is averagely 20,000pcs. To many extents, your requirement determines this.

3. Do you examine the product thoroughly?
Our brand takes time to inspect the product to have met all criteria before releasing it.

4. Is there provision for samples for my own inspection?
Of course, there is. It gives us pleasure to provide samples you can critically assess to you.

5. Does your service include making designs and logo?
Yes, we do make designs and logo. But before we do so, we always require the designs and logo proposed by our clients/customers.

6. By what method can I have assessed to the samples?
Firstly, request for samples, then samples will be ready within 3-7 days to that time. Finally, it will be sent to you via express and reach your address 3-7days.

Scroll down. The next chapter contains what you necessarily need.

Tedpack Beverage Bags

Tedpack is leading beverage bags suppliers/manufacturers in the global world.

At Tedpack, the triumph of all our customers is our number one priority.

It is this that makes us require some information from you to give you great services.

All our beverage bags come in the outstanding features below

  • Durable Design
  • Reinforced Comfort Handle
  • BPA Free
  • Available in 1 and 1/2 Gallon
  • Integrated Pour Spout

That we may give you the best and appropriate services, you are required to provide the information below.

  • Tell us Your Product
  • Product Temperature at Filling Point
  • Targeted customers
  • Brand Details
  • Payment Method (We have ours already)
  • Quantity Demanded
  • Tell us Whether Long Term or Just Once Supply
  • Tell Us Your Address

A detailed provision to the above information makes us give you the best.

Partner with Tedpack and you will be marveled at how we honor relationships.


Having passed through chapters of insightful content, you have been well furnished to give rise to your product.

Surely, if all that is in this study guide is consistently put into use, you will have good reasons to testify for change and development in your company.

Remain triumphant!

Beverage Bag: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are beverage bags?

In simple terms, a beverage bag is a packaging material for beverages, including carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

Beverage bag

Beverage Bag

Beverage bags have proven to be a better alternative to other packaging options such as jugs and glass which are deemed less eco-friendly.

Beverage bags have proven to be a suitable method to package beverages over the years.

What are the benefits of using a beverage bag?

A beverage bag has several promising benefits to a manufacturer of beverages as well as any business into beverage packaging. Some of these benefits include:

  • Beverage bags help in effective space management 

Our beverage bags just like our other packaging materials at Tedpack provide for effective space management. 

The bags are manufactured in a way that makes them suitable for containing beverages that can effectively satisfy the needs of a single consumer, or a large number of consumers at once.

The beverage bags are resealable and this helps to maintain the content’s freshness after opening it for the first time.

  • Beverage bags are recyclable

We understand that manufacturers now try as much as possible to make use of materials that are recyclable.

This has, in turn, informed our activities at Tedpack as our beverage bags are made with PE materials which are recyclable.

  • Beverage bags aid brand promotion 

The beverage bags are color friendly and encourage brand promotion.

This is because we understand that one primary reason for using a packaging material is for advertisement purposes.

Beverage bags can be manufactured with unique designs and other custom-made features to make them stand out when placed on the shelf.

The logo of the company can also be engraved on the beverage bag and this also helps to raise awareness about the brand.

  • Beverage bags are lightweight 

Some packaging materials are made with heavy materials and are so rigid.

Most times, consumers prefer to buy products contained in lightweight and flexible packaging materials.

This is one other box that our beverage bags conveniently tick.

The beverage bags are made with materials which are not only lightweight but are also flexible. 

One of the benefits of our lightweight beverage bags is also the reduction in the total emission during transportation. 

Further, flexibility contributes to the reduction of shipping costs and the efficient utilization of storage facilities.

This serves as one of its benefits over other alternative beverage packaging material.

  • Beverage bags have topnotch fitment and closure features 

Beverage bags have incomparable fitment and closure features. 

The beverage bags are resistant to barriers such as light, moisture, dust, and rodent, among other barriers that tend to tamper with beverage content.

At Tedpack, our beverage bags have closures and these closures serve dual purposes. 

On one hand, the closures are specially designed to reduce the possibility of spillage of the bags’ contents during the transportation process. 

On the other hand, the closures are also designed to ensure that no contaminant can affect the content of the beverage bag.

  • Beverage bags aid easy filling and dispensing 

When beverage bags are used to package carbonated and noncarbonated beverages, one gets the assurance of easy filling and dispensing of its content. 

We manufacture different types of beverage bags with spout and that helps the consumer easily fill and pour out the content of the bag with little or no splashing. 

Are beverage bags recyclable?

We understand the diverse benefits of recycling and so all the beverage bags.

Yes, our beverage bags are made with materials that are recyclable. 

The beverage bags we manufacture are also reusable.

Are beverage bags eco-friendly?

A lot of customers have a growing interest in whether containers for the products they consume are environment-friendly or not.

 Several customers are becoming more cautious about product packaging and always indicate a preference for packaging materials that are eco-friendly. 

Customers now prefer quality pouches made of eco-friendly materials and would readily buy products packaged in pouches and not plastic cartons, glass and bottles which are considered to have a more detrimental effect on the environment.

This has informed our decision to make bags that are eco-friendly, and this includes our beverage bags. 

What materials are used to manufacture beverage bags?

Most of the materials used in manufacturing beverage bags are polyethylene. 

There are different densities applied to the polyethylene and that determines what kind of beverage bag it is. 

The different beverage bags based on the measure of density applied to include:

  • High-density polyethylene beverage bags 
  • Low-density polyethylene beverage bags 
  • Linear low-density polyethylene bags 


This is not to say that polyethylene bags are the only materials that can be used for manufacturing beverage bags. 

Other secondary materials such as aluminium foil can still be used for manufacturing beverage bags, particularly where the beverage manufacturers want bags with a more impenetrable outer layer.

The material used in the packaging of beverage bags is disposable, squeezable and flexible. 

These bags are also recyclable as earlier mentioned and this means minimal environmental damaging consequences. 

The major materials used in manufacturing beverage bags include:

  1. Aluminium foil (AL)
  2. Biaxal Oriented polypropylene
  3. Cast Polypropylene (CPP)
  4. Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)
  5. Ethylene-vinyl acetate
  6. Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC)
  7. Metalized polyethylene film (VMPET) 
  8. White Linear low-density polyethylene 
  9. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

What are the different types of beverage bags?

Some beverage bags have gained more popularity than the others because of their peculiar features.

The most popular and commonly used beverage bags are:

  1. Disposable beverage bags
  2. Shaped beverage bags 
  3. Drink spout beverage bags
  4. Aluminium beverage bags 
  5. Gusset beverage bags 
  6. Plastic beverage bags 
  7. Cheer pouches with gussets on both sides

What are disposable beverage bags?

Disposable beverage bags are those that can be easily disposed of by consumers while still remaining friendly to the environment.

Several consumers prefer beverage bags that are disposable and we take this into consideration when manufacturing our beverage bags.

These beverage bags asides being eco-friendly are easy to transport, handle and carry.

The bags are also efficient in storage management just like our other beverage bags. 

Disposable beverage bag

Disposable Beverage Bag

They can be manufactured in different colors as requested by our customers.

The bags come in three different layers and a combination of these layers provide good resistance to barriers such as moisture, rodents, and water. 

The printing options available for disposable beverage bags include Matte, Gravure printing and custom. 

What are shaped beverage bags?

A shaped beverage bag is suitable for customers who want their beverages packaged in a stylishly shaped bag. 

We have engineers who are good at designing different bags to suit the diverse needs of our customers. 

Shaped beverage bag

Shaped Beverage Bag

These bags will effectively serve the purpose of the beverage manufacturer which is having a product bagged in a noticeable packaging material on the retail shelf.

There are different features that combine to make the shaped bag a great choice. One of such is its barrier-resistant feature as it comes in not less than 2 layers. 

The shaped beverage bag just like our other beverage bags is made to protect its content against contaminants. 

The shaped bag is also suitable for advertisement because of its distinct design which comes with a retail advantage. 

Based on our customer’s preference, the beverage bag can be manufactured in different colors and with different printing methods including Matte, Gravure printing and custom. 

What are drink spout beverage bags?

Drink spout beverage bags are consumers’ favorite and its distinct features explain why. 

The drink spout beverage bags have hard to puncture layers, encourage easy filling and dispensing and are free from leakage. 

Drink spout beverage bag

 Drink spout beverage bag

Also, they offer quality resistance against contaminants as they come in three different layers.

Each of the layers has its own function necessary for beverage longevity. 

The different printing process for these bags include Gravure Printing, Matte or Custom. 

What are aluminium beverage bags?

The most distinctive feature of the aluminium beverage is its ability to withstand puncture and also remain impenetrable to contaminants. 

Aluminium beverage bag

Aluminium Beverage Bag

The aluminium beverage bag is also leakage free and lightweight which makes transportation easy.

The bags can be manufactured in different layers as demanded by our customers.

What are gusset beverage bags?

One distinctive feature of gusset beverage bags is that they are expandable and this makes it very outstanding.

Its expandable sides are not the only feature that makes the gusset beverage bag a suitable option.

The bags also come with a standup option and this makes them suitable for the retail shelf.

Gusset beverage bag

Gusset Beverage Bag

The gusset beverage bags are also flexible and can easily adapt to a cooling system.

Just like the other bags, they can be produced with different layers as required by the customer.

What are plastic beverage bags?

If you are a maker of liquid beverages such as soft drinks, then this may be the most suitable beverage bag to use in packaging your product. 

Plastic beverage bags are of different sizes and can be made in really small sizes to provide for easy handling. 

Just like most of our other beverage bags,  the plastic beverage bag is also reusable and this makes it economically efficient. 

Plastic beverage bag

Plastic beverage bag

The plastic beverage bag has a closure which helps to retain the freshness of content after opening for the first time.

The bags can be manufactured in different colors and different printing processes such as Matte can be used in the branding process. 

The plastic beverage bags are primarily available in two layers.

What are cheer pouches with two-sided gussets?

We understand the importance of product visibility and that is why we have the cheer pouches that have gussets on both sides.

It is suitable for new brands trying to break into the market. 

This packaging bag is expandable, stable on the shelf, flexible, economic efficient and also good for space management. 

This kind of beverage bag has three layers.

The inner layer helps to keep the beverage cool and the middle layer is for printing.

The outer layer provides good barrier resistance. 

The cheer pouches can be manufactured in different colors and the printing process also includes Gravure printing, Matte or Custom. 

Are there any additional features for the beverage bags?

There are different features and accessories that are available in the process of customizing our customers’ beverage pouches. 

The most common features and accessories include:

  1. Hang holes
  2. Tear notches
  3. Gas release valve 
  4. Pour spout

We also have different closure options available.

These include:

  1. Single and double tap
  2. Child resistance
  3.  Zipper closure 
  4. Inno-lok 
  5. Velcro hook 
  6. Loop zipper closure

How many color options are available?

Generally, we have machines capable of printing up to 10 colors and high resolution graphics. 

What printing options are available?

Beverage bags can be customized using different printing processes. 

The options available at Tedpack includes:

  1. Flexo Printing which is suitable for printing easy text and images.
  2. Gravure Printing which is suitable for printing of complicated text and images.
  3. Digital Printing which is also suitable for complicated text and images 

What are the things to consider in selecting a beverage bag?

When selecting a beverage bag, you have to put some factors into consideration. 

Doing this ensures that you do not make mistakes that may have a damaging effect on your business in the long run. 

  1. Consider the kind of beverage to be packed 

There are different types of beverages in different forms.

There are carbonated and non-carbonated beverages as well as liquid and powder beverages. 

These different beverages have their own qualities and this explains why some beverage bags are better suited for containing some beverages than the others. 

Thus, it is important to indicate whether your beverages come in liquid or powdered form.

It is therefore important to always mention the type and form of beverage your company manufactures. 

2. Consider your target market 

As a beverage manufacturer, you need to know your target market as this informs your choice of beverage bag. 

A beverage company that manufactures beverages for kids would probably want to go for shaped beverage bags just for its stylish design. 

In essence, the design you will eventually settle should largely put those who will consume the beverage to be packaged into consideration.

3. Ask for prototypes 

Before you make that large order, you should request for prototypes.

At Tedpack, we do not hesitate to send samples to our prospective customers.

This is to ensure that our customers have an idea of what to expect from the final result to be delivered to them. 

4. Consider the artwork for your beverage bag 

Before you make your order, endeavor to send a soft copy of your artwork or logo to us. 

If you do not have any artwork, do not hesitate to request for designs from our team at Tedpack stating your specific preferences. 

What products can be packaged in beverage bags?

As the name implies, beverage bags are used for packaging beverages. The top industries that make use of beverage bags include:

  1. Tea Industry

Beverage bags serve as barrier to contaminants such as oxygen and dust which may alter or tamper with the tea stored in it. 

This increases the lifespan of the content. 

It explains why it is a favourite among manufacturers in the tea industry. 

  1. Milk Industry

No customer wants to buy milk that has been tampered with or exposed to any type of contaminants such as air, water or dust.

There is no better packaging material that helps to protect the milk from such contaminants as the beverage bag.

So if you are a manufacturer of sweet tea or cold brew coffee, the beverage bag should be your go-to packaging option.

  1. Juice Industry

The beverage bags are also suitable for businesses in the juice industry as it contributes to the longevity of the juice.

Can I print on beverage bags?

Just like our other products at Tedpack, our beverage bags are made with materials that can be printed on. 

This is to foster our customer’s branding and labeling needs. 

Tedpack is experienced in artwork and designs of all packaging bags and pouches, including beverage bags. 

Are the beverage bags FDA approved?

Tedpack produces only beverage bags that are FDA approved.

This means the bags are safe for packaging edible products. 

Further, because these bags are FDA approved, consumers get more assurance that the beverages contained in the bags retain their freshness as well as quality. 

Do Beverage Bags Expire?

Beverage Bags are produced with materials that do not expire.

However, the beverage content can expire and this invariably makes it unfit for consumption. 

 Our beverage content can offer protection to content against all forms of contaminant for as long as ten years. 

Are samples of beverage bags available?

Yes, Tedpack can send samples to the customer’s location upon request. 

How long does the manufacturing process take?

Tedpack has a detailed manufacturing and designing process which includes the following:

  • Contact the sales personnel to indicate your order. The sales personnel will inform you of the applicable prices.
  • Indicate your specific designs and other requirements
  • The design team is saddled with the responsibility of coming up with a soft copy as well as samples based on the information you provided. Copies will be forwarded to you
  • Upon obtaining your approval, the manufacturing or design activities begins
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