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Beef jerky sticks, bars, marinade packaging pouch. Can be made in flat pouch, zipper pouch, stand up pouch, block bottom pouch, start from 10000pcs for a start, delivery within 3 weeks.

Beef Jerky BagDurable & Moisture, Oxygen Proof | Custom Print

Beef jerky bags are very common use in the USA, the world’s biggest beef jerky market.

Beef jerky bags are made with high barrier material and with special treatment on the material to get enhanced barrier property to make the minimum OTV(oxygen) and MVTR(Moisture) for perfect natural wood smoked jerky.

The normal beef jerky bags are made with 3-side seal pouch, can be adding with or without a zipper, adding tearing on the pouch side for handy eating. Some large volume beef jerky bags are made with stand up pouches can be with a window to see the products through.

  • MOQ start from 10000 pcs for a start delivery within 2-3 weeks;
  • BPA free and FDA, USDA approved;
  • Can be added with window, zipper, hanger hole options;

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size70*100mm(Min)  320*450mm(Max)
MaterialPET+AL/PETAL/Kraft Paper+LLDPE
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Window
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

The use of ordinary foil or plastic bags is not ideal for the packaging of jerky products. Mainly because mold and bacteria grow rapidly in meat products thus the use of ordinary bags is a sure way of making sure your product goes bad and ultimately becoming harmful to the consumer.

This is where a Beef Jerky Bag comes in handy. So, what do you need to look for in a Beef Jerky Bag? The pouch should help in reducing oxygen that goes inside the packaging thus keeping the product safe and hygienic.

The packaging product needs to prevent fungi as well as the evaporation of unstable components. Also, a Beef Jerky Bag should be designed in a way that prevents atmospheric oxygen from penetrating the product thereby stopping the growth of aerobic bacteria.

At TedPack, we manufacture Beef Jerky Bages that meet this requirement. Beef Jerky Bages use oxygen absorbers that prevent the growth of microorganism that cause the jerky unfit for human consumption.

This is achieved by keeping the oxygen levels close to zero. For those aerobic bacteria that need oxygen to thrive, an atmosphere devoid of zero is a place they cannot survive. Low oxygen levels are essential in preventing the beef jerky from rotting plus the added advantage of fresher beef jerky. Ultimately, the pouch helps in prolonging the shelf life of the product.

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aluminum foil zipper lock Beef Jerky Bag

Aluminum foil zipper-lock beef jerky bag derives its name from the materials used to construct it. The pouch is made of high-quality laminated films, where aluminum is the primary material to ensure the products remain fresh for an extended period. This makes the bags ideal for packaging of beef. The bags are fitted with zipper lock at the top for easy access to the product and also reclose the pouch after every use. Lastly, the bags are heat sealed to prevent any leakage.

Beef Jerky Bag

Beef jerky bags are BPA free and FDA certified food grade pouches with zipper lock. They are ideal for packaging highly perishable goods like beef jerky. This is because they are made of high-quality laminated films for freshness preservation services. Laminated materials such as PET, AL, PET, LLDPE, PE, and NY are used to ensure the packaged product is not affected by external environmental barriers such as oxygen, moisture, and UV light. Lastly, the pouches are available and printable in various sizes, colors, and shapes.

beef jerky packaging bags

Beef jerky packaging bags are created from BPA free, phthalate, and FDA approved materials. This means that the bags won’t cause health issues to human beings consuming the beef jerky packaged in them. Since beef is highly perishable, the bags are made of high-quality laminated films like PET/AL/RCPP/OPP/CPP, PET/AL/NY/RCPP, PET/AL/NY/LDPE, or PET/AL/LDPE. The materials play a vital role in extending the shelf-life of the product. Lastly, the pouches are fitted with other add-ons such as transparent windows, and zipper locks.

beef jerky yellow bag

As the name suggests, these bags surface is entirely yellow to grab the attention of the client. Beef jerky yellow bags are created from various laminated materials such as NY/PE and PET/AL/LDPE. This means that the packaged material will stay fresh for long. These BPA free, FDA certified, and non-toxic films have an easy to grip quality that allows you to hold the pouch without slipping. The bags are available in different designs and shapes. Lastly, the bags are fitted with various add-ons like round corners, clear windows, tear notches, and zipper lock.

black Beef Jerky Bag

The black beef jerky bag offers a convenient and easy packaging solution for beef. They are tailored to fit in the hands of a client. Also, these bags are ideal for packaging of highly perishable goods such as beef since they are made of quality laminated materials such as PET/AL/NY. They are designed with a high gloss back finish that creates a significant barrier property to preserve the packaged product for long. With these bags, we guarantee you that your beef will get protected from oxygen, vapor, moisture, UV light, and odor. They are fitted with reclosable zippers, tear notches, and transparent windows.

black stand up Beef Jerky Bag

These sleek bags are created using optimum quality laminated materials that are black. They are best used for the packing of beef since they are BPA free and FDA approved. The bag is liked by many due to its self-standing ability that increases the pouch visibility while on shelves.  Additionally, the bag materials offer the best barrier protection to your packaged product against moisture, UV light, odor, and oxygen, which are fatal for beef freshness. These black jerky bags are available in various sizes and custom printed to fit your packaging needs. They come with extra add-ons such as tear notch, clear window, and reclosable zippers for convenience reasons.

black zipper lock Beef Jerky Bag

Black zipper lock beef jerky bag are black finished to improve the durability, visibility, and protect the packaged beef from UV and oxygen. They are created with high-quality laminated materials to extend the product shelf life by offering excellent barrier protection. Additionally, the pouches are fitted with zip locks that provide convenience and maintains the freshness of the beef between various usage intervals. Lastly, they come with a strong bottom that helps them stand upright.

clear Beef Jerky Bag

Clear beef jerky bags are constructed with transparent materials to give the clients a preview of the products without opening it. The improved clarity laminated films stand unique in shelves, offers better barrier, and maintains the freshness of the beef. Note that the laminated materials are non-toxic, FDA approved, and BPA free. The layered design is what offers barrier protection against oxygen, moisture, and odor. Lastly, they are fitted with reclosable zippers to make sure the bags are user convenient.

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Beef Jerky Bag: A FAQ For Curious Companies

1. How large can a beef jerky bag be?

A beef jerky bag can come in many sizes.

A smaller two or three-ounce bag is ideal for snacking purposes.

A 10 to 16-ounce bag is for long-term use or storage.

Either type of bag will need a zipper to protect the inside features.

beef jerky bag

2. Some forms of beef jerky might produce moisture. What can be done to keep the moisture from being a threat inside the beef jerky bag?

A desiccant bag will appear on the inside of the beef jerky bag.

The bag features silica gel and other molecular compounds.

A firm paper wrapping should appear on the outside of the bag.

The bag will gather moisture on the inside, thus preventing the beef jerky from spoiling.

The desiccant will also remove any loose oxygen that may still be inside the bag.

The desiccant material will come from someone other than the company that makes the beef jerky bag.

The desiccant packet should go in at the same time as the rest of the jerky.

dessicant bags for beef jerky

3. What types of beef can go inside a beef jerky bag?

Beef jerky bags can support many forms of jerky.

Among the most popular types of beef you can get in one of these bags include:

  • Traditional beef
  • Low-sugar
  • Teriyaki
  • Smoked barbecue
  • Gluten-free
  • Low-carb
  • Low-carb

4. Can a beef jerky bag be used for meats other than beef?

You can also use a beef jerky bag for storing such meats as:

  • Chicken
  • Buffalo
  • Alligator
  • Turkey
  • Pork; this is also known as bacon jerky
  • Fish, although this jerky should be vacuum-sealed due to its moisture

5. How can a nitrogen gas flush work when getting a beef jerky bag secure for storage purposes?

The nitrogen gas flush process entails nitrogen going back into the bag after moisture is removed.

Nitrogen ensures that air can move through without lots of oxygen flowing.

The bag does not have to be vacuumed in the process.

A large machine would be required for the effort.

You would have to go to a separate site to get the nitrogen gas flush process working.

gas flush for beef jerky

6. A resealable zipper can work on a beef jerky bag. How would the zipper be arranged?

The zipper will go on the top part and will be surrounded by added bag fabric on both sides.

The zipper should have enough connecting features to create a firm seal.

7. Can a resealable beef jerky bag be recycled?

You can recycle a beef jerky bag.

Check on the recycling label on the bag for details.

8. How can a window design on a beef jerky bag work?

The window features an open film that goes over the bag.

The film allows for the customer to look inside the bag.

The person can see the jerky and its texture and how well it is cut.

The window shows the desiccant packet on the inside is sturdy and has not leaked.

9. How does the vacuum sealing process work when getting a beef jerky bag ready?

A vacuum seal is ideal for beef jerky, as it preserves the life of the jerky.

The seal is particularly ideal for fish-based jerky products.

A few points will work here:

  • The seal requires a bag that will wrap itself over the jerky.
  • The bag needs to include firm seals on three of its sides, while the fourth is where the jerky enters.
  • A vacuum will link to the open end of the bag.
  • The vacuum suctions out the air from inside the bag.
  • A heat seal is then applied to the end to close off the body.
  • There should be enough fabric on all the ends to allow the bag to be opened and then resealed again if necessary.

The process not only keeps the jerky fresh, but it also prevents you from having to add a separate desiccant packet.

vacuumed beef jerky

10. How long can the beef jerky inside a beef jerky bag stay fresh for after you open the bag?

Although beef jerky is dry, it could still spoil.

The traces of fats or moisture can cause the jerky to age.

The jerky can last for about one to two years after it is ready.

The beef jerky will not be dangerous if expired, but it can produce an unusual texture and may smell rough.

11. Can a beef jerky bag take in spices well enough?

Spices are often added to beef jerky to produce a textured flavor.

The spices should stick on the jerky well enough.

In some cases, the spices might smear on the insides of the beef jerky bag.

The smearing will not influence the quality of the jerky or the bag.

The spices will remain and will still be easy to notice when the customer tastes the jerky.

12. A tear notch may appear on the side of a beef jerky bag. How should the notch be designed?

The notch will feature a small indentation.

The design allows the user to tear the bag open from the top.

The tear notch must appear above the zipper.

The layout should also be facilitated to where a clean trim.

The key is to ensure the bag is easy to open without the user resorting to scissors.

beef jerky bag with tear notch

13. What is the hang hole on the top part of a beef jerky bag?

The hang hole allows the bag to be displayed on a peg in a retail store.

The bag will hang well enough to where the customer can easily see the bag on display.

14. Can the beef jerky bag keep the desiccant pouch that fits inside the bag from leaking?

The bag will feature a firm seal to ensure the desiccant will not leak.

15. What should be done if the desiccant pouch breaks apart and starts leaking all over the contents of the beef jerky bag?

You should discard the beef jerky bag at this point.

The desiccant may negatively influence the quality of the beef jerky.

Although the desiccant is not overly dangerous to the body, it can cause extreme discomfort if consumed.

16. Will the physical body of the beef jerky bag possibly influence the flavor of the beef jerky? This includes cases where seasonings might come off.

The beef jerky bag will come with a firm plastic or kraft paper material.

PET or LDPE materials may appear in the bag’s body.

The design ensures the jerky will retain its flavors without possibly wearing out.

17. What is cast polypropylene on a beef jerky bag?

Cast polypropylene or CPP is a laminated plastic material.

CPP is elastic and will not produce wrinkles.

The compound can also handle intense heat situations.

The CPP body will ensure the beef jerky does not become overly hot.

18. How well can kraft paper function when using it to produce a beef jerky bag?

Kraft paper features a stronger body than traditional paper materials.

The strength comes from the removal of lignin inside the bag during the processing effort.

The paper body will not tear, nor will it become damp.

kraft paper beef jerky bag

19. Can you freeze a beef jerky bag?

You can freeze a beef jerky bag for about six to twelve months.

Freezing a beef jerky bag ensures the contents will last longer.

The content is not likely to spoil as fast.

20. Can you also add your beef jerky bag to a refrigerator?

A beef jerky bag can also be refrigerated.

The jerky can last for about one to two weeks.

21. Can you store a variety of types of beef jerky in the same beef jerky bag?

It is best to store only one kind of jerky into the same bag.

Adding various types in one bag will cause the flavors to blend.

The result entails an unappealing mass that might be difficult to enjoy.

22. Can beef sticks be added in a beef jerky bag?

You can pack beef sticks, but you’d have to use a vacuuming process to keep them sealed.

Beef sticks do not require any desiccant packets.

beef jerky stick bag

23. How much text can appear on the body of your beef jerky bag?

The text on the bag should include the following:

  • The ingredients of your product
  • The size of the bag
  • How the meats were sourced
  • Any distinct processes in the production of the beef jerky
  • Whether any outside compounds were used when getting the jerky ready

24. How thick should the body of your beef jerky bag be?

The beef jerky bag should be at least 100 microns thick.

The bag should also be thicker if it is larger.

100 microns is equal to about 1 millimeter.

25. Are beef jerky bags waterproof?

A beef jerky bag will feature a waterproof body provided that the seal or zipper is intact.

26. How long can the beef jerky last in your beef jerky bag before the jerky could expire?

The beef jerky does not necessarily expire even though there is a “use by” date.

Rather, the jerky can become hard and may lose its flavor if not used soon enough.

27. Can you heat a beef jerky bag?

It is best to remove the beef jerky from the bag before heating it.

28. Can a beef jerky bag be reused after you clear out all the jerky on the inside?

It may be difficult for the jerky bag to be used after you remove the jerky.

The natural oils and fats leftover from the beef jerky can cause the inside to become greasy.

The best tip is to dispose of the bag accordingly after its use.

In the recent past, Beef Jerky Snacks have gone mainstream. Flashing back a little; Beef jerky was just a mere food consumed by bikers, backpackers, hikers and mostly those on the go.

Today, beef jerky is a considered one outstanding source of protein for people behind an office desk, behind the wheel or those on the run.

Owing to the fact Beef jerky is one healthy wise/nutritious snack; that calls for convenient and quality beef jerky bags.

When we talk of food packaging bags; there are three things that you need to put on the check; these are;

  • Product protection
  • Pouch convenience and
  • Product marketing (branding).

Allow us to take you through the following chapter that will enlighten you on what Beef jerky bags entails.

Chapter 1: Definition of Beef Jerky Bags?

From all corners of this world, meat is among the widely consumed food type as well as consumed in many different ways based on area cultural settings and religions.

Some serve meat while it’s fried, boiled, with soap, with rice and many other ways.

Such is what brings us to a conclusion; meat is not only a portion of healthy food but also a delicious one.

Beef jerky being our point of concern today is just a sliced and dried meat type. Mostly, beef jerky is sourced from muscle parts and consumed as a snack that is highly rich in protein.

At TedPack, we are an a-all-way rounded company that can manufacture both custom printed and plain non-printed bags according to your beef jerky packaging requirements.

Since we know you cannot afford to send your beef jerky products into the market while in low-quality packaging bags, we offer you quality beef jerky bags that are made of multiple layers for barrier property reasons.

These multiple layers are laminated together to ensure a strong, durable but flexible film that can protect your products from external hazardous effects such as oxygen, water vapor, odor, UV light and contaminants.

Apart from protective measures, our pouches come with special add-on features intended to make your pouch usage easy, reliable and convenient.

Some of these add-ons are tear notches, hang holes and many others to be discussed later in this article.

The Beef Jerky Bag is designed to absorb oxygen through porous pouches filled with sodium chloride, iron salts, and activated charcoal.

The pouch allows air to move in and out. Iron salt reacts chemically with the oxygen inside to make the iron oxide. Activated charcoal and sodium chloride both reacts with the oxygen.

This chemical reaction with oxygen in the pouch makes sure the oxygen is absorbed, thus your jerky is kept safe and dry. Salts that are produced through chemical reactions are kept safely inside the pouch and in no way react with the beef jerky.

At TedPack, we put all this into mind when manufacturing the Beef Jerky Bag and always ensure that they meet these requirements.

Also, TedPack Beef Jerky Bages are produced using several layers of the barrier film that are laminated together. The reason we do this is to add protection for your beef jerky.

Any supplier won’t want their product to be poorly packaged thus leading to spoilage which in turn makes them lose customers. So with this feature, you can be assured of quality packaging for your beef jerky needs.

Beef Jerky Bag

Furthermore, at TedPack, we offer beef jerky bags that come with a special hang hole that can be hung in the stores. The hang hole feature allows you to hang your product from peg boards for different quantities.

The flat pouch is easy to use, heat sealable, and honestly convenient for your packaging needs. The packaging comes in various sizes and formats for you to choose from.

TedPack also offers the stand-up pouch that complies with large quantities of beef jerky products. A multi-layer of lamination including metalized polyester is used to produce the stand-up pouch. These pouches have a high barrier thus making them suitable for niche or specialty markets such as jerky.

They are great for beef jerky with the introduction of a zipper and a tear notch for re-closure. The table below further illustrates the specifications two packages that are used as a Beef Jerky Bag. You can have a look and see what packaging better suits your needs.

Chapter 2: Why are Flexible Bags Best for Beef Jerky Packaging and Marketing?

Being a product manufacturer, packager or retailer, there is a lot that you stand to benefit both on product marketing and preservation if you decide to use flexible beef jerky bags.

Below are some of the main ideas and reasons why you need to shift your attention from traditional boxes, plastics and glass containers to beef jerky packaging bags.

  • The laminated film structures used in pouch manufacturing do ensure your beef jerky slices are protected up to the “Best by” date.

In conjunction with the laminated film for protection reasons, we offer vacuum sealing.

Additionally, nitrogen gas flush system is available for you where we use it to flush out oxygen gas that can quicken your beef jerky spoilage.

Lastly, you can opt to have oxygen absorbers to avoid bacteria growth which needs oxygen to survive.

  • Secondly, our bags are FDA approved. We manufacture food grade packaging bags whether you need flat or stand up packaging pouches.

One thing you have to understand is; the FDA approval means that the materials used are not reactive at any point even when in contact with your packaged product.

In connection to that, the materials are BPA free, cannot get corroded and lastly will not release any chemical that can affect the end beef jerky consumer.

  • Since every product producer has the intention to remain relevant and shake of market competition, at TedPack, we have several ways to help you achieve your goal.

Whether you need flat barrier bags or stand up pouches, our pouch manufacturing style for marketing reasons starting with custom printing will serve you right.

We offer custom printing on any pouch size. We can make imprints of your promotional messages, graphically designed images, nutritional info or any printing type you need done.

Additionally, we know beef jerky bags, and labels go hand in hand. For that reason, we make the application of all product label types, promotional and company stickers.

  • To conform to state rules and owe those customers who are deeply immersed in environmental and social responsibilities, we manufacture environmental friendly bags.

All our bags can get recycled.

  • These bags are cost effective. Although they are made of multiple layers which get laminated together, they are still flexible and use up to 15% less raw material compared to what is needed for boxes, plastics and glass containers manufacturing.

On the same material issue, we manufacturers experience less material waste when manufacturing beef jerky bags something that contributes also to their cheap cost.

Lastly; the point on fewer material spills of to less weight per bag. This lightweight factor thus contributes to reduced transportation cost due to less weight and reduced cargo space.

Chapter 3: How do experts use jerky Bags?

In the present day product marketing arena, every company is investing time, money, and skills to come up with exceptional food packaging ideas that will reflect the quality and perfection of their product.

Because every company is embracing, flexible packaging, you must go an extra mile in ensuring your bags are durable, environmentally friendly, FDA approved, lightweight and easy to use.

But, getting all those necessities on board at a go is not easy; you need an expert mind in play.

This is the reason you need to understand the following hints in how expert beef jerky producers are using flexible packaging bags.

1. Vacuum Sealed Pouches

Two main things make beef jerky one perfect snack. These are savory flavor and unique taste.

If you are to package your beef jerky and help it make through the shelf span all the way to a consumer’s hand in the same quality state; then oxygen, moisture and contaminants infiltration must be kept out of the bracket.

Oxygen and moisture can cause havoc and faster spoilage to your beef jerky taste, flavor, and texture.

But, you can keep your beef product safe and fresh for an extended shelf time using Vacuum sealed beef jerky bags.

Experts in beef packaging will tell you vacuum pouch sealing can do you much favor.  If you need pouches that can get vacuum sealed contact us.

2. Add-on Features

Add-ons are essential if you are looking to get your jerky bags noticed easily.

These features are made available to make retailers job easy and also that of end product consumers as they go about enjoying their sweet loved snack; Beef jerky.

Below are some of these features:

a. Hang Holes

Hang holes are used to encourage customers impulse purchase.

For example, when a customer is in a hurry, may be looking for one time grab a jerky packet and be on the go, it’s no brainer that a hanged packet will be easily visible.

Thus, if the bag is of good quality, both in material and graphic designing, there will be no reason for him or her returning that pouch on the shelf.

You need hang holes to improve your product visibility along the shelves and on the counter.

b. Tear Notch

Tear notches are pre-cuts on the pouch sides that are used to entice a customer to initiate a tear.

Take for example you are targeting bikers, drivers or hikers. These are people who need a bag that is easy to tear.

With a tear notch, your customers will enjoy smooth and ultra –straight tears.

c. Clear windows

Depending on your beef jerky packaging requirement, you can decide to have either opaque bags or have clear/transparent windows inserted on your bags.

These help the customers to see through that window thus gaining confidence in the product they are buying.

d. Resealable Ziplocs

When using either flat barrier beef jerky bags or side gusset pouch bags like stand up pouches, note that all can get with zippers.

Zippers make it possible for any customer to reseal these pouches once he or she has had enough at that particular time.

Additionally, for those who would love to buy beef jerky packaged in bigger pouches, then you do not have to worry about your products getting contaminated.

Zippers will help you keep off external environmental hazards such as oxygen, moisture, dust, contaminants and lastly avoid pouring.

Chapter 4: Major Flexible Bag Types used for Beef Jerky Packaging?

Beef jerky bag  choice depends on several factors.

Your marketing strategy, packaging style, targeted audience and Brand creation are some of the main factors that can help you decide on which type to order.

At TedPack, we manufacture pouches according to our customer’s beef jerky packaging requirements.

Below are some of the notable beef jerky bags that we make.

4.1: Flat Beef Jerky Pouches

These are the most economical and efficient packaging pouches.

They are flexible bags with no side gussets or side folds.

Depending on your packaging style, you can decide to weld them on the sides or seal the bottom part but leave the top part open.

Within the flat pouches category, there are four other subtypes namely Vacuum pouches, Pillow bags, four side seal bags, and three side seal pouches.

Within the beef jerky pouches category; flat jerky bags type are the most common.

They can get customized into a shape, size, material and sealing style just to fit your packaging need.

We manufacture them using multiple laminated films for barrier reasons.

For convenient reasons, we can fit different features such as hang holes to allow retailers hung them for visibility reasons and tear notches for an easy tearing option.

Heat sealing is also another option for you.

4.2: Natural Kraft Beef Jerky Stand up pouches

For customer convenience reasons, we do have Kraft made beef jerky pouches.

We do laminate Kraft paper with other materials like LLDPE, BOPP and others to ensure your packaged product remains safe for an extended shelf time.

Additionally, most of our Kraft paper pouches are of stand-up style for product visibility. The self-standing ability makes these pouches visible on any shelf.

We as well add other features such as tear notches, zippers, transparent windows, and many other essential add-ons.

4.3: Clear Beef Jerky Stand-Up Pouches

If you have an intention of making your packaged product a noble selling brand, them clear stand up pouches can help you increase your beef jerky sales.

Clear pouches offer a see-through option where customers can see the meat products packaged.

Before buying, your customers will thus have gained confidence in the product they are purchasing.

Meaning, the transparent structure does offer a large billboard for product visibility where you can have a label or some minor custom printing.

For consumer-friendly reasons, we can fit press-to-close (PTC), tear notches among others.

4.4: Metallized Beef Jerky Stand-Up Pouches

Metallized bags are also known as Mylar bags.

Although there are known to offer moderate barrier preservation qualities, they are better than poly bags.

We do laminate metalised polyester with other scientifically chosen material films to manufacture a film that is flexible, durable and cost-effective.

If you needed highly visible pouches, these metalized films would provide a shiny gloss film which is very visible.

Lastly, metallized beef jerky stand-up pouches are customer convenient with the added tear notch, transparent windows, and zippers features.

4.5: Resealable Beef Jerky Bags

The main feature about these pouches is the reclose ability.

Meaning, after the initial opening of these pouches, you stand a chance to reclose them.

Depending on your packaging need, you can decide to have a zipper that will fit your need.

We have press-to-close (PTC), slide zippers, and child-resistant bags which you can decide to have.

A PTC zipper

B  slide Ziploc

4.6: Custom Printed Beef Jerky Bags

In most cases, custom printed bags are used for product branding.

At TedPack, we understand that for your products to win a place in the current competitive beef jerky market, you need some good looking bags.

We have made an effort wise enough while putting your consideration in mind.

That is why we have three quality printing machines (rotogravure, flexo and digital) to help us provide quality graphics.

Additionally, we have in-house graphic designers who have 20 plus years of experience in this industry to help you come up with the best customized and custom printed beef jerky bag.

4.7 Big Beef Jerky Bags

Although many beef jerky customers love small bags, there are those who can decide to buy this product for their whole family.

Putting these people in mind as a manufacturer, then it comes to your attention that you need big beef jerky bags.

These are bags that can carry more than 16 oz and above.

Don’t you worry about the quality, we are aware of the heavy load factored in and we use the appropriate laminated structures.

These are durable, reliable and FDA approved packaging pouches.

Chapter 5: Beef Jerky FAQs

1. Am planning to start beef jerky packaging; do I need special packaging bags?
Yes. Every product has a unique packaging need. Thus we manufacture beef jerky packaging pouches using materials such as Kraft Paper, PVDC, EVOH, and many others.

2. Are plastics and foil made bags suitable for beef jerky packaging?
According to our professional understanding, there are high chances that mould and bacteria might grow when beef jerky get packaged in such ordinary bags.

3. What is your minimum order quantity for beef jerky bags?
Its 5000 pcs but you can contact us for further details.

4. Is it possible to have my order delivered to my country?
Yes. We work with China Freight Company for our shipping services. But, we are free to work with any shipping company of your choice.

5. Do you offer beef jerky bag samples?
Yes. We are free to do that, kindly confirm your location.

6. What sort of lead time do I prepare for after making my order?
Make plans for 3-4 weeks, but this depends on your order quantity and whether you need custom or plain non-printed bags.

Chapter 6: Material Choice

For excellent durability, puncture free, tear resistance strength and barrier property reasons, we use scientifically picked material.

We ensure we have picked some superior grade materials for every pouch manufacturing process.

We have proven it behold reasonable doubts that when we laminate the right film structures, all we get are positive comments from our customers.

Some of the materials we trust in beef jerky bags manufacturing are:

PE – Polyethylene
LLDPE – Linear low-density polyethene
BOPP – Biaxially-oriented polypropylene
CPP – Cast polypropylene
Kraft – Kraft paper
LDPE – Low-density polyethene
MET-PET – Metallized PET film
OPP – Oriented polypropylene
PP – Polypropylene
PETG- Poly (ethylene terephthalate)
PET – Poly (ethylene terephthalate)


If you make up your mind to order your bags from TedPack, be sure we will deliver nothing else but quality beef jerky pouches. We are a trusted, professional and reputable company ready to be part of your great journey to a one well-known beef jerky producer.

Contact us today and you will not get disappointed.

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