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Baby food pouch are mainly for children products that under age 8 year olds food packaging, like squeeze food, fruit puree, etc. MOQ start from 20000 pcs, delivery within 2 weeks.

Baby Food PouchChild Proof Cap | High Durable FDA Approved

Baby food pouches are small stand up pouches made in shape or ordinary stand up look, print with attractive and simple bright colors, add with a child proof spout on the top center of the pouch, and specially made with all pouch round corners to avoid cutting baby’s hand, great idea for baby food packaging.

Baby food pouches are normally in 3.5oz, 4oz, and 4.4 oz volume packaging. All other volumes are also customized here at TedPack. They are extremely popular now in Europe and USA market, and so did Asia now.

TedPack Baby food pouches are made with high-grade BPA-free and FDA-approved material to make sure 100% safe for babies. High barriers and leakage-proof material keep the food inside won’t get bad and not that simple to get dirty when using them.

  • MOQ from 20000pcs for a start-up baby food business;
  • All kinds of child-proof spouts, colors available, Gualapack Compatible;
  • Functional well for reusable and easy for baby’s eating habits;
  • Soft and safe to avoid hurting baby, with high barrier material;
  • BPA-free, USDA and FDA approved;
  • Delivery within 2-3 weeks and to USA land cost around $0.12-$0.15 each;

Welcome to send an inquiry to TedPack today! We will reply within 6 hours!

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50ml, 75ml, 125ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Window, Spout
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

Having a child is a blessing and it brings joy to the family. But having a baby also comes with new responsibilities. The main responsibility is to keep the child healthy by providing the baby with nutritious food whey they are able to eat solid food.

Baby food pouches are like a god to those parents that are always busy. The pouches contain pureed that are convenient to the baby.

According to pediatricians, food pouches are more essential because they’re quick and are a perfect combination of healthfulness. This is because the food pouches combine fruits, vegetables, and protein foods at a go making it nutritious.

When it comes to the production of these bags, TedPack has mastered the way of producing quality baby food pouches. The pouches we manufacture have exhibited a touch of the best designers to make the pouches appealing.

Your baby will constantly want to have a look at the pouch.

The main reason our baby food pouches have been loved is that we offer quality pouches that distinguish us from other suppliers. Our mission to our customers is to make flexible food pouches that are not only valuable but efficient with honesty.

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2 years old baby food pouches

All our 2 years old baby food pouches are FDA approved and BPA free. Most of these squeezable pouch types are fitted with spout plus caps that allow you to empty food for a 2-year old and reclose the pouch easily. Additionally, these pouches come with enough space for printing customization. This means we can print your company logo, product names, product user guide info, and product promotional messages. Lastly, these pouches are designed to package pureed food which suitable for a two-year-old.

8 years old baby food pouches

The 8 years old baby food pouches are gaining tremendous popularity because of their healthy and safe baby food packaging. These bags are made of food-grade materials which are BPA free, FDA, and ISO approved. Note; BPA is blamed for having detrimental health effects on kids. However, for robust, durable, and high barrier packaging, we use laminated films. They are fitted with spout and caps for easy emptying of the baby food and reclosing of the pouch after every use. Lastly, these bags can be custom made to meet you graphic designs need, color, sizes, promotional advertisement needs.

Baby puree pouch

Baby puree pouches are mostly matte-finished sprout bag. Since baby food packaging is a varied experience, these bags are available in different shapes, sizes, and matte finished colors. But, when placing an order, we allow you to specify your bag requirements. This guarantees that your bags will meet the marketing and storage needs. Also, laminated films such as PE, PET, PP, CPP, BOPP, LLDPE, and AL are used to make sure your baby food is not affected by UV rays, oxygen, odor, moisture or even pouch punctures. Lastly, custom printing is allowed, which can help you improve your bag presentation on the shelves.

apple juice baby pouches

Apple juice baby pouches are mostly designed to self-stand on the retail, kitchen, and counter shelves. Secondly, they are fitted with a blue sprout to grab kids’ attention and also to improve the product emptying capability. Additionally, these Food grade pouches are FDA approved and BPA free to ensure the health and safety of your kids. For freshness maintenance, they are made of high-quality laminated films like PE, PP, AL, BOPP, VMPET, PET, and many others that ensure high for barrier properties.

baby food pouch topper

Baby food pouch topper comes with attractive colors and a sprout that is attractive to kids due to the sucking ability. Secondly, they have excellent barrier protection against UV lights, moisture, odor, and oxygen. Such a feature I made possible by the laminated materials used in their manufacturing. Also, they have a self-standing ability, which makes them easily noticeable while on the shelves. Meaning, after making your custom branding, user guide, and promotional messages printing, these pouches will be easily seen. Lastly, the sprout increases the filling and pouring ability.

Baby Food Pouch

The baby food pouch is safe for packaging food products such as puree, smoothies, juices, and many others because they are BPA free. These bags are fitted with sprouts to facilitate their filling and emptying of the product. Babies can also suck the food via the spout. Moreover, these pouches offer enough space for printing that allows you to customize anything you want to be printed. This includes your brand logo, product details, user guide, or names. The exciting part is that these bags are BPA free and are made with laminated films which are FDA approved. Lastly, you can freeze and thaw these bags.

clear baby food pouches

Clear baby food pouches are ideal for packaging food products because they guarantee health safety from BPA and other material chemicals. These pouches are made of high-quality laminated material to keep of moisture, oxygen, contaminants, UV light, and odor, which can affect your baby food freshness. Also, these pouches are made of clear structure to give customers an option to preview the packaged product. Lastly, they come with sprout for easy product emptying process and reclosing after every use.

custom pinting baby food pouches

Most custom printed baby food pouches are self-standing, which makes them substitute alternatives from standard bottles and plastic containers. Their stand-up nature allows them to get arranged on shelves and fridge without worrying about them tipping over. Additionally, these bags can get custom printed to suit clients’ needs as well as his/her marketing/branding strategy. Custom printing touches on promotional messages, graphic designing, logos, company names, and product names. Lastly, they are fitted with spouts that enable easy emptying of the content.

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How do baby food pouches stay fresh?

When a Mummy buys baby food products on Amazon, the most common bad reviews you will see is compliant about baby food pouches leakage, or the puree inside already getting spoiled. Here at TedPack, how do we help out the baby food pouches meet the same situation for all brand owners?

  • Always use the best correct material structures, right spouts & caps for the baby food pouch, and focus on quality;
  • Make sure the pouch are with high barrier properties, especially focusing on Moisture and Oxygen barriers;
  • Follow ultra high-level production and QA requirements, enhance heat seal strength, and proceed with leakage test on finished pouches;
  • Check carefully of use conditions: Filling, Capping, Storage, Transportation; Care on customer’s baby food Shelflife Requirements;

Always towards a higher quality standard will bring baby safer food care.


Baby Food Pouches vs Jars

The market is still doubting if the plastic baby food pouches are really sustainable packaging, According to a recent study by Terra Cycle, choosing the same volume premade Baby Food Pouches instead of rigid plastic bottles or cans (or rigid inverted plastic squeeze bottles) results in up to below:

  • 62% less plastic (by weight).
  • 61% less fossil fuel consumption.
  • 59% less CO2 gas emissions.
  • 72% less water usage.
  • 49% less landfill waste.

So using a baby food pouch and proceeding with proper recycling will help the buyers identify your company is working on sustainable achievements.

How To Store Baby Food Pouches?


Baby Food Pouch: The Definitive FAQ Guide

1. What types of materials can a baby food pouch be made with?

You can find a baby food pouch made with one of these safe items:

  • PET plastic polymer film
  • Linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE compound
  • High-density polyethylene or HDPE
  • Aluminum foil

Plastic polymers work in the construction of baby food pouches.

Plastic materials are comfortable and easy to handle, although they should be safe for use

baby food pouch layout

2. How large or small can a baby food pouch be?

A baby food pouch can be from 50 to 500mL in size.

A smaller pouch is for younger children who do not need to eat as much.

3. What temperature should a baby food pouch be?

Keep the pouch at room temperature.

Heating or freezing the pouch could harm the contents inside the pouch.

The sudden change in temperature may also bother your child.

4. Is it safe to heat the contents of a baby food pouch?

Do not heat your baby food pouch.

The pouches are already heated in the manufacturing process to sterilize them, so reheating won’t do any good.

It is fine to remove the food from the pouch and to heat it, but you must be cautious that the temperature doesn’t bother your child.

5. A spout may appear on the top of some baby food pouch products. How would this work?

The spout is not something that a child would grasp one’s teeth into.

The spout will dispense the baby food out of the pouch.

baby food pouch spout

The pouch should feature a childproof design that ensures the baby will not open the spout on one’s own.

The spout is also made with plastic and can be recycled after use.

6. What types of foods can fit into a baby food pouch?

You can find a variety of foods in a baby food pouch, including:

  • Pureed fruits
  • Healthy juices
  • Mashed vegetables
  • Powdered milk
  • Oatmeal

organic baby food pouch

7. What is a PET film, and why is it regularly used on baby food pouches?

Polyethylene terephthalate or PET is a recyclable polyester compound.

The plastic material does not contain phthalates or other harmful compounds.

PET does well with resisting temperatures.

The flexible body of the PET also makes it a useful choice.

8. What are phthalates, and why are they dangerous to baby food pouches?

Phthalates are chemicals that are added to plastic materials to make them sturdy.

A phthalate can also be called a plasticizer.

Phthalates are more likely to be found in materials made with polyvinyl chloride.

Phthalates are known to harm the body’s reproductive system.

Quality baby food pouches should not contain phthalates, as they can be dangerous to a child’s reproductive growth.

9. Aluminum foil appears on some baby food pouches. Why is aluminum so useful?

Aluminum is a safe and recyclable metal that does not include dangerous runoff compounds.

Aluminum can protect the contents in your baby food pouch from moisture and oxygen.

The dense body of aluminum also prevents UV light from entering the pouch and harming the food.

10. How should the corners on a baby food pouch be designed?

Rounded corners are stronger recommended when getting a pouch ready.

Pointed corners could harm a baby who gets in touch with the pouch.

11. At what age would it be okay for you to give your baby food from a baby food pouch?

A baby under nine months of age will do fine with the foods in a baby food pouch.

The baby will need to move on to solid foods at this point.

After nine months, the baby should experience noticeable teething.

12. Is a baby food pouch safe for you to provide for your child?

The baby food pouch will be safely provided you use a few pointers:

  • Sit down when feeding the child, as it helps the baby pay attention to the food.
  • Avoid overfilling the spoon with more than what the baby can handle.
  • Always monitor your baby while feeding.

13. How are you going to provide food to your baby through a baby food pouch?

The spout on a baby food pouch will dispense the food.

You should dispense the food to a spoon.

The spoon can be used to feed the child, although you must ensure the spoon is smooth and safe for use.

The goal is to have the kid know how to feed oneself before reaching two years of age.

14. Can you dispense the food from a baby food pouch and then let the child handle it with a spoon?

Yes, but you need to be progressive in the approach.

A baby should learn how to grab and consume finger foods at nine to twelve months.

After a year, it would be fine to train your baby to handle a spoon on one’s own.

The key here is to support a pincer grasp on the spoon to keep from spilling.

You can also use a spoon attachment feature at the end of the baby food pouch.

One of these attachments would be secured to the open part of the pouch or its spout point.

Make sure the spoon feature is used accordingly and safely.

spoons for baby food pouches

15. Can the baby handle the food inside the baby food pouch on one’s own? This means the baby can grab the pouch itself and consume directly from it.

Although the body of your baby food pouch will be safe to use, it is best to feed your baby through a spoon.

The baby needs to learn how to consume foods through traditional materials, not just from a pouch.

The pouch is to work as the distribution point for the food, not the actual consumption point.

16. Can a baby food pouch be reused?

Many baby food pouches are reusable.

You can add new food, but you’ll need to ensure the old pouch is cleaned out.’

You can reuse a pouch by washing the inside by hand with warm soapy water and a bottle brush.

A pouch can also be cleaned off in a dishwasher by having it upside down on the top rack.

You’ll need to air dry the baby food pouch before you can fill it again.

Try to clean out the pouch as soon as the baby is done eating to prevent any old bits of food from being too hard.

reusable baby food pouch

17. How long can the food in a baby food pouch be used for after you open it?

Food in a baby food pouch can last for about a year after packaging.

Check the “use by” date on your pouch to see when the food needs to be consumed.

18. A Ziplock zipper design may go in the top part of a baby food pouch. How is this design childproof?

The Ziplock design produces multiple lines that link to each other.

A small lever will appear on the top to help you open and close the seal.

The connection creates a secure body that requires extra effort to open.

The lever should also have a body that requires you to press down on it to move the unit to open the bag.

19. How can a punch hole work on the top of a baby food pouch?

A punch hole appears on the top to present the pouch for display when on sale.

You can grab the pouch from the display in moments thanks to the hole.

20. Can a baby food pouch be recycled?

You can recycle PET plastics and other materials with similar compounds.

21. Is there is a risk that a baby food pouch could cause constipation or diarrhea in a child? Also, there is a chance that any existing cases of constipation or diarrhea could become worse?

The food that the baby consumes would be more of a factor in many cases of constipation or diarrhea.

These conditions can be triggered by lactose intolerance, a virus, or any significant changes in the baby’s diet.

Antibiotics may also be a factor.

A breastfeeding woman’s milk may transfer a foodborne illness or antibiotic to the baby through consumption.

In terms of existing cases, it would be best to provide your baby with enough water.

22. Some baby food pouches could come with spoons that are attached to their bodies. Are these spoons safe to use?

A small plastic spoon will be useful provided it has been wrapped up all the way.

The spoon must also feature a smooth body that will not bother the baby while in use.

23. Is a baby food pouch safe to bring on an airplane?

The United States Transportation Security Administration allows parents to bring as many baby food pouches as their children require.

The carryon rules surrounding liquids and gels do not apply to baby food.

You may be asked to have baby food bags screened at a TSA checkpoint.

The baby food will not be impacted or harmed during the review process.

24. What would happen if you fed your baby something inside a baby food pouch that might be too old?

The old food might be stale and may lose its flavor.

The nutritional value of the food may also be harmed.

Always check the use-by date on a baby food pouch before you try using it.

25. Is it safe to add a baby food pouch in a microwave?

Although a microwave will not hurt some baby food pouches, the hot temperatures of the food could bother the child.

Also, some pouches may contain aluminum features that should not be heated in a microwave.

Therefore, it is best to avoid microwaving the pouch.

Even if the pouch appears to be safe for microwave use, it helps not to heat it there.

26. Can a baby food pouch feature a standup body?

A standup body will feature a few flat edges on the bottom part.

The edges allow the pouch to stand on its body while on display.

This pouch style should not be handled children due to how it has pointed ends.

27. Some baby food pouches feature clear bodies. Are these bodies safe to use?

A clear window will be safe to have on a pouch.

clear baby food pouch

The window reveals what is inside the pouch and how much is left.

The design gives parents peace of mind over what they are finding.

28. Can a baby food pouch store breast milk?

You can use a pouch for this purpose, although it helps to find a pouch designed specifically with breast milk in mind.

Many bags that you can fill on your own can also work with breast milk.

For something like this, you would pump the breast milk and then move it from the original reservoir to the baby food pouch.

The pouch then needs to be sealed accordingly to ensure the milk will not leak or spoil.

Your baby should consume the milk as soon as possible, preferably within 24 to 48 hours after the food or milk is ready.

breast milk pouch for babies

29. How long can the food inside the baby food pouch last for after you initially open it?

The food should be consumed within 24 hours after opening for the best result.

The timing is to keep excess oxygen from hurting the food on the inside.

30. Sometimes a baby food pouch might be defective. What are the signs that the pouch needs to be discarded?

Sometimes a baby food pouch has to be thrown out due to the body not being perfect.

You should throw out your pouch if you notice any of these problems:

  • The pouch appears to be leaking.
  • The contents inside the pouch feel strangely firm.
  • There is a bit of bloating in the pouch, a sign of excess air.
  • You see discoloration inside the pouch. (This is for pouches with clear windows.)

Sometimes these are defects that may develop due to improper storage.

However, you might notice these problems on a store’s shelf, but that would be from improper handling on the store’s part.

31. What should be done if a baby food pouch has been recalled?

A baby food pouch recall may occur due to one of many factors:

  • Improper materials used in the construction of certain pouches
  • The food contents not being to the best standard
  • Concerns over allergens or other improper ingredients going into the food

Review any recall instructions that you might come across.

Check on the codes or numbers for the recall based on numbers like:

  • The size of the pouch
  • The date the food is to be used by
  • The specific UPC number on the package

Always throw out any foods that have been recalled.

You may get a refund by taking your original receipt to the place you bought the food from, although that policy varies by each store.

32. Is it fine to leave a baby food pouch open for a bit?

Avoid keeping the pouch open when not in use.

Excess oxygen can get in the pouch and spoil the food.

Bacteria may also grow on food that has been left out for too long.

These problems are more likely to occur in foods left out in room temperature.

Baby Food Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

In the current world market mood, customers have become so selective about what they buy. Moms or caregiver are not an exception either. Remember, caring for an infant or a toddler needs is a fulltime job also. For that reason, mothers have been forced to depend on buying packaged baby food and food supplement to satisfy their baby’s nutritional need.

Baby Food PouchThe need for well-packaged baby food and food supplement has thus given birth to the production of flexible baby food pouches and pouches. They are a replacement to the expense and traditionally used plastic containers and glass jars.

But, several reasons have stimulated the production of baby food pouches. Some of them are:

  • Change in baby food purchasing habits by mother (customers)
  • Additional investment and in-depth research on food packaging industry, and
  • The necessity of customer convenience

Flexible baby food pouches have thus emerged to be of great benefits to mothers as it will be explained in chapter 3. Several types of baby food pouches have been invented, and at TedPack, we are your best partners if you need such pouches. This Outline will take you through every detail you need to know regarding our baby food pouches.

Chapter 1: Definition of Baby Food Pouches

Baby food pouches from TedPack are made of laminated film structures. As you strive to provide and take care of your baby’s health, it is vital for you to ensure that their edible products remain as fresh as possible.

Baby Food PouchWhether you are to feed your child using some liquid, powder or fruits puree types of food, our flexible baby food pouches are the solution you need.

Our pouches manufacturing process combines innovative styles and functionality which makes sure the sanitary of your packaged food is maintained.

We are committed to offerings parent convenience and leak resistant baby food pouches.

If you compare our laminated baby food pouches with glass jars and plastic pouches, you will realize laminated pouches are easy to carry and not difficult to handle.

Also, our food pouches are safer than glass containers which are always at risk of shuttering an effect which produces some microscopic glass shards.

Additionally, TedPack manufactured baby food pouches are not bulky. They give mothers the freedom of carriage since they can get fitted in any diaper bag. Note: they are lightweight thus they require almost some negligible effort to carry.

Far from the convenience details, although much will b explained later, these pouches are loved due to their barrier qualities.

When it comes to infants, small children and toddlers formulated products, most parents are very keen. Thus, being a baby food packager or retailer, you must make sure your baby food products are well packaged if you need them to buy your products.

It makes no sense to produce quality baby food but then fails to package it well. Well-packaged baby food products are entitled to an extended shelf life which is free from air, pest, vapor, dirt/contamination and moisture which are factors that jeopardize baby food quality and freshness.

Baby Food PouchQuality made flexible baby food pouches from TedPack are useful due to their barrier properties. Such barrier properties keep off bacteria infiltration as well as avoiding harmful bacteria growth caused by external food contaminants.

Below is a picture of some types of baby food pouches manufactured by TedPack.

Every type of material which we use in manufacturing baby food bag is of food grade quality, FDA approved and BPA free. That means you do not have to worry; your child will be safe and sound.

If you are concerned about nutrient preservation, the multi-layer structure used in these pouches manufacturing ensures total nutrient protection, aroma, and taste preservation and lastly maintain packaged food freshness.

For the sake of baby food pouches reliability and convenience, there are several add-ons we can fit on your pouches. Much of this will be explained in chapter 4.

See what a mom say about baby food pouches:

Chapter 2: Uses of Baby Food Pouches

TedPack manufactured baby food pouches are flexible and versatile. You can use them in the packaging and storing of different types of baby foods.

Baby Food PouchRemember, it is your duty as a parent to ensure your child food is packaged in a perfect bag. Although your child might influence your bag choice by either accepting or stubbornly refusing the bag, you are the one to scan store aisles and select the right baby food pouches.

But before you get down into your choosing, there is a need to choose the type of food you need to package or buy.

On the side of baby food producers, whether you are planning to package some liquid/beverage food, fruits, snacks or vegetable purees, we are prepared to provide you with the type of pouch you need.

Baby food bag

In connection to that, your duty as a baby food producer is to ensure your processed product gets packaged in quality pouches.

Your pouches must attract and entice your customer; both retailers and end product user who are parents and children.

Our pouches are durable and flexible enough. With your instructions, we manufacture something that will serve your intended purpose.

Do not get worried over moisture, odor, oxygen, pest, food contamination or leakage/spillage; the types of materials we used are designed to serve the expected purpose.

Some of the packaged baby food products are:

  • Dried fruits
  • Snacks, e.g. potato chips
  • Freshly squeezed fruit juices
  • Blended fruit juices
  • Sauces and honey liquids
  • Fruits and vegetable juicesBaby Food Pouch

Below is a table showing different baby food types and their probable packaging pouches

Food TypeFood Bag
Dried fruits, Snacks, e.g. potato chipsStand Up Pouches – with or without Zipper, Custom Printed Baby Food pouches, Flat Bottom Baby Food Pouches, Retort Baby Food pouches
Freshly squeezed fruit juices,  Blended fruit juicesSpout Stand Up Pouches, stand up pouch with applied Handle and Face Tap,  Retort Baby Food pouches, Flat Baby Food pouches
Sauces and honey liquidsRetort Baby Food pouches, Spout Stand Up Pouches
Fruits and vegetable juicesSpout Stand Up Pouches, Retort Baby Food pouches

Chapter 3: Benefits of Baby Food Pouches

As a parent, one thing remains constant, and that is a caring heart towards your child. But is there any care that surpasses provision of quality, safe, fresh and nutritious food?

In connection with that, you need quality baby food pouches to help you package your toddler, child or infant food.

At TedPack, we boost one thing, manufacturing of pouches and pouches according to customer’s instructions and needs.

But, below are some of the benefits you are to accrue after using our manufactured baby food pouches.

#3.1 Baby Food Protection

As noted above, there is nothing that a mother values most than the care for her child. To heed to mothers need which is also a market need, we help in taking care of your child through ensuring you get quality baby food pouches.

Baby Food PouchThe multi-layered structures we use in pouches manufacturing are meant to provide material barriers which can protect your food from moisture, vapor, air, bacteria, pest or contamination.

The film structure formed out of the multiple layers makes these pouches resistant to puncture.

The bag structure formed is thus robust, sturdy and can bear some rough handling. This is one vital characteristic that makes these baby foods pouches ideal to be used by kids who can sometimes get rough.

Lastly, these structures are strong enough to contain shelf life, transportation environment and prevent food spoilage which results from poor bag quality.

#3.2 Zippers and Spouts

When packaging or buying baby food products, one of the main concern you should press on is getting pouches which are re-sealable or reclosable.

Baby Food PouchIn connection to such a need, the type of pouches to consider must have zippers and spouts. These add-on features make it possible for you to re-seal your baby food bag after use.

Remember, even though the quantity of the baby food will be little, there is no guarantee your baby will eat or drink the whole packaged product at a go.

That is why you need Zippers and Spouts to ensure an airtight sealing and resealing. By so doing, your packaged product will be isolated or free from external conditions and contaminants.

Additionally, by tightening spout caps and zipper, your products will be exempted from any spillage, leakage or contamination.

Lastly, these zippers and spouts do save your sealing and re-sealing time. Is that not the convenience you need?

#3.3 FDA Approved

You ought to trust us in the production of quality and safe baby food pouches.

Baby Food PouchWe use FDA approved materials which are harmless to your children. We understand most parents fear for the health of their children, and that is why we always attach our FDA certificates when sending our orders.

Our pouches and pouches are of food grade standards meaning they do not emit any toxin or harmful substance that can affect neither your child nor the packaged food quality.

#3.4 Highly Portable

Baby Food PouchIf you compare our TedPack manufactured baby food pouches and pouches with glass and plastic baby food container, you will realize TedPack produced pouches are less rigid and pliable.

For that reason, they can be arranged effectively on any pantry and any mother diaper bag.

Such means every mother will have an easy time carrying these pouches around. The pliability of TedPack manufactured pouches makes them portable and easy to package in diaper pouches.

#3.5 Excellent Product Branding

Are you a baby food packager who needs to improve their product visibility?

Baby Food PouchAt TedPack we understand the essence of product branding. We have an in-house graphic designing department made of experts who have been in the pouches and pouch industry for more than 20 years.

All they need is the graphic designs you need, and they will get it done.

We are prepared to use quality water-based types of ink in our printing process, something that will provide your anticipated branding designs without jeopardizing your packaged baby food quality.

Allow us to help you in improving your baby food products display, and you won’t get disappointed.

#3.6 Environmental Friendly

TedPack manufactured baby food pouches are safe for the environment. Our pouches are biodegradable and at the same time recyclable.

Baby Food PouchBut how many parents do recycle these pouches?

Although our TedPack baby food pouches are made up of laminated material films, less material is used in their manufacturing.

You will realize, our multiple film layers require almost 15% less material quantity used on the manufacturing of glass, plastic pouches and boxed pouches.

Additionally, our laminated flexible baby food pouches are light weighted. For that reason, the amount of fuel used in their transportation and shipping is significantly reduced.

#3.7 Squeezable

Have you ever noticed toddlers or small children find pleasure in squeezing anything they get hold of?

Baby Food PouchIn connection to that, we realized by manufacturing squeezable baby food pouches; children will love them the most.

With that, their eating or drinking ability will get enhanced as they will be doing something they love.

Don’t you want to have something that will stimulate your baby to eat?

Try this baby food pouches.

They are flexible in their hand, and as they enjoy the squeezing rhythm, they will be eating or drinking they packaged food.

Such will give you additional free time to do other things as they eat and drink on their own?

Chapter 4: Add-Ons (Features)

Baby Food PouchOne of the best ways to pick baby food pouches is by checking the types of add-on features fitted on them.

Add-ons checking will help you pick that one pouch which will offer convenience and reliability in your usage.

Our manufactured baby food pouches are customer oriented. Your instructions guide everything that we do.

We have several add-ons at our disposal. All we need is an instruction from your, “I need this add-on on my bag or fit this add-on on my pouches.”  Your wish is our command.

Depending on your pouch usage need, we are going to listen to your wants and advice on the best add-on you need.

Below are some of the main Add-ons we prefer to use on flexible baby food pouches.

#4.1 Variety of Spouts

Among all the add-on used on baby food pouches, weld sprouts and caps are the most loved.

They bring convenience to both the mother and the child. Spouts are either fitted at the top or on one side of the pouch.

Baby Food PouchThey are well fixed on food pouches to ensure zero leakage ability from where they get attached to the pouch material structure.

After filling or feeding your baby but you have some food left inside the bag, you can re-close your bag with the help of a spout. Sprouts are designed to have welded grips on which a cap is fitted to avoid beverage or semi-liquid product spillage or leakage.

Additionally, spout pouches are easy to filling and re-fill. You can open baby food pouches with spouts with less effort, and re-seal them tightly with ease.

Spouts and caps are essential for maintaining a sealed inner pouches environment which is free from oxygen, vapor, moisture, pest and contamination.

Additionally, the taste and aroma will get well entrapped inside the packaged food pouches.

Lastly, there will be no bacteria growths inside the baby food pouches which are mostly stirred by food contamination. For that reason, your food freshness will be preserved for long.

#4.2 Tear Notch

Not every baby food bag is entitled to have a spout as the opening part. There are various opening add-ons that you can decide to have on your pouches.

Baby Food PouchFor example, when packaging potato chips as baby food, having a tear notch as the opening option is the best alternative.

A tear notch is a line machined at the top part of a pouch or bag used to coax a bag user to initiate a tear.

In other words, a tear notch helps you to open your baby food bag in an ultra-professional line which is straight without necessarily using a knife.

By just pulling the notch from the side, you will tear the top part of your bag easily without using extra force.

#4.3 Euro or Round Punch Holes

In efforts to give this food pouches reliability and convenience of usage, we found it good and helpful to have euro or round punch holes as one of the add-on options.

Baby Food PouchFirst, when it comes to baby food retailers, they need food packaging pouches with punch holes to help them in displaying their products.

pouches with punch holes are helpful as customers can see your hanged products around your shelf and at your counter.

If you are a retailer, you understand the power of creating a good product display. The display brought about by hanging ability will help you increase your product demand.

Secondly, on the consumer’s side, there are those who will need to hang their baby food products on their kitchen shelves or their fridges.

If you find this add-on of importance to your pouches, talk to us. We will provide the type of baby food pouches which are helpful, reliable and will offer total convenience.

But note, we have different types of hang holes which you can decide to have on your baby food pouches, for example:

#4.4 Ergonomic Handles

Baby Food PouchWhen you are planning to package baby food in a few large pouches, for example, Potato chips or any other snack, you need ergonomic handles.

These are holes made at the top part of a food bag which brings about carrying convenience of these pouches.

These types of add-ons do offer an easy time when carrying these pouches, especially for the flat bottom baby food pouches.

Either a parent or a kid will be able to carry these baby food pouches with ease.

#4.5 Round Corners

First, you need to understand our TedPack baby food pouches are made laminated material structures which sometimes can be very strong although flexible.

Baby Food PouchBut we realized, our customers sometimes do complain that their children have sustained injuries from pouches and pouches sharp corners.

Since our customers come first, we decided to manufacture pouches with round corners.

But note, round corners are optional add-ons for those who need them.

Round corners will help you avoid injuries from sharp bag corners and as well make your baby food pouches look professionally finished.

#4.6 Gloss and Matte Finishes

Gloss and matte finishes are two add-on features mainly used for product branding and advertisement purposes.

Baby Food PouchFirst, gloss finishing will make your bag surface shiny. Meaning, any logo, brand image or picture, or graphic that will get printed on that baby food pouches will be visible from far.

Don’t you need such bag finishing which will help you improve your product display and shake off market competition?

Talk to us.

Secondly, matte is also a bag finishing type that will make your bag surface look dull. This finishing technique is meant to make your product logos, images, and quality graphics visible.

If you need to sell out your product name out there, you can decide to have gloss or matte types of bag finishing.

Our graphic designing department will never let you down. We use the latest imprint making machines in the market.

Below is a baby food pouch with a matte finishing.

#4.7 Re-closable Zipper

The main aim of having baby food pouches is to ensure safe food packaging. Apart from the barrier properties provided by the laminated structure, there is a need for bag re-sealability.

Baby Food PouchAfter tearing a heat sealed pouches open and scooping the needed amount or your child as eaten to satisfaction, you need to re-seal the pouch once again.

The re-sealing ability helps prevent uncontrolled air infiltration, contamination, pest, moisture and vapor from the outside environment.

If you happen to use baby food pouches with re-closable zippers, be sure your baby’s food will remain fresh for longer.

Such is because bacteria which are introduced by outside dirt, contaminants, flies or pest are barred off.

If you need these essential add-ons, we are ready to fit them on your pouches. You will be able to re-seal your pouches any time you wish.

#4.8 Clear Windows

Baby Food PouchClear windows are necessary add-ons used for the sake of those customers need to see what they are about to purchase.

Remember, as a product manufacturer; you must make available what you see essential to most customers. Anything that makes them satisfied and wants to buy your product is what to provide.

For example, when you are packaging chips and other snack types, some customers must see the content or state of the packaged baby food before purchase.

This habit comes handy to most of them as a way to boost their confidence in whatever they are about to buy.

Additionally, for some opaque baby food pouches, especially those filled with liquids, it is essential to have some clear and easy to fill windows. Such window types will help mothers see to what point they have filled their pouches and avoid overfilling.

Chapter 5: Types of Baby Food Pouches

At TedPack, we manufacture different types of food pouches. Our main aim is to be an all-way rounded company that will answer all you baby food packaging needs.

Baby Food PouchDuring our production process, there are some vital things that we take note on. Such are user convenience, reliability, durability and barrier property.

Remember, our flexible baby food pouches are made of quality material structures formed of multiple layers to ensure food safety.

We are determined to provide you with pouches which can protect your baby food from oxygen, pest, odor, moisture, dirt/contamination, and bacteria.

Our designing and pouches construction techniques are geared towards the preservation of your brand quality, food freshness, nutritional properties, and flavor.

Remember, your baby food protection does not end after a customer (mother, father, child or guardian) opens that bag.

That is why we have various add-ons like zippers and spouts to help re-close your flexible baby food pouches after opening food bag.

We produce different types of flexible baby food pouches. The main categories are

  • Stand up pouches
  • Flat bottom pouches
  • Spouted stand up baby food pouches
  • Flat baby food pouches

Below are some of the details concerning baby food pouches used to package dry products.

30g135260-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

30000 & above30-35 days
60g246.52.2560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

30000 & above30-35 days
140g458360-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

30000 & above30-35 days
250g869.53.2560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

30000 & above30-35 days
375g127113.560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

30000 & above30-35 days
500g168.511.53.560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

30000 & above30-35 days

Below are details of baby food pouches which are used to carry or package liquid products

335260-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

30000 & above30-35 days
546.52.2560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

30000 & above30-35 days
1658360-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

30000 & above30-35 days
2469.53.2560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

30000 & above30-35 days
327113.560-180 microns

2.5-7.7 mil.

10000 & above30-35 days

Note: The above bag dimensions are just estimates and can change depending on the client’s requirement or production process.

Below are details and examples of different types of flexible baby food pouches that we produce at TedPack.

#5.1 Stand-Up Baby Food Pouches 

Stand-Up baby food pouches are the most common. One reason that makes them loved by many is they can self-stand on the shelves.

Baby Food PouchFrom the standing ability, as a retailer, you will benefit from increased product display.

These stand-up pouches have a bottom gusset that helps them settle the shelves firmly. Meaning, any printed info, graphic meant to improve your product visibility, and brand selling will get improved.

These food pouches are a replacement for glass and plastic food containers. The standing ability of these baby food pouches makes them convenient for mothers who want to improve their kitchen cupboard arrangement and fridges.

Additionally, there various add-ons like sprouts, zip locks and others which are meant to ease the usability of these pouches.

Below are types of stand-up baby food pouches.

#5.1.1 Stand-Up Pouches – with Zipper

One of the most notable features among these types of pouches is their re-closable zippers.

Baby Food PouchThese bag types can get sealed from both sides and have inward and upward folded gussets.

At the bottom, they have a gusset that makes it possible for them to self-stand on the mall shelves, kitchen shelves, on the table or even in your fridge.

When packaging baby food, you need pouches with zippers very much. No matter how little the food quantity will be, small children unpredictable.

You never know when they will eat the whole packaged food and when they will leave something. That is why you need pouches with zippers.

It is possible to re-seal these pouches types even after opening them for the first time. Meaning, your baby food will be free from pest, oxygen, odor and other external contaminants that speed its spoilage.

Zipper baby food pouches are reusable and at the same time refillable. If you are planning to get recyclable baby food pouches, these are the best option.

Besides all that, these pouches can get labeled, printed or branded to increase your baby food product visibility.

Lastly, they are made of multiple layers that make these pouches perfect on barrier properties.

#5.1.2 Spout Stand-Up Pouches

As an alternative to zipped baby food pouches, you can decide to get spouted baby food pouches. This is one of the newest design in the market, but it is proving to be of importance to both mothers and their children.

Baby Food PouchThese bag types can be used by preschool kids and those beyond that level.

If you are planning to package pureed veggies, fruits pudding, yogurt, sauces, or beverages; these are pouches to use.

If you need to open or seal these pouches, all to do is twist the cap or the spout top part. Your child will need no spoon.

Although these pouches are made up of multiple laminated layers, they are incredibly elastic. When dropped, it is somehow hard for them to burst, get damaged or punctured.

If you used a glass container, what is the worst thing do you think could happen?

The spouts used to ensure the pouch is well sealed to avoid spillage.

Additionally, the chances of your child getting hurt after using these spouted baby food pouches are almost zero. They require no peeling a characteristic that makes them dear to children.

The laminated structure ensures your packaged food is well protected from all external effects which can lead to spoilage.

# 5.1.3 Shaped Stand-Up Baby Food Pouches

When it comes to baby food, the parent or guardian must select what they find best for their children.  But, their children must also accept or not to accept the purchased stuff.Baby Food Pouch

Such is the same concept that revolves around baby food pouches. If you are a parent and you what to make your kid love the food bag you are to buy, consider the shapes pouches.

On the other hand, if your child dislikes other baby food pouches, try these shapes baby food pouches.

They are designed innovatively to help your children love and find some attachment to them. They are attractive.

This bag can take any shape of an object; mimic an animal, fruit or a cup all to entice your child.

Apart from the fact, these flexible baby food pouches are children friendly; the very shapes are essential to improve your products on the shelves.

The very enticing shapes will draw a customer closer which is a plus to the purchasing journey.

Besides all the beautifying details, they offer perfect barrier properties, labeling, printing, and graphic designing surfaces to improve packaged food protection and product display respectively.

#5.2 Flat Bottom Baby Food Pouches

At TedPack, we are a company that takes pride in our innovative level.

Baby Food PouchAre you tired of buying baby food products packaged in boxes or corrugated boxes with no inner lining for food protection reasons? Think of using flexible flat bottom baby food pouches.

Our TedPack manufactured flat bottom baby food pouches can get used for packaging any baby food that was meant to be packaged on traditional boxes.

Note, these pouches do mimic traditional boxes due to their flat bottoms that help them settle on the shelves or any kitchen cupboard well thus avoid sliding or falling but ensuring organized shelve arrangement.

You can package baby snacks, crackers and other baby foods on these pouches. Our pouches are made of laminated material structures and are sealable at the top.

That means your packaged products will be free from moisture, vapor, pest oxygen and any other external contamination.

On the structure, the laminated material is strong enough to resist tear or any form puncture.

When it comes to product visibility and branding concern, you will have the best alternatives. The four side gussets will give you an ample billboard space to print your labels, graphics, nutritional info, or any brand imprint you deem necessary.

For usability convenience, reliability and functionality, there are several add-ons such as Ziplocs, clear windows, zippers, tear notches and many others.

#5.3 Flat Baby Food Pouches

Flat baby food pouches are found in several types or styles. Mostly, they are baby food pouches used for packaging small portions of food products.

Baby Food PouchFor example, they are used to package some small quantities of snack. If you need to wrap any baby food product that needs some vacuum environment, these are pouches to use.

They have excellent barriers properties that protect your food from contamination, pest or any outside infiltrations of odor, moisture, vapor or oxygen which are causes fast baby food spoilage.

Additionally, they are printable pouches meaning it is possible to improve your pouch visibility through labels, branding, and graphics.

For convenience reasons, there are add-ons like tear notches, hang holes, zip locks, and others.

These pouches are found in different style and sizes. All to do is provide your anticipated bag dimensions, details on the style, add-ons, color, and other needed designs and we will get it done for you.

Below are flat baby food pouches types.

#5.3.1 Three (3) Side Seal Flat Baby Food Pouches

Are you in need of economic and qualitative flat pouches? Note, if you get the 3 sides sealed flat pouches, you will get sorted.

Baby Food PouchThese flexible baby food pouches are made of one laminated material film. They are sealed from the sides, at the top and the bottom part.

If you are packaging ready to eat food, there is no need of sealing the top part. But if you are packing baby food for example snacks to store on the shelves, then you need to seal the top parts.

You can heat seal these top parts, or use add-ons like zippers to add resealability to your pouches. Your choice is our command.

Other add-ons available for these bag types are clear windows, tear notches, gloss and matte finishing among others.

The top part of these pouches does open fully thus giving them a high filling ability.

For those who need to sell their brand name out there, you can have labels, images or other types of graphics on the two sides provided by these pouches.

#5.3.2 Four (4) Side Seal Flat Baby Food Pouches

These are somehow similar to 3 side seal but very different. They are robust and economical but very protective of whatever gets packaged in them.

They are made of two laminated material films which are sealed together on either 4 or 3 sides. For the 3 sealed sides, the top part is left open for easy filling.

But remember, these pouches have no side gussets. They have two sides where you can have your product information (e.g. nutrients) printed, have some labels or branding graphics.

With the four sealable sides, these baby food pouches can make the best vacuum pouches.

As an add-on easy opening and re-sealing abilities; there are add-ons like tear notches and zippers respectively for you.

#5.3.3 Pillow Baby Food Pouches

Baby Food PouchAs the name denotes, these pouches are formed in a way they mimic a real pillow. They are sealed on the top and at the bottom (top and back).

In other words, they are known as T-seal or Back baby food pouches. During the manufacturing of these pouches, the top part is left open and sealed after filling them.

These are economical, flexible baby food packaging pouches used in storing small quantities of food.

If you need quality branding, it is possible to have an imprint on these pouches. The two sides provided are spacious enough to increase the visibility of your pouches.

#5.4 Retort Baby Food Pouches

Baby Food PouchIf you need baby food pouches that can withstand high temperatures or thermal processing, you need retort baby food pouches.

These pouches types are best used for aseptic or sterilization processing of food products.

There is one reason as to why these pouches are used for such advanced storage conditions; their physical structures are made of laminated films made of metal foils and plastic layers.

That kind of lamination provides a formidable protective barrier that keeps oxygen, moisture, heat, pest, and contaminants off your baby food contact.

Such means your baby food products will get protected from any agent of spoilage. Remember, retort pouches are used to package military food due to their quality material structure.

These flexible baby food pouches are durable and can resist puncture to a higher level compared to other bag types. They ensure the aroma; flavor, taste, and nutrients in your baby food get protected for an extended span.

Lastly, when it comes to branding necessity, these structures is the most convenient. You will have the most appealing labels, graphics and images not to forget various add-ons for user convenience.

#5.5 Custom Printed Baby Food Pouches

As you will be producing your baby food, you should think of how to make your products visible or get noticed on crowded shelves.

Baby Food PouchWith custom printed baby food pouches, it means your products will be excellently visible out there. The kind of labels, logos, images, and quality graphics to get from us will improve the visibility of your products.

If you need to enhance your product visibility, allow us to help you do so. We use the latest printing technology both flexo and gravure printing.

Our in-house designing department is made up of skilled an experienced professional who can help you come up with that imprint design you have in mind.

Quality printing will attract more customers and sell you brand more outside there. Is such not what you need?

Chapter 6: Material Choices

As you package baby food products, you need to understand babies are delicate creatures. Their immunity is not much strong which makes them prone to infections.

Baby Food PouchFor that reason, it is essential to ensure the baby food pouches you are to use are made of quality material which is FDA approved, safe and sanitary.

The use of plastic and glass containers is not always safe, for packaging baby food. Some plastics are known to emit toxic substances such as BPA.

But at TedPack, our baby food pouches are made of laminated material films which are FDA approved and strong enough to protect your packaged food from oxygen, odor, pest, moisture and any form of contamination.

You should understand that the type of material you are going to use will determine the extent to which your baby food will get preserved.

Quality material leads to extended shelf life and nutrient preservation. Our pouches can as well get sterilized at temperatures of above 100 degrees.

Such temperature is used to neutralize or kill all bacteria which are known agents for food spoilage or can jeopardize your child’s health.

Our pouches are manufactured using laminated film structures, and every film is used to serve a specific reason.

All the materials we use are food grade!

Impressing your clients through quality material structures is easy. If you manage to win customers on material structure, be sure your products will sell out well.

All that customers are after is proper baby food packaging. Checking on quality manufacturing is the first step to getting the best.

At TedPack, below are the materials we use in baby food pouches manufacturing.

AL- Aluminum foil: AL foil provides barrier property against oxygen, moisture, UV light, and aroma/flavor entrapping

PE – Polyethylene

PET – Polyester, (Polyethylene Terephthalate): PET is mostly used for temperature resisting properties

MET-PET: These material types are used to strengthen baby food pouches barrier properties.

PP – Polypropylene

PVDC – Polyvinylidene Chloride: PVDC: This material type is best used to ensure oxygen and water vapor barrier.

OPS Shrink Film: This is a recyclable material a factor that makes it be on high demand in the USA

CPP-Cast polypropylene

Kraft paper

EVAEthylene-Vinyl Acetate copolymer

EAA- Ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer: EAA is used to provide adhesive bonding in pouch manufacturing.

EVOH- Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol copolymer:  these materials are best used to provide oxygen barrier although it’s sensitive to high humidity.

Chapter 7: Baby Food Pouches FAQ

     1. Are your baby food bag BPA ( bisphenol A ) free?

We can proudly confirm all our bags and pouches are 100% BPA Free, all our pouches are of the food-grade level.

  1. How long will my packaged baby food be safe after opening if it’s in baby food pouches?

To be on the safe side, ensure all your refrigerated baby foods get consumed within 24 hours after opening the pouches.

  1. How should I store opened baby food pouches?

Opened baby food pouches should be kept at room temperature in your pantry or cupboards. We do not recommend heating and freezing opened baby foods that were stored in pouches.

  1. Are your baby food pouches and pouches recyclable?

Although not all, some of our food pouches are recyclable with reusable caps

  1. Which types of food pouches printing do you offer?

We are all way rounded company. We offer rotogravure, flexo, and digital printing. All we need are instructions on the printing type you need.

  1. Which is your minimum food pouches quantity per order?

Our minimum quantity ranges at 10000 pouches for unprinted, printed with 20k-30k for a start. But, contact us for further instructions.

  1. How long will an order delivery take if I order today?

Our delivery takes 20 -35 days base on quantity.

  1. Do you deliver baby food pouches everywhere?

TedPack mostly delivers orders across USA and Europe. Contact us, and we will offer further instructions.

  1. What are the most products packaged in baby food pouches?

You can package any baby food ranging from liquids to solids. All you need is to tell us your pouches or pouches purpose. We will manufacture the perfect one for you.

  1. Is there a way for me to inform my clients about how long baby food has been stored?

Yes. Normal structure is 12-18 months, some high barrier structure can shelf 24-30 months.

  1. How do I know your pouches are safe for packaging baby food?

All our pouches are FDA approved. We always deliver our pouches with ISO 9001, and we can send you SGS-FDA certificates if you need.

  1. What mode of payment do you prefer most?

You can use either T/T or L/ C, Paypal methods; we accept them both. But kindly contact us for further details.

  1. I am a pouches distributor; do you sell your food pouches to distributors?

We work with several distributors across USA and Europe. Talk to us we are glad to work with you.

  1. Is it possible to warm food stored in a baby food bag – how should I do it?

Yes, it’s possible. All to do is place your baby food bag in some warm water for a few minutes. By doing that, you will help it gently thaw which in turn will warm your packaged food.

  1. How much food does your baby food pouches hold?

We manufacture food pouches of different holding capacities. Our manufacturing will depend on your demand. Kindly contact us for more details.

Chapter 8: TedPack Baby Food Pouches 

TedPack is an exclusive pouches and pouches manufacturing company with cutting edges abilities to give you the types, style, size, quality, and quantity of pouches you need. Since the year 2011, we have managed to make a name for ourselves in this competitive market. It not out of luck but the quality of the baby food pouches we produce commands it all.

Baby Food PouchOur in-house professionals have over 20 years of experience in pouch manufacturing, machine operations, and logistics management. With us in play, get assured of the best service. Our manufacturing process takes note of all the aspects needed to ensure a defect-free baby food preservation.

Our state-of-art manufacturing facility has all the machines needed to ensure our professional pouches manufacturing which are in line with our customer’s needs. We are a reliable manufacturing company that deals in the production of high-quality food pouches. We produce food pouches of different styles such as flat pouches, stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches, custom pouches, and many others.

Our innovative levels in all production processes are unquestionable. We can convert your pouch idea into a physical well-manufactured food bag that will not only get loved by your customers (parents) but their children also.

At any bag manufacturing stage, from production, after production and packaging, we have professional quality assurance teams. Their main task is to ensure you get something that is worth your money. Our pouches will help sell your baby food product. They are reliable and convenience to the end users.


Are you tired of poor baby food packaging which customers complain of? Worry no more. At TedPack we got your back. Talk to us today, and all your question and concerns about baby food packaging will answer. We are a flexible company ready to listen to your needs. Your wish is our command, and all you need is what we are bound to provide.

Talk of material qualities, pouches sizes, styles, color, printings add-ons and many more; we are good in all. Let us help you. If you have any question, talk to us. We respond to emails within 24 hours. Our customer care department is always waiting to answer your questions.

Allow us to help you grow.

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