3 Side Seal Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

This guide has all information you’re looking for about 3 side seal pouches.

As the name suggests, these pouches are sealed on three sides and only one left open for filling.

Keep reading to learn more about these packaging pouches.

3 seal side pouch

Closed 3 side seal pouch

How 3 Side Seal Pouch compares to 4 Side Seal Pouch

3 side seal pouches have three sealed sides with one part open for filling.

4 side seal pouches have all their four sides sealed.

Side seal pouches

Side seal pouches

3 side seal pouches have more packaging capacity than the 4 side sealed pouches.

Since 4 side seal pouches are sealed in all the sides, they have uniformed appearance compared to 3 side sealed pouches.

3 side seal pouches are made from one-piece film while 4 side seal pouches are made from two pieces of film.

3 side seal pouches can be gusseted whereas 4 side seal pouches mostly do not have gusset.

4-sided offer better sealing strength, vacuum finish and product protection compared to 3 side seal pouches.

4 side seal pouches are mostly considered for special packaging as opposed to 3 side seal pouches.

Both 3 side seal pouches and 4 side seal pouches are made from similar materials.

They both have similar packaging characteristics and advantages.

Benefits of 3 Side Seal Pouches

3-side seal pouches have an array of benefits that have revolutionized packaging industry such as:

  1. 3-side seal pouches are versatile packaging solutions that can be used with different products.
  2. They are light in weight compared to the rigid packaging products hence they add a negligible weight to the product.

This in turn does not affect the overall weight hence making transportation inexpensive.

  1. You can easily customize the pouches to fit your needs or product preference in terms of size, color, design, shape.
  2. 3-side seal pouches are made from materials whose major characteristics is excellent barrier against environmental factors.
  3. They have better temperature tolerance hence can be heat sealed without damaging the pouches.
  4. Maintain product freshness for longer due to the aluminum lining in the inner layer.
  5. 3-side seal pouches are made from readily available materials which do not cost much thus are generally inexpensive.
  6. They are user friendly as dispensing products is easy due to availability of different closure options.
  7. The materials are stable hence do not react with any packaged product.
  8. They have been tested and found to be safe for packaging products for human consumption.

Limitations of 3 Side Seal Pouches

3-side seal pouches cannot be recycled due to difficulty in separating the combined material into single layers.

You cannot use most of them in microwaves.

Uses of 3 Side Seal Pouches

3 side seal pouches are used for packaging both food and non-food items.

The food items include; candies, chips-snacks, meat, sugar, green peas, etc. Non-food items include; drugs, beauty cream, seeds, toys, among others.

 3 Side seal pouch

 3 Side seal pouch

Best Material for 3 Side Seal Pouch

Our 3-side seal pouches are made from layered thermoplastics which are bonded together by an adhesive substance such as vinyl acetate.

All our materials are carefully chosen.

Materials must pass through a quality assessment before they can be used in the manufacturing process.

The chosen materials possess qualities such as;

  • Good temperature tolerance.
  • Have great structural strength.
  • Are able to protect against external factors such as moisture, light, dust, bacteria, etc.
  • Fully comply with health and safety measures put in place for the materials.

You can choose up to four film material laminations that best suits your products’ packaging needs.

They include polyethylene terephthalate (PET), foil, kraft paper, polyester (poly), aluminum, nylon, etc.

Some of the layerings we offer are:

  • PET/Poly is very versatile but a bit rigid.
  • Kraft paper/Poly: give a very strong pouch with great mechanical strength. They are also available in brown, white or black colors.

How to Manufacture 3 Side Seal Pouches

You can use Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) or Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) to manufacture your 3 side seal pouches.

You will buy a machine type depending on your product needs.


With VFFS and HFFS machines, you use roll film in the manufacture of the 3 side seal pouches.

You load the machines with the roll of film material which is folded into a single roll along the middle.

Manufacturing 3 side seal pouch machine

Manufacturing 3 side seal pouch machine

The resulting pouch is the cut at the required length thereafter filled with the product and all three sides sealed.

Inspection is carried out during the production process to ensure that only perfect pouches are used.

You may have plain pouches or printed pouches, for printed pouches you will have them in the registration detection system.

This is to avoid cutting the pouches on graphic patterned areas.

You can also add your preferred type of closure during the manufacturing process.

While HFFS is best for solid products such as candies, VFFS is ideal for granulated products such as sugar and liquid.

Both are a single use machines that create the pouch, fill then seal it at the same time.

The advantage of using VFFS and HFFS machines is that they use roll film which is inexpensive than a pre-made pouch. Besides, they produce multiple pouches at a go.

How 3 Side Seal Pouches compare to 3 Side Seal Sachet

3 sides seal pouch is made from thermoplastic materials whereas 3 side seal sachets is produced from a cheesecloth.

3 side seal pouches have a strong barrier property while 3 side seal sachets are perforated.

Both have two sides sealed and one left open for product filling.

How to Choose 3 Side Seal Pouch Making Machine

When choosing a machine for making 3-side seal pouches you need to take the following factors into considerations:

  1. First and foremost be sure of the type machine you need such as VFFS, HFFS or FS.

This will determine the type of pouch you want to produce.

  1. Secondly, you need to verify the performance of the machine in relation to its cost.

It is important to get a high performing machine and at a reasonable rate.

This will also affect the general production cost of your pouches.

  1. Compare machine reviews from different manufacturers as this will shed light on common problems associated with the machine.

Do not settle for machines that have many negative reviews especially manufacturing defects.

  1. Look for manufacturers that have a long history in pouch machine production.

They tend to have a better and stable technology that has been tested and proved.

Besides, such manufacturers are compliant with quality assurance and with great warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

  1. Request for on-site machine inspection to ascertain certain aspects such as energy consumption, production speed, waste output, operation cost, etc.

If possible, request for a trial period before making a purchase to get a first-hand experience of the machine.

  1. Check out the manufacturers after-sales service offered to the buyer of the machines. Their response time, downtime and the service details.
  2. Finally, consider the maintenance cost of the machine, accessories related to it and the lifecycle of the machine.

Closing Options for Three Side Seal Pouch

  • Slider closure has a sliding device fixed on top of the pouch and has made opening and closing convenient.
  • Spouts are fixed at the top with a cap for opening and closing the pouches. They make dispensing of liquid and powder products easy and convenient.
  • Hook to hook closure is pressed to close producing a unique sound as well when it is opened.
  • Tear notches make tearing the pouch open easy and smooth due to the pre-cut lines.

How 3 Side Seal Pouch compare to 2 Side Seal Bag

Different types of pouches

Different types of pouches

3 side seal pouch has two sealed sides while 2 side seal bag has one sealed side.

Both are manufactured from the one-piece film with one opening either top or bottom.

Features of 3 Side Seal Flat Pouch

Some of the main features of these side seal bags include:

  • 3 side seal pouches are made from the different laminated material film such as nylon, aluminum, foil, PET, etc.
  • Three of its sides are sealed and only one side is left open for filling of products.
  • They are safe for human use as they are bisphenol A (BPA) free.
  • 3 side seal pouches are flexible packaging solution with a uniform design.
  • They have medium to high barrier property against moisture, oxygen and bacteria, light, etc.

Why Choose Resealable 3 Side Seal Pouch

You should settle for a resealable 3 side seal pouch due to the following reasons:

  • Reusability/multi-use

A resealable 3 side seal pouch enables you to close, open and re-close the pouch at your convenience.

This feature makes them reusable as you can use them beyond the initial usage hence are multi-use.

  • Different products

Since you are able to use the pouch beyond its initial use, you can use it to package different products.

  • Sustainable

Resealable 3-side seal pouch are economical because they can be used for a longer period provided, they remain in good shape.

This is sustainable to a small businesses that opt to use them to package their products.

  • Reduce wastage

Our 3-side seal pouch are multi-use therefore, they reduce the rate of waste disposal associated with single-use pouches.

This makes them less harmful to the environment due to reduced carbon print.

Printing Options for 3 Side Seal Pouch

 Printed 3 side seal pouch

Printed 3 side seal pouch

Printing is mainly done on the surface of the 3-side seal pouch to pass product details, instruction and enhance the appearance.

· Rotogravure Printing

Also referred to as gravure printing is a printing method that uses cylinders that are engraved on their surface.

The depressions on the metal cylinder surface form the design pattern to be transferred on the pouches.

As the cylinder rotates it is dipped into an ink tray where the patterned depressions collect ink and excess removed.

A second cylinder; impression cylinder then moves the object to the gravure cylinder to apply the pattern.

Once the printing area is done it is moved to a drying area before it is ejected from the rotogravure machine.

This process uses CMYK or pantone colors to print depending on your needs.

It is an expensive printing option ideal for high volume printing orders.

· Digital Printing

This involves direct printing of digital images or text on media surface such as plastic, paper, fabric, etc.

The image to be printed is sent to the digital printing machine as a digital file in form of PDF.

The artworks to be printed are created digitally using computer software hence eliminating several steps present in traditional printing methods.

Digital printing machine utilizes cyan, magenta black and yellow (CMYK) colors to print the images or texts.

Digital printing option is cost-effective, faster, ideal for small orders, and leaves a clear high-quality finish.

· Flexographic Printing

This is almost similar to the rotogravure printing method but uses flexible plates as opposed to engraved cylinders.

The flexible plates are wound around the rotating cylinders with the patterns on raised areas.

The raised parts are then inked one color per cylinder and then pressed against the pouch surface to transfer the images.

This printing option is cheaper than the gravure method and works well with plastic surfaces.

It is also great for large order printing.

Surface Finish Options for Three Side Seal Pouches

The type of surface finish for the 3-side seal pouches is dependent on what you want to achieve.

There are two surface finish options such as matte and glossy.

1.  Matte Finish

Matte finish is a smooth, dull but sophisticated surface treatment that exude some level of professionalism.

They are not shiny hence they do not have a blinding effect to the consumers especially in sunlight.

They offer great printing surface for images and texts hence it is easier to read font on matte pouches.

The disadvantage of using matte finish is that they tend to be dull thus making the graphics dull too.

Besides, they are more expensive than the glossy finish.

2. Glossy Finish

Unlike a matte finish, a glossy finish is shiny, high profile and slightly textured look of the pouch’s outer layer.

They are highly waterproof, attractive, and stand out easily in a shelf.

If you intend to have colorful artwork on your 3-side seal pouch then a glossy finish is recommended.

This is because the glossy background will enhance your prints giving them a brighter and quality image.

Besides, they are also great when introducing a new product in the market because they will easily attract customers.

Quality materials are used to achieve a glossy look therefore, your products are guaranteed safety and enhanced barrier against environmental factors.

The downside of using glossy finish is they tend to shine hence making it difficult to read the instructions.

They are also prone to dirt from fingerprints and are costly.

How to Fill and to Seal 3 Side Seal Pouches

You can fill your 3-side seal pouches by hand or machine depending on the volume of products.

Low volume products can be hand-filled while high volume products are filled by a machine.

Machine filling are automated and can be at a particular time or in a continuous process.

To hand fill your products, you need measuring vessels to ensure uniformity in your packed products.

The vessels can be spoons or jugs depending on the product status such as liquid, powder or solids.

Once you fill the pouches, you can seal them by hand as per the closure method or a heat-sealing machine.

Heat sealers apply heat in sealing the pouches and are available either in small volumes or automated for big factories.

Filling machines use conveyor belts to ferry ready pouches to the filling area of the machine.

The machines have special funnels or pumps that direct products into the pouches.

When using the automated machines, it is possible to vacuum seal the pouches by sucking out air from the pouches.

Once the pouches are filled, they are moved to the sealing area to remove excess air and the pouches are sealed accordingly.

Machine filling is faster and more accurate compared to hand filling.

Cost of 3 Side Seal Pouch

The cost of 3-side seal pouches varies depending on the configurations of the pouches such as size, print, add-ons, etc.

Plain 3-side seal pouches are inexpensive as opposed to tailor-made ones.

This is because customization is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Add-On Features of 3 Side Seal Pouch

These are extra features that you can request us to add to your 3-side seal pouch to fulfill a particular need.

They can improve pouch appearance, increase convenience or ease of use.

· Zippers

These make the 3-side seal pouch reusable since you can open and close at your convenience.

They can be fitted with a double plastic track which interlocks when pressed to close.

Some might be fixed with a sliding clip that is moved from end to end to close and open.

· Hook to Hook Closure

It is a closure feature which that produces sound when opening and closing the pouch.

· Hang Holes

Make it easy to display the pouches by hanging on the shelves especially pouches that cant stand on their own.

This feature also saves on space taken by the 3-side seal pouches.

· Tear Notches

Are made on the film by cutting small broken lines along which the tear is made when opening the pouch.

This makes the opening of the 3-side seal pouch easy and neat.

· Rounded Corners

Naturally, 3-side seal pouches have sharp edges from the cuttings.

The sharp edges may cause injury to users especially kids when handling the pouches.

To minimize the injuries, you can have your pouch’s edges rounded for a smooth, blunt, and safe finish.

· One-way Vent

Is mostly common with a 3-side seal pouch used to package products known to emit gas for some time.

The vent allows one direction movement from the pouch outwards.

It helps with aromatic marketing of products such as coffee besides, degassing the pouch to avoid bursting.

· Sprouts

You can have your 3-side seal pouches fixed with sprouts to ease dispensing of liquid, dry or powdered products.

This reduces wastage as a result of spillage.

· Handles

Handle are there to make transportation and dispensing of side seal pouches convenient and easy.

Available Shapes of 3 Sides Seal Pouches

The shapes for 3 side seal pouches can be rectangular, square, or any other shape that you may want your pouches to be.

Sizes of 3 Sides Seal Pouches

The size of a 3-side seal pouch is determined by the product to be packed and its weight.

They range between 50 by 70 millimeters (mm) to a maximum of 400 by 700 mm with a 10kg weight.

The small pouches can package candies while the big ones can accommodate cement or fertilizers.

These sizes are not limiting factors and you are welcome to specify your size when ordering.

Safety Features of 3 Side Seal Pouches

To enhance the safety of your 3-side seal pouch, you may add extra features such as below at an extra cost.

These features play a distinctive role in enhancing both the product and pouch safety.

· Tear Notch

Tear notches act as a security feature because you cannot re-seal the pouch once you open it.

This makes it easy to detect any attempts to open the 3-side seal pouch.

Besides, they also prevent unwanted spillage that may result from uncontrolled tearing.

· Handle

Handles provide convenient handling of the pouch easy during transportation.

This minimizes the chances of dropping the pouches due to slippery hands.

· Clear Window

Clear windows can be incorporated on one side of the 3-side seal pouch to enable you to monitor the product size.

· Valve

The valves act as a getaway for excess gas emitted by certain products such as roasted coffee.

It enables the evacuation of gas that would otherwise lead to the pouch bursting.

· Rounded Edges

With rounded corners, you eliminate sharp ends that may prick handlers or consumers of your products.

Industries using 3 Side Seal Pouches

3-side seal pouch is applicable in various industries such as:

  1. Food

In the food industry, 3-side seal pouches are used to package nuts, coffee, grains, snacks, frozen meat and fish, etc.

  1. Industry

Commercial industries use 3-side seal pouches to pack chemicals such as detergents, coal, toys, etc.

  1. Garden

The agricultural sector applies the use of these pouches to pack seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

This is because the pouches are available in different sizes.

  1. Pet foods

Manufacturers of pet foods use 3-side seal pouches of different sizes to package dry pet foods such as dog biscuits.

  1. Pharma

3-side seal pouches are also used in the pharmaceutical sector to pack drugs such as antibiotics, painkillers, vitamin tabs etc.

  1. Beauty

Cosmetic manufacturers utilize pouches to package products such as cream, lotion, shampoo among others.

This is attributed to the fact that the pouches have passed health and safety measures and are inert.

  1. Farm fresh

Fresh produce such as tomatoes, pepper, green peas, carrots, spinach, etc. can be frozen and packed in 3-side seal pouches.

The products will stay fresh for a long time without going bad.

Color Options for 3 Side Seal Pouches

We offer up to eleven colors for the 3-side seal pouches, you need is to specify your color when ordering.

You can use the Pantone color scheme to choose a color and then share with us the color code for matching.

How to Test Quality of 3 Side Seal Pouches

3 side seal pouches

3 Side seal pouch

· Seal Integrity Test

The integrity of the seal is tested by subjecting the pouch to a uniform flow of pressure and observing seal behavior.

Stronger seals sustain the pressure-flow longer than weak seals which burst after a short period of time.

· Barrier Tests

You can also subject the pouches through barrier tests such as oxygen penetration, moisture permeability, etc.

A special machine is used to check the rate of oxygen transmission if it is within limits.

Higher oxygen transmission confirms a poor barrier against oxygen.

The same applies to the moisture transfer rate.

When the moisture content in the pouches surpasses the required threshold then the pouches cannot maintain products freshness for long.

Both oxygen and moisture are catalysts for product spoilage since they encourage oxidation and dump conditions.

Common Defects in 3 Side Seal Pouches

Defects are deformities that may arise during manufacturing processes or handling of the 3-side seal pouches.

Some of the common defects are:

· Abrasion

An abrasion is a wearing out of the pouch layer that can be caused by a machine during production or mishandling.

If it is a light scratch on the outer layer of the pouch then it may not affect the product.

However, if the abrased area goes beyond the outer layer then the pouch cannot be used.

· Leaker Sealer

A leaker seal is an incomplete seal that has small spaces that can let out products.

This defect if not detected early can lead to a huge loss of the products as a result of leaking.

· Blister

This is a raised area along with the seal that looks like an empty swelling and is common along with the seal.

· Delamination

This is the separation of the single material layers that are held together.

It affects the pouch appearance and not the content provided it does not extend to the seal.

· Stringy Seal

A stringy seal has thread-like materials hanging along its edges due to uneven cutting of the edge.

· Swollen Seal

Occurs due to excessive air in the seal area or as a result of microbial interference such as a bacterial attack.

· Contaminated Seal

A contaminated seal is one that has unwanted materials embedded in it.

It is likely to compromise the integrity of the product.

· Crooked Seal

A crooked seal is one that is not aligned to the edge of the 3-side seal pouch.

· Cracks

Cracks are small splits that commonly occur on the foil layer of the 3-side seal pouch.

  • Hot folds

This is a deformity caused by heat during the sealing of the 3-side seal pouches.

It is an unwanted fold that results from bending of the seal area.

· Wrinkles

Are creases on the 3-side seal pouch due to uneven folding of the seals due to shrinkage.

How to Customize 3 Side Seal Pouches

You can tailor-make your 3-side seal pouch in terms of size, design, material, color, printing, to suit your needs.

In order to get a customized 3-side seal pouch from manufacturers follow the below steps:

  1. Reach out to us via the email address on our website.
  2. One of our salespersons will get back to you with an order form to fill.
  3. Specify all the features you need to be customized to your taste such as pouch size, color, printing method, material, etc.
  4. We will then come up with a sample mold for you to confirm before proceeding with mass production.
  5. Once you give us a go-ahead, we will sign an agreement thereafter you will make a deposit payment.
  6. When the production is finished, we will let you know so that you clear the balance and ship to your address.

Types of 3 Side Seal Pouches

Custom 3 Side seal pouch

 Custom 3 side seal pouch

  • Single-use

Single-use 3 side seal pouches are used once thereafter disposed of.

Most of them have tear notch closure options making it hard to close the pouches after opening.

  • Multiple-use

This type of pouches is reusable due to the fact that they have resealable closure options such as zip lock.

Quality Certifications for 3 Side Seal Pouches

As manufacturers of 3-side seal pouches, we are required to comply with certain health, safety, environmental, and good manufacturing practices.

Upon meeting these standards, we are then issued certificates such as FDA, SGS, BPA, QS, CE, to assure client’s safety.

How 3 Side Seal Pouches compares to Fin Seal Pouches

 Fin seal pouch

Fin seal pouch

3 side seal pouches have bottom and two sides sealed while fin seal pouches have bottom and the back sealed.

4 side seal pouches either have T-seal or lap seal as the back seal while 3 side seal pouches do not.

Both are manufactured from high-quality materials with excellent barrier properties against external factors such as vapor, dust, air, etc.

At TedPack, we help get high quality, safety compliant and cost-effective packaging solutions.

Contact us now for all your 3 side seal bag packaging needs.

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