3 Side Seal Pouch China Manufacturer
The pouch are usually using simple material, and sealed at 3 sides keep 1 side open of the bag, can be done with or without a zipper, start from 5000pcs.

3 Side Seal PouchFlat Pouch | With Zipper | Customize Sizes

3 side seal pouches named because of the pouch are sealed at three sides and keep one side open, it is just a simple flat pouch with easy tearing and can be added with handle hold or zipper at one side. If you seal all four side and  keep on side a little gap open we can also call it 4 side seal pouch.

As one of the commonly used pouches in the world. TedPack is proud to offer the 3 sides seal/flat pouch to our various clients. It can be manufactured to be as small as to accommodate a condom or as big as to pack a 10 kg rice.

TedPack 3 side seal pouch can be used for a variety of applications whether in food or non-food businesses; such as pharmaceuticals, beauty products, used for stock fresh meat, poultry, dried fruits, goji berries, or smoked salmon, also can serve single applications such as nutritional supplements to packaging instant soups.

The seal can be as narrow as to accommodate a toothbrush or as large as to package products that need scooping, it come in a range of styles to suit one’s specific product.

  • Reclosable zipper, all kind of zipper option, include Zippak special ziplock.
  • Can be made with or without window, clear or aluminum, kraft paper
  • Matte or Glossy finishing, One side or both side tearing option
  • All handle hole or punched hole available
  • Spouts or valve, laser scoring option
  • Start with 5000 pcs, available stock pouches

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MOQ10K-50K-80K Pcs
Size50*70mm(Min)    400*700mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, De-gas Valve, Spout
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
     Volume         Size             MOQ    Delivery    
     50grams    7*10mm   120000Pcs      15-20 days
    150grams   12*15mm   100000Pcs      15-20 days
    300grams   14*20mm    80000Pcs      15-20 days
    500grams   15*24mm    50000Pcs      15-20 days
   1000grams   25*30mm    30000Pcs      15-20 days

3 Side Seal Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

Flexible packaging process has undergone major shifts in the last few years. And the evolving technology has helped flexible packaging take major strides in these shifts.

These major shifts can be attributed to such factors like:

  • Shifts in end user/consumer lifestyle
  • Manufacturing and technological  revolutions
  • Investment in the flexible packaging industry
  • Brand equity

With consumers focusing mainly on sustainability and convenience, the flexible packaging industry embraced this change that’s being made by companies to switch from making packaging products that are rigid to flexible ones.

The pouch is sealed on all 3 sides while featuring an opening which can be at the top or bottom depending on one’s requirements. Products can be filled by machine or hand through the opening.

Furthermore, at Tedpack, one can get the pouch having a press to close zippers and hang holes. The resealable zippers ensure freshness of the product. 3 side seal pouch can come with a front or two sides clear, making it easy to see the in-filled product.3 Side Seal Pouches manufacturer

The 3 side seal pouch comes with a range of barrier properties that ensure elements such as moisture and oxygen are kept at bay, ensuring the quality of your product is intact. This extends the shelf life of your product.

When it comes to brand identity and product information, TedPack superior ingenuity in the printing process ensures your brand stands out in the aisle. One only needs to come up with a design for the printing option. At TedPack we produce plain 3 side seal pouch. It all depends on the customer.

At TedPack, we design your 3 side seal pouch to accommodate virtually all your single-use or multi-use functions.  Tedpack makes sure that your supply is ready made. You can rely on us for reliable and cost-effective 3 side seal pouch solutions.

Shifts to Flexible Packaging

Companies are pushing to shift from rigid to flexible packaging due to a number of reasons such as;

  • Barrier advantage- flexible packaging structures are now  able to be customized to 3 side seal pouchprovide an exact barrier property that is needed for the protection of the infill product
  • Lightweight-with lighter packaging, the transportation costs are reduced significantly. At the same time warehousing space is reduced as well as less waste
  • Convenience and differentiation-use of flexible packaging offers unlimited designs when it comes to shapes, formats, and features such as zippers, handles, fitments, and many more that add convenience
  • Supply chain made easier- for a complete solution to product protection and branding while doing away with labels and secondary packaging, flexible packaging is the way to go.

Chapter 1: 3 side seal pouch: Definition 

Tedpack 3 side seal pouch has been developed to meet the needs of consumers based on its positive attributes that are discussed above. Although metal cans and glass jars are still in use today, 3 side seal pouches are quickly becoming a good packaging solution to many.3 side seal pouch

A 3side seal pouch comes with other names such as flat or pillow pouch. This pouch is actually sealed from the 3 sides and one side kept open. The pouch is heat sealed once the product is filled in.

TedPack 3 side seal pouch is a flexible laminated package that withstands thermal processing. Our pouches also offer shelf stability associated with metal cans while at the same time having the added advantage of the nutrient value allied to the packaging of frozen food.

Chapter 2: Comparison to 4 side seal pouch

When the 3 side seal pouch is compared to the 4 side seal pouch having the same dimensions, this pouch offers a higher volume when it comes to filling due to the fact that the lower seal is done away with.

It makes economic sense to use the pouch as a packaging solution since it can be produced at the same time.

That is why companies that intend to run their business in a cost-effective manner opt for the 3 side seal pouches in comparison to the 4 side seal pouches.

They offer solutions to flexible packaging that are reasonable.

Chapter 3: 3 Side Sea Pouch: Applications

3 Side Seal Pouch Manufacturer

This pouch is not only a stable packaging alternative but also an inexpensive one. The physical form of the 3 side seal pouch can be customized according to the wants or needs of the client, or according to the product specifications.

For optimal performance, the Tedpack 3 side seal pouch is designed for flexibility at the point of sale. This feature offers a practical solution to packaging thus rendering this pouch very easy to handle.

3 Side Seal Pouches

Also, the 3 side seal pouch serves many purposes in different sections of the packaging industry such as confectionaries, snacks, pharmaceuticals, and other markets.

But mostly, the pouch is used for single-serve applications that range from instant soup or nutritional supplements.

# 3:1: Industries Using 3 Side Seal Pouches

Tedpack 3 side seal pouches are used in a number of applications. These industries include

  • Pet foods

The 3 side pouches are used to package and store the pet food for longer use.

The types of pet foods using these bags are; kibble, dry foods for dogs, pet yak for cats and bok choy for rabbits.

  • Home and garden products

Maybe you have a garden in your backyard? These bags can use to store your produce like; green beans, squash and bell peppers.

  • Health Food products

These bags are used to store food products like; cereals, lean meats, nuts, and tofu.

  • Beauty products

Industries making beauty products like L’Occtane, olivine atelier, and Tata Harper use the 3 side pouches which are also known to be eco-friendly.

  • Pharmaceuticals products

Drugs like antibiotics, analgesics, antiseptics, and antipyretics are packaged in these pouches.

  • Industrial packaging

3 side seal pouches are mainly used to package industrial amorphous solids like coal because they are flexible and rigid.

Chapter 4: How 3 side seal pouch produced

When it comes to production, TedPack has customized FFS (form, fill and seal) or FS (fill and seal) pouch packaging machines that have dosing systems plus accessories that are associated with them.

3 Side Seal Pouch

Depending on your packaging requirement, TedPack is able to produce customized packages to meet those requirements.

Our machines have the highest production rates, with the best precision and consistent pouch quality. Also, our

equipment that is handled by the best experts has a long life cycle.

And our machines run on low energy and maintenance cost, thus packaging with us is quite economical.

Our high quality of production makes our pouches to be distinguishable in the marketplace as well as the products they package.

# 4:1 Manufacturing Process

Additionally, TedPack 3 side seal pouches are manufactured using a variety of processes. The 3 side seal pouch is formed from roll stock through folding a single roll along its centerline and heat sealing the three sides together.

Prior to filling of the product, the tubular material is cut to length and the bottom part of the pouch is sealed.

If a pouch is to be printed, it will need a registration detection system that cuts precisely in between the graphic designs. If one wants the film to be unprinted, the roll is unwound and cut to length.

The 3 side seal pouch is generally chosen by the processers. Since all the three sides have already been formed, a single heat bar is used for closing.

# 4:2 Inspection before Filling

Inspection is a very important stage in the manufacturing process.

3 Side Seal PouchThe processors inspect the pouches for pouch shape, pouch dimensions, correct use of the material, and any manufacturer’s flaw or defects (abrasions, delaminations, tear notch anomalies, etc). We’ll talk about these flaws in a minute.

If the pouches don’t meet the manufactures requirements, they are cut out of the line to make sure the integrity of the pouch and its products is not compromised.

The pouches that are non-defective goes on the next stage for filling.

Chapter 5: Material Choices

At Tedpack, the 3 side seal pouch is constructed using a 4ply laminate that consists of a polyester layer, a 2nd nylon layer, a 3rd aluminum foil, and a polypropylene inside layer.

The lamination of the aluminum foil can either be the matte or shiny side that is exposed to view. Usually, the matte side is on the outside.

These laminates are then held together using adhesive. These adhesives are usually polyolefin like vinyl acetate.

Each material performs a detailed function that overall is important to the container integrity and the stability of the product shelf life. In some pouches, the product can be viewed through the use of a clear layer that is used in place of the foil layer.

It is very important when choosing the right material for the manufacture of the 3 side seal pouch. Some of the materials we use in the production of the 3 side seal pouch include:


PET is the abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate. It’s a common thermoplastic polymer and a member of the polyester family.

It’s one of the best materials because they have the perfect density and flexibility for manufacturing 3 side seal pouches.


This is polyethylene terephthalate combined with polyester. The final product is rigid and versatile for 3 side seal pouches.


The final product from these materials printable and is able to protect the content moisture, light, oxidation and odor. They form the best 3 side pouches for storing food products to prevent any staleness.

Kraft paper/Poly

Kraft paper when combined with polyester form a very tough pouch. The pouches are durable and prevent any powerful impact on the pouches. These materials are found in mainly three colors, these are; black brown and white.

Chapter 6: Characteristics of Material

Tedpack ensures the material chosen is able to do the following:

  • Protect against changes in the moisture3 Side Seal Pouch manufacturer
  • Light degradation protection
  • Protect against microbial invasion
  • Protect against oxygen getting inside the product
  • Sound structural integrity
  • Withstand temperature variations
  • Can withstand handle abuse
  • Comply with regulatory requirements

Chapter 7: Defects

As is common with manufactured products, manufacturer’s defects and defects may occur to the pouches that render them unusable. These defects may include the following:

# 7.1: Abrasion

These are scratches on any layer of the pouch. If the abrasion penetrates deeper than the outer layer then it is serious.

It can be caused the machine to get hold of some part of the pouches during the production.

# 7.2: Blister

This is a void within the bonded seal. It usually resembles a bubble. A blister is considered serious when the width of the continuous seal is reduced by 3mm.

# 7.3: Channel Leaker

It is usually an area across the width of the seal that leaks. If not detected and corrected at the time, it can lead to much loss during the packaging time.

# 7.4: Compressed seal

When there is a separation of the laminated plies in the seal area. It is considered serious when there is ample evidence of seal overheating such as exposed foil or bubbles

# 7.5: Stringy and Swollen seal

It appears as the presence of plastic threads that emerge from the edges of the cutoff seal. This results in the pouch bulging due to the formation of gas as a result of excess internal residual air or bacterial contamination.

# 7.6: Contaminated seal

The pouch is considered contaminated if there are foreign elements in the seal area.

# 7.7: Cosmetic seal only

A pouch has the following defect if the primary seal is nonexistent or incomplete and the only seal is the cosmetic seal that provides the hermetic condition.

# 7.8: Cosmetic seal

Overlapping the primary seal-when the cosmetic seal overlaps into the primary seal area it becomes a defect. Generally, cosmetic seals are formed before processing of the pouch thermally.

If pouches are handled properly, the cosmetic seal is considered not essential.

# 7.9: Crooked and fractured seal

The pouch is considered crooked is a seal that is not parallel to the cut edge of the pouch while fracture is when there is a breach of all layers of the laminate.

# 7.10: Delamination

This occurs as a result of the laminate materials separating. This results in the loss of the hermetic condition of the pouch. Although some delamination does not affect the primary seal, it can cause damage during distribution by the mere presence of it.

If delamination occurs outside the seal area, the pouch seal strength is affected.

# 7.11: Flex cracks

This is a small crack in the foil layer of the laminate. It can occur on one layer only with the appearance of small cracks on the surface of the pouch.

# 7.12: Hot fold

This is a permanent bend in the seal area. These are usually formed after the sealing and before the seal area has cooled. It appears as a large wrinkle or folds which have been sealed over.

# 7.13: Incomplete seal and leaker

When the seal has not been extended across the width of the pouch it is considered incomplete and likewise considered a leaker when it is unsealed or in some way has lost its integrity.

# 7.14: Less than 3mm of the continuously bonded seal

This happens when there is no margin of safety meaning creep and wrinkles occur. A continuous bonded seal is vital when it comes to ink stamp or embossing the code been placed on the cosmetic seal.

To ensure this defect is done away with, the manufacturer should ensure no part of stamping or coding is placed in the primary seal area.

# 7.15: Misaligned seal and non-bonding

If a seal is not formed in a continuous or straight line it becomes a defect.

The non-bonding defect occurs due to a failure in welding of the sealing. It appears as a faint sealing bar on the pouch seal. Any pressure on the seal causes seal failure.

#7.16: Notch leaker and puncture

When there is a leak with the manufacturer notch, it minimizes the integrity of the pouch. A puncture this is a mechanical piercing on the pouch. This results in the loss of hermetic condition.

# 7.17: The seal formed greater than 25mm from the edge of the pouch

This defect appears as an unclosed flap between the top edge of the pouch and the primary seal. The resultant effect is water been trapped inside the material of the pouch.

# 7.18: Stringy and Swollen seal

It appears as the presence of plastic threads that emerge from the edges of the cutoff seal. This results in the pouch bulging due to the formation of gas as a result of excess internal residual air or bacterial contamination.

# 7.19: Waffling and wrinkles

The 3 side Seal Pouches appear as heavy embossing on the surface of the pouch through contact with racks during thermal processing. This is waffling.

Wrinkles occur when the material is folded on one seal surface.

To minimize on chances of producing defective packaging, at TedPack we ensure that our 3 side seal pouches are produced from a polymer that has a wide temperature range since different polymers melt and seal differently.

TedPack Non-defective 3 side Seal Pouches

At Tedpack, we offer a 3 side seal pouch that offers the highest standards when it comes to quality. Our pouch conforms to all quality assurances.

This means when we deliver on an order, our products are of quality lacking any defects. We also ensure the quality is on our products is checked before they are used. We are aware that contamination of the processor’s seal area is a big problem since it affects the hermetic seal of the pouch.

We ensure that there are a correct vacuum and proper handling to minimize problems associated with contamination. We go a step further by ensuring that sealing is done with an order of reliability.

At Tedpack, we ensure that physical damage to the seal and the pouch is minimized during handling of the pouches when been processed and post process.

Chapter 8: Features and Add-Ons

Tedpack offers packaging solutions tailored to every client’s needs and we also manufacture packaging designs that utilizing our up to date equipment.

We are trusted to take into account different factors before settling on suitable packaging in order to maximize the package ease of use, appearance, quality, and convenience.

Furthermore, at TedPack we offer different add-ons to our 3 side seal pouch.

#8.1: TedPack 3 Side Seal Add-ons

Laser scoring, micro-perforations, Tear notches- the tears are clean and easy. Well ventilated for easier filing, and aromatic marketing.

3 Side Seal Pouch

  • Press to close zippers- use of single and double track zippers for easy opening of the tear notches.
  • Hang Holes -hanging holes or tear notch features are usually cut into the film. The hang-hole feature is effective when hanging on the shelves of a supermarket. Have a look at the picture below.
  • Slider closure with end clip- use of  highly developed slider technology that makes it convenient for opening and closing when it comes to large bag designs
  • Perforation capacity- this allows for evacuation of air thus allowing for the easier filling of the pouch
  • Sprout and fitments- these features allow for convenient and easy dispensing of dry and liquid products.
  • Die-cut handle- offers a convenient solution when it comes to transportation and dispensing of the product.
  • Indirect venting- this features offers a means by which air is evacuated thus increasing the filling rate of the product and efficiency whilst not compromising the integrity of the product.
  • Hook to hook closures-they provide smooth and easy closure integrating a distinct sound when opening and closing of the pouch.
  • Inno-Lok zipper- it is a closure option that is cost effective and different from the normal zipper technology
  • Top notch graphics-the 3 side seal can have enhanced printing making the packaging an envy of many
  • Euro or round holes for easy shelf storage
  • Rounded corners
  • Print- if a pouch is to be printed, it will need a registration detection system that cuts precisely in between the graphic designs. If one wants the film to be unprinted, the roll is unwound and cut to length.3 Side Seal Pouch

With customized printing services, we produce pouches that have high-resolution graphics that add value to your product.

At Tedpack, we have embraced the best and latest plate and printing technology that is available currently in the industry. With these capabilities, we are able to print up to 200 lines screen with 10 different colors, thereby achieving the best quality printing and high-end graphics.

#8.2: TedPack 3 Side Seal Pouches Design

At TedPack we design our 3 side Seal pouches in three different parameters. That is; Size, retail presentation, and printing.

  • TedPack 3 side Seal Sizes

In every packaging Company, this is the first design matter. The amount of content to be packaged in the bags determines the size of the pouches. This will depend on the volume and weight.

At Tedpack, we’ve designed 3 side seal pouches that will enable you to store your products carefully without any stuffing and to ensure that they are tightly held at your convenient shape.

Have a look at the following table.

Height (inch)Length (inch)Width
MOQDelivery Days -20000 pcs15-25 days
  • Retail Presentation

This is the ability of the 3 Side Seal pouches to be able to stand uprightly either at the packaging industries or at the end user without any fall over.

This is a critical part of any design because we believe that any packaged product is important and need not be wasted.

There are many types of retail presentation that we’ve developed our pouches. These are; Single Unit, retail ready, pegs and bulk presentations.

All these ensure that the pouches are safely stored.

  • Printing of the three side Seal Pouches

This is a very important part in product packaging. It plays a role in product appeal and branding of the product.

Our company gives our clients the opportunity to choose from our various methods of 3 side Seal Pouches Design.

These are; tactile effects, visual effects and the various techniques of printing like, matte finishing or gloss finishing

Chapter 9: Benefits of the 3 side seal pouch

Tedpack 3 side seal pouch has a variety of benefits when used as a packaging solution for your products such as:

  • It’s user-friendly
  • It’s convenient when it comes to spacing varying from sizes and weights of your product. Empty flexible 3 side seal pouches occupy less storage space
  • 3 side seal pouches can endure large temperature discrepancies making them perfect for frozen items
  • For maximum protection of your product, tear notch feature with zipper for easy tearing
  • The product shelf life of your products is enhanced
  • The pouch is easy to dispense products since the non-rigid nature of the packaging material is quite flexible
  • These pouches have a higher filling volume in comparison to the 4 side seal pouches
  • The packaging is lightweight
  • The pouches are easier  to distribute thus making the  transportation  cost efficient
  • Less waste when it comes to disposal

    3 Side Seal Pouch

  • We offer band sealer machine for sealing the open side if need be
  • Low gas permeability
  • Low moisture permeability
  • They are sterilizable
  • We supply readymade 3 side seal pouches
  • For faster turnarounds, we offer onsite production
  • They are resistant to the penetration of oils, fats, and other food elements
  • High light barrier
  • They have great strength when it comes to physical abuse especially during packing, storage, and transportation
  • We offer to print on the laminate that is permanent
  • Our thin layer profile permits a reduced heating time thus the chances of overcooking your product is minimized when we are producing firmer texture, color, and minimal loss of nutrients. At Tedpack, we have reduced energy requirements for production

3 Side Seal Pouch manufacturer

Chapter 10: Business Promotion

Tedpack offers 3 side seal pouches which are efficient, cost-effective, safe, and the pouches provide versatility when it comes to your products.

With our extensive experience and qualified staff with over 20 years experience and knowledge in the field of manufacturing flexible 3 side seal pouches, we can say we are able to manufacture high quality and customized pouches that meet the client’s needs.

We at TedPack can design your 3 side seal pouch for use in virtually any resealable single-use or multi-use application. Have a look at high-resolution graphics.

We even go a step further by offering a collaborative technical and design package guidance. We offer a variety of resources including 3D Digital rendering and tangible prototypes.

Our technical and innovative experts’ partners with our customers by offering guidance and ideas that meet their packaging expectations and goals that go beyond functionality, presence, and performance.


At Tedpack, we are fully committed to providing all our clients packaging solutions that are innovative through value-added features, functional, while at the same time having a powerful impact on the retail market through quality shelf presence and integrity.  Contact Us Now!